Some Interesting (and Funny) I Love Lucy Facts

Everybody loves Lucy, whether it is Lucy Ricardo or Lucille Ball. But did you know these?

You were not the only one to have enjoyed her show. When on tour, the king of Rock and Roll himself watched the episodes. Elvis said that when he was travelling through America in 1954 he didn’t want to miss I Love Lucy.

And nobody can say that he had no reasons – it was a blast watching Lucy even when she laughed. Her laughter was contagious. The longest laugh ever recorded during I Love Lucy lasted for 65 seconds. And it was her who did it, when dancing with eggs in her shirt. Her laughter lasted for so long that it had to be edited, with half of it being dropped on the cutting floor.

Even more, what you see in the episode is the real reaction of Lucille, since she rehearsed the dance with boiled eggs – only in the show she had fresh eggs.

Another very funny episode is the one in which Lucy makes a commercial for a new health tonic. In that episode, she doesn’t know that Vitameatavegamin contains alcohol, so comedy ensues when the alcohol kicks-in. However, the liquid she drank was apple pectin. Pectin is a substance found in many fruits, but in larger quantities in apples. It is used especially for jams and jellies, as well as a treatment for digestive disorders.

Another even more interesting fact is that in each I Love Lucy episode Lucille wore a small butterfly clip her grandma gave her. When that clip didn’t quite fit the costume, she would just clip it on a piece of clothing.

The same goes with her scrapbook, from which she is seen reading in the show – this was actually Lucille’s and Desi’s real scrapbook from home.

The last interesting and funny fact concerns not the series but the life of Lucille Ball. She and Desi would leave at the studio in the morning and return home in the evening. To their surprise, their children made almost a fortune by selling lemonade – or at least that is what they were told.

In fact, the kids were organizing tours of Lucille’s home, with each visitor charged with a buck. Lucille found that out when, upon returning home, she discovered some strangers in her bathroom taking pictures.

With this in mind, I wonder how many of I Love Lucy’s episodes were based on real life events.

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