Some Barney Miller Trivia

Barney Miller

“Barney Miller”

How much do you know about the squad headed by Barney Miller in the 12th precinct in Greenwich Village in New York

Most episodes took place either in the Detective’s squad room at the precinct or in Barney Miller’s office

The squad was located in the 12th precinct sometimes referred to as the old one two

Originally the show was taped before a studio audience but later this was discontinued

The only actors to be featured in opening credits in every season were Hal Linden and Max Gail

Detective Stan Wojciehowicz served in the Vietnam War

Wojo helped deliver a baby in the precinct

Wojo’s girlfriend made brownies laced with hashish and he unknowingly shared them with the detectives at the precinct

Wojo was accused in a paternity suit by someone he couldn’t even remember.  Turns out Wojo was sterile so could not have been guilty

In one episode a camera can be seen during a scene behind Wojo at his desk

The novel Ron Harris was writing was titled “Blood on the Badge”

Detective Harris was obsessed with looking good in his role as a plainclothes officer.  His attire sometimes caused comments from his fellow officers

“Please Do Not Spit on the Floor” was a sign on the wall in the holding cell

Detective Phil Fish’s wife’s name was Bernice.  Its clear that he loves her even when he pretends to just tolerate her

Sergeant Yemana usually made the precinct coffee and there were often complaints about it being bad

Sergeant Nick Yemana played by actor Jack Soo died in 1979 from cancer of the esophagus.  Following his death one episode was unscripted.  Instead the cast offered their tributes to Sergeant Yemana .  When raising their coffer cups to him they remarked about his lousy coffee

In one entire episode Wentworth appears to be bare legged yet claims she ripped the knee out of her stocking when apprehending a suspect

Barney Miller’s wife Elizabeth was a dedicated social worker.  They  had two children, Rachel and David.  One time when Rachel came to the precinct to go to lunch with her father Levitt didn’t know who she was and asked Barney if she was a prostitute

In one episode Barney serves time in jail for contempt for failing to disclose the name of his source in a cocaine bust

Barney assigns several of his detectives to dress as women and go undercover in a mugging sting.  He later rescinds the order for Dietrich when Barney realizes he will be too unattractive as a woman

Captain Barney Miller  was promoted to Deputy Inspector in the final episode

There was talk of making a movie using the original cast but this never happened

The Barney Miller show was popular among law enforcement officers.  Many thought it was one of the most realistic portrayals of police work ever seen on TV

The series won the Directors Guild of America Award in l981.  The Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series in 1982. The Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy in 1980 and Outstanding Directing in a Comedy in 1979.  It won the Golden Globe Award for Best Television Comedy Series in 1976 and 1977 and the Peabody Award in 1979


  1. Jeff L says:

    Never jumped the shark.

  2. harry ashburn says:

    hi.. I have a question about my fave barney miller episode, where the man from the future is jailed…rememeber? I remember the original version, at the end of the show… the cops go to let him out of jail… and he had disappeared. however, in the youtube version…apparently no longer available….. they let him go and he walked out of the squadrooom…. did they air an alternate ending, or am I mistaken? can anyone shed light on this?

  3. harry ashburn says:

    the name of the episode is ‘the Child Stealers’

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