So Then…How Do We Like Jason Now?

So it appears that all those loyal Fans of Jason Morgan, and His portrayer, Steve Burton have been fooled or even down right lied to! Not by some evil twin, but by Steve himself.

As all “General Hospital” Fans know, when Steve gave his reasons for not renewing his contract with the show, to continue playing the role of long loved and lusted over, Jason Morgan, he said it was to leave the SOAP world and Los Angeles, to live on a ranch in Tennessee with His family.

Now comes word, only a month or so after We last saw Jason on screen, that this just is not the case.  In fact, Has Steve not only been less then honest about his future plans, and true reasons for leaving the SOAP that made him so famous, it has been reported by several sources that He has signed a contract with the”Young and the Restless” to play a major role.  Ironically, “Y&R” is another SOAP which is also filmed in Los Angeles, and not even close to Tennessee.   Naturally this new revelation has been met with confusion, heartache, and even anger by all those Fans of Steve and his character of 21 years, Jason!

Now all us Fans of “General Hospital” are left to wonder, will the role of Jason now be recast with a different Actor or will Jason be left in his present state of limbo, or just be killed off once and for all?  I for one, think for the sake of storyline dictations, that there needs to be some resolution and soon!    I mean this leaves so many of the other characters across Port Charles without any closure whatsoever.

The problem with a character like Jason, who has been front and center in the lives and storylines of so many other characters on “GH” for two decades just left M.I.A. is that these other characters DO need some type of resolution even if that does mean killing off Jason, to give the others that needed closure, and freedom to move on.  First and foremost being Monica Quartermaine, Jason’s Mother.  Granted, Monica is not Jason’s biological Mother, since She did adopt Jason at a very young age, but that does not in anyway make her any less his Mother.   Then there is Jason’s wife, Sam, who refuses to give up hope that Jason will return to her and their son Daniel Edward.  Not to mention those who have been so close to Jason like his best friend Carly, his Nephew Michael, who thinks of Jason as more than an Uncle, since he did play a major role in Michael’s life since birth.  Then there is Jason’s business associate, Sonny Corinthos, and so many more that love Jason, like Elizabeth Webber, Spinelli and Robin Scorpio.

Now that leaves the Fans, who have supported both Steve and his “GH” alter ego, Jason for so many years.  What are we supposed to think now?  Those of us who were sad to see Steve depart “General Hospital,”  but understood his desire to retire from the business and spend that much needed time with his family away from Hollywood.  Now that we learn that his “excuses” for leaving are most likely not true, where does that leave us???  Now, I am sure that I am not the only one feeling blindsided or even lied to, so I would like to know what the rest of you “GH” Fans are thinking and feeling about this new development?  Please feel free to leave any and all thoughts and comments.


  1. cindy howard says:

    I am mad at him for lying, he should have just said he was sick of playing jason, I could have understood that. I wasnt the role to be recast, I think there is a lot of unfinished business that could further the storyline like, he could get his memory back and take over ELQ

    • Lizzie says:

      Never heard anything about him being sick of playing Jason, is that soemthing new he have come up with? I always did say that he was wishy,washy. His fans all run out to his PA.s and he did bull,BUT take their money just like the juice he paddled. I wasn’t a fan because I could see the bull in him. He have always had a excuse for something.Oveer on GH you had to declare a holiday for this ACTOR(that what he chose to do as a profession)to remove his shirt. At first it was all about his religion and not disrespecting his wife. To that I said find another job. He is greedy and sneaky. I hope his fan stop drinking and buying that Monoavie Juice or whatever that stuff is. I would think he has used you,gis fans, long enough. Luck,

      • karen davidson says:

        I watch the y&R to so at least i will still get to watch him . but i would rather see him back with Sam !!! Also maybe the Y&R offered him the job after he left GH so dont start badmouthing
        Jason until you know the truth !! Whatever show hes gonna be on i will watch it !!

        • Rosi says:

          I agree Karen. If he chooses to pursue his career outside of GH, then let it be.
          As you said, maybe the offer came after the fact that he left, and it’s possible the offer was just to good to refuse. After all, “We all Love Him”.
          We all wish Him the best in whatever that Venture may be. <3

        • Taisha says:

          O agree with Karen, Steve could’ve been offered this after he left GH! Let’s keep it real ABC network doesn’t do right by their Actors on this Soap! We don’t even know how long GH may be here, so I watch Y&R I’m good. He could’ve been offered a much better contract and still have perks for his family time that’s better then GH offers. He was blocked up on GH, couldn’t even do primetime guest roles he had opportunities to do. I Luv Steve Burton so I’ll watch him.

        • Barbra says:

          Are you telling me
          Jason is on the
          Y & R? What the hell?

        • marge stone says:

          I am so dissapointed that Steve is leaving GH. I so wanted Jason and Sam back together with their baby but I also watch Y&R so I hope I will enjoy him on there but I wish he had stayed on GH. Love him and Sam

        • Melva says:

          I don’t believe Steve should be bad mouthed. He did do as he said he wanted to do, as Karen above stated. Things happen. I don’t believe he lied to his fans. I believe things happened after he left GH occurances of his leaving. He was offered a new job and GH didn’t step up and offer him a deal which would allow him to be home more. General Hospital will gone on with or without him. But I believe the role of Jason should end.

        • Perhaps, Steve saw the writing on the wall. We must remember, it is a job. I do not watch Y&R so I will miss the character , I just hope it’s not recast.
          They could write Alexis’s boyfriend, as the new enforcer for Sonny..

        • leslie martin says:

          No matter when he signed with Y&R he lied to his loyal fans. No getting around him. And with the Phelps being at Y&R I think the deal was long in the works. I have watched Y&R since its beginnings and GH for over 45 years. Y&R is now out for me.

        • Annette Ford says:

          I totally agree Karen, I too would rather see him back with Sam, But he needs to do what he needs to do, & I will support him in whatever he does. & Y&R’s Offer did come after he left GH & it was to good to turn down they offered him the chance to do both things he loved, Being with his Family & Working but still be able to see & be around his family more. he has my support no matter what.

    • Eloise says:

      In my opinion, we should wait and see if he REALLY shows up on Y&R. There will always be rumors.

    • sharon says:

      let’s not give up hope maybe who ever put that story out is lying and just wants us loyal fans to steve burton to hate him . i’m gonna wait and see what happens but hopefully GH can and will do whatever it takes to get him back on . i have not and will not watch until he is back on GH as Jason Morgan .

      • Lizzie says:

        SBu have NOT that it was untrue.

      • Debbie Sundin says:

        What does Steve say? Where did anyone first hear this? I would like it if Steve would come back, even if it was only to leave with Sam & Danny. Don’t know what he would play on Young & The Restless ( don’t like the show now ) but would watch it to see how it goes.

        • Lanie940 says:

          I think he was offered a deal he couldn’t refuse from his old boss Jill Faren. GH probably refused to pay him more money, so he decided ok, so I will leave and spend time with my Family and see what shakes out, Well, apparently Jill Faren shock more money his way!

    • Katie says:

      He’s a Coward. Lost ALL respect for him. Never really cared for his “stone-cold” face acting. Never had any emotions in his character or towards other actors. PLEASE PLEASE recast Jason so Sam & Daniel can be happy.

    • Carol says:

      Figured he was not happy at GH

      Lots if new people, stories are screwy

    • Carol says:

      I can believe thst he figured Gh was doomed.

      ABc wanted to ax the soaps and did a great job.

      I guess Y and R has a better network and following and so good luck , Steve.

      Will always live Steve Burton and I’m sure he made the bedt choices he could at the time !

      Bet Y snd R offered him a bunch of money !

    • j bishop says:

      I always enjoyed watching GH I’ve been a fan from day 1 ,Jason story line was great and Steve played a darn good part in it.After all those years I can see him getting tired of playing Jason writers did slack off for awhile and it was a tad bit boring but you can’t blame him for wanting a change.No it’s not the same without him but writers move on and it’s up to them to keep the show interesting.As far as Steve goes I miss seeing him but if that’s what he felt he had to do God bless him.I also watch Y&R so that’s fine with me.Maybe it’ll give the show a boost that it needs to keep it interesting.New faces never hurts exspecially if it’s Steve Burton.Great actor I ‘m excited to see who he plays Good luck Steve

    • sue howard says:

      I am not mad at him. I don’t think he had a choice. I think it’s because he knows the GH is going off and he wanted to be protected with a job. Good for him!

      • Suz says:

        I agree with you, Sue. ABC seems to think we will settle for watching more talk shows or reality (which really isn’t) shows…I heard they are thinking about putting on a reality hospital place of GH…Really? I hate hospitals …..avoid them at all costs….do you really think I want to watch a real life hospital crew everyday……Really ABC….who is coming up with these crazy ideas anyway……don’t mind changing the channels. Since they axe AMC, I barely watch ABC anymore anyway except for GH….Keep it up for ABC…..I hope your ratings go down w/u……..

    • Diane says says:

      I really upset that Jason would lie to all his LOYAL FANS,We supported you for 20 yrs. & your lieing ,being a sneak about what you really want to do.GH has left the story open so you could come back to your new baby & sam. I love you but if the rumor is true I will remove you from every Fan site, facebook,twitter, anything that has to with you. i can not stand a dishonest person. I have cried many many many tears because you left.Please don’t disappoint ALL YOUR LOYAL FANS. Just come back yo GH that’s where you belong. Y & R S – - Ks !!

    • sue howard says:

      I know he wasn’t allowed to disclose his true plans and I don’t blame him for looking out for himself. I truly belive that GH is going off. Why else would they bring all the antiques out of the wood work? I love GH and I will miss it just like I miss the other two. Good luck to Steve and all he does. He was my favorite.

      • karen davidson says:

        Doesnt really make me mad cause Y&R is also one of my favorite soaps … Plus how do you know that Steve was plannin to retire & the Y&R make him an offer he couldnt refuse after he left GH….

    • Gail Hoover says:

      I totally agree, I really loved him but now have lost faith in him1

    • Jane says:

      I agree with Cindy.
      Steve had loyal GH fans like myself who grew to love his character over the years. I completely understand a need for change, but I will never condone his out-right lying to all of us. I wish him the best for the sake of his family, but after his blatant deception, I will NO longer watch him on another soap.

    • I think those who are disappointed in him or calling him a traitor should watch his clip from THE TALK and if you are a TRUE fan of Steve Burton you will follow him to Y & R and give him a chance. Not talk bad about him or call him names…. And really GH has gone from bringing back old characters and the great idea of re-establishing the Nurse’s Ball to the ridiculous with the Vampire references… PLUS really a SOAP who was so ground breaking with the AIDS storylines it is amazing how many surprise pregnancies they have….

    • I just have to say yes i miss him on the show because he was the one that i like seeing everyday on that show, i understand if he wanted to be with his family and if that is not the reason he stop being on general hospital then it have to be another good reason why henot, and if is he being on another tv show then maybe he was not being treated right they could be the reason he left. good luck jason and i have been watching you since you been on and you will always be my number one were ever you may be.

      • I just have to say yes i miss him on the show because he was the one that i like seeing everyday on that show, i understand if he wanted to be with his family and if that is not the reason he stop being on general hospital then it have to be another good reason why henot, and if is he being on another tv show then maybe he was not being treated right they could be the reason he left. good luck jason and i have been watching you since you been on and you will always be my number one were ever you may be

  2. Buddy says:

    I just wish that Steve would have been honest with His Fans… I mean, We would have understood, that He was wanting to try something new, and supported him in that… It has happened before when other MEGA Popular “GH” characters have left… I remember how hard We all took it when Genie Francis left the show not too long after the BIG wedding to Luke, We still loved Genie and understood She needed to spread Her wings, being so young at the time… Same when Vanessa Marcil left to join the cast of 90210, it was sad to see Her go, but We also wished Her the best… Then there was when the original Carly, Sarah Brown decided to leave to give it a try at other venues, same with the original Emily, Lucky, and Nikolas… I for one appreciated their amazing talent, and desire to try their hands at other projects… And most recently, Robin, Kimberly told Us that She was leaving to pursue Her Directing career… So, yes I am disappointed that Steve didn’t level with Us, but as they say… The Show MUST Go On!!!

  3. Sue says:

    Wow if this is true I am shocked that he would do this!

    • Lisa Anderson says:

      I think he should just take the time to enjoy his family! Yes it stinks for the fans. We have our own lives & family 9028 Kimbro ave s cottage grove 55016. What time? Yes we do understand his decision.

  4. just recast him i like stonecold more than i like him the actor there must be other actors just as hot as steve!

    • linda says:

      I agree with you. I think they should recast. They need to find someone that’s just as hot and sexy as Steve was.

  5. lorri smith dale says:

    why why why just when you got a son of ur own,and why lie we would have understood

  6. Okay lets give him the benefit of doubt. Maybe he was offered this after he left and it was so good he couldn’t turn it down. And the character of Jason had to be tough. On so much and depressing alot. It probably took a toll on him. So maybe they will recast him now and we will watch YandR. I already do. So good luck Steve.

  7. All Dat Jahz says:

    I’m all about Jason “Stone Cold” Morgan… I’m sure the writers will replace his face and keep the name. It has been done many times before with other characters.

  8. Michelle Lycette says:

    If Jason wanted to leave General Hospital, and ,he had his reasons, then he should have ben open and honest with people, and his fans. he didnt need to make up excuses or lie at all. We would have understood, and excepted what the real reasons were. How ever, I want to wish him the best of luck in his future, and I just want him to be happy.

  9. Renee Henderson says:

    I agree with Cindy Howard.. He should have said that he didnt want to play jason anymore. Fans of General Hospital needed closure of his Steve’s character Jason.. instead of him getting killed of the show.. It’s his life now. People make mistakes. Steve should have told producers what he wanted to do before his departure. I wish him luck in the futue.

  10. I hate to think that Steve lied to us. I like to believe that JP’s offer (which was an offer he couldn’t refuse evidently) came after he commented he was leaving to move to Tenn and spend more time with his family. Guess he had enough time with family, and when JP’s offer came which was a really good one (Y & R fired a lot of actors from the show so they must have had lots of money) Steve decided WHH and accepted. If he really did lie to us – his fans – then I am very sad to think he would do this to us. We need Steve to speak UP and let his fans know the REAL TRUTH!!!!! Bring it on, Steve – we’re listening!!!!!!!!

  11. Caryl says:

    I understood when he said he was moving to Nashville and wanting
    to spend more time with his family.
    But, finding out he lied and is signing a contract with Y & R.
    Kind of upsetting. I won’t watch him on Y & R.

  12. CAROL says:

    GOOD GRIEF if he wanted to leave he should have been honest.. MONEY TALKS and maybe CBS offered something he could not refuse.. I do know that there have been MANY Carly’s and we got used to it.. I THINK ABC should replace him when they find the right actor and get on with the show and not leave so many characters hanging.. So what we won’t like the guy in the beginning but WE WILL GET OVER IT..

    • Deanna Berryhill says:

      I agree with you. I say recast Jason Morgan ( Steve Burton) It will be tough to get use to a new face but we’ve done it before. With Carly & Maxie. Sam & Danny deserve to have him in their lives.

  13. steve burton should not have lied, he should of told the truth,thisis very upsetting to me and to all, who was his fans, if he wanted to move in then he just done so!! and i feel they need to bring another jason in his place, the story line 4 sam and the baby needs to have some type of clouser, please, do something please!!!

  14. Jane says:

    I want the soap to get another Jason so he can continue his life with Sam. Now that we know Steve Burton lied to us, it won’t be as hard to accept a replacement.

    • Janet says:

      I totally agree with you, Jane. Steve Burton is a traitor. He was a main actor on GH and if they replace him with another Jason, it will not be the same. I never watched Young and the Restless. I have always been an ABC soap watcher.

  15. dawn says:

    Cowards way out. Lost respect. That is all I have to say

  16. Linda says:

    I guess we will see if it is true that he is going to Y&R. If it is, then I, like others, believe he lied to his fans. Wanting to leave GH to move to Tennessee is the NOT the same thing as leaving GH to go to Y&R. It hasn’t been that long!
    My other question is why would he book all these planned GH promotion events way into next year if he was planning all along to move to Y&R? Does he think that ABC is going to let him appear and promote a band called “Port Chuck” when he is on another soap? I doubt it. And now that apparently Scott Reeves is also out at GH, that mean 1/2 of Port Chuck won’t even be on GH anymore.
    Until it is confirmed by Steve himself that he is going to Y&R, then I am not going to believe it. But if he does go to Y&R, I definitely will NOT watch him on it, not ever. I will continue to watch GH and wait for a Jason recast instead.

    • Lizzie says:

      He have not said he wasnt going to Y&R. Steve have been doing nothing but promoting is own cash flow. he kneew exactly what he was doing. I am not going to stop watching and Y&R because he is coming.

  17. Stella says:

    Well well well, I didn’t expect this so soon from Mr. Burton. Disappointed that he lied right to our faces. I did think he would move onto other ventures after all we all need a paycheck. I’m sure he was a little burned out with his storyline, so take a break, just don’t lie about it! To go to another soap, so soon, not sure I can forgive that. Young and the Restless is horrible, the acting is so bad. Not sure GH/Jason fans will want him back. Now I say let’s just find his body already and be done. I actually just purchased Port Chuck tickets to see them (for the 4th time) when they’re in town, now I’m not so sure I want to go. And I just received my Stone Cold T-shirt for him to sign…so bummed, he lied.

  18. KatDM says:

    I for one am ANGRY! If he was burnt out playing Jason why did he not just say so! The fans would have understood that, but to just out and out lie to us that is just wrong for all the fans who have supported him all of his career. I HOPE they recast Jason and show him that he IS REPLACEABLE!

    WOW TALK ABOUT AN EGO! I will never watch anything he does again.

  19. Mary says:

    It is disconcerting that he would lie to us, in order to accept another role on another soap but if thats what he wants to do for career purposes who are we to tell him he can’t! Yes I miss Steve, but as hard as it will be to accept, the role can be recast. There are plenty of other young hunks out there that could fit the role of Jason. I am a Days fan too and was very upset that Bo left but he was tired of playing the character so he decided to retire. Its sad that we become invested in these characters like family but we have to remember, there is a possibility that he will return; Kristen keeps bouncing back and forth between Ashley Abbott/Kristen Dimera for over ten years. I say, let him explore, who knows maybe a replacement can bring a fresher story!

  20. kim says:

    so maybe his plans change dosnt change that i miss him maybe he wasnt sure wanted a change

  21. Lisa H-F says:

    yes, so he lied or withheld info. Has everyone ever been honest 100% all of the time? Maybe he wanted privacy? he owes noone an explanation. watch or don’t watch, simple.

    • Lauren A says:

      THANK YOU for your comment. I was starting to think I was the only one who shared your viewpoint.

      Basically, in my own words, I just want to say that I do not understand why it seems that so many seem to take it personally what an actor does. I think the public has forgotten the public figures really are people to us. The ONLY thing different about them is that we non actors see them on the screen all the time (and make more money than the average person) but beyond those 2 things, they are still people who have jobs. They are still people who have a family and a life beyond their job, just like us. They are entitled to privacy just like anyone else. They don’t owe us anything (though I am sure they certainly appreciate fans helping them keep their job) or any explanation.

      In the wake of so much bullying and people losing their manners, I think it’s time to go back to just simple courtesy. Manners should matter every bit as much online as it does offline.

      The bottom line is that we are all people. We all live on this planet, now why can’t we live together?

      • Sharon says:


      • Lizzie says:

        Maybe hey take it personally because they have paid in products he promote, when they sthought he was a honest religious man. He did about how many PA’s and all the bull about leaing LA. They have a right to be a little anger. he did not have to lie. Bullying, people losing their manners, right courtesy, the one thing he didn’t give his fans. And people have the right to say what they feel, if someone thinks its bullying(than they don’t know the meaning of that word). SB live on this planet all so, maybe he need to talk or chat with him about courtesy.

        • Lauren A. says:

          I am sorry but I do not understand your post, but it appears that you are explaining why people are taking it personally.

          Um, the one thing we don’t even really know yet is IF this is really true. Yes, I read the TV Guide article that says he’s working on a project. We don’t really know what the project is for sure. We really don’t have info that this is really true. For now it’s just a rumor.

          There is no proof that he lied to any of his fans. He simply said what he felt was right for him. I was pointing out how ridiculous that so many people are speculating and starting rumors that he lied to his fans. People are saying that he’s not loyal to his fans. He’s not loyal b/c he’s choosing something he feels benefits his family?

          As far as my bullying comment…Yes I know what bullying is. I endured it day after day for nearly 8 years of my life, and then some after college. I did not say anyone was bullying Steve. What I said was that I think it’s time for people to remember that we are all people. We all breathe. We all have hearts. We all have brains. They may work differently but essentially we are all the same. I think it’s time to BE NICE to others. Stop being so nasty and starting things that no one knows is true or not. Until we hear it straight from Steve himself, it’s a rumor and it’s an ugly one. I am just tired of seeing celebs being thrown under the bus and people saying things without knowing the facts. All you have to do is be nice and respect people. That’s it.

          • Lizzie says:

            I didn’t understand rights either BUT basically what i am sayint is that he lied. He did a lot of PA’s telling lies about why he left GH.Fans he brought he stuff inclusing that juice believed him a honest man. Everyone knows SBu is all about the money,but he could have told the truth.

  22. shana says:

    So, how do we know the story we all just read is true??? It’s so easy to write anything and people will believe it, I’ll believe it when he shows up on another show. In the meantime I hope Steve is enjoying his family.

    • Adrianne says:

      I agree with you, this article did not mention where this information came from. I just saw on the cover of one of the soap mags that Jason, Steve Burton may be coming back to GH. Don’t believe what you read from an unknown source without facts.

  23. I love Steve Burton and loved him on General Hospital – why he chose to leave is his business and what ever he decided to do after leaving GH is his business. I was sad to hear that he was leaving but still watch GH and will continue to. He may not have planned on going to Y&R at the time he left – they may have decided to make him and offer that he couldn’t refuse and he chose to take them up on it. Give him a break people! He is doing what he wants to do just as anyone else has the choice to do. I had heard that he was going to try directing and thought that was a shame because he is such a good actor and needs to be in front of the camera!! I will be glad to watch him on the Y&R!!!

  24. anna says:

    I absolutely do NOT feel blindsided, cheated, or lied to. Steve Burton was not only disrespected by Ron.C.&Frank.V. who desperately will do anything to revive oltl. These 2 morons gave S.B lame material/script, barely any screen time, and completely destroyed the character and the love story of Sam&Jason. Good for him.Get rid of Ron & Frank unless you want to bury GH for good.

    • vicki says:

      Holy crap people!! Its showbiz, actors leave, he’s human! We have NEVER been lied to. He did move to Tennessee, just like he said he would. HE NEVER said he was done with soaps, you all want the truth, feel lied to, calling him names, you Ask where is his loyalty..where’s ours? He had been on this show for 21 years, maybe he didn’t want to disrespect GH because he’s honorable like that. Maybe he didn’t hwy along with writers or like the way GH was starting to play out..where is GH loyalty to him? How many times have you read in SID that he wishes they’d give him and Kelly time together because the fans deserve that after 8 years of waiting. He is playing a supporting role not lead, which gives him alot of time with family. Maybe GH was not willing to do that for him..I wouldn’t blame him..he NEVER lied n didn’t want to disrespect GH..of you are TRUE wouldn’t react so cruelly

      • Rachel says:

        I so agree its only a soap…. maybe he wanted a little more, maybe he felt bored with his role, just like I’m. Bored with Connie, AJ , you just want their roles to GO AWAY …

  25. Guarddog88 says:

    Did you ever think this may have come up AFTER the fact? Maybe the money was too good to turn down? Maybe he wasn’t planning this all along?

  26. Sue says:

    He should have told the truth from the very beginning!

  27. Donna says:

    We can’t be upset with him…’s just like any other career….we can’t always be open and up front with why we are leaving our jobs. I’m sure he had good reason….he did a fantastic job playing Jason and I will continue to miss seeing him on GH. I hope the true fans will remember he is only human and we all should do nothing but wish him well!

  28. Carol says:

    More power to him. Good luck. I hope it all works out.

  29. Helena Pate says:

    Iwatch Young and Restless but what roll he will play will never be as big as Jason on General Hospital. I just wish he would go back and play the Jason roll again. That is where he belongs. Sometimes a person makes the wrong decisions and are sorry, time will tell right. I really miss him on the GH show.

  30. nmatthews says:

    It is time to produce a body, or he needs to come back. This lingering on of not knowing is wrong. If you want off either move to another town, die off permanently and give us a body with some sort of closure. Edward died this past summer in real life and they tastefully had him die off on the show, that is what they need to do with Jason.

    • Kris says:

      I agree, I’ve been saying Jason WILL be back–his body has never been found!! Sam and Jason’s love story needs to continue–he doesn’t even know he is Daniel’s father yet. There needs to be a closure for us–dead or alive!

  31. Susie says:

    I hope they replace him with someone else, he’s not the only one that can play the role and the show needs Jason. Carley’s been replaced 3 or 4 times and that’s worked out fine.
    Shame on you Steve, we all loved you as Jason and I’m sure ABC would have given you the $ you wanted-going back to Tennesse, ya right.
    Replace him, we’ll get use to the new actor.

  32. Spunky says:

    I blame GH. He was sick of that T shirt!

  33. Jill Luft says:

    I cant believe this. Until I see him actually in another soap, its trash talk. He was so close to the characters, the only reason I could see was they wouldn’t pay him what he wanted and didn’t want people to know that issue. But we have not heard from him so lets not judge what we hear on line. There are two sides to a story.

  34. Char says:

    If this is indeed true, it changes my opinion of him as a person. He just should have been honest. No one could blame him for being honest.

  35. This is total betrayal. GH is the ONLY soap still standing on ABC SO WHY AT SUCH A TENUOUS TIME WOULD HE LEAVE THE FANS THAT MADE HIM !!!! He earned a great deal of money on GH and to jump ship is one thing but the lying to the people that supported you for YEARS is horrible. I personally will never look or feel the same about him.Steve Burton (Stone Cold) truely is.

  36. Deborah says:

    I totally understand him wanting to leave GH when the new writers trashed his character, destroyed his storylines, and gave his screentime to OLTL actors. But I resent making himself the paragon to fatherhood with the story about wanting to spend more time with his children. Wonder how his family will feel about being moved to wonderful Tennessee while he’s now in California?

  37. Jill says:

    Agree completely Buddy! Tell it to the fans straight! The fans would’ve understood. As someone who’s been watching GH since it started (my mother used to watch and I was right there with her as a young kid), I understand an actor wanting to go elsewhere. Hey, not often do people want to stay in the same job for 20+ years. I would much rather had him say he was tired of playing the role, or something of that nature, than tell a “falsehood,” as it now appears. What, he thought it was going to be kept a secret that he was going to show up on another soap a month later? Now, let’s recast the role and get the storyline going please! Bring “Jason” to Sam and Daniel Edward and let that family get it together happily!

  38. Dee Dee says:

    I would like to hear his reasons from Steve himself. What happened or what was the real reason he left GH. Did he realize quickly that the life he had planned wasn’t the best idea for him, or wasn’t going to work and he had to get back to work? Whatever, the reason, I’d like to see the role recast. Carly needs Jason!!

  39. metejt says:

    What I AM shocked at is how many fans think they are entitled to be told the personal reasons why an actor may do something. It’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. Get over yourselves!!! NO ONE knows what may have gone down between SB and the PTB on either a personal or a business level. NO ONE!!! There are a lot of rumors which may have snippets of truth to them or may not. You can’t believe what you hear, I don’t care WHO thinks they’ve got the inside scoop. SB’s job was to play a character on a show and he did a pretty good job at that. What his job is NOT is to notify the viewers of whatever choices he makes regarding said job. Once again, IT’S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. It’s amazing what you all think you’re entitled to.

    • Shelly J Erb says:

      Finally a sane comment!!!

    • Lizzie says:

      Since Phelps is a fangurl of Liz, brought her back after Guza fired her, I hope she will leave also. If SBu think he is going over to Y&R and take over he better check first, because he is not the cat’s meow over there. they can act and they have some good looking men. Phelps overstep and her butt will be gone also and fast. I also think RC/FV reduced Jason to being Liz butt monkey and thats a step down and I think everyone know the reason why.

  40. Pat says:

    I think Steve might know more than we know about GH being cancelled in 2013. There is talk that ABC wants to make a reality GH and get rid of GH as it is. Reality is cheaper and GH costs ABC a fortune to film. Steve may see the writing on the wall and decided not to resign with the show for that reason. Y&R isn’t going anywhere and Steve can continue his acting for a long time to come. I hope this is not true, I love GH and hope it is around for a long, long time. this is just a guess.

  41. Lori says:

    Wow, I’m totally shocked and upset!!!! Why would he lie to us all? I live in Tennessee, and a friend of mine saw him going through the drive through at a Wendy’s here, so it seemed very believable. If he really is signing on with the Young and the Restless, then they do need to recast him. Jason is a role we all love and we need all of his fellow cast mates that he’s close to have him back in their lives. It will be tough at first to accept someone else, but if they find a good actor that resembles Steve Burton, then it will be a lot easier. I really can’t believe he would do this to us all!!!! I think it’s really shitty if it’s true!!!! We all thought he was as loyal to us and that role as we are to him.

  42. Dean says:

    Having been a HUGE GH fan since the 80′s, I am hurt that Steve lied to his fans (if this is the case). Especially if he’s going to another soap. I realize that people do get tired of playing the same character for decades and need a change. I just wish that he was honest with his fans.

  43. Cheri says:

    Steve Burton is a very talented actor, but he is not a personal friend of his fans. Where is it written that he has to tell us anything? Why can’t everyone just wish him the best of luch in whatever endeaver he pursues. He is no different than any of us. After doing the same thing for a long time, we want to try something different. I applaud him for trying.

  44. sherry says:

    I,am really upset that he would come up with this lame excuse he misses his wife and children. To go to young and restless and move out of state . That is really a
    low blow to his fans. I guess we didn’t mean all that much to him at all. What can i say, He really fooled alot of people with his tear eye tape he made. Good acting steve.

  45. Ronn says:

    I will say personally- I do NOT miss the character of Jason- at all- not once. I do however respect the actor’s choice to do whatever is best for Him. it’s his life to live- not his fans…I find it odd that people think they have a say in HIS life. lol
    As a viewer, GH has opened up even more with possibilities because of the character being gone. GH of the late 90′s until recently had become nothing but the Sonny & Jason Mob Hour- and that’s exactly why the ratings went down so far… SUCKED. Now Everyone seems to be part of the picture/storyline again- as it should be!

  46. Ed B says:

    I agree, he should have been honest about his reason for leaving. Great article!

  47. Anna says:

    Reality GH? Oh, I hope they don’t get rid of our GH for a reality series! Reality may be chaper, but what has worked for them all these years? It’s not been reality GH! I would not watch a reality GH! They would lose so many loyal fans to a reality GH! I am sorry Steve left GH. However, what he does with his life is NOT our business. When we make a decision in our life, do we consult all that know us and ask for their opinions? Do we do what we want and need to do for ourselves and our families? I want to see another Jason come back and finish his story line. I want for the real GH to stay on the air and to leave the reality GH to real life and not in place of our story line. LIFE IS VERY HARD SOMETIMES AND WE NEED SOMETHING LIKE OUR BELOVED GH TO TAKE US AWAY FOR JUST A MINUTE.

  48. Linda B says:

    I have watched GH since I was a kid. I loved Steve as Jason but why he did whay he did is his problem. I loved Robin too and she is doing her thing and would love her to come back and still hoping. They need to recast Jason because of his family and I love the storyline with Carly & Sonny. He needs to know about his son and live a good life with Sam & the baby.

  49. Robin says:

    Let the guy live the way he wants….and please get a life!

  50. Jerron says:

    Wow a lot of Steve hate. I understand where you all are coming from, but maybe there are just things he couldn’t say. Or maybe it was the truth, he left to be with his family and changed his mind. I change my mind all the time. I also think there is more to this than the original excuse. Maybe Frank and Ron are creeps who treat people badly. Maybe they didn’t show Steve professional respect and he left. We will never know.
    I hope they recast Jason. There is so much more story left to be told.

  51. Mary says:

    It was pretty clear he was going to Y/R from his and JFP interviews IMO. I don’t think he liked the PTB that took over GH. He seems to not like to share the lime light. Jasam was horrible I was glad when it was finally over. Burton should have just done his job and acted what the script said. I use to be a fan but he seemed so disingenuous to me in some of his interviews. Maybe he will be better on Y/R .

  52. Spanky says:

    I know Frank and Ron messed up Jason character, make him mean to his pregnant wife, so I dont think Steve was happy with his now ugly characger.. But I think he should have said he had it with GH not talk about family although we have being hearing that song for years. Steve Burton was made famous by GH fans, they follow Steve every where he goes and believe every word he says, that they will buy anything he sells, even that BS about not taking off clothes cause christin, but now he is peddling liquor by opening bars.. he promise a said fan base a baby to sell Monavi, Steve has cost plenty of actor on GH to lose their job be cause he was allowed input in SL by his FANGIRL Jill phelps, let see how many actor will loose job now at Y&R

    • mary says:

      Steve Burton was made famous because of his talent and dedication to his craft. He also has the right to have other business ventures without it having to do with his religion. It is wrong to judge somebodies beliefe system especially when it comes to religion. just because he is opening restaurants where customer’s are welcome to bring their own liquor does not mean he is not a good man or a good Christian. He is not selling liquor. I know this because I live where one of the places he opened with Bradford Anderson. They do produce beer there though not hard liquor.

      I also doubt it is his fault people were written off the show. I think that was more due to poor writing of Guza and bad management of Fronz.

  53. mary says:

    This is simply not true. He did leave to move to Tennesee. He also is starting a new soap with Wendy Ritchie former GH producer and James Franco which will appear on cable. Also, it is possible that the role with Y&R came after he left. He has a right to change his mind and it does not have to be a lie. Everyone needs a change sometimes….he has right to grow and move on without it being an act of disloyalty. We don’t own him and even if this is true it’s not the end of the world.

    • Buddy says:

      I do believe you meant former “GH” Exective Producer, Jill Farren-Phelps and James Franco, instead of former E.P. Wendy Riche?

    • Lizzie says:

      He can change his mind. The point is he lied about leaving.Where he go and what he does oh well, but one point he made was that he wouldn’t have to remember ll those lines anymore.

  54. shelly says:

    i dont think he owes ANYONE any info as to why he does whatever he chooses to do. He doesnt owe fans an explanation of anything. its his decision. its also ridiculous for people to think they deserve to know his personal business.

    • mimi says:

      I agree 100%, No one is bothering to look into why we leave a particular job. It is his business.

      • Lauren A. says:

        I responded earlier and I just want to say again that I think the general public has forgotten that we are all people. We all have a personal life and we are all entitled to our privacy. We don’t owe anyone who is not a part of our life an explanation. Steve does not owe ANYONE anything about why he left GH or if he is going to Y&R or not. It’s none of our business.

        This really can be geared toward any celebrity. They owe us NOTHING. I just think it’s so wrong to nit-pick everything a celebrity does.

  55. I’m kinda in shock!!! Jason has been a major part of GH for years!!All I know is I hope they do something soon with Jason cause the storyline is starting to get old…Much Love To General hospital!!! I will forever be a Fan!!

  56. Leah says:

    It’s all about the dead presidents for Steve Burton. I was sad he was leaving GH, but now if this rumor is true, I think the role of Stone Cold should be recast. That is all :)

  57. mimi says:

    I for one think it is not our business why he left the show. I continue to wish him all the best in what ever he decides to do for a living. I would love Love Love to see him return to GH but if he does not, I will continue to be a fan of his. and his work. Maybe if GH were to give him something other than “grumble grumble grumble” as an enforcer for Sonny, they might have kept Steve from leaving. Who knows. All I know is no one likes being in a rut. He is after all,,, human.

  58. kareng says:

    People make it so hard to tell the truth… there so opinionated and nasty at times. Wish him luck.Let’s hear it from the horses mouth…..ya know probaqbably AJ & Sam will get close just in time for the recasted Jason to show up…

  59. Marcie Rotter says:

    Steve Burton should work on G.H. For a month or so,leave,go home to his family,for a few weeks,then come back on the set. Duh ! ! !

  60. Cindy J. says:

    Good reason to start watching Young & The Restless MORE… I have been boycotting ABC since they took All My Children and One Life to Live Off, besides other more recent reasons….. So Now I have a much better reason to watch CBS, although they are not much better on the other reasons than ABC, but at least Young & The Restless is still on.. Anyhow, been looking for a reason to watch another network, but will only watch ABC CBS & NBC when there is something special I want to see or a special soap on. Otherwise, they are not for the people anymore…… They do not tell us what we need to hear anymore, they guard the truth… Hope to see Steve soon, I am sure being how popular he was on GH he will be making big bucks on Y & R…. :)

    • Lizzie says:

      I have no ideal with you ae boycotting ABC, half of OLTL is on GH. We don’t know the bull at Y&R and they already have good looking men and they really dont need SBu over there,but whatever. No matter what he should not have lied. I still son’t understnad why FV/RC who tore apart at soap and had it canceled, was brought to GH,it do not make snese. Since they have been there its been a bunch of old people and no storylines. I rather see the mob anytime than a bunch of broke down want-to-be-spys. If it was money, than yes he needed to go. the thing is SB is just greedy and will lie in a minute to make a dollar.

  61. Dana says:

    I love Jason but who cares the reason for him leaving, it was a business decision for him, maybe they offered him more money at y&r, wouldn’t you leave your job for better pay, I know I would, so whatever, let him live his life the way that is best for him. He is not part of your life, as invested as I am in general hospital, it is still a show with actors as jobs, and they have to make their decisions on what is best for them and their families not you as the fans.

  62. Desireeok says:

    It is really no one’s business why he left or why he felt he had to lie. I think he has been trying to leave for years to pursue other things and everyone had a fit. I am a fan but in no way would I be angry at someone for wanting a new job. I seen a comment regarding, it’s all about dead presidents.. well who doesn’t take another job for more money?? seriously! He has a right to be happy and love what he is doing just like everyone else in this world. Good luck to him!

  63. Krissie Espo says:

    Yes we all love Steve Burton as Jason Morgan
    Steve Burton is human and after playing the same role for 21 years he may have been bored and was in the need of a change or GH wouldnt give him what he wanted contractually. Whatever the reason it sucks, but to be mad or now hate the guy for making a move he feels is better for himself is moronic. We all adored him, I still do!! Good for Steve Burton! Hope he finds happiness in whatever he chooses

  64. Kia says:

    Can you believe that Steve is going to Y&R WTH!?!?!? I’m upset only because if that was the case they could have wrapped up his storyline with Liz and Sam a bit better then it was. And his excuse about wanting to spend time with his family was just a crock! I totally fell for it! SMH! It’s very disappointing to think that he wanted to get away from soaps and now he’s doing a 360! He did an interview in the soap mag denying the rumors that he was moving to Y&R! Smh! Y&R is in such desperate need of ratings so they know that he has a huge fanbase, and that is what they are counting on. Oh well if that still doesn’t work, hopefully he’ll reconsider GH!

    • Carol says:

      They knew he was leaving! They messed up! By not finishing that story

      They are waiting for…? A new jason, maybe

      Good luck casting that!

  65. Dee says:

    If I where the writers on GH, I would bring back Jason but Only make it look like he had a total done over as his face and body was too horrible to take after suffering what he went through. A totally makeover. But he does remember some things that happen to him. like working for Sunny but he can’t remember Sam or the baby yet

  66. Bill says:

    I think they should have someone else play his part so his kid has a father and Sam a husband after all the stuff they went through. I do understand about moving on sometimes by telling them the truth will bring disappointment but then again no matter what you say someone will be disappointed. I do wish Steve the best of luck in what ever he does he is a brilliant actor.

  67. Celia says:

    I love Steve burton n his character Jason Morgan. I can think n do all the maybes I want but we gotta wait till he comes clean with the reason. I hope he never lied n this was a change in heart n mind n new change he wants all after the fact.

  68. Jamie says:

    Money talks they’re probably paying him more$

  69. Bobby Bee says:

    Wow! I had no idea. that’s f**ked up!

  70. Paula Kate Prince-Meserole says:

    Well ….hang on here….he didn’t lie….he and his family are living here in TN. That’s a fact. We’ve seen him here.
    LA is only a plane ride away and work is a must for everyone….If Steve Burton chooses to go to work for another soap it’s none of mine or anyone elses business.
    Geez guys…get with it here ….. Steve Burton gave over 20 years of his life to his portrayal of Jason Morgan and I appreciate him for every year.

    I wish him well in whatever he does. The part of Jason Morgan can be recast on GH if the show chooses to do it and if they do I welcome the fresh new face, yet I stand in support of Steve Burton and whatever performance choices he has the absolute right to make.

  71. Judy Caruso says:

    Angry. But if this is what he wants, so be it. Recast the role of Jason. We, the fans, will grow to accept the new guy just like we did with “Maxie”‘s replacement. Just make sure the guy is a hunk and ressembles Steve Burton. BTW, can’t stand AJ, the character or the actor. He is too bulked up. His neck is wider than his head. He looks like a wannabe football player. GH could have done a better recast there.

  72. sarah crosbie says:

    Im am hurt an angry he would do that. Ive been a fan since i was a little kid of jason. I cant believe hed lie like that. I lost all respect

  73. Heidi says:

    Let’s wait and see if this is really true. I hope not.

  74. Noelle says:

    Come on people! Give him a break! He is a person with a life and a family! I am sure there are ALOT of factors that when into his decision that we don’t know about and really are not any o our business! What if he did plan on moving there and then decided it really wasn’t what he wanted and changed his mind after the fact? Who know what goes on behind the scenes with relationships and contracts? What if he wasn’t really feeling coming back, but felt conflicted ? I sure as hell would not want people dictating what I should do or shouldn’t do with my job that I have to work at everyday, would you? Give him a break and some grace!!! I am absolutely bummed that he won’t be on GH anymore, he was the main reason I kept watching it! But, it’s his life and he sure doesn’t owe me anything!!!!

  75. lupe says:

    We can’t judge until we know what is the real reason. Whatever happened that Steve B. decided to go to Y&R has to come from him when he’s ready. True that he should have been more open with his fans, there has to be a reason he wasn’t. Let’s hope that maybe he’s “listening” to his fans to see how they feel about him? Lets let him him know we want him back!!

  76. Shelly J Erb says:

    WOW… Seriously ladies… You guys should remember that Steve Burton makes his own choices… He didn’t LIE to anyone… his reasons for leaving were just what he told us… He doesn’t owe ANYONE anything but his family and himself. I will support him in WHATEVER he chooses to do because I enjoy watching him as an actor and I will enjoy watching him on Y&R… you guys who are bashing Steve and telling him that he lied… get the hell over it!!! First of all ~ you don’t know if this is a long term role or what… and if it is… who the freak cares… it isn’t affecting YOU or YOUR life… I am just happy to see him back on my screen in ANY capacity I can get!! Give me a break… maybe you shouldn’t be Fair weather fans and just support HIM…

    Steve ~ Good luck in any venture you decide to embark on… YOUR TRUE FANS will support you in whatever that may be

    • Lizzie says:

      His family were not the one to buy all the stuff SBu was selling they only benefitted. what everyone is saying is that he lied. he should have said nothing,but as usual SBu needed to get the fans to his PA’s. I bet you are one of his juice drinkers. he maybe able to piss in your face and tell you its rain, but not everyone is in the rain. I do agree that RC/FV gave him a hard time,BUT I bet if they offeredd enough money he would still be at GH. I understand that Jill is hanging on a thread. If GH end than it ends. Y&R is not owned by CBS.

  77. Sarah C says:

    I am so upset and hurt by this.. i have been a SB fan since I was a lil kid! For him to lie to us all like that was a terrible slap in the face and I am irate about it. Lost so much respect for him. I understand he is a professional but he could have been honest without being mean about why he wanted to leave GH! But it hasn’t been confirmed on twitter fb or even soaps in depth mag so I’m keeping my hopes up and fingers crossed it’s just a rumor some loser put out to freak us all out. Betch it was a LIAZON fan

  78. Memyselfandi says:

    He never said he was leaving soaps forever!Omg ppl get off his back! Grow up!

  79. BTRIPP says:

    I was upset at first too but we don’t know the entire story. He could have planned on moving and then his friend Jill Farren Phelps begged him to take this role that she created for him. So let’s give the guy a break for now and wait for an official statement. He has always been so good to his fans. I think they can leave it how it is for now on GH. For all we know he is dead. I was kinda hoping that they should show him with Robin or with Jerry Jacks locked up somewhere. Then if the show ever gets canceled they could lure him back. Oh well, life goes on. I still like Steve and love GH!

  80. Pamela says:

    Um…how far along did you get in middle school English comp class? Just wondering, because I lost interest in your opinion in the very first paragraph. Clearly you have capitalization issues, but I cringed visibly at your grammatical problems. I’ll bet money you misuse “to, too, and two;” “there, they’re;” too. Pay attention: “only been less then honest about his future plans,” should read “less than honest about future plans,” I don’t want to think about what you did not learn in school, instead I will focus on Mr. Burton. He has a perfect right to make ideal career choices. I love GH, have followed GH daily for 30 years, but in the nature of serial television shows, get over it, or stop watching. Pretty simple really. It’s an exciting show, and constant change is what makes it so watchable. So you feel betrayed? You feel angry? Really? You know Mr. Burton personally? Oh please, stop your whining. And take an English class in the interim. Goodness.

  81. Alicia says:

    I”m trying to stay neutral on this topic but I feel betrayed as a fan. We all were so saddened by his departure from GH but when he gave his reasons, it made sense, and my heart went out to his family. To find out he’s joining Y&R (which no offence, is so last century), really pisses me off. Why not just say you left because you didn’t like the direction the writers were going with your character, or that maybe you didn’t agree with the new writers, or maybe because you just wanted to go, don’t use some excuse about wanting to stay close to your family. Jason’s story line was at it’s PINOCHLE, and for him to leave when he did, left all of us JaSam fan and Jason fans left to WONDER, with NO closure, and it wasn’t right. I can’t believe he’d leave GH and go to Y&R, but as long as he was out front and honest from the beginning, big deal. If the job fell in his lap after he left GH, and maybe he talked it over with his family and they decided to go for it, whatever, I guess it is what it is..doesn’t mean we have to like it.
    I haven’t watched GH since he left, as they left a very heartbroken JaSam waiting in the wings for a reunion. My heart still hopes he comes back to GH and reunites with Sam & Danny, and I think that’s where he belongs.
    I”m just left with a bitter taste in my mouth.
    Not cool Steve!

  82. Veronica Taylor says:

    People leave soap operas all the time. So everyone thinks that he lied. So what, actors leave to appear on other shows every day. I personally wish him luck, If General Hospital bellies up then I know where to go to see Steve Burton.

  83. Ktbhlove says:

    I have been watching GH on and off for over 15 yrs , Jason was one the reasons I always tuned in, I remember before he was a Morgan but it wasnt intill after his accident I started really liking him, He was so good at playing that role i can not imagine anyone else being him. it took me years to even like anyone playing Lucky but eventually he grew on me then he left and i was so happy they brought JJ back but that was short lived.. Steve is a great actor and like everyone else in this world they go where the money is and maybe he got a offer he just could not refuse and i totally understand that , also i sure Steve was not happy what GH was going with Jason . One min he with Sam then all the laison fans thought they get to see them back together then he gets back with Sam and just like that he is gone.. IT seems weird without him so i know eventually they will replace him like they also do on soaps but its going be very hard to fill those shoes.. as far as YnR gose i have never seen that soap ever but I would like to know when he is soppose start like see what he plays on there .. Maybe YnR can get some ratings for a short time just so they can see his face… Whatever happens I sure Steve did what he thought was the best thing to do for his Family..

  84. Nancy says:

    If indeed the rumor is true then maybe this new part is giving him more time to spend with his family. However, rumors — are usually just rumors — so, let’s wait before passing judgment. If this provides him with a schedule that is more conducive to family life —- more power to him! I will miss Steve as Jason and NOBODY can fill his shoes in that part. I wish him the best of luck in every aspect of his professional and personal choices…

  85. Debbie says:


    • Kris says:

      I will miss Jason/Steve on GH and I wish him all the best! BUT, the GH fans need some kind of closure. The Sam and Jason love story has been wonderful–he never got to find out he is Daniel’s dad. Find his body, or recast him (it takes abit, but we can adjust to a new Jason if we have to) BUT GH has to come up with a plan to make this right for all the fans.

  86. penufan says:

    Steve hijacked GH and Jason Morgan with his lies. Now that he’s been called out for it, GH needs to recast and not let such a beloved character die off. There are tons of highly talented actors out there who not only could pull “Jason” off but do it with much more enthusiasm. Steve was stale as Jason. The JaSam reunion felt very forced and then his abrupt demise left the show in disarray. Good luck to him on Y&R (sarcasm). It’s a far cry from GH and it was so boring I stopped watching years ago. It will probably find itself on the chopping block soon…and Karma will get a bite of his, well, you know.

  87. Carol says:

    I don’t think Jason can be replaced, he was too major of a character. They need to find the body & have a funeral to wrap things up. Sam can move on with her life & maybe fall in love again. This BLANK is not working.

  88. pink says:

    Since he stated MONTHS ago in TVGUIDE that he IS going to be directing,producing and starring in a new primetime soap with James Franco and that JFP is also going to produce it.I am not surprised.He also stated MONTHS ago in the same TVGUIDE interview that he WOULD SAY YES if JFP asked him to join Y & R.I don’t know why anyone is surprised.

  89. Linda Martin says:

    I watch Y&R too….That’s alright …I will look forward to seeing him ….I think they are already setting it up for a new person to come in…Avery’s X… she had his dog tags in a jar , hidden in a drawer. Maybe he was one who believed the end 12/21/2012…wanted to be with his family…It didn’t happen and decided to take the part that Y&R offered. Maybe his wife doesn’t like the close relationship he has with Kelly…..???…..Doesn’t really matter….It’s HIS business ……I will enjoy seeing him….. My opinion they should re-cast the role of Jason or discover his body once and for all…..I will always watch GH no matter who comes or goes….I am loving all the new stories and my favorites from OLTL .

  90. diane says:

    Wow when this story came out it blindsided me. If this is indeed true, how could Steve lie to his fans like this? And blatently lieing about retiring “for whats best for the family” then going to another Soap? Did he really think his fans would never find out and/or not be shocked that he would do this? Shame on you Steve, I was one of your biggest fans. Not so much anymore-you need to come out and tell us the truth!

  91. wanda says:

    I’m actor..playing the same character for 21 year must have become extremely boring.Time for something new and exciting.He is not ours to keep.Respect his decision and support him as an actor.I’m sure he will do well wherever he goes.I will miss him in GH and I wish him success.

  92. Eileen Magorrian says:

    I have watched GH for many years. I think they need writers that are happy in their own life because all the write is doom and gloom. No one can be happy on that show I am very close to not watching it anymore. Stop all the tragedy and bring a little happiness

  93. P Patrick says:

    I am sorry Steve left General Hospital, personally I don’t think there is anyone that can replace him. I hated AJ back in the day can’t stand him even more now, he is literally sickning. I wish Steve well but hate to see him permanently gone. I do not like the direction General Hospital is going in now first Robin disappears and then Jason. As far as I am concerned these were two of the best characters and am not caring as much if I watch the show.

  94. kathy harris says:

    well so much f0r loving his fans come on bigger PART he’s been in the spot lite sense the day he started on gen hosp. shame on ur steve for lieing to the ppl who have suported u over the yrs . i for 1 have watched gh for over 35 yrs and the show will go on with or with out him give his job to some 1 who really wants its there r alot of great actors who could plkay the role of jason see ya enjoy ur role because hopefully spomewhere in the near future some 1 will b wearing ur boots
    disapointed loyal fan

  95. tasha says:

    It doesn’t matter to me what he decides i will always be a Team Jason fan and fan of whatever he decides to do

  96. Christy says:

    So what gives anybody the right to judge him. Whether he goes to Tennessee or Y&R. He’s a human being and is entitled to some privacy whether he’s in the lime light or not. How would any of you like it if every little detail of what you’re doing or where you’re going was being released to the press? Being a fan is fine, but don’t be so rabid about it that you don’t consider this man a human being and that you’re entitled to know everything about him. Leave the man alone and let him do whatever his conscience tells him is right to do for his life and the lives of his family.

  97. Christy says:

    P.S. Who among you hasn’t lied? If you say you haven’t then you’re lying now!!!

  98. Heidi says:

    Let’s not get hateful. We don’t even know if this is true.

  99. Heidi says:

    Besides the other soaps need all the help they can get…GH has the best writers, the best characters, the best storylines hands down.

  100. Debbie says:

    I watch Y&R also, so that’ll be great for me, but I hope the situation with “Jason” either being alive or dead is settled soon.

  101. Dawn says:

    Who cares. Its none of our business why he left. I still miss him.

  102. Cyn says:

    I am so disappointed that Steve Burton could not and was not honest with his fans. I mourned his leaving GH and now feel like I have been tricked! I hope the writers REPLACE him. Burton is truly stonecold!

    • Lizzie says:

      I bet he will backtrack if you fans stop buying that juice of his and quit going to those PA’s/Dinner and boycott Port Chuck because he is in the band. he understands,money!

  103. K says:

    Oh well, on with the re-cast PLEASE bc JM is too woven into jusy about everything on GH for them not too. Please re-cast and do it quickly, Robin needs to be saved and Michael and the Quartermaines from AJ.

  104. Elizabeth says:

    I think this an unfounded rumor and how can you justify these accusations and corroberate your story? Where did thsi alleged information come from? I don’t believe it. I feel they should re-cast the role. Look at Maxi’s charactor, they re-cast her for like six months when she was on leave and that actor they used was better than the original!! When Kirsten Storms came back I wanted them to keep the new “Maxie”. After all the crap that they have put Jasam through they should let there be a happily ever after and re-cast Jason!! Bring back OLTL as well cuz the Spew sucks and I miss Llandview!!

  105. Joyce says:

    I don’t like it but if this is true about him going to the Young & The Restless, then he should have been honest about it. Why lie?????? I think they should recast the role with another actor and soon.

  106. dorothy says:

    I believe if he was tired of his role(i.e. bored,etc) he should have finished off the story line and if they wanted to fill his role, could be done better…leaving Sam out in the open without finishing the storyline,wasn’t good here….we are all fans of our remaining soap and to leave us high and dry isn’t fair…some people- this is all they have during the day to keep us occuppied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  107. Bettye says:

    I am shocked. I will not watch him on another soap. He could have told us the truth.We would have missed him but would understood. I admired him saying he was going to Tn. and etc.. Now it is different. I miss him. Just give us the truth.

  108. Patti Nail says:

    I too will miss Jason aka Steve and wish for him to return to GH…..but I can not blame him for wanting to better himself or make more money. As for lieing Im sure he has his reasons he really owes us nothing he did give us over 20 years of his life Good Luck Steve and try and come back. A lot of soap stars quit and try something else and come back so lets hope that is the case this time he HAS left before. Do not kill off Jason leaves the chnce of him coming back. Hook Sam up with John and move on. the other psople on the show need to stop talking about Jason every day like in real life that would happen. I will watch YR to see him act like something besides a mobster even thou I like him as a mobster.

  109. joann says:

    I’ve been reading all the comments and let’s all remember this is a show not real life and actors come and go. This is not to say I am a big fan of General Hospital always have.My mom got me interested in this shop . I love the Jason and Sam story line and do hope they recast someone to play Jason although it will take time to get use to a new jason I hope all works out for Steve and General Hospital.

  110. TripppleP says:

    I am disappointed in Steve Burton for lying. General Hospital needs to recast Jason Morgan ASAP. All the people mentioned in this article plus the fans of Jason need the role filled and back on the air. I hope Steve, and other actors, learned a lesson .. the truth always comes out in the end. Good luck in your future endeavors.

  111. Buddy says:

    Yep, after reading all the comments, I think there is one thing that WE can all agree on, and that is we all love “GH!!!” Another thing, I do not think any of us hate Steve by any stretch of the imagination, and only wish him and his family all the best that life has to offer! I just hope that Jason is recast, like so many others, because the character is woven in some shape or form into the lives of so many others in the city of Port Charles. I for one would love to see Jason regain all his memories of being a Quartermaine, while keeping all his memories of life since that tragic accident, that turned him into Jason Morgan. Perhaps then Jason and Sam could be happy, finally, and I would love to see Jason and AJ heat up the fight for control of ELQ!!! Wouldn’t that be awesome to see the look on dear Aunt Tracey’s face, when Monica walked into the room for the first time with both Her Sons, lol… I still think there is a silver, no golden lining for Tracey in that “Pickle-Lila Relish” coming down the road… That said, Happy New Years to all My fellow “GH” fans, here’s to another great year of twists, turns, and surpises on the BEST show on tv!!!

  112. Liz says:

    don’t know what to believe but he should set the record straight! I do watch Young and the Restless so I will look forward to seeing him on it. I wish him the best in anything he does. but I wish you stayed on General Hospital I love that character Jason! needs to be recast! or just kill him off permanently

  113. Estefanya says:

    They recast all the time, i don’t see why they can’t do it now. There is still much for Jason Morgan’s character to do. Especially with Jerry being alive and well, come on now think! They can have it that someone found him in a far away place being taken care of with no memory, im sure they can find another Jason. Carly has had so many different faces its crazy so what’s another recast

  114. Haley says:

    Has anybody asked Steve the reason he decided to go to Y&R?! I don’t think so! He has his own reasons. Don’t get all mad or anything until you have heard his side! Plus, what he does is HIS business!!!

  115. chantell says:

    i don’t know where you got your information, but that is just a rumor. the newest copy of soap opera digest mentioned this same rumor and Steve Burton denied it. i have never known him to flat out lie, sooo…. I’m thinking that Steve’s true fans will remain loyal to him and not jump to conclusions. Come on people, let’s be reasonable.

  116. Lizzie says:

    SBu always have something to say, well where is the mouth of the now south? Oh, he will probably do some more PA’s or have all his fans run to their sorry singing shows, Port Chuck to see if he will say anything. He is GREEDY!

  117. Rita says:

    He didn’t have to tell anyone his reason. If he did go to another soap it’s ashame. I miss him on General Hospital and wish he was back but life goes on. I’ll always be a fan of general hospital and will continue to watch it as long as it’s on. Please don’t ever leave the tv screen General Hospital Ill miss you. I enjoy sitting there and watching you it gives me a break everyday of my everyday life.

  118. Barbara White says:

    If he wanted out all he had to say was its been great but I am burnt out the character is going no where, we would have understood that. I am praying that its a rumor. I would never watch Y & R

  119. MICKEY HARPER says:


  120. cath says:

    so it turns out tv turns you into a liar so we don’t boycott the station or show (GH) that didn’t want to renue a contract based on the terms of Steve. wow I’ll never watch GH again

  121. Bettie says:

    I have said this before, and I’ll say it again…recast the character of Jason Morgan! Jason is involved in too many storylines to kill him off, and there are other actors who would really enjoy portraying such a multi-faceted character. I think that Cameron Matheson (All My Children) would be a great replacement for Steve Burton, if he could be persuaded to accept the role. If not, there must be other actors who would be interested. As for Steve Burton’s possibly going to Y&R…we’ll have to wait and see if that is true. If it is true, then I’ll join others who will feel betrayed and insulted by his failure to be honest with his many fans. But we’ll have to wait and see. Meanwhile, if GH needs to save money re: salaries for the cast members, they could send A.J. back to wherever he has been hiding all these past years…GH can do without him.

  122. Jen K says:

    Maybe Y&R gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse. It could have been after GH. They may be giving the time off he wanted. We don’t know the whole thing unless he makes a statement about it. A new Jason just won’t do! I still don’t like the new Carly.

  123. Jamie says:

    Jason is my favorite character on GH. I started watchin the show when I was 10 years old and I am almost 27 now. GH will not be the same without Steve Burton because he is a main character and he makes GH what it is.

  124. Marcie Rotter says:

    It might even come down to……
    Maybe his notoriety went to his head and thinks he is now too big for a soap ! Although I doubt it ! Don’t think he’s like that;just a “desperate” thought ! ! !

  125. Michele says:

    Guess what, Steve can stay, leave, move to Tennessee, get a job on Y&R, or whatever the hell else he wants to do and it’s noones business but his. Why do you feel “betrayed” that he said one thing and may or may not be doing another. Do you really think you are that “special?” Get a life, it’s a soap opera for goodness sake!

  126. Alice Batts says:

    I think Jason need to come back to GH and pick up where he left off. The show is not the same without him! I’m not talking about another person taking his place as no one can play his role as only he can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME BACK JASON, WE MISS YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!

  127. SMoKeeGyRL says:

    I’m not mad at him because none of you know his situation. He may have signed a contract to not say anything by ABC of reasons why and told him specifically what he will say. Y’all just don’t know… and actually you never heard Steve say it himself about his going to be with his family that came from other sources. Stop being so hard core. I am a fan of Steve Burton no matter what role he is put into. I love the Young and Restless and so I am excited to see him there also. I got ya back Steve. Besides, I wouldn’t want to stay at GH if they are making into it a reality show, all the actors will be leaving because it is based on a real hospital setting with real doctors/nurses. We fought so hard for AMC and OLTL that it didn’t work. They still were sold. So, if GH soap gets sold they probably will not be able to use the name.

  128. So what?? I watch both soaps, so, can’t wait to see what part they are going to come up with for him on Y&R awesome Why he left is nobody’s business but his own Congrats Steve .Get over it people.Its just another role to his resume`

  129. Susan says:

    Sure, I didn’t want his character to leave either but PLEASE it is probably all about the money. He is entitled to work wherever he can and he has NO responsibility to advise us of his reasons for leaving. GH has really become stupid now with the dog, Robin in Australia, Robert being given propophol and them not letting us know for days and days what happened to them. This whole Robin situation should have been concluded before Christmas but no they will wait until after Patrick sleeps with the slutty doctor for her to come home and see them in bed and Robin/Patrick will be done! The plots are becoming so predictable. Connie/Kate is a repeat stupid storyline of Nicki/Vicki on OLTL. Not enjoying my show much anymore. They better come up with some new material or GH will be GONE like the rest of them. :(

  130. Helen Baker says:

    i have loved him as Jason on GH for 21 years, but if he feels it’s time to move on with his life, if it’s in LA or Nashville than that’s his choice. 21 years is a long time to be on one show and he probably needed a change for he and his family. Young and Restless might be the right thing for him to do. I will continue to watch GH even though he is not there. I wish he and his family the
    best !!!!! :-)

  131. Lori says:

    When Steve shows up on a different soap that’s when I’ll be disappointed and feel lied too, and not before.

  132. PATRICIA says:


  133. 2ndOPI says:

    Ok, so he lied and left. Oh well… Se La Vi… don’t get me wrong, I loved “Jason” as much as the next person-but if it was his choice to leave-then wish him luck, get over it and let’s move on to cast another one. We can’t just leave it like that. But the real question is “WHO” can play his part that will fit in with Sam. Sam has been a duh lately and doesn’t look “Motherly” at all.

  134. April says:


  135. Harriet Downie says:

    At first he may have left GH, then Yand R decided to make an offer which may have been better for him, but I doubt it really, he may have missed GH too, who know’s for sure, but in any case he is missed terribly, as far as GH goes and he did sign with Y and R, I hope they will replace him with someone else there are a few good guys out there who can take his place as Jason, don’t just kill him off, that would make GH a yuck show then. I don’t like the story line now, so it needs back up to speed.

  136. Ada Clarke says:

    Maybe his reason are his own. We as fans love him. It’s possible he gave his story of needing more time with his family was to let us down his fans easy and also a little easier for the producers of GH to let him go too. Another soap saw what the prize they were getting and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. No pun intened. What ever the reason, he’s gone. Now the question do GH replace him or kill his character off? My personal opinion and you can agree or disagree. Find a hunk out there bring him back as close a look alike to play his role. If he’s cute enough we might accept the substitute.

  137. I watch GH from day One,I really enjoy the story line of Sam and Jason,they need to bring a Jason back for all who loved and need him in their life, I do not want John with Sam,and Sonny need his frist hand man back to,CK TO SAM AND HIS SON

  138. Myrtle says:

    well I don’t think Steve (Jason) lied to us maybe he did sign with Y & R and he probably did move to Tennessee, he probably won’t have such a tied up role like GH and that give him more time to spend with his family, I am still seeing Jason come back to GH in a few years, I like GH and I like Y & R

  139. terry says:

    I think you all should just wait and see what is REALLY going on. Steve will answer when and IF there is something to answer! All this negativity must be really disgusting to him. He is a GREAT actor. I LOVED him as Jason. But he has a life and everyone MUST respect his decisions concerning his life!! Always a fan of GH and Steve. Good luck in whatever you decide to do, Steve!! God Bless!

  140. GetoverIt says:

    Stuff like this makes me angry. I see it as certain people trying their best to ruin Steve Burton’s reputation. He never lied to us and made a point of saying thank you to the GH viewers. He has wanted to leave GH for some time and finally found the opportunity to do so. I have been stunned/shocked by the nasty negative comments directed towards Steve since he left GH and much more since news broke that he may be joining the cast of Y & R. He owes noone but his immediate family an explanation to his actions. We has viewers do not own Steve, but sadly some feel they do. Leave the poor guy alone and let him move on with his life. If a regular person decided after 20+ years to leave a job & go elsewhere, his coworkers would be sad, but everyone would wish him well & realize that this person probably was getting “stale” and wanted a new challenge. Why can’t Steve have that same chance. He owes us the viewers nothing other than a thank you, which he gave…time to move on everyone and let this guy live his life in peace whether its in TN, CA or wherever he chooses to live.

  141. move your family to LA

  142. we miss you .move to La.

  143. Maryann says:

    Im glad he is moving on. I would love to see Steve in another soap or do a movie again. If he is going to Y &R i will start waking up before 11 just to watch him in that soap!!

  144. Marilyn says:

    Well Steve seen your interview on the View. I am happy the world will continue to see you in it. General Hospital will miss you but honestly I can understand your role wasn’t challenging enough for you . Good luck on the Young and Restless and to all future adventures. Happy your family will have more time with you, for the world lacks so much of that. God bless and thanks for the years you made us GH fans smile.

  145. Deevku says:

    Saw Steve on a show yesterday, and he said he did want more time with his family in Tennessee, but that was not possible with GH, and is with his new deal on Y & R. He’s apparently also working on a show with James Franco and his new producers…but will continue to tour with his old GH mates in their band “Port Chuck”.

  146. Amy M says:

    I don’t really care that he left GH, but I care that he did hand a steaming crock of BS to the fans. If you’re leaving to do another show, than say so. But to leave the show that made you, tell some big story of being with your family, and then taking another job in the same faraway city, is crap. I hope they recast with someone awesome, even if to tie up the storylines. Ugh.

  147. Beth says:

    5 Words..

    “We Have Been Lied Too”

    Not the way to go Steve!!

  148. honey says:

    Regardless of the reason Steve Burton left the soap, it doesn’t matter .
    I also loved him as Jason, but he’s gone,Now I’d like to see Star and Michael go and a few more,,There are so many new actors in the soap they are bouncing off each other, Love General Hospital and will watch till the end..

  149. Not that serious says:

    I saw Steve interview yesterday on The Talk… CBS will fly him back & forth to LA, clearly ABC would not!! I’m not made at him, make that money Steve…

  150. Kelly Boyle says:

    I don’t watch Y&R and probably won’t watch it. The reasons he stated he went to Y&R seem to me if GH wanted him to stay, they could and would have made the same offer. Unfortunately as much as I love GH, I am afraid this may be their last year.

  151. kristie says:

    hey omg yes he started filming for the y&r today and he will apear on jan 29th. oh well he left gh if you were a TRUE fan of steve you would follow him. its his life his choice. i still say the new writers of gh has something to do with it. and he is now working with the orginal aurthors of gh. i dont blame him what what i have heard gh is going off the air soon

  152. Amy says:

    Just replace him!! If he lied to us show him we don’t need him and find someone better. Don’t kill him off then he will think we can’t find anyone better.. Replace him with a better actor.

  153. Kimberly says:

    His life his choice, but lying is never good. Or he could have had a change of heart when he saw the dollar signs… wouldn’t you???

  154. Barb says:

    All this outrage cause Jason signed with another soap…. How many of us would not quit our current job if we had a chance for the same job with a different company, and probably with a nice raise to go with it?? I loved Jason, but I can’t fault him for leaving…. He maybe could have not lied about moving to Tn. to raise his family… I, for one, altho I do not watch Y & R, wish Steve and his family well…

  155. HelenAnne says:

    well, I don’t watch B&B or Y&R or whatever was said—so I guess I have just lost him–ANYWAY–The writers of GH are so full of BS–it is no wonder he left ! They D R A G everything out SOOOOO long, I loose interest ! besides so many storylines at one time–back & forth–can’t keep up–DIDN’T YOU THINK ROBYN WOULD BE HOME FOR CHRISTMAS–I mean really ! and now doing yet ANOTHER baby switch–I mean come on people–OLD IS OlD–get some new writers–or go on off the air !

  156. Sleeptec4u says:

    Listen, rumors are rumors but when the two soaps combined the characters, I watched it less. How many times have you switched jobs in your life. If you cared at all about Jason, you would congradulate him for what ever the future holds. I have watched ‘this soap for 43 years. Good luck Jason what ever live brings to you.

  157. Karen says:

    I miss Jason, i don’t care if they recast him, just bring Jason back, I watch Y&R and will enjoy watching Steve there as well, he has a right to his own life. But, the character Jason needs to be brouht back, as you said! Jason inter-acts with all the main characters in GH!

  158. Diane says:

    We just couldn’t wait to watch G.H. being that Jason was going to be on there.
    He was the cutest one on there, I just loved that man, bring him back on!

  159. Deborah says:

    Steve Burton ( Jason ) It doesn’t matter if he is on G.H. are The Y&R are some other show. Steve is a great actor and well do well on any show. This isn’t the first time he ever left G.H. Steve has the right to make his own choice. As for as joining The Y&R I hope he does, I can’t wait to see what role he will play.

    • Reba Effler says:

      Steve told on the talk right after Jason got shot what his plans were.ABC had a chance to hold on to him.they didn’t take it. I just hate Dylan is being made a fool of on Y and R. Steve even offered to stay till November ABC booted him out the door.

  160. Penni says:

    I watched Steve on The Talk yesterday where he made the announcement he will be playing Dylan McAvoy on Y&R. He said he did move his family to Tennessee and he made this deal with Jill Farren Phelps after he left GH. He also said she and he are working on other projects and she mentioned the role to him. He said he would do it only if he could fly back and forth to see his family in Tennessee, and so today is his first day filming and it will air January 29. He never said he was leaving acting all together. I thought that meant he would sometimes come back to Port Charles so they did not kill his character off on screen. Guess it is time to just put Jason Morgan to rest. I don’t think the character is really needed if Steve doesn’t play the part. It is time to say goodbye to Jason.

  161. Carol says:

    I am sad to hear that Steve Burton has taken a new soap job on “The Young & The Restless” but would like to point out that everyone can be replaced. The show must go on! Why not offer Jason Morgan to a guy like Timothy Gibbs who played Gary Sinclair on “Another World” and Kevin Buchanan on “One Life to Live”. Not only is he sexy but he has that bad-boy persona as well!

  162. Liz says:

    I understand anyone’s need to move on in their career, but quite frankly he wouldn’t have one if it wasn’t for GH and his very loyal fans in his portrayal of Jason. I’ve loved him in his character for over 20 years and yes, would’ve hoped that he would’ve had the same loyalty to us to at the very least be honest as to why he left. I admired him for having said he was leaving for his family….But to go to another soap and continue working in the same city. That’s’s obviously about the money and his ties to Y&R’s producer. I’ve seen him in film and he was ok. He never went far with that. But it’s been his portrayal of Jason that has made him famous and very popular. Good luck to him… I mean that…but he’ll never have the same popularity there. It’s impossible. So now it’s time for GH to move on and recast Jason. As someone previously stated…Laura Wright is a Carly recast and the best one yet. They should find another Jason…..the best one yet!

  163. well its this way ,get real people .hes awesome and ill take him on any show ,because hes awesome and great, got it great, and amazing ,so quit gripping and be thankful we get to continue to see him on any show ,im thrilled because ive watched him from day one and think hes it, so welcome steve and congrats and keep up the good work on the new show ill see you there and im very excited your still on t.v. and happy for you and your family ,your top ,s and number one on my list thanks Rosemary,looking forward to seeing a different side of you.

  164. Since he wanted to leave GH. I feel that GH should find a replacement. There are a lot of people that would love to take the role and anyway I loved the story line. I would love to see him finally see his son by Sam. They switch actors all the time.

  165. Jlou says:

    I do feel that Steve Burton should be held accountable,as a Christian,that he said he was,for lying to his fans. He didn’t set a good example for Christianity by telling lies. I can’t imagine why he’d go to Y&R,unless the pay is better,or if Y&R isn’t in danger of going off the air. Burton should’ve been honest,instead of turning out to be a liar,deceiver to his beloved fans. We weren’t beloved fans to him. I hope he flops on Y&R.

  166. Ada Dunn says:

    I LOVE Steve Burton, but I feel that we the fans were lied to.. He said that he wanted to move to TN to spend time with his family which he did do so.. But 3 months later he is excepting a Major role on Y& R that is also in LA now come on.. if that was the case he “could have” came back to GH as Jason, but no he goes to an all new soap.. so YES now I think the character of Jason needs to be recast and with the list of actors they have as top actors to recast the role these are the actors that I feel that would do a good job and “kind of” would remind me of the character of Jason not Steve Burton but of Jason would be Daniel Cosgrove who played Scott Chandler on AMC, Daniel Goddard who played Cane on Y&R, Josh Holloway who played James “Sawyer” Ford on Lost and Nathan Fillion who played Joey Buchanan on OLTL but now plays on Castle but with Nathan I dont think he would be available to do it because of the TV Show Castle these guys after a little bit of time I could possibly buy playing the role. Now with Judson Mills who played Hutch on ATWT and Gage on Walker Texas Ranger, Austin Peck who played Austin Reed on DOOL, and of course Cameron Mathison who played Ryan Lavery on AMC they are all great actors but I cannot see them playing the role of Jason Morgan.

  167. Melva says:

    Have you ever thought, that maybe Steve did leave for the reasons he stated. Then Young and Restless made him an offer that would allow him to spend more time with his family and do the things he has an interest in.
    He never said he was tired of being Jason.
    Maybe General Hospital didn’t make him an offer or reoffer that would allow him to be home more or to obtain other goals he has.
    Don’t be mad at Steve, he obviously did what he felt was best for him at the time. He deserves the benefit of the doult.

  168. Dolores Makara says:

    Gh had the option of Steve staying but chose not to accommodate him with his family time. Y&R did. They chose to let him go. Don’t blame him, blame GH. Get rid of the OLTL bunch and bring Jason back. Y&R will become my favorite now.

  169. Redtopp says:

    For God Sake people…this man doesn’t have to live his life for his tv fans.–he is a terrific actor and of course he was bound to get a seemingly better offer…who know tho for real…’jason’ may be on an island with amnesia…or in Swizzerland–lol with everybody…i believe he will return to GH — in words of my grandmother..ALL SHUT EYES AREN’T SLEEP; AND ALL GOODBYES AREN’T GONE…. Steve Burton fan FOREVER—wherever he goes…

  170. Sus Jan Smith says:

    I am sad to see Jason go, i haved watched General Hosp for a long time and it has and always will be my favorite soap, I am sorry to see Jason leave, he was a great character.

  171. Susan Smith says:

    sorry, typo error
    i stay jason please don’t leaveGeneral Hosp

    • Michele says:

      POSTED ON JAN 18, 2013 10:10AM

      Daytime Emmy Award Winner Steve Burton Joins Y&R
      Daytime Emmy Award winner Stever Burton will join the #1 daytime drama, “The Young and the Restless.” His first episode will air Tuesday, Jan. 29 on the CBS Television Network. Burton will play Dylan McAvoy, a rugged ex-soldier with a secret arriving in Genoa City.

  172. Lorraine Deremer says:

    Well at firs it was a dissappointment but you have to do what you have to do..I guess young and the restless won this time..i hope they put John with sam then but who knows maybe he will see that he was wrong and come back look how many soap starts come back to life…Good luck to you and your family ….we will miss you..

  173. Amy says:

    Not happy he lied to the fans, we would have understood….I say recast Jason and get back to GH story lines!!! The show is missing something and its the Jason character!!

  174. Brenda Redburn says:

    I really liked Steve as Jason, but it is a job. He has the right to act whenever and whereever he likes. I watch Y&R and I look forward to seeing him there. Good luck Steve

  175. Lois Bryan says:

    Well … maybe he didn’t lie!!! Circumstances change … a great offer with great money came along … ??? He gets to change his mind. I will say, however, that one of the reasons he Might Have Left MIGHT Have Been his utter boredom with the Jason character. I mean … it was so narrow … so one dimensional. Look at what the writers at GH are able to do for Tracy and Carlie and now our darling Lucy … REAL ACTING!!! They’ve even taken stick-in-the-mud John (from All My Children, right?) and jizzed that boy up with some facial expressions and emotion, too!!! WHOOO HOOOO!!! Maybe Steve Burton wanted to do some acting, and not just hold a Pose and deliver lines all day??? I can’t blame him.

  176. Sally says:

    I feel totally betrayed. By all means the part needs to be recast. Steve is not the only good actor that can play that part and if he has done this why bother leaving the door open for him. GH needs a Jason back.

  177. marie says:

    come on!! why must steve burton lie? his fans will now turn on young n restless to watch him!!! he should have given imput for a new “jason” on general hospital!! yes seeing another actor take over a role, but some of us who have watched soaps for years are used to it.

  178. Nikki says:

    The worst thing G.H. could do is recast Jason….No one can replace or bring to the show what Steve did as Jason. Everyone deserves to change jobs if that is what we chose to do, I was sad to see him go, but I will try and give Y & R a watch, but i’ve always been an ABC soaps kinda girl…..I will see what is it all about though, who knows….

  179. Bettie says:

    Unbelieveable! After supporting Steve Burton in his role as Jason Morgan, for over twenty years, we GH fans were held in such low esteem by Burton, that he didn’t miss a breath when lying to us re: his reason for leaving GH. Wow! Talk about betrayal! This stunt, on Burton’s part, is beyond comprehension, when it comes to repaying his fans for our ongoing loyalty and support of him, and his character for all these years. Does he not realize that if it hadn’t been for us, his loyal fans, he probably wouldn’t have enjoyed as successful a career that he has enjoyed…for over twenty years? I don’t want to wish any bad luck on anyone, but as far as I am concerned, Steve Burton is not the upstanding person I was led to believe by his earlier treatment of his fans. I’m left with the question of which Steve Burton is the real Steve Burton? The man who gave the impression that he cared for we fans, or the man who willingly betrayed we fans, and left us in the lurch re: the Jason Morgan storylines that still need to be resolved? Hopefully, for the sake of GH, the “powers to be” will recast the character of Jason Morgan, so the storylines can continue to a more hopeful conclusion.

  180. Jill Ed says:
    This is a better article. I’m not mad at Steve. Sometimes you just have to change things and he wanted to get away from GH. It’s his right. I will miss him. Still crossing my fingers that eventually he will go back. Y&R worked with him and gave him a better schedule plain and simple.

  181. ANNETTE BROWN says:


  182. robin randles says:

    I love Steve and really dont care where he works i think hes a great actor and its really his choice where he wants to work, so where ever you go Steve ill still be yr fan <3

  183. Louann says:

    i don’t think he should have lied about leaving gh when in a few weeks he’s going another show. they need to come up with something on gh find his body or get someone else to play him

  184. carrie says:

    upseat and pissed miss steve and jason alot.

  185. carrie says:

    cant steve see what he has done to us gh fans and steve and jason fans.

  186. carol b/ says:

    I think what he does with his life it his business. whatever the reason he left General Hospital, I will watch Steve on whatever program he is on. I am a fan also of Y&R so I’m glad I can continue to watch him every day….Good luck to you Steve….xxoxoxo

  187. Pj says:

    Apparently Jill gave him a deal where he can work AND spend more time with his family. I think GH should try a recast. I never thought Sarah brown could be replaced as Carly but Tamara Braun was awesome and Laura wright is too. How many Aj’s have we been through. Even our beloved Edward (rip) was a recast. I say give it a shot and if it doesn’t work out, kill him off so others have closure and bring him back from the dead if he wants to come back. It’s not like THAT never happens. I am a big fan of h
    Jason and Steve burton. I will check him out on y&r. Long live the soaps!

  188. Jacque says:

    maybe he didn’t want to be part of the stupid vampire stories. let’s recast-how about Luke Perry?

  189. Linda says:

    Why should he lie? If he wanted to go on Young and the Brainless let him. General Hospital is a much better soap Opera. Yes, he lied to all his faithful fans. It is sad that General Hospital gave him his start and his status of being liked and it ditches the role like it is yesterdays laundry. Come on Steve Barton give credit where credit is due. General Hospital made you who you are today. It is not nice to lie to your fans of 21 years.

  190. Kasieann Stough says:

    Here’s the thing I loved the Jason and Sam story line! I believe the new writer’s for Gh is running that show into the ground! I think Steve Burton knows there is not much of a future for GH and made his move. Cancel GH and bring back OLTL . Good luck to Steve and maybe Kelly will wise up and join him at Y&R. Besides who are we to say if he lied or not its his life and he’s responsible for the way he wants to live it!

  191. Susan says:

    I really don’t blame him for leaving. He got a better offer. ABC didn’t keep up. It’s just like any job. You work for the money. ABC could have kept him. They chose to let him go to another network. Shame on ABC. Replace him. They do it all the time. It takes a while, but the viewers adjust.

  192. Krystina Morris says:

    Why lie? And to not come out with a statement to announce your “change of heart”? It really is sad that someone who was supported for so many years by fans felt the need to deceive those who followed him.
    I wish Steve well, but I have lost respect for him as a human for the deception and no personal explanation from him as to why he was jumping onto the Y & R when he wanted family time..

  193. Carolyn K says:

    Well ABC DID dump AMC and OLTL maybe GH is next! Don’t judge him, maybe he knows something that we don’t!

  194. Lynn says:

    I don’t really care that much for the character of Jason or Steve Burton, however I supported him because supposedly he’s a Christian and if it turns out that he lied and did all he did in order to just get more money, what little respect I had for him, is gone. He is NOT good looking at all, in fact, he’s quite dull and boring. I can’t see why people think he is. Blech.

  195. TripppleP says:

    He’s not true to his word. He lied to his fans. PERIOD Let’s move on and recast the character for Sam and Daniel.

  196. Jackie says:

    I was thinking good for him, wants to spend time with wife and kids and just RELAX from years of acting. And then to find out he did it to do the same things he’s been doing?? Yea I’m disappointed that he felt the need to lie. I say RECAST JASON MORGAN give another actor a chance to fill that role!! Why not?? Maybe he’ll stay for years and we will all grow to love him like we did Jason

  197. Linda says:

    I really just wish that he came out and told the truth from the very start. Seems that there has been a lot of lying going around with the rich and famous these days. I for one think that GH should recast the role of Jason. It would prove that GH can move on without Steve. Also, it would make it very hard for Steve to come back.

  198. Kim Zamora says:

    I am sad that he left but he didn’t renew his contract because he was done with the show. We as fans should give him a break. He did what he had to for himself and his family. Most people would do the same. I plays a part, Steve is a person. I was in a job for a long time I had to get out so I did. It was what was best for me and my family. We don’t know the whole story really. So lighten up. I will miss him as Jason but we will get over it. Fans are fickle. If you hate him for this then you were never really a fan of his!

  199. Kimberly Reyes says:

    I really could care less! The Jason character was already extremely played out! Same old lines, wore the same leather jacket for 20 years! and boring as hell! Sam definitely needs a new love! Now Sam’s life might be more interesting! Bye Steve! Good luck on y&r I’ll be seeing you there

  200. Marilyn Larkin says:

    I read in an earlier write-up that Steve Burton did want to leave CA and move to TN with his family in order to spend more time with them. That is very understandable for families who have a need to spend more quality time together. However, at the same time, I read where Jill Farren-Phelps has a close friend relationship with Steve Burton and that she had offered him a role on The Young and the Restless. So, as far as I’m concerned, that was his decision and I don’t think it’s anyone else’s business. Actors/actresses have lived on one coast and worked on another for many years… it is not unusual. I don’t feel that it was a deliberate lie on his part but, rather, a misunderstanding on the part of the fans, in particular, General Hospital.

    As far as recasting, I think that the story line determined that he was dead and, as far as I recall, I thought Monica and Sam were planning a memorial service for Jason. I do not want to see another actor take the place of Jason, although it’s happened with other characters. I would just like to see Jason put to rest,

    I would rather see Sam begin a new relationship with John McBain because I see a lot of good chemistry with their characters. I can see them work out a good and healthy relationship. Other story lines have continued and carried through by moving on and, personally, I feel that it would be best for GH if they allow life go on in Port Charles.

    In reality, life is like that… you can’t always fix the past… it’s gone… so, just learn to go on with life in the present and take it into the future.

    General Hospital has been on the air since 1963 and there have been many, many characters and changes to GH. Back then it was only in black and white. I used to practically run home from high school just to watch it. When I went to work, we didn’t have a way of taping the stories and there were no sources to read about the goings on. I could only ask my relatives and neighbors to fill me in on the story lines, which they happily relayed with zest!

  201. sandra says:

    Wow, this hits hard. If he decided to stay with the soaps then he could have renewed his contract. I think he should have been upfront and honest that he wanted to take on a different role.

  202. Irene says:

    That’s show business for you. I personally don’t feel he intentionally lied, I think he was prohibited from full disclosure so he told a half truth. I’m sure his career plan was not allowed to be discussed until it was a done deal, with contracts signed. That’s business people. However on the personal side he did tell the truth. I can’t blame the man for wanting, and perusing what is best for him and his family. I’d do the same!! I’ve been a long time fan (since the 70′s) of GH, and Steve Burton. It doesn’t matter to me where he persues his career, I wish him the best of luck! And I hope he personally reads this comment so he knows that there are some fans that truly get it! Good Luck to you Steve!

  203. Kim Buca says:

    who cares? let it rest!! why does he owe anyone of us an explanation?? he was loyal to the show for decades sometimes people just gotta move on sometimes it is to bigger and better things sometimes just because you wanna take a gamble and see what else is out there he did move and so what if y and r was quick and smart to snatch him up quick it is his perogative this is the soap world people i am also sad hes gone and loved the character but honestly if you all were real fans you would wanna wish him the best and see him succeed at whatever his new endeavor is!!!
    sincere soap fan of gh
    and yes i thought if he ever left i would quit watching but guess what?? i am still here!!!

  204. Deborah says:

    They better NOT take GH off the air. They have already axed OLTL and All my children. I am hurt that Steve left GH, I loved his character. Take the ones off that no one watches.

  205. Annette Ford says:

    I will support him in whatever he does because that is what a true fan does, & for his reasons for leaving the show it was to spend time with his family, he would have liked to do both, spend time with his family & still do the show so that is why he is why he has gone to Y&R because they offered him a chance to do just that so he now has the best of both worlds.

  206. He will always be Jason to me. I still like him even if he is not playing the part as Jason Morgan on GH. He is still just as sexy looking as if he were still on GH.
    Love the guy. I am hoping he comes back to GH.

  207. LARRY says:


  208. LARRY says:


  209. Susan Smith says:

    I am a big fan of General Hospital, I am sad to see Jason (Steve) move on to another soap. He will be missed

  210. Louise Carr says:

    Never liked “Jason” since he screwed over Elizabeth…of course I know it was the “writers” who did it, but I’m sure Steve had a lot to do with his storyline….Never liked Steve Burton since then, either…so I hope he fails at Y&R….

  211. debbie says:

    Steve was asked months before he left Gh to go to Y&R he lied to his fans I used to be his fan till he pulled this bs on us he didn’t like RC n FV that’s why he left not to be with his family I love RC and FV there awsome. I hope they never bring back SB to play Jason please replace him there’s plenty of wonderful guys to play him get his brother in law who looks like him. I’m sick of SB I want ME to be. Sam’s new man love me some ME

  212. Kelly Stoke says:

    I think they should recast Jason, he is more than SB. Show everybody that whoever plays Jason can do it justice, that it doesn’t have to be SB. I for one hopes that they don’t kill off Jason I love this character. Bring him back…….

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