Signed Fatally Yours: Barnabas-Josette-Angelique

As soap operas go, we can expect to see a super couple emerge or a couple with “Romeo and Juliet” syndrome who are doomed to be apart…you know, that old chestnut.

With Dark Shadows we have that and more in the form of Barnabas and Josette. These lovers were happy until the day love spurned Angelique made her mark on them. Barnabas, being a 18th century playboy if you will, gives in to his one time impulse with Angelique, who then develops a fatal attraction of sorts on him. When gentlemen of that era have a conflict over a lady, they dual it out. When a woman is spurned she takes revenge and Angelique is no exception.

Barnabas and Josette are the “super” super natural couple of the serial planning marriage. Barnabas succumbs to male hormones and has his indiscretion with beguiling Angelique, who unknown to him is a witch. Even after this, Barnabas still plans to marry his Josette, and tells Angelique that Josette is and always will be the woman for him. Thus begins the woes and tribulations for both Josette and Barnabas. Viewers are left hanging on every plot if and when they would ever find their way back to each other in any way. Barnabas states to Josette “I’ll never let you go.” And he means just that.

From beyond the grave or through parallel time, Barnabas proves that old tag line from Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula that “love never dies.” He and Josette suffer the wrath of Angelique like no other super couple can. If she can’t have him, neither will Josette or anyone else for that matter. Like Dan Gallagher in Fatal Attraction, Barnabas is forced to shoot his spurned one night stand, but she is isn’t done with him and like Dan’s aggressor Alex Forrest, she will NOT be ignored. Angelique’s anger knows no bounds. She believes she is dying from her wound, and places a vampiric curse on him. Josette is driven to suicide.

Fast forward nearly 200 years and Barnabas (now a vampire) has a new mission. To be as he once was so that he could find love again. This time with Maggie, who happens to be a dead ringer for his beloved Josette. Barnabas is determined to recapture what he lost. We keep longing, along with him, to see him with his Josette again. But, can we accept it when it seems now he has his own fatal attraction toward a substitute for her? One wonders who would have been the better mate for Barnabas. Would it have been Josette or Angelique? If ever there was a tale full of unrequited love, hell hath no fury like a woman scored, star crossed lovers all rolled into one..this is it.


  1. Terry Shackelford says:

    Angelique all the way. He even said, when she was dying from a gunshot from Lamar Trask, that he loved her.

  2. Debra Kelley says:

    Julia Hoffman! She loved Barnabas no matter what.

  3. Alison Moss says:

    Angelique! Josette was sweet but because of that, kinda boring. Marriage to Angelique would have been much more of an adventure. Maybe not as easy and comfortable, though.

  4. Nancy says:


  5. Linda says:

    Josette. She has a good heart and truly loves Barnabas. Angelique is no angel. She’s selfish and vindictive. I thought Maggie was a reincarnation of Josette.

    What Barnabas did with Angelique was wrong but being turned into a vampire and being haunted throughout eternity by Angelique is a very stiff penalty to pay.

  6. Richard Clark says:

    I always wanted Barnabas after he was cured of vampirism to marry Maggie Evans. If Kathyrn Leigh Scott had not quit the series, I believe this romance would’ve been more prominent.

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