Should It Be EJ or Rafe for Sami?

sami kissing rafe

” What’s in a Kiss?”

This is quite difficult to answer, and for the past seasons, I have to admit: Sami is really one lucky girl. Imagine, having two of the most beautiful men in Salem fighting over her! I mean, I won’t even get into Lucas, Austin, and Brandon, all of whom were married to her! Plus Franco, Alan and Andre! That lady surely has her picks (and a lot of them) from Salem’s men. But now, it seems that she has narrowed down her choices to the two men, EJ and Rafe.

I wouldn’t say I would want to be in her shoes because choosing between the two is hard, but at the same time these two gorgeous men are just too dreamy. Girls would surely love to be in her place, and if I were in her place, deciding which of the two can be done through a simple list of pros and cons, just like what any practical girl should do. Let me put on my Sami shoes and be in her place as I decide who the man for me is.

Team EJ

Well, EJ defies his name. Despite having the most popular rock ‘n roll icon of all time as his namesake, EJ DeMera is class and swagger all the way. Well, he is also a race car driver, but he can be very polished and dignified, which is what I think he has been trying to do all his life. After all, he has been mayor of the city! Of course, he is rich and spent his earlier years in England, which I think gives him that cultured and aristocratic air. The clincher of my relationship with EJ (focus, guys, remember, I am still Sami) are my two children, Johnny and Sydney. Having two kids with a person always gives him a clear edge over other men, and with me (as Sami), EJ’s edge is quite significant.

EJ can be very dangerous though.   At the surface, he may appear put-together and dignified, but beyond that, he has hatched a gazillion plans that has affected so many people in Salem. I mean, what’s creepier than kidnapping a baby that ends up as your child after all? Oh EJ, you surely don’t have it all under control as you may think.

Team Rafe

What can I say about Rafe? Who can resist a strong, brooding Latino police officer? He is handsome and has been clear of his love for me from Day 1. He has survived countless attempts to kill him, and he has done so much for me.

But then, it seems that he also has a dark side, which goes all-out especially when EJ is concerned. He leaves me out of the blue (Okay, so I slept with EJ, but we have had children) while we were still married, and became Nicole’s knight in shining armor. What the heck was that all about?

Well, in conclusion I would have to say that I’m leaning towards EJ, but Rafe is no slouch. No wonder Sami is confused all the time!


  1. Carolyn says:

    Ithink that she should pick Rafe.

    • Vicki says:

      I agree with Carolyn it should be Rafe because he was good for Samie .

    • Marie says:

      I think she should be with Rafe he is a better man for her.

    • Erica Manuel says:

      Team Rafe!!!!
      So he lied…. But Sami does too. EJ is gorgeous, but he’s a lot of trouble! Thinking about what happened through the years (I’ve been re-watching lately) he’s done a lot that would have chased me away a LONG time ago!
      Rafe and Sami make an awesome couple. However, with the fact that it’s a soap…. I guess EJ makes more sense, since there will always be drama. I’d like to see Rafe, and maybe Nicole and EJ again.

    • Linda M Springer says:

      What are you dense Same? Just look at the way Race looks at you… Rage all the way!!!!!!!

    • Kathy Lyons says:

      def….she should be with EJ…..I have watched “DAYS” for 40 yrs. and Sammy will never change. She and EJ are exactly alike and it makes for a great story line….Rafe is just too safe….she needs turmoil in her life and EJ is the man to give it to her.

    • ej and sami for sure

  2. victoria says:


  3. Noreen says:

    She should go with Rafe!! for sure!!!!

  4. SUSAN M. says:


  5. jessica says:

    I have always thought she should pick ej he truly does love sami but rafe has always been there for her but neither of them seem to be able to make up there minds. I still thank sami should pick ej they have kids history and attraction to each other . but im sure no matter who sami picks the show will be very interesting I just wish lucas hadn’t left he is awesome

  6. shelby says:

    Oh there isnt no question about it, RAFE!!!

  7. rory says:

    I say let poor Rafe get a really nice girl. Bring in someone new,he deserves a break. Sad to see Melanie go she is a really god actor. Bring in more new people, I mean how many times can you hook up with the same old people?
    Days needs some new blood on the show.

    • Gloria says:

      No! we have enough people on our story already, but if you want you could send Jennifer & Miss like her mom nosey daughter out of town for good & replace them. I’m sure you have a plan for Stefino’s daughter now that she is back, i never likes her on days before or on young & the restless i was glad she left, now i’m sorry because she’s on days again…..

  8. Rhonda says:

    I think rafe n sami r great for each.other n ej needs to b with nicole

  9. Gloria Sheldon says:

    Rafe, they are made for each other!

  10. Steph says:

    EJ EJ EJ EJ EJ EJ!!!! Rafe should be with Nicole or Carrie. EJ and Sami are like the best thing to watch.

  11. SHERYL says:


  12. milena says:

    Sami should be with her soulmate and that is Ej. Live Sami and Ej forever. The best and hottest couple on Daytime.

  13. Tracy says:

    I think she should choose EJ!!! She and EJ have naughty side, which is exciting! Rafe is hot, but safe and boring.

  14. Fran says:

    RAFE!!! No doubt about !

  15. Val says:

    I can’t believe the show is putting Rafe back in the picture. When they paired him with Carrie he lost his appeal. It was getting pretty hot with Sami and EJ. I don’t even want to watch her and Rafe.

  16. Elaine says:

    I don’t think she deserves either one. Sami needs someone that is as underhanded as she is. I know that sounds like EJ, but I think he needs a nice storyline for a change. He can be a good guy, and needs a good woman. Rafe is too good for her. He needs to get on with his life. Sami only likes whoever is unavailable. Then when they fall for her, she moves on to someone else and leaves the other one hanging. She isn’t going to like either one when she knows for sure they love her.

    • Ugonna Wosu says:

      you still haven’t said how EJ isn’t as underhanded as Sami. Truth is, Sami hasn’t been “underhanded” in years. Her scheming days are behind her, whereas EJ is still that person. Besides, he tried the “nice” storyline with Taylor, and has even finally given Nicole a genuine chance at his heart. No way can you pretend EJ is any better than Sami, and at the end of the day he always realizes he still loves her! Yay!

  17. Grace says:

    EJ EJ EJ…Sami with Rafe is like watching paint dry….its like looking at cardboard..Ej and Sami sizzle and he loves her for who she is not inspite of herself like some child. Rafe is so judgmental, like he is perfect? What did happen to his wife? And if Carrie comes back Sami is just his replacement player..sad.

    • Sammie says:

      I agree!! I’ve been watching Days for many years…..I watch it for the drama and the passion. Sami and Rafe is like watching paint dry. EJ all the way!

  18. Valerie says:

    Without a doubt, it should be EJ. Not only are they a match as characters, they are a match as actors.

  19. Mary says:

    EJ, forever and always. She always returns to

    EJ. Rafe is the man her family wants her with, her mom loves Rafe so much that she doesn’t even care which of her daughters he ends up with, just as long as it’s one of them. No wonder Sami’s such a mess with a mother who just a few months ago was encouraging her other daughter to go after her sister’s husband.

    Rafe disapproves of the very essence of who Sami truly is. She isn’t a good girl and he liked her while she was pretending to be. He didn’t mind when she was with Lucas, because he’d found his true “good girl” in Carrie. When Carrie left, and Sami was getting close to EJ, that’s when he decided he could settle for her because he hates EJ more than he will ever love Sami.

    Rafe doesn’t bring out the good side in Sami, he brings out the insecure little girl who whimpers and begs for scraps of his attention. If she dares to challenge him, he walks away and leaves, whereas with EJ, she knows she can be herself and he loves it all. If he would talk down to her, she stands up to him and gives back as good as she gets. She remembers she has a backbone.

    EJ builds her up, he tells her how beautiful she is no matter what. How smart she is and that she’s a great mother. Rafe OTOH, puts her down, destroys her self-esteem. He needs for her to be totally dependent upon him.

    The bottomline is that Rafe doesn’t trust Sami and he shouldn’t because Sami can never be 100% honest with Rafe. She has to hide the darkside that’s a part of her personality, the part that a great many in the audience love to watch because that’s the side of her that’s exciting, interesting and fun to watch.

    Rafe should never have to swallow his ethics or morals for Sami, and he has. Sami brings out the worst in Rafe, he turned his back on his sister for her and crushed her like a bug and she did nothing to deserve being treated like that from her own brother.

    • Mary says:

      Can you edit and add:

      Rafe also took hypocrasy to a new level of WTFery when he told Sami that she needed to realize that actions have consequences. He helped over cover up an attempted murder and didn’t insist she face those consequences, BUT when she broke the law to help a man she knew was innocent, he arrested her and even though he arranged for Will to get off scott-free he needed to punish her because she was helping EJ, not shooting him. With Sami, Rafe’s sense of right and wrong gets skewed. Another example of his hate for EJ stronger than his love for Sami.

    • Sammie says:

      You speak the truth. Sami has a flare for the dramatic, which is probably why we love her so much. EJ is her match. Rafe is wonderful, but he doesn’t have chops to keep up with a woman like Sami.

      And just case, yes Sammie is my real name…..ironic right.

  20. Ugonna Wosu says:

    Sami and EJ. I don’t know how anyone can still want Rafe for her after he dumped her for Carrie. Cheating or no cheating, the reason he wasn’t interested in trying with Sami was cause Carrie was around.

  21. sandra says:

    EJ EJ EJ they have never had a real chance and he loves her completely and does not want her to change

  22. dorothyg says:

    Ejami have been soulmates since the day they laid eyes on each other. There is no one who understands and accepts Sami for who she is and has never tried to change her. Ejami were made to be together, without a doubt. Also, nobody else has the natural chemistry of Ejami which is a rare find with a soap couple who too often are just thrown together. Through thick and thin they have always been there for each other as a magnet is drawn to steel. There bond can never be broken because they are soulmates, Forever <3

  23. VLS says:

    EJ – Sami and EJ belong together. He’s the only man who treats her like an equal, who doesn’t DEMAND or EXPECT her to change, she can remain her feisty self with him and she never cowers and feels scolded like a child like she does whenever she has an “argument” with Rafe. EJ is the ONLY man who hasn’t fallen for Carrie and he loves all of her – every single solitary bit of her.

  24. Cath says:

    Definitely EJ. He’s the common denominator to her marriages with Lucas & Rafe falling apart & EJ is the only one who has always loved Sami for herself & who has never once laid eyes on Carrie over her.

  25. Dawn Adams says:

    It’s DiMera…NOT DeMira.

  26. Jill says:

    EJ has always loved all of Samantha, the good, the bad, and everything in between. The only way Sami and Rafe work is if Sami completely changes her personality and becomes a clone of Carrie. That is why Rafe fell so hard for Carrie, because she IS what he wanted Sami to be. EJ and Samantha have the potential to be a couple that all of Salem would have to reckon with. I want to see a show where those two are able to glory in their grayness, and revel in the passion they have for each other! EJ and Sami all the way!

  27. keren says:


  28. Alma C says:

    EJ!!!!!!!!!! He truly loves her and understands her. She is never going to meet Rafe’s standards. He wants her to be someone she is not. Besides EJAMI have a family. I agree with all the pro EJAMI fans’ comments. I will gladly walk away from DOOL if we don’t get EJAMI. I only catch the episodes with EJ and Sami. I love the chemistry they have and truly enjoy those scenes.

  29. Kathy Arnold/Aurisano says:

    I think Rafe and Sami should stay together forever ,I vote for Rafe and Sami they are ment to be together.

  30. KAY L, says:

    she should pick Rafe he is a better man and he makes her better EJ needs to be back withNichole they make a better match there just alike start on someone elses live leava Sammy and Rafe alone

  31. Barbara says:

    pick rafe over ej. Sami deserves a good guy like rafe!!

  32. J Skinner says:

    It should be EJ–if I was writing a soap opera, it gets boring with Sami being the one always being the exciting, getting in trouble all the time, Lucas tried and has GIVEN up! So you got to match or top Sami’s behavior, we cannot make her all domestic, on that note, Rafe is too safe even if he loves her unconditionally, I think Carrie should call him from Switerland or he gets with someone else because he will always get inbetween of her and EJ. It is dumming down those characters — let Sami get some guts, grow up, and make a commitment with EJ.

  33. Linda J says:

    RAFE !!!! I like Sami and Rafe together. EJ has so much double crossing going on .He is Hot ,but so is Rafe. Let Sami settle down alittle and have a good man . I hate that you made Will gay. I really like him as an actor. I’ve been watching Days for 42 years now and I love the show but don’t like the Gay story I still watch ,But I fast gorward through Will and Sonny. I have several friends who are long time watchers that do the same.So please limit that story.I also hated to see Meloney go and Bo. Sad

  34. sharon stuart says:

    Sami should be with Rafe! And why can’t Nicole have a baby, it’s just not fair!! Nicole belongs to Dr. Daniel!

  35. prashanthy says:

    ej all the way!!!!!!

  36. Lisa Evans says:

    Rafe…….Sammy deserved to be dumped…..let EJ find a new love interest…….

  37. Gloria says:

    Sami & Rafe is the only way i would choose… I would also like to see EJ back together with Nicole i always thought they were good togather & now because they both lost another child, the truth will get out very soon. I don’t like Nicole & Daniel together anyway. Let him have Cry Baby/Big mouth/ now it all!!! Jennifer Horton……

  38. Juana says:

    I think she should be with Rafe, they never should have torn the two of them apart in the first place. She has truly been the happiest with Rafe, and i think after Sami cools off she should realize her sin was greater than his and forgive him. Put Nicole and Brady back together and Jennifer and Daniel and bring in someone new to be a love interest for E.J. like they did for Sami when they brought Rafe in for Sami.

  39. carissa says:

    I would choose Rafe all the way baby! Two wrongs don’t make a right. They both did each other wrong.

  40. Sally says:


  41. stephanie says:

    i say ej cuz it would give more story for the show , if she went back to rafe it would be boring , at least with ej it keeps you interested

  42. simone says:

    team ej all the way!!!

  43. Shay says:

    Team EJ all the way!!! Nothing against Rafe because I love him too, but EJ is the man for Sami!

  44. patti woodward says:

    in high school we want the bad boy but not even a teenager would want a man who blackmailed her into having sex wwith him, who made her tell her child she did not love him, who let her believe her baby was dead, who have done nothing but hurt me at every turn. grow up Sami, Rafe is a good stepfather and a good man. His mistakes don’t even compare to what you did to him, sleeping with EJ (grief sex) is bull. and just because you have kids together does not mean you would ever consider sleeping with him again. That is just some weaker person’s excuse to do something wrong and it is definately WRONG.

  45. david says:

    she need to go with rafe mom got me in to this soap ween i was 5 and im 35 now

  46. Rosi says:

    Rafe Ej & Nichole belong back together and Daniel & Jennifer ,or if Daniel leaves the show put Jennifer & Brady together, then everyone in Salem would be happy except Kate.

  47. Debbie says:

    Rafe of course. He is much better for Sami than E.J. Sami can get into enough trouble by her self. E.J. would help her get deeper where as Rafe would help her get out of trouble. Rafe is much cuter than E.J.

  48. Barbara Moore says:

    Samie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rafe brings out the best in her character she deserves to be good for while .

  49. Mary Ann Burns says:

    10-24-12 I am so tired of the Rafe EJ and Sammi thing. I love Rafe and Sammi and how long did that last ? well about about a few days. Find someone else shifty for EJ and they can have a ball. I am sick of the back and forth. Not everyone likes the bad stuff. Some of us would like to see them happy.

  50. Colyne Smith says:

    I believe Sami should be with EJ. They have more chemistry between them then her and Rafe.

  51. Denise says:

    Sami and Rafe!!!! Ej and Nicole should go back together.

  52. Janet C says:

    Sami should be with Rafe..they are so good together..EJ should be with Nicole they deserve one another

  53. Jessica says:

    EJ!!! EJami has been in the works so freaking long. Galen can’t act, rafe is soooo boring, not to mention he refuses to accept Sami for who she is. He’s always trying to change her! EJ loves her for her and wouldn’t change a thing about her. You can’t really love someone if all you want is to change them.

  54. keren says:

    EJ all the way!

  55. Jeanne says:

    Go Ejami

  56. Sherry says:

    Rafe, definitely, he just seems to help “ground” her and brings out the best in Sami that we’ve not seen in so long, and I LOVE that change in her. It’s so romantic to see the two of them together and the spark they have. Rafe has so much going for him and EJ and Sami are just too much alike, nothing between the two of them would be different to make it very exciting, whereas Rafe and Sami are opposites and you know when opposites get together there is ALWAYS something that can happen that will bring excitement to the relationship. Definitely Rafe and Sami!!

  57. JorgeAnn says:

    Team EJ…Rafe/Safe have bored us for 3 years.

  58. Gloria says:

    Sami & Rafe; EJ & Nicole, Daniel & Jen, and get Kate & Stefano back together!!

  59. Kay Steeley says:

    She should be Rafe

  60. KashaQB says:

    I think Sami should be with Rafe he is genuine and sweet but flawed and he brings out the best in Sami. He also makes the perfect stepdad to her children. EJ is a toxic mess he is no good for anyone but Nicole. They are always scheming and lying put EJ back with Nicole and leave them to reek havoc on each other!!!!!TEAM RAFE ALL THE WAY!!!!!

  61. Liza says:


  62. Lisa Greenway says:

    EJ..and ONLY EJ>No woman should have to be changed or ‘grounded’to be with a man.Love is love.Not to mention EJ is a legacy character from a legacy family,AND JS and AS have the best chemistry in daytime.Sami was with R for 3 years//it drove viewers away.Plus Sami has two children with EJ…they should be a family..

  63. Leanne Pritchett says:

    Team Ej and Sami all the way. The chemistry and understanding that those two characters have is undeniable!

  64. Beverly says:

    EJ and Sami!!!!!! They would be such a powerhouse couple!!! Them against the world!!!

  65. Melanie Milosevich says:

    Team Rafe all the way!!!!!!!!!!!! They portray Sami way too much as a slut. Time to settle down and Rafe is stable.

  66. I think you should keep Sami with Rafe. dont mess that up. do something good keep them together please

  67. Liza says:

    EJ & Sami!! We have had enough of Safe. Seriously we have had their story for the past 4 years. Enough. It is time to delve into the EJami dynamic, their love story, their chemistry! If the show was an hour of EJ and Sami I would be watching, seeing Sami walk around a mere pod of her former self was enough for me to turn the show off, just so I wouldn’t have to be subjected to that pathetic pairing one more minute. EJ and Sami have IT, and that’s the story I want to see!!!!

  68. kitty isley says:

    One thing I did not read in the remarks……EJ is loaded with money. He looks pretty good and the accent is wonderful. I would assume Sami has married one of her several times for love so now baby girl, go for the green. Personally I think the story is a bit boring right now. Hope some excitement is on the horizon.

  69. Mirahna L. Amrhein says:

    I have been watching this shoe with my Mom since I was only 10yrs old! Now I’m 30 & seeing Sami go through SOOOO many Men! Most were being lied too or scammed into getting involved with her! When her & Rave met, in the safe house & seeing that Rave was the one who actually fell in love with her B-4 Sami did was a change! But once they made there relationship official, Sami actually started getting her S@$T together & becoming more mature & a better Mother 2 her children & I know that it had 2 do with Rave believing in her because no body else did due 2 her reputation!! So, when she ended it with Rave cause he kissed Carrie was complete Bull!! I mean, come on….Her oldest Son caught Sami & E.J. Having sex when her little boy was missing! So, when he forgave her 4 sleeping with E.J., they kinda got back together until Sami found out that Rave kept it a secret about him being Nichole’s baby’s Dad, OMFG!!!! What’s worse there Sami???!!!!! So, I most definitely am on team Rave!!!!! Plus, he’s WAY HOTTER then E.J.!!!! Lmao ;-)

  70. jewel says:

    E J is the man, Rafe is a pansy.

  71. karen says:

    RAFE!!!!!!! IT HAS TO BE RAFE!!!!

  72. ralphete laudermilch says:

    i think rave and samie ej nicole jen and danial

  73. ralphete laudermilch says:

    rave and samie samie is stupied if she picked ej

  74. kitty isley says:

    Too funny…should Sami choose between a man who is known to belong to a criminal family and basically tires of his conquests after a while or a man who is an upstanding person in the community. A former FBI agent who now works for the local police dept.? Let me get something straight…Sami and Rafe had sort of worked things out and were “getting back together” the night after Gabbi’s wedding. Uh oh, the wedding was stopped finally and since Rafe yelled at her son, Sami immediately jumped back “on the couch” with EJ for a good romp as he said pretty things to her. Interesting group of people. For some reason, it’s just hard to quit watching the show and see what funny stories are going to take place each day. If I were Sami, I’d continue my jump on or for EJ. He’s got the looks, bad boy reputation, and loaded with money! Oh and he could also have Rafe taken out with just a phone call. In the real world, EJ would have been in prison, Sami motherless and out on the streets as she has no problem jumping in and out of the sack with any man. By the way, where are all of her children while the is sleeping around and around and around? Rafe would be on another soap as his character would have gotten quite boring. Still love the show and look forward to what the writers come up with next. What team, EJ or Rafe? Actually neither. Bring on a new character for Sami to jump! She’s a hoot.

  75. Sheryl says:

    I think sami should settle down with Rave when they look at each other you can tell they love each other I mean on the show they just look good together. EJ is full of lies all the time I just don’t care for him at all no matter if she got children with him he is crooked and the children would be better off with Rafe. I wish you would leave Daniel and Jennifer along and keep them together also they have had enough hurt in their lives they look good as a couple to. I also wish you would put Sami’s son and the girl that he got pregnant together they also to me make a wonderful couple to let them fall in love again please.

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