Shocking The Fans With Doctor Who

Dark Waters – this will be an episode to remember, and not just because of the shocking death of Danny Pink. In this episode, we also saw how the world spins around the Doctor, not always in his favor. However, what other shocking moments did we witness in the world of Doctor Who?

The first one is the death of Katarina, who is actually the first Doctor Who companion to be killed. Taken hostage in an airlock, she decides to sacrifice herself in order to save the Doctor and Steven. It is shocking, not just because she was a companion that was kept for just a few episodes (four), but also because of the way the scene was directed.

Katrina is heard screaming in the airlock until she decides to do the right thing – although we don’t know how right a death can actually be, even if we are considering that this is still a TV show.

The first regeneration of the Doctor is also a shocking moment, because it was never seen before. It was the shock of novelty, so to speak. In this scene, we see Doctor Who collapsing on the Tardis floor, with his companions beside him. They have just started travelling with him, so they have no clue as to what is happening.

To their surprise (as much to the surprise of the viewers), the Doctor seemed to be ill after helping with the Cyberman situation. What was happening, this must have been the question. And to see the Doctor transforming into a younger self surely was a surprising moment.

A list of shocking moments wouldn’t be complete without the death Adric, the second companion of the Doctor. It wasn’t as heartbreaking as the death of Katarina, just like it wasn’t as surprising as the first regeneration. Furthermore, Adric is certainly not among the favorites of the fans.

However, what remained after his death was total silence, which says something about how sad was this departure: this was the only time when the end credits weren’t accompanied by a score.

One personal favorite was, however, not a death scene, but a revealing one. The scene concerns the revealing of John Hurt’s character: I said he was me. I never said he was The Doctor… This is good writing!

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