Sharon and Chelsea Go Toe-to-Toe Over Adam

When it comes to The Young & the Restless, the ever dynamic love triangle between Chelsea, Adam, and Sharon has always had me sitting at the edge of my seat. You see, their triangle is one of the things that always keeps me intrigued and guessing as to what will be happening next. Recently, I have seen that Adam had been extra “helpful” with Sharon, something that I do not like. Because he married Chelsea, he should spend more time with her. As far as the vows go: for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do us part. These should not be taken lightly!

I was never really a fan of the Sharon-Adam (or Shadam) pairing, as I could never really see the chemistry between them. The way I see it, along with many other Chelsea-Adam fans, the chemistry between the married couple is real – filled with love and understanding. Though Adam has a past with Sharon, this does not mean that he could simply go to her at will and leave his wife alone. I, for one, am a very staunch defender of fidelity. But then, somehow I think that Sharon is still a very vital element in the relationship of Adam and Chelsea because she will serve as a test to the strength of their bond.

If Adam wishes to have a happier life with his wife, he should stay away from Sharon. Chelsea continues to hurt when Adam strays and tries to help Sharon in various circumstances. Sharon has a destructive type of behavior: seeking “help” from one man to another. She has to focus more on recovering from her illness and the wellness of her baby. Adam should not tolerate Sharon’s dependence on him as he is already married. Sharon should be a part of his past already and he should focus on the present and his future with Chelsea.

I simply think that Adam feels guilty because he has caused Sharon a lot of pain in the past. This is definitely the ultimate test for Chelsea, especially since she has a lot of insecurities. But then, this is already very unhealthy for their relationship. Adam should really stop helping Sharon and focus more on living life as a married man and assist his wife from then on. In the end, I know that Sharon is going to find a man who will really love her and take care of her.



  1. Lou Ann Davis says:

    Sharon had her chance with him and she should STAY AWAY!!!

    • DIANE COUSOINS says:


    • Judith Hardy says:

      When Sharon met that stranger in the bar and went up to his room was not a good move to clean up her character.I think if the writer could make it that the man is a serial killer and meets women like Sharon and kidnaps them.Paul and his police dept. could play a big role tracing her to rescue her.
      I think Kevin should hire on at the police station and the diamond heist could be written in as the way the Genoa City PD can be fooled, and he could play the part of security of the Police dept. and computers the diamonds could be written in as one way he duped the police as part of his scheme to improve the dept….just my thoughts.A good murder mystery always held “Search For Tommorow ” up there in the ratings and kept our interest! thanks

  2. Kay Loftin says:

    Sharon truly makes me ill. She will sleep with anything.

  3. Genevieve says:

    I love Victor but I can’t stand the way he tries to control his kids lives! Billy/Victoria are great together and he needs to “butt out” when it comes to their marriage! “People in Glass Houses shouldn’t throw stones”!! Victor has certainly had his share of underhandedness and skeletons in the closet!!! Adam/Chelsea are also good together. Sharon needs to get her life in order and not have to rely on a man all the time to bail her butt out!!! Phyllis/Jack should be together! Ronan should get together with Chloe! Kevin is a “winer” and is very unstable!! Nick/Avery are dynamic together! While, Summer needs a good Spanking!!

  4. Pamela says:

    I really don’t know what to call Adam in this situation. Alright Adam owed Sharon for helping him when Victor & Tucker were working together to get him arrested for messing with bids. He pulled her from the fire. After that he should have stayed out of it. I believe he still loves Sharon but does not want to admit it. Chelsea should stop being so nice & put her foot down to Adam about Sharon. Sharon has always had a man to come to her rescue. All of the wrong that she had done in the past few months, she needs to pay. She’s supposed to be bipolar. Then put her somewhere that she can get help. She should not be free. Now have an article about Nick & Avery. I have a lot to say about that.

  5. Myra Robinson says:

    I watch Y&R religiously and I do not like Victor and I don’t know how Victoria can put up with her dad,knowing how he really is and has been. running her life. telling her she needs to get rid of Billy. I think Billy and Victoria belong to gether.

  6. ellen says:

    Please don’t take this off the air.. These people are part of my life…. I have watched for over 40 years… Love all the people…..

  7. elliemae says:

    love this show… look forward everyday to see what happens….

  8. Toni Brooks says:

    Hey, I’ve watch the Y&R for years and from time to time the story lines suck. I don’t like the Sharon and Adam thing at all. I really don’t like how their messing up Laren and Michael, hurt my feelings, not really. On somedays they just drag things on and on and it can get very boring for sure. Another thing so many people are coming and going….WTH. Glad it all just pretend….like reading a really good juicy book. Just saying…..

  9. vanessa says:

    sharon needs to find a man of her own…stop sleeping with everyone else’s man…give adam and chelsea time to work things out…bi-polar or not she just seems slutty sleeping with all of the neuman’s…hell give dylan a try he’s available…just saying…

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