Sandwiched Between Love and Lust

For as long as I’ve been watching Days, it always amazed me how lucky and yet how unlucky Sami Brady got in the love department.  She’d fall for a man, they’d grow to love each other, sometimes getting as far as the altar, while at other times she’d be left with a broken heart, and a bun in the oven.

It seems that once I started to like Sami with a male character, suddenly the pairing was over, and Sami was on to the next man in her game of love.

While I could go on and on about all of Sami’s conquests, for this article’s purpose, I’m only going to focus on EJ and Rafe.  Now, forgive me, as I wasn’t completely watching EJ and Sami’s relationship from the beginning. However, I started watching more from around the time that Sydney was kidnapped by none other than her own father.  When this happened, I admit, I was livid at EJ.  I mean, how could he say he loves his children, as well as proclaiming his never ending love for Sami, and yet, takes her own daughter away from her?  Granted, he did this as a grand act of revenge against everyone around him, but to separate Sami from her own child just put EJ at a new low for me.  Using an innocent baby just to try and get Sami back into EJ’s good graces made me cringe. Sami may be hot-headed and a liar at times, but she’s always been a good mother to her babies.  Sami needs to realize that no matter how many times EJ will claim to be a changed man, and no matter how good he can be behind closed bedroom doors (because let’s face it, the love scenes are pretty hot!), he’ll forever be a DiMera, which spells bad news for anyone with the last name of “Brady”.

Which brings me to Rafe Hernadez.  I knew something was going to happen between these two characters as soon as I saw their first interactions when Sami went into the Witness Protection Program.  There was so much sexual chemistry and energy locked up in that boathouse that Sami and Rafe were in, it was enough to light up my television screen.  Now, while Rafe does have a few stones in his head and a quick-fire temper, I think he generally cares (and yes, even loves) Sami deep in his heart and soul.  He wants to protect Sami from any harm, but at the same time, he needs to learn that Sami is fiercely independent and wants to do things her way, even if she lands in trouble because of them.

I don’t think that Sami and Rafe had a fair amount of time together to explore what they could build on going toward the future.  Sure, there were love scenes and fights and boding with the kids, but I just feel like something may be missing in this relationship.  Let’s just say, I’m thoroughly enjoying watching Rafe’s interactions with Sami as of late, because I can totally see how much he really cares for her, and like I said, though he is stubborn, at the heart of it all, he just wants to be with Sami to love her. Also, I really feel that Rafe would be the better choice for Sami, as he can keep her grounded and not play any games with her.  Given her history with EJ, all I can see is pain and suffering in the future should Sami go back to him…..


  1. faith loveright says:

    I respectfully disagree… I have watched the show since the late 80′s and have therefore seen EJAMI’s entire history together. They have the “it” factor… call it chemistry, love, passion… whatever… they just have IT… While SAFE has done nothing short of falling flat for me…. Here is this guy who refuses to tell Sami the truth about his part in his ex-fiance’s death, while expecting COMPLETE open honesty from her… who then eventually falls in LOVE with her perfect sister, while she is off being true to herself for a change instead of being the stepford wife that he expects from her… If Carrie hadn’t left with Austin, Rafe would have MARRIED her… his love for her was THAT deep. He was ready to leave Sami for Carrie… When Sami got back with Lucas, Rafe didn’t really give two figs, even though Carrie was already gone. He didn’t start to persue her again, until EJ was suddenly back in the running for love interest for Sami… Then all the sudden, he couldn’t live without her… I was like… “WHAT????” Did I miss something???? Rafe wanted NOTHING further to DO with Sami after what she had done… and Sami wanted nothing more to do with Rafe after he lied to her face while she was busy trying to make up for her own mistakes… I’ve not seen any reason why either one of them would suddenly just be over that betrayal… we are just supposed to accept the fact that they suddenly want each other again… it’s STUPID.

    • Barb says:

      I disagree. Rafe never really loved Carrie. there was absolutely no chemistry between them. Nothing like there is between Sami and Rafe. They are meant to be together.

    • I don’t remember the thing about Rafe having a part in his exfiance’s death….can you tell me more?

    • Beverly says:

      I think EJ is so charasmatic and sexy and good-looking, BUT the fact is he will always be a DiMera and will never change. He seems now to have changed, but we all know that as soon as he and Stephano makeup he will be a true DiMeara again so I want Sami with Rafe!

    • Christie says:

      I agree. I remember the first day EJ and Sami were paired off as the next super couple. There has always been a love at first sight aura surrounding Sami and EJ. Then Nicole blows into town. Sami and EJ would have been fine if Nicole hadn’t butted her nasty conniving head into the situation. Then enter Rafe. That was Stockholm syndrome. EJ and Sami have an unconditional type of love going on. No matter what each of them does to the other they always find a way to forgive each other and start over. If all the external factors hadn’t been conspiring against them they would be together now. I think we are about to see a whole new level of Sami and EJ, especially now that John and Marlena are on the outs. The problem is that Sami allows family and other men to sway her feelings towards EJ. If everyone would mind their own business then the super couple would fall into their proper roles.

  2. jessica says:

    I realy liked your point of view lol sami is my favorite on days but i do have to be honest i like ej more than rafe but however it would be nice to see sami happy for a chance.

  3. Vivienne Swartz says:

    I just Live Sammy and EJ together, but after Rafe visited South Africa, I have fallen for him, badly! What a great guy he is. Wonder if he will get some of the carrots he has planted here! E J you better visit my country to restore your image with me!

  4. Connie Copeland says:

    Please let Sami and Rafe get back together please!!!!

  5. Diane Miller says:

    I hope the writers put Sami and Rafe together once and for all.

  6. MARGIE KYSOR says:

    both guys are hot hot hot but when sami is with rj she has a meaner streak shes more real with rafe, i would not throw either out of my bed,id like to be sami for a day and have sex sceens with both, ive watched the show since it started ive loved every day and never miss a show, but it is a soap opera and it has to have lots of drama to make it the top soap so that means no real happy endings for any of them in the long hall,never knowing what will be next is part of what keeps the show going so i dont see sami with either one for any long period of time

  7. Janet Pollard says:

    I love Sami with Rafe. Let 2013 be their year and put these two back together where they belong.

  8. I would like to see Rafe & Sami back together too. I’ve been watching since the 6o’s. Taped it when I was at work.

    • Beverly says:

      Me too Marilyn! Yeah I want Sami with Rafe too. EJ is hot, but a true DiMeara and he is going to change back once Stephano comes back!

  9. Gerry Fraser says:

    You have to be kidding. You are all forgetting that EJ started his relationship with Sami by rapping her the day that Lucas was lying hurt in a cabin. EJ agreed to help Lucas only if she slept with him in the truck, no less. That is when she got pregnant with the “twins”, Allie and Johnny.

  10. Nancy says:

    I like Sami and Rafe together, EJ should walk off a short pier, he may be good looking and hot, but he is never going to change, and his “love” for Sami is only his pride talking to get anything he wants and to hell with who he runs over or hurts in the meantime. After all the leaf doesn’t fall far from the tree, Stefano and EJ are like twins. Tromp on everyone who gets in your way and to hell with any feelings they are like a zombie dead from the neck up.

  11. rhonda says:

    I have been watching for 40 years and I love Sammy aud I think its time for her to really be happy and find true love

  12. dlbr says:

    You’re right, Sami always falls for someone and then gets let down. IF they put her back with EJ, that will eventually happen again. So why not give Rafe & Sami a chance? I’ve said before, I’ll say again, Days needs a new and younger Power Couple, especially since Bo isn’t on the show. Rafe & Sami could be that. I was so excited to see Rafe & Sami coming together, then I read the previews for next week….I almost don’t even want to watch. I just think heartache is ahead again, if they put her with EJ. Hopefully something will expose the manipulation by EJ and she’ll get out of it in time.

  13. Lisa Gavit says:

    Sami & Rafe =LOVE… Too much Bad history with EJ!!!

  14. Barb says:

    As usual on a soap whenever they bring a couple together they immediately find a way to break them up. Such is the case with Sami and Rafe. They need to be together. He is so good for her. As far as EJ….he seems to have his Love of the Month. He was in love with Nicole and just before the wedding he fell in love with her sister Taylor. When that didn’t work and as soon as he found out Nicole was pregnant…all of a sudden he was in love with her again and when she rejected him completely it was back to Sami. He only want’s what he can’t have and as soon as he gets it he doesn’t want it anymore. Puleeeeze keep Sami and Rafe together.

  15. Terrie says:

    I feel that Ej & Sami have children together y not make it work,… but then on the other hand Sami & Rafe belong together. Not meaning to change the subject, thank you Chad for standing up and specking out on Gabby & Nick on who the father of her child is.I think it would be awesome that Will & his boyfriend raised the baby!!! just a thought !!!! Nick has got to go, I can’t believe they got such an ugly guy to play the part(REALLY) & were is BO? & now Cloie ugh !!! I HATE the thought that Jack got shafted,… him & cry baby Jen belong together. I noticed that some of the older actors were on just for a week or so… I hope that Patch comes back,,, & dosn’t get shafted like Jack & the other older actors did….Oh and Kriston she is so awesome, i’m a little tired of Doc (Marlina) as well,,,, !!!!! she has kinda become a cry baby as well,, she needs to step up to the plate & really give Kriston more than a slap on the face if you know what I mean… Oh & then there’s Brady (Really) well got to admit Kriston is a lot better than the last girl,,,,… sorry can’t think of her name at the moment that’s how much I didn’t care for her… I wish Days would start bring back better looking guys, & better looking one for Brady & drawing a blank here.umumummmm dam Wills dad.. !!!!

  16. Jeanette says:

    I’ve grown up watching this show and I’ve loved Sami from the start. No one has been a better match for her then EJ. Sami has ALWAYS been the anti Brady. She has always been her own worst enemy. She acts with out thinking when someone gets in her way. She has out and out hurt her own family. (Mom, Dad, Step-dad, her sister’s etc) If she wanted something or someone she didn’t care who she hurt or who she had to bring down/lie to to get what she wanted. There is NOTHING that EJ has done on this show that Sami her self hasn’t done her self. If the show would give this couple a real shot at being together and to write them as a TEAM without someone else in the wing they would be even more amazing. They have amazing chemistry. So happy with spoilers and Ejami growing closer. Just hope this show stops with all this back forth for a little while atleast. Back in the day you KNEW from the writing who was going to end up with who. Now a days it seems like they could careless and just want to play this pairing to that pairing a drag it all out.

    • Ray Broad says:

      I’ve been watching “Days” for nearly 40 years. It is more entertaining now than ever! Nothing ever goes well for most of the characters to keep us guessing what’s going to happen. That’s why I tune in daily.
      Keep up the interesting, crazy work, “Days” writers!
      P.S. I would love to be an extra at the pub or the square or both.

  17. Cynthia Eckman says:

    I have watched this show from childhood and I am now in my fiftys. Sammi is one of my favorite characters on the show. I believe there is so much chemistry and love also between Sammi and Elvis but because Elvis is a DiMeara they have alot of ups and downs this only makes the show more interesting. Rafe is a good guy but he clearly is not for Sammy or he never would have had a fling with Carrie something I dont see Sammy ever forgiving the rivelry between the two girls is to strong for that. Rafe needs to fall for Nicole then Chloe and be what Daniel was befor he setteled on Jennifer. Sammy and EJ are a much more believeable couple and given their history as well as their ancestors history. It will lead to some interesting exploits.
    Bye the way Thanks to Days of our Lives for being there for us all these years it is a wonderful show and a great escape from the everyday.

  18. I’ve been watching DOOL for 30 years now and I have to say that the chemistry between Sami and EJ is magical. If you had seen the back story with Santo DiMera, I think you would think differently…it was like proof that they were meant to be. I love strong, powerful. wealthy men (ahem….EJ, Christian Grey & Mr. Big) who have a weakness for one woman. Besides, Sami can’t just settle down with Rafe and be happy from here on out. It’s a soap opera Ladies !!!!

  19. the people who use EJ’s past as a reason for Rafe to win Sami, seriously crack me up… If they honestly believe that “bad guys” can’t ever change, then they can’t possibly want someone with Sami’s past anywhere NEAR their sainted Rafe… It’s a joke

  20. Sheila Gibbs says:

    What I don’t understand, how could Sami be attracted and fall in love with EJ, when he raped her during a snow storm when she and Lucus were stranded. That is how Johnny was conceived. Sami had gotten pregnant with twins by Lucus and EJ around the same time.

    • juby1951 says:

      It wasn’t rape, it was a deal, which Sami accepted, therefore it was consensual sex.
      When Sami raped Austin he was drugged and had no say at all.

      • Christie says:

        I concur. Sami was not forcibly held down and raped in the true sense of the word except by one guy! That was not EJ. Go back and watch the older Days people. Sami made the deal so she is just as bad as EJ at the time.

    • Ray Broad says:

      Heck, Sami burned EJ, then later, shot him in the head. They were made for each other!

  21. judith says:

    I have watched days from the first show on. Never missed a one. I can not stand Christin. Get Doc & John back in the same house & get Robert Kelter Kelly back as Bo or pay Peter what he wants & get him back. Bo & Hope both are looking old, but there is no Days WITHOUT Bo & Hope, Doc & John. And this gay crap makes me want to puke. I click the t.v. off when those two come on. How can two men actors even play kiss? SICK, SICK, SICK. God made man & woman to be one. All gays are going to hell. OH! By the way I like Sami & Rafe. Let E.J. & Christin go off to never, never land together. We want Patch!

  22. Christie says:

    And that my friends was the most beautiful scene I have seen Sami and EJ in for sometime now…..Wonderful can not wait until tomorrow’s episode!!! I say don’t answer the door!!!!

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