Samantha and Jeannie Made Wishes Come True

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“Cast of I Dream Of Jeannie”

From the mid sixties till the early seventies there were two very different yet similar TV programs featuring magical women.  The first to appear was “Bewitched” in l964.  This show featured a witch, Samantha, (Elizabeth Montgomery) who marries a mere mortal man and tries to be a normal housewife.  Although she looks young it is hinted that as a witch she may be hundreds of years old.

Samantha’s family does not like the marriage,  particularly her mother Endora.  Endora is generally annoying and casts spells to cause havoc in the marriage .

The second series was “I Dream of Jeannie” debuting in 1965. This show was on NBC and was created  because of the success of “ Bewitched” on ABC.  Jeannie (Barbara Eden) is a 2000 year old genie. She is released from her bottle when astronaut Tony Nelson finds it on a deserted island.  Tony tells her she is free, but Jeannie has already fallen in love with him.  So she climbs back into her bottle and hides in his luggage to go home with him.  Later the two fall in love and much later they marry.

Whereas Samantha dresses like a regular housewife , Jeannie usually is dressed in an outfit resembling a harem costume.  Samantha has promised not to use her magical powers anymore.  Occasionally, she does do magic and when this happens she will twitch her nose.  On the other hand, when Jennie is performing her magic she blinks her eyes.

Samantha plays an active role in the lives of she and her husband, Darrin Stephens.  The couple will often host dinner parties for his clients in their home.  Something will go wrong



and it is Samantha and her magical powers that save the day.  The pair have a very nosy neighbor who witnesses some of the magic.  She tells her own husband about the strange happenings and he just thinks she is imagining things.

Jeannie wants to be able fulfill her role as a genie.  She devotes her life to pleasing Tony “her Master”.  These attempts to please and to help her master will lead to problems of one kind or another. Tony spends much of his time covering up for Jeannie and trying to keep her secret from his bosses in the astronaut program,


Both shows were entertaining.  Since the shows ran on different nights  fans of one program probably also watched the other.  Bewitched was the longest running show of its kind in the 60s and 70s.  The show can still be seen in syndication or on DVD.  I Dream of Jeannie has also enjoyed popularity with its  reruns.


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