RIP Andrea.

Warning: Spoilers

In remembrance of Andrea

Reflecting back on the short time in which I’ve been writing this column, I have to say I’ve been a little hard on Andrea. Whenever the topic of “too stupid to live” came up, Andrea’s name had to be mentioned.

There was the time she pointed a gun at Rick’s face, (With the safety still on, mind you) because he shot a bunch of walkers who were trying to eat him. Imagine that?

Or when she left Beth, a teenage girl who had just gone through a pretty horrific (moment thanks mostly to her boy toy Shane) alone to attempt suicide.

Or when she so wanted to shoot a walker that she took a long range shot, through a field that Rick, T-Dog, (may he RIP) and Glen where running through to deal with the walker themselves. Quietly, so as to not attract more walkers. As it turned out, it wasn’t a walker, but Daryl.

And let’s not mention boy toy # 2, The Gov. (Can you imagine if she had survived, how psycho boy toy # 3 would have been if that pattern continued?)

Or… But I digress. Andrea is gone. And when someone dies, we should remember the good things about them. Like …. Um… Give me a minute. I’ll get there.

Well, every once and a while, she could kick ass. She escaped from the farm mostly on her own. She managed to get a pretty good ways away, killing walkers as she went like she was in a video game.

And it was pretty sweet the way she out smarted The Gov. in that warehouse. Too bad he caught up with her right before she made it to the prison.

So yeah, Andrea had her moments. I guess I was mean to her at times, but she didn’t deserve to get killed.

And so Andrea, I dedicate this column to you. You certainly gave us lot’s to talk about. We’ll miss you.

Maybe not as much as your boy toys, but still.



  1. Helen Flora says:

    I am sorry, but I don’t think we were hard enough on Andrea’s character at all, and it wasn’t about her needing to get laid, but her choices of who she slept with, and the people she turned her back on to do what or get/got what she wanted. I found her character to be annoying, she complained about doing her part in the group, where everyone had to do their part. Yes, I don’t think the defending against walkers should be a man’s job, everyone should be able to defend the group, but she had that I am too good for the domestic chores attitude. She was unfair and mean to Dale for caring, often got Shane worked up about carrying guns, insulted Rick’s authority, thinking she had a right to interfere with Beth and her suicide attempt. I did like the way she put Lori in her place for taking things for granted in season 2, but just as she does something right, she turns on Michonne, but staying with the governor, after she saved her life in the woods. Michonne knew there was something not right with the governor, and all Andrea thought about, again, was for herself. So, again, looking at all the character flaws of the Andrea character, next to Lori, I could not stand Andrea, even at the end when she was bit, she had her chance to kill the governor, and decided not to, knowing the man was a stone cold killer and psychopath.

    • mlaskowski says:

      I can see her staying in Woodberry, warm meals, people standing guard. But as soon as things didn’t add up she should’ve bolted. Michone shouldv’e made it clearer, And sleeping with the guy, sorry hon you don’t know him well enough. Of course Merle did say he was a good guy, That’s a great character reference. Come to think of it all the people in Woodberry shouldn’ have been so blind.

    • Michelle says:

      “even at the end when she was bit, she had her chance to kill the governor, and decided not to, knowing the man was a stone cold killer and psychopath.” ??? Really?? The Governor had her handcuffed to a chair and walked away after stabbing Milton. He never returned to that room, so when exactly did she have a chance to kill him after she was bit??

      I have not been a huge fan of Andrea, by any means, but if you look back at her whole story, she has been misunderstood by many. I do not agree that she had a “too good for domestic chores” attitude, she always felt that everyone should do everything they can, meaning no “women’s” work and “men’s” work, she was a lawyer in the real world before all this happened so she was used to being able to take care of her own business. Yes, she did choose comfort and a sense of security in Woodbury over going back into the wilderness with Michonne, who wouldn’t have chosen that after a winter on the run, scrounging to live…..don’t forget how sick she was when they first were taken into Woodbury! She was scared and I can’t blame her for that!

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