Requiem For Marcia Strassman

On the 25th of October 2014, Marcia Strassman passed away after suffering from an illness that defeated many of women.

She is best known for her role in the Disney hit Honey, I Shrunk the Kids from 1989, who was as successful as its sequel from 1992. However, for most of us, the role that will always be remembered is not the one of the wife of nerdy Rick Moranis, but the one of Nurse Margie Cutler from the M.A.S.H. series.

Although she is credited in only six episodes of the show, she will always be remembered as the one both Hawkeye and Trapper had their eyes on (although, as usual, none of these two would find success in their endeavours).

Her first appearance is marked in the 3rd episode of the 1st season, Requiem for a Lightweight. She plays a new nurse and, obviously, being such a pretty face, she attracts the interest of the two surgeons. Hot Lips sees this and has her transferred, on the reasoning that she distracts these two during their time in the operating room. As it is known, she is transferred back after the intervention of Col. Blake.

Her next credited appearances in M.A.S.H. are Yankee Doodle Doctor (6th episode of season 1), Bananas, Crackers and Nuts (7th episode of season 1), Edwina (13th episode of season 1), Love Story (14th episode of season 1) and Ceasefire (23rd episode of season 1).

After the 1st season she was written out of the show without any explanation. However, Marcia Strassman went on and found success with Welcome Back, Kotter (in which she appeared for the whole duration of the show).

Marcia Strassman was involved in all types of humanitarian causes, including in here AIDS Walks, DCC phone bank, Events for Tuesday’s Child and the UCLA Breast Cancer Center.

Marcia Strassman found out about her breast cancer too late, in 2007, after the disease was already spread in her bones. She was only 66 years of age when she died.

Rest in peace Nurse Margie Cutler of M.A.S.H.! Rest in peace Marcia Strassman!

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