Repeating History

Today as I was walking through a popular department store, I took extra special notice to the kitchen wares department and the home décor aisles.  Many of the products were quite “retro” and would go perfectly in a home where the owners were looking to step back in time to the 1970’s!  I saw a lot of oranges and browns with psychedelic patterns, and funky looking chairs that probably look “groovier” than they are comfortable!

History often repeats itself, especially when we’re talking about fads, design and fashion!  The 1950’s gave us poodle skirts, saddle shoes, and sock hops!  Chantilly lace and pony tails!  Hula Hoops, drive ins and juke boxes entertained youth!  During the 60’s and into the 70’s we had groovy peace signs, lava lamps, bell bottoms and beaded head bands!  It was the decade belonging to “hippies” and making love not war!  Sock hops turned into discos, “Farrah Fawcett” hair was popular and “free love” was a common practice!

My favorite decade, probably because it brings back memories of my childhood, the 80’s gave us neon colored clothes, some with geometric shapes on them.  Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake, hair was styled high and long!  Banana clips held our hair back and we wore socks over spandex pants!  We played with Rubix cubes and went roller skating on the weekend!  Good times!!  The 80’s also gave us The Golden Girls!

As I have gone through adolescence and into adulthood, I have found that, like history, fashion and fads are repeating themselves.  Bell bottoms are now called “boot cut”!  My daughter is a big fan of tie dye and peace signs and she has a purple glittery lava lamp in her room!  My son decided last year to let his hair grow out and get shaggy!  Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake are making a comeback and now accessories such as jewelry, nail polish and even clothing are taking on the 80’s look of neon colors and funky shapes!

So of course it is only natural that pretty soon home décor will revert back to 80’s style as well!  Which means, soon, all of our houses will look Blanche Deveroux’s!  Picture this…walking into a living room filled with wicker furniture, topped with light colored cushions.  Large plants in even larger vases.  Orange and brown giving way to mauves and blues with lots of floral prints!  Furniture in lighter tones such as white or a light wooden color becoming more and more prevalent.  We may even get the urge to bust out the shoulder pads and synthesizer music!

As I was searching the web for examples of some of the most popular fads and fashions of the decades past, I found this great blog all about our favorite house and the décor in it! has fashion and more!  It even has a section of DIY 80’s style decorations that you can make for your home!   As always, you may have to copy and paste to your browser!

What do you think?  Is it possible that soon you may go shopping for wicker furniture and large vases to home big lush leafy plants?  How about some a pant suit with big shoulder pads?  Never say never, it might just happen that those are the styles that become popular once again!  Do you have any favorite looks or items from the 1980’s that you’d like to share with your fellow Golden Girl fans?

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