Remastering Little House On the Prairie, Season 3

40 years after Little House on the Prairie debuted on NBC the studio is now bringing up to date the series with remastered deluxe editions. Now they have reached season 3, which can be bought as a Blu-ray edition with one special feature.

The entire season with its 21 episodes can be found on these discs, fully restored and uncut. And, frankly, it is a steal when thinking about the price of this new collection.

It was during the 3rd season that Little House on the Prairie settled among the weekly top 30, as far as the ratings were concerned. Its success came from having so many well-written characters, as well as from the storylines with which the viewers could empathize.

The writers of the 3rd season managed to balance very well the portrayal of the harsh life in the prairie with how the community dealt with all types of unwanted situations. Furthermore, the entire series stays very close to the books it was based on, remaining faithful to Laura Ingalls’s perception of those times.

The 3rd remastered season also contains a special feature, just like the 2 other editions.

In these new CDs, the feature is called Casting Walnut Grove and it has interviews with almost the entire cast, as well as some screen tests. In my opinion, the most interesting/entertaining part of this special feature is the Melissa Gilbert interview, in which she recollects how she got the part.

As she says, she went to the same school as Michael Landon’s daughter, who told her about her father’s next project. Excited to hear about it, Melissa went home and told her parents. Later on, she found out that Michael Landon decided to cast her.

As expected, this isn’t the first season to be re-released on Blu-ray, season 2 being out since May this year, while the first season was released in HD in March. For the moment, the release dates for the other seasons are yet to be announced.

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