Relish the Pickle-Love Triangle

Now that ABC has given viewers a taste of THE CHEW on General Hospital, let’s try to imagine which relish most closely resembles the original Pickle-Lila recipe.

Is it AJ Quartermaine’s newly reconstructed Pickle-Lila, or is it his Aunt Tracy Quartermaine’s Pickle-Eddie relish?  And aside the taste-testing results on the reality food show, which one actually tastes better?  Since the option of taste is literally off the table due to the vicarious nature of this brand’s existence, it depends on whether you support “Camp AJ,” with AJ Quartermaine, his biological son, Michael Corrinthos, and the gangster turned business entrepreneur, Duke Lavory on one side, or “Camp Tracy,” with Tracy Quartermaine, her ex-husband and friend, Luke Spencer, and the spitefully “jealous-over-AJ-with-Liz,” Prince Nicholas Cassadine on the other.

Who should win the seat of CEO at ELQ – AJ or Tracy?  Who should win Elizabeth Webber’s heart – AJ or Nicholas?  Will the elusive Quartermaine heir, Lauren Frank, agree to cast her deciding vote to keep her Uncle AJ seated as CEO of ELQ, or reinstate her Great Aunt Tracy’s rightful position as CEO in Edward Louis Quartermaine’s company?

If AJ stays at ELQ as CEO, should he keep Liz, or lose her to Nicholas?  If the philosophy of winner takes all applies, AJ will keep Liz, leaving Tracy out of her rightful place in her father’s company, and Nicholas will have to wait for a new princess to grace his sexy body-builder’s physique.  Or, AJ could follow in his own “screw up” reputation and lose both Liz and ELQ.  In that case, Nicholas gets Liz and Tracy is the CEO.  That would leave AJ out of a job with more time for dogging Carly Corrithos-Jax, with whom he shares a far from loving, lust-hate relationship based on sex, yet bonded by their biological son, Michael Corrinthos.  Perhaps Michael will still have the chance to work for ELQ, if he wishes to do so with his Great Aunt Tracy.  While that may not sit well with AJ or even his mother, Carly, it is far better than working for his mob boss adoptive father, Sonny Corrinthos.

But beyond the squabbles of family and business, matters of the heart are always what add suds to the soap.  And seriously, should Liz get serious with AJ, or rekindle her lusty love for Nicholas, who is actually the uncle of one of her children, Aiden Spencer?  Maybe Liz should date both hunks and just not tell the other one until the love triangle implodes.  Dating two guys at once may be difficult to do without getting caught in Port Charles, given that everyone knows everyone else and their business, as they keep a running tab on who’s with whom.  Liz has cheated on Lucky with his brother, Nicholas.  Now she can cheat on Nicholas and AJ, both, in the name of being torn between the two.  It would be sizzling daytime drama to watch Liz try to get away with dating two studs at once while juggling the emotional baggage that will torment her conscience once again.  All the soapy lies will fizzle out of control as we viewers will get a load of eye-candy watching her play mattress-tag with AJ one day and Nicholas the next.

AJ is clearly at the top of this pickle-love triangle.  Tracy will either win back her position as CEO or she won’t.  Nicholas will either win Liz back, or he won’t.  AJ has the most to gain and the most to lose.  Or perhaps AJ will be left with either just Liz without a job, or the job of CEO at ELQ without Liz by his side. Who else but Elizabeth can calm him down during his panic attacks?  But if Liz chooses both men, the entire triangle will implode in time, and they will all get their hearts pickled in a jar of relish.


  1. Vonda. Burton says:

    I. Hope. A.j. Wins. I. Think. He. Would. Do. Better. Then. Tracy. Would. .

  2. alice says:

    I think AJ should win but give Tracey a position at ELQ.

  3. Joanne says:

    I think AJ should win, Nicholas is just going to leave again. AJ can become a better person with Liz. but he needs to tell truth about him and Carly.

  4. Ann michaelis says:

    Team Tracey. 10000000%

  5. racecat says:

    I can’t stand AJ, so of course I am team Tracy and want her “Pickle Eddie” to be the winner. I also don’t really care who ends up with Elizabeth. She seems to sleep with everyone so she will probably won’t end up with AJ or Nickolas. I would love for Nickolas to stay on the show so maybe if he ends up with her he might stay longer. If she ends up with AJ I hope they won’t show them in bed or anything…that will be disgusting.

  6. Mena D says:

    Team AJ. Tracy is annoying as heck. I hope she gets a man soon!

  7. Nancy says:

    Bet Carly is pregnant!!!

  8. mj says:

    carly pregnant is funny. britt pregnant? maybe a fake bump. would love to go back to a time when I enjoyed watching the show. not disgusted,

  9. Kelly says:

    I really would like to see Aj succeed, but it’s a family business and tracy did help with the business. So I think they should both come to a conclusion to where they can work side by side to save the company. I want to see it as a family business and that means everyone will participate. I think Aj deserves Elizabeth. They make a cute couple!!

  10. rebecca says:

    Aj to awesome guy

  11. Daisy Day says:

    This is an old story! Given a choice – Team Tracy!
    AJ is a screw-up!

  12. Angie says:

    I would rather Liz end up with Nicholas…but just hope she uses birth control no matter who…she is the female Sonny…has kids with everyone she sleeps with.

  13. Lori says:

    I want to see AJ continue to succeed. A lot of his previous self destructive ways were the result of how he was treated by others ……..Hung on a meat hook in a freezer till he gave up his son? I like Tracy with Luke …….that’s the only time she’s likable or human . I think she needs to stay with Luke and continue on escapes with him .

  14. R.Sobrino-Vinas says:

    I really would like to see:
    The Changed Franco Quartermaine as CEO of ELQ
    Team AJ and Team Tracy unite as one to bring Franco down
    Carly pregnant from AJ and keeping them together
    As for Elizabeth find her a New Partner that has the same qualities as Jason/Pince Nickolas

  15. Sharon says:

    I think it should be Tracy that should win & be CEO of ELQ, after all she did help build the business & it should stay with her & like it has been said many times AJ would screw it up so many times & loose it. I also think that Nickolas should be with Elizabeth not AJ. He has already proved that he can’t be trusted. I wouldn’t have given him another chance if it were me. That way if she is with Nickolas then he will get to stay a lot longer on the show. It would be so funny if Carly was pregnant that would just mess things up royally for AJ & Elizabeth, I would laugh so hard. As of for Britt, it’s a fake, & I wish she would get caught & also that Dr. that is helping her, they both need to go, I don’t like them at all, they are just mean all the way around!

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