Recent Surprise and Plot Twists: Exciting or Frustrating?

Yes, General Hospital has been making a big killing at the ratings these past few weeks, thanks to Sam’s baby switch.  This is also due to the big viewer share that is comprised mainly of, yes you’ve guessed it right, women!  But let us have a simple rundown of what happened at GH on the week of October 22nd.

Back in Port Charles, Duke was seen kicking and shooting Jason into the water. He also killed poor Bernie. Then came Ian who broke up Stefano and Kate, kidnapped Robin who later went into comatose due to Ewen. He became responsible for a lot of deaths by manipulating Trey and Kristina. Anna’s integrity as the police commissioner is placed in question. Sam then sets out to look for Jason even as people who believed him to be dead were already grieving.  Carly felt really bad and gave Sonny a good tongue lashing, believing that he has not mourned enough for Jason.

Moving on, lies continue to build up as Jose lied to Trey that it was Sonny who killed Jason. Then comes Todd’s and Diane’s schemes of letting out the secret behind the paternity of Sam’s baby. Monica, keeping the fact that AJ is still alive and breathing, makes people wonder what other secrets is she keeping from everybody else? In the meantime, Connie was acting strangely and was eventually committed.  People were also shocked to see Diane defending Todd after he replaced her with Heather. Some of the fans also loved the Quartemaine scenes as well.

So far, the fans love the new plots for GH and are giving the writers the thumbs up they surely deserve. It looks like Monica will now be given a story, and the return of AJ and the baby switch has made it more exciting. Add to the fact that people were wondering if Diane had lost her mind when she decided to defend Todd. Whatever happened to her loyalty as a friend? Also, people are appreciating the fact that Sam is going on her gut feeling that Jason is alive – just like how she believed her baby is alive as well.  But other than that, people are in love with GH right now with its exciting plot and surprise twists.  With a little bit of intrigue and love stories, the show will be unstoppable at the ratings.

Since its stint back in 1963, GH has proven to be one of the strongest soaps to hit television screen that depicts the life and trials of the residents, mobsters, and the hospital staff of Port Charles. It continues to entertain viewers with its exciting twists and surprises making it one of the well-loved TV shows of all time. The people behind it truly know how to keep the interest of its viewers by coming up with cliff-hanger scenes, if you know what I mean.

So what do you think? Does GH deserve it’s growth in the ratings? Is it exciting or frustrating where things are going? Share in the comments below.


  1. Jackie Bowman says:

    GH is going all out to get its ratings up and they are doing a fantastic job. I am enjoying each new plot, as well as seeing AJ back, Diane finally coming on board, Monica getting a storyline. Now what we need is the Sean and Tiffany Donelly, Robin to return, give Elizabeth another storyline. The new writers are fantastic. I love Todd Manning, John McBain and Starr Manning.

    • Mar says:

      I agree with you Jackie bring back Sean & Tiffany, Lucy Coe too! I’m not crazy about A.J. never have been but lets see where it goes. Really like Todd and Carly together they deserve each other LOL. I will miss Steve Burton. and I hope everyone is voting for (Sam) Kelly Monacho (parden the spelling) on DWTS

    • Dolores says:

      I like the fact that you put some of the stars from one life to live on GH. I miss my other shows try bringing people from All My Children in also then this will be the best soap on TV

  2. shana says:

    Okay, some of that is confusing, who is this Stephano??? And Ian(?) didn’t break he and Kate up that I remember. And Jose lied that Sonny killed Jason? Don’t remember that one either, Joseph lied that Sonny shot and killed him. Otherwise it’s ok, I guess. We can always wonder if Jason will ever resurface, it would be nice if he’d show up a couple times a year to Sam and Danny, even if it’s in her dreams.

    • Lisa Kirkman says:

      I’m with u on that one. I watch GH faithfully and don’t know what the heck they’re talking about.

    • Cindy says:

      Stefano & Kate are from “DAYS” were the guy playing Duke was Ian on that show…the person that wrote it seems to be a little confused!

    • Marie says:

      I loved the Days of Our Lives reference to the Ian/Kate/Stephano DiMera triangle. He abruptly left Days and was on GH like the next day! I miss OLTL every day, and the spike in ratings is no doubt OLTL viewers getting onboard to PC.
      Ron C & Frank V are the best, thanks for making GH watchable! I almost screamed at the site of Alan Q today! Great job!

  3. Love the latest storylines!! They are SO good, that I can’t wait to see it the next day!! Now I hear that Lucy Coe is coming back in December!! You know she will stir up alot of trouble!!!

  4. Sophie says:

    I’ve been watching GH since i was about 2 years old. But i fell in love in the early 90. I wish GH goes on for ever. It’s a great show.

    • Bobbie says:

      like you i have been watching G.H. since i was little my mom watched but i really got into in the early 70′s when i first started watching ALL MY CHILDREN which led me to ONE LIFE TO LIVE then right back to GENERAL HOSPITOL which i love,all these new twist and turns and with STARR,JOHN MCBAIN and sometimes BLAIR or TEA on the show also has been great,i am hoping that G.H. will also bring in a few more of 1 life’s stars from time to time,though i am missing STEVE BURTON as JASON he will be so hard to replace because he has made JASON his own all these years,but i can’t wait to see who they try to get to replace the irreplaceable.Duke,ANNA and LUKE we know along with LUKE that this is not the real DUKE and it will soon be found out,so i will end saying I LOVE MY G.H.

      • Linda says:

        I used to watch the soap line up of All My Children, One Life to Live, and Then General Hospital for years. Then mariage, kids, career resulted in my ability to watch only One Life to Live. I was devastated that Life went off the air…just six months earlier my mom died, we used to watch One Life together. The fact that several actors from One Life to Live and their story lines crossed over to General Hospital meant an increase in GH viewership. Please bring more actors from One Life to GH. I just love the fresh storylines and interactions.

  5. brenda says:


  6. Lynn says:

    I have been watching GH since I was 9. Will never stop watching! Story lines are great right now but the only downside is Steve Burton leaving. Hopefully he does come back. Not a good time to leave. :(

  7. Judith Roberto says:

    Yes GH is so hot right now!! The story lines keep moving and stay exciting and interesting. I find my self thinking about the show during the weekends eager to find what is going to happen next. I am a HUGE fan today and for years to come!

  8. Barb says:

    I want Jason back he and Sam need to be happy as a family.PLease pay Steve Burton double to get him back.

  9. stacy says:

    i don’t like how u killed off jason. not cool

    • carol says:

      I agree, I don’t like the way they did it either, it was not the right way ! Jason was not stupid for it to have happened that way !

      • Chasadey Butler says:

        I agree. The way Jason was killed was juz wrong bc Jason was smarter than that! He would have nevr turned his bk toward a shoot out w/o haveing and knowing tht he had back up. Even if it was Bernnie.

        • Chasadey Butler says:

          Howevr! I have come to the conclusion tht (& I think evry1 will agree) Jason IS smart enough to PLAY hurt/dead and get away from the scene when he is injured and realizes he is no longer in control of the situation. Duke pushing him into the harbor was Jasons way out. He will be back! (tho it may be a while) :/

  10. Diane says:

    I love General Hospital, my mother and I started watching it from the beginning and i am still. I miss Jason already, hated to see him go. I dont know if I might have missed a story of Edward passing. I dont think I did, watch it waiting for that to happen. He to will be missed. As far as AJ coming back, anything can happen on a soap

  11. you are doing such a great job with story lines I have been watching GH since the late 70′s I love it now more than ever.

  12. Fran McMahon says:

    I love GH, always have but now it’s even better. I have to admit that I do miss Jason but I totally understand why he left & agree that he needs to be a Dad & Husband & enjoy life. Besides, it’s the only ABC soap that’s left,

  13. Suzy says:

    Happy that the stories are moving along quickly & not dragging. Nice to see familiar faces return PC. But….. How can they possibly ask long-time viewers to believe that Steve Weber was on staff at GH & is the doc who helped save & kept Monica’s secret about AJ surviving & being alive?? Seriously?! He was not even in the picture or in PC at the time!!! They’ve done such a good job writing so far. Why drop the ball now?!?

  14. MARY D. PENDRAK says:


  15. Janet says:

    I still want Jason to come back (Steve Burton, that is), but in the meantime, I like the story lines except for the one with Duke Lavery. I wish GH would give him an early exist. I want Anna and Luke to stay together. Maxie and Spinelli together and Sabrina and Patrick dating.

  16. Lynn says:

    Disappointed for Rebecca Herbst loss of screen time. My favorite

  17. Lizzie says:

    Best thing I seen happen on GH is the little actors Daniel. GH really need to move the storylines. Either Jason is dead or alive,make it happen one way or the other. AJ should come back witgh a different attitude, not the same he left with. Sick of Connie/Kate. Heather needs to give up all the secrets. Stick Patrick with Liz its makes more sense, because she and Jason made no sense and they looked gross together. Patrick and Liz is more believeable, since they work together.

  18. Peggy Sue says:

    Its a shame that you have brought in all those other people from other TV Shows and kicking off the regular GH people~~We don’t need them and bring Jason back you kept him and Sam apart and just when they got back together you kill him off~~Bring him back~We need Jason to be with Sam and his son~~

    • Linda says:

      Peggy, without the loyal viewership of One Life to Live soap fans GH would have been canceled. I for one am thrilled that One Life to Live has crossover actors and storylines added to GH. The storylines are fresh and intriging, like the Sam/and Tea/Todd baby switch

      • margie says:

        I am a One Life To Live soap fans. When I heard of cross overs of my favorite actors I became a GH super fan!! Love seeing the oldies and newies combine their talents!! Bring it On

  19. Sue says:

    I doubt if it does any good to complain….but I feel like everyone else pretty much, in bring Steve Burton back. Why can’t he take off so much like Luke each year. I think if I was as well thought of I’d have to come back.
    You guys hired Carly to be with Sonny….he needs to have a woman in his life and it needs to be Carly. Been
    watching 30 yrs at least. Thanks!!!

    • carol says:

      I agree, I am sure Steve Burton would make guest appearance’s or come back for short periods at a time, GH is not the same without him, like Luke he can go and come back now and then. Carly and Sonny belong together and get rid of AJ, he belongs in JAIL !! I never liked him ! But I have watched GH since they came on the air, glad Brenda left !

  20. sherry mckenney says:

    i’ve been watching GH for over 40 years now,and it’s the best it’s ever been!

  21. marge says:

    I love general hospital been watching since well a long time I am a little upset they have not mentioned edward he died like a mth ago are they going to put in the show or not.

  22. Bettie says:

    GH has always been my favorite soap since it first appeared on television. The actors are at the top of their game, and the writers have done a great job producing interesting and exciting storylines. My only real complaint is the way the Sonny/Brenda storyline was never allowed to fully develop. Those two could always set a scene on fire with just a simple look or gesture. They were magic! When they finally brought Brenda back, and had Sonny and Brenda marry, I was so excited that perhaps this time the writers would get it right. But, no, they once again dropped the ball and made things worse, by having Brenda leave the show with her son by another guy, and eventually divorce Sonny. What a bummer! Now, with Kate/Connie out of commission, perhaps they could resurrect the Sonny/Brenda love story, and bring Brenda and her son back for a real reunion and remarriage between Sonny and Brenda. That scenario would make me a happy camper. LOL. Meanwhile, I have really enjoyed the addition of several of my favorite OLTL characters, and think the writers have managed to keep the characters true to their personas. Great job! Now, how about bringing Natalie and Liam on board, so we can see a more indepth view of John McBain’s character? I don’t think those fans, who aren’t aware of what a great character he was on OLTL, have a good enough understanding of exactly who he really is. That’s too bad, because he is a very interesting and complex character. He deserves a better presentation. Finally, since Steve Burton is gone, then bring on board another great actor to continue the character of Jason, since he is so integral a part of Port Charles. My suggestion is to get Cameron Mathison to agree to portray Jason. He was always a fan favorite on AMC, and is capable of portraying a character as complex as Jason. Go for it! Don’t let the momentum on GH die down for lack of the contributions from Jason’s character.

    • Lola says:

      Anybody but Cameron Mathison!! Didn’t like him on AMC, he could NEVER be Jason! They need to try and get Steve Burton back. I read he really didn’t want to leave.

      • Jennifer Brown says:

        Yes he did, he said he did not want to raise his kids in Hollywood. I also believe he was getting little bit to close to Kelly Monaco!

    • Linda says:

      Bettie, I couldn’t have agreed with you more about OLTL!
      I would love to see more characters brought over to GH. Doing so increases viewership and decreases any chance of cancelingthe last of pur beloved ABC Soaps AND OLTL fans can to keep their show and its characters alive and well in Port Charles. John McBain and Natalie storyline was one of my most favorite at OLTL. I would love to see Natalie and Liam move to Port Charles.

  23. Jean says:

    Please Bring Cassie back to General Hospital. I love Todd and all of his antics but Cassie is the only one that can handle him. I think Todd is so funny. I love it when he get himself in trouble and try’s to talk himself out of the sitiuation. Love the writers that give Todd things to say.

  24. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen on GH!!!
    Who knows, maybe Jason Morgan will reappear.
    I hope the ratings go through the roof!!!
    I will be watching GH for sure!!!

  25. Mary says:

    Sonny needs more screen time!! AJ? NO!! Jason? Soooo sad how he was “killed off” !! But the writers are awesome & GH has been my favorite show since the early ’80′s! Love Port Charles..

  26. Marie says:

    Like many of Steve Burton’s fans, I was sorry to have him leave GH after all these years. He will be missed.Though I was happy for him that he is moving on to be with his family. I was never a fan of AJ, but Sean Kanan looks so much like Steve it is hard to believe. He could just as easily been a recast for Jason, they look like brothers for real. I hope that GH continues to be must-see tv for years to come. I have been watching GH since I was a child because my mom was a fan of OLTL and GH. I also love how the characters from Llanview have been integrated into Port Charles. I

  27. I love GH too. I can’t even count the years I have been watching. i am going to miss Jason (Steve Burton) I agree that they need to let Edward pass away, They also need to bring back Robin

  28. jana says:

    I miss Jason soooo much and its extrememly hard to even watch the soap now especially since Jason is gobe but Carly&Sonny are the only great ones left and if they ever lwft ot would go off the air the 3 of them are what male that soap so great I liked it when Jason was with Courtney and she and Carly were great friends along with Jason and Sonny I hope he will come back but I understand him wanting to be with his beautiful family its just not the same without him but hopefully they will put it on dvd and I don’t like any other storylines either he went through so much being with Elizabeth and Sam

  29. Rebecca says:

    Love GH! Have watched since I was lil girl! I Dvr it & watch when I can! My lil girl loves it 2! Prolly shuld not watch it but can’t get her 2 stop! Lol! Love story lines except dislike heather! She’s annoying! Plz bring robin back! It’s really weird seeing Patrick w mean bully! Love love Jason! Wish he culd come back! Pretty bad storyline 2 finally get em back together then kill him off then find out Daniel is his! Come on, really? Wish he wuld come back & go on adventures like Luke does a lot! Johnny needs tells truth about coLe & hope! Getting really annoying! @ Least lulu isn’t stupid like every1 else & realizes Johnny doesn’t even like Connie & she’s blackmailing him! Why can’t ne 1 else? Love oltl characters! Awesome!

  30. Marie Roberts says:


    We need him… He is why my daughter watches…..I am a GH addict from the 70′s where I sat and watched with my Grandma, so I so I have to watch regardless… Also, you need to bring Robin back before Patrick gets involved with that witch doctor and get rid of Lavery…. cant stand him…..Great job……

  31. Theresa Stumper-Walloace says:

    GENERAL HOSPITAL ROCKS! GH Addict since 1965 the year I was born! I can remember watching the B&W episodes with my Mom!

    I hate seeing Patrick with Britt! what a Bi***! I Love little Sabrina and her big crush on Patrick! I forsee her reviving the Nurses Ball and that is when Patrick will find out that Robin is alive! I do like the fact that Jason’ body was never found so, there is a hope that maybe he (Steve Burton) may choose to come back someday. I feel for Sonny, his character is about to go through some changes. Maybe Sonny and Spinellie will get close! haha! Please put Maxie & Spinellie back together! The writers are doing an incredible job! PLEASE GET RID OFF CONNIE AND BRING BACK KATE!

  32. Carolyn says:

    I have been a fan of GH for years. I too find myself thinking about the show all the time, it’s that good. That being said, I know the actors have a life outside of GH but it will not be the same without Steve Burton. I keep hoping this is just for publicity and that Jason will return. Please!!

  33. elaine holder says:

    I have watched GH since l was 16 years old and l have saw a lot of charecters come and go;but l really miss Robin and Jason and Laura.l have laughed and cried with this show for a long time.l really hope u can find a way to rewrite Jason’s charecter if even with a different Jason.l vote for Cameron Mathewson.He is a good actor.l believe he would do Jason justice.l ive Steve Burton and miss him so much.l wish him all the luck in the world and l hope he enjoys spending time with his family.l am very excited to see how all this goes.please don’t Agamemnon off Sam.she is awesome also.

  34. Brenda Lee says:

    GH is the best soap on TV. Great writers, Jason will be missed.. Hope he comes back. I hope Robin comes back to Patrick. Let John and Sam get together. Have been watching this show for years and I hope Sonny & Brenda can get together again also.


  35. Donna says:

    Steve Burton was the one that wanted to leave, it was his choice. I would hate to see Patrick with Sabrina. Not sure why she is even there, she doesn’t fit in. Can’t stand Duke, would LOVE to see Sean & Tiffany come back as well as Laura! (as long as she is normal & healthy).
    Want Kate back, get rid of Connie forever, she’s been played out. I watched the show way way back with the original nurses, Audrey, Jess & Dr Webber the very first one.

  36. WENDY says:

    I have watch GH for a long time and it is my favorite show I remember when it was in black and white but you are doing a wonderful job in writting the show I love what you have done and also love that you have brought some of my charcters from one life to live over leep up the good work wendy

  37. Aprile Zarobinski says:

    I have been a fan since I was born in 1976. This show has been great. I will really miss Steve Burton, but I hope they find someone to replace the character, the show can’t last without that character. I hope they bring Robin back soon and get rid of Britt, she sucks! I look forward to seeing what’s to come on GH. Also love the addition of Todd and Starr, but I could live without McBain and his horrible voice. I just hope they don’t put Sam with McBain, that would be a horrible storyline.

  38. Vicki says:

    GH has always been my favorite day time show, but all I get to watch is just the last few minutes, now that there was a time change. Which I think really sucks!!! GH has always been on at 2pm CT since I was smaller and started watching it, over 45 yrs ago. I think it’s sad that the time change had to happen so Katie can be on at 2pm. Thanks for ruining my relaxing hour after work every day.

  39. shana says:

    Today blew me away, thank you so much for bringing Allen back, it’s ABOUT TIME GUYS!!! The scenes just before he came on just screamed for him to be there, and I bet I’m not the only GH lover that teared up. Now we can thank the guys from Llanview for bringing him back. So can you PLEASE keep him around???? Stuart Damon looked so great, a little greyer, which is natural, and still handsome, so thank you, thank you, thank you for giving us Allen again. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

  40. Debbi says:

    I love GH and have for a long time! I’m glad it’s getting the recognize it deserves. I still can’t believe Steve Burton is gone! And I don’t like AJ, but that’s GH! You never know what to expect. Love love love it!!! And with the addition of the OLTL characters it is even better!!

  41. joan blesedell says:

    faithful fan since1980….really annoyed you lost Steve Burton! hate the covoluted reemergences of the dead…don’t like the insipid actors from cncelled shows…They were cancelled for a reason..duh! Hate the new 2pm airing on the east coast have to totally rearrange my schedule of 32 years.

  42. barb says:

    I’ve been a fan of GH since the beginning. I really miss Jason his character they need to bring back. But not Kevin Mathesen. The guy don’t know his name that’s playing AJ would of made a good Jason(but body beats Steve Burton.)

  43. Debbi says:

    20+ year viewer of GH who doesn’t tune in to see boring characters from a cancelled show. I’m a huge Sonny fan, have been since Sonny/Brenda and really don’t like the lack of story for him. It’s ridiculous that Sonny got about 3 seconds of dialog with Jason and not much more than that in the aftermath of Jason’s death, but this stupid boring Todd guy was stuck in the middle of the exit of a 15+ year character on this show. Jason had rich, deep history with Sonny, Carly, Spinelli, Maxie, Liz, they’re the characters that I watch for but they were all shoved to the side so a character from a cancelled show can prance around and eat the show. More current GH characters please.

    • Linda says:

      Debbie, how would you feel if your beloved 20+ GH was cancelled? I watched the entire ABC Soap lineup since I was 11 and I am now 52. Six months before OLTL was cancelled my mother died. She watched GHand OLTL while in the hospital and the shows were still on for her to hear while she laid in a coma. I am sorry that you feel the characters brought to GH from OLTL are boring. But I bet without them and their loyal viewers that GH would have remained on the air.

  44. alice says:

    how did rating go up? the worst story line ever! please get aj off of there ! killing off jason was not good with out jason , sonny and luck gh will never last they are what keeps gh going sorry . i dont rush home no more to watch

  45. Anna says:

    I have been watching GH since I was in 6th grade, well over 30yrs and I have NO IDEA who Stephano, Ian, & Kate(other than Kate Howard) are, or what these people are talking about. As far as the new head writer & exec. producer…they are HORRIBLE!, The new head of abc daytime is HORRIBLE! I guarantee you they WILL be the end of GH> C’mon people, why the hell would you hire a writer & producer from a CANCELLEED SOAP? The fact that they also brought on their former characters from OLTL and gave them major storylines while giving GH main characters secondary parts and lame storylines infuriates me to no end. Nothing compares to the disgust, & anger I feel bc these fools did not move heaven and earth to make Steve Burton change his mind and stay on GH. They broke up GH’s super couple Jason & Sam to give flimsy Jon Mcbaines character mor airtime & storyline! Starr Manning??? seriously, I wish I knew who is higher up than Vicki Drummer bc all 3, she,Frank.V.,& Ron.C. must go or start digging the grave for GH. If they have 1/2 a brain they would do anything and everything to bring Steve Burton back asap!

    • Hootie says:

      Of all the posts, Anna’s said most of what I am feeling. Hate the 2 PM time slot. Dislike bringing in all the “new” actors to the show from other soaps. Should have worked harder to find a compromise with Steve Burton’s “Jason” leave the storyline open for a return … sure hope you do not plan to “kill him off.” Please respect the actor and character of Edward Quartermaine and give him a proper “departure” from the show. He deserves that. We all know you will NEVER be able to satisfy everyone, but do not destroy GH in an attempt to improve it. What worked … Sam and Jason, Carley and Sonny, Robin with Patrick, Spinelli and “new girl” (Maxie is too much of an air-head) and of course Luke with Laura. I am looking forward to many more years of GH. Have been watching since college … 1973!

  46. ferrets says:

    Bring Jason back he deserves to know Danny is his!!!! Time for Robyn to come back before Patrick goes sleeping around!!! Emma needs her .Lets get the nurses ball back on with all the acts Use to love it so much!!!!Let poor Eddie just past he is is so old on the show don’t speak of him like he is still on the show have a viewing with all his special moments and beautiful memories!!!! Fixed Carly up with Mc bain so he leave Sam alone!!!!! She’ll do him!!!!

  47. Debra says:

    Wonder if Lucy Coe is coming back to breathe life into the Nurses Ball? I know they have been talking about it this week. Wish that they would find Rebecca someone to be with that didn’t have a relationship with someone else already, she has done that enough don’t ya think. The story lines have been decent lately, would be nice if they let Monica have a little more exposure.

  48. Nancy S says:

    I too miss Jason on the show and I think that everytime someone steps in the dock area that Jason will be there. I want Robin back. I like that Sabrina has taken an interest in the Nurses Ball, those were always nice. I teared up when Alan came back for a brief moment. I loved him. The show will never be the same-they broke up an ultimate couple Jason/Sonny. Those two are like salt and pepper. Monica needs more lines, Tracy and Luke are good. We need more spunk-Todd needs to leave. I’m sick of Connie/Kate-poof be gone. Need more new storylines.

  49. Dee says:

    I have watched GH since I was five years old. So now I am 45 and still cant wait to watch every day. I will say I am not fast forwarding through the Kate scenes anymore, connie is way more entertaining…. she makes me laugh. I truly hope that Steve Burton comes back…..He is my favorite on the show, besides Carly. Laura Write has made carly so much more of a large personality. I love her. GH is getting better but I do feel we have enough one life to live folks on the show. I quit watching it years ago. I would have loved to see Tad ,and Adam , on the show too. but Todd is so sexy, and Mcbain is too. so for that I am happy to look at them

  50. Karen says:

    I love GH, been a loyal fan since the begining and right now all I can say is I want my Jason back, not a re-cast, I want Steve Burton.

  51. Carol Ryan says:

    I have been a huge fan of GH since the show started. I love some of the new storylines. However, too many people are returning from the dead. A bit much to believe. Also, there are too many issues that need to be resolved, Heather, Todd telling the truth, Johnny being found out, Connie/Kate confession etc. I would truly like to see some of the couples on the show be happily married. As far as Jason leaving, please do not replace him at this time. A.J. MUST GO!!!!! Didn’t like him years ago and now I think he is worse than ever. He is a real downer to the show. To tell you the truth, when his storyline comes on I pay no attention or leave the room.

  52. Mary says:

    I agree to jackie they need to bring Sean and & Tiffany and Frisco back in to help with the duke thing out . The real thing would make the show even more interesting is if wouldn’t it be more exciting if some God own reason John Mother aka sister Claudie came back from the dead . I mean really it cant get any better then that since they really never shown her body and that would blow sunny and john’s mind altogether . It would be also awsome to see lulu and dinate to have a adopted child and bring in laura as well . OH what a storyline would all this be. The most exciting one would be Sean and Tiffany bring back Robin to Anna and Patrick and Emma that would be sooooooooooooooo Awsome oops and Frisco seeing his daughter Maxie to help her out with Spinelle or Frisco and all them bring back Robin and Duke and Jason . OH yea and Claudie Oh yea watch some heads turn there . I believe Alexis should be with Jack’s They are met to be together Carly needs to be with Tod they do belong together and Star with Michael and But it may not be the famous steve burton but put someone in his place and bring back Jason and Sammy they need to be a family for once Sam needs some happiness in her life for change and Sunny and Carily really need a reality check there but what a better way then Claudie coming back oh hell let Sunny and carly be together again or the reality check here Wouldn’t Sunny get a suprise of his life and Either bring back Claudie or his ex wife Lily oh what does Gh have in store now . I can really really help the writer now . I watch GH since i was a little kid now i am going into my 50′s yea . So keep up the Good work Gh love yea.

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