Project ALF

One of the main themes of the ALF series was satire, a satire aimed at the whole Cold War period – even the way in which ALF’s Melmac was destroyed was supposed to signal the alarm as to where the world was heading, with the whole nuclear race going on.

Not only the series, but even ALF’s biography (from the comics, the cartoons and even the collectibles) was filled with this kind of satire. Granted, the commentary was not aimed just at this particular historical context, but at the society as a whole.

If we agree to this, then the unexpected ending of the series after the 4th season (with the shocking episode Consider Me Gone) in 1990 was not at all that unexpected – the constant threat was over and a new age was being born.

So, in a way, the 4 seasons of ALF were actually a wholesome project, which can be easily called the ALF project. Nonetheless, the series needed a proper ending, an ending which was seen in 1996 (so about 6 years later) in the TV film Project ALF.

As a bit of trivia information, Project ALF wasn’t just a TV film. In Germany, people loved the character so much that the film was even released on the silver screens.

If the TV series ended with ALF being captured by the army when he was preparing to leave Earth, we all knew that experiments will be undertaken on him. And the TV film was supposed to show us everything that happened after the furry alien’s abduction (now that is pure irony).

But the film didn’t show us that. It showed the audience that the world was indeed evolving and that we, as a race, were prepared to push the frontier way back and accept something new, something strange, without prejudice.

Project ALF, in the way that it unfolded, showed us that the fears were long gone. Sure, it didn’t gather the same following as the series, but it did continue the idea.

If in a different age ALF would have probably been experimented on, in 1996 he was made an ambassador to Earth. This comes to say that the earthlings are not afraid any longer – not just by the wars that may or may not arise between the humans.

Project ALF is, ultimately, about an evolution. We are, after all, a friendly race and our first reaction upon in the face of the unknown is not one of self-defense any longer.

Of course, the cats of Earth must have a different opinion…

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