Poor Decisions in The Walking Dead

Some of the poorest decisions ever made in the series also belong to some children, who didn’t know how to react during a given situation (such is the case of Sophia, who runs away frightened even if Rick told her otherwise, only to end up as a walker). I won’t include these kinds of decisions, since children will be children and they will rarely make a good call.

However, this isn’t the case of Andrea, who shoots Daryl trying to prove her worth. If in the first season she was slightly depressed and even suicidal, in the second one she tried to assert herself as a trustworthy character. So, when she spots a walker, she points and shoots.

Luckily, she isn’t such a good shooter – it wasn’t a walker, but Daryl who went looking for Sophia. The bullet just grazed him. How didn’t she see that Rick and the others lowered their weapons when the presumed walker arrived?

Still in this second season, we find out that Hershel was keeping walkers in the barn, hoping one day to cure them (and this was a twist, even if it was telegraphed). One look at a walker and everybody would realize that there is no saving for him – after all, there is no cure for death. Hershel thought otherwise.

Andrea proved plenty of times that she wasn’t capable of making a smart decision. But her least smart one was when he chose the Governor over her group. Sure, she might have been tricked by the fact that he promised her safety, and that is one great thing in a world overrun by walkers. However, Andrea persists in her mistake even when the Governor and Rick are at war and the Governor wants to kill her previous friends. What gives?

Unfortunately (or fortunately) she doesn’t end up too well. No more mistakes from her!

Of course, maybe we should also mention Shane in here, who proved to be a good leader in the first season, only to go out of his mind in the second one (what good would have come after his killing of Rick nobody knows). Or maybe even Rick needs to be mentioned, since he had plenty of times when he definitely screwed up.

However, the cake is taken by Lori, a character so hated that only Joffrey managed to dethrone her. And there are so many things to say in here: from failing to tell Rick about her pregnancy, to being overprotective and utterly irresponsible (at the same time!) for her child, from being a bad influence for Shane to actually totaling a car in broad daylight on a completely empty road, she is the best of the worst so to speak.

Just as a little side note – don’t you think also that the show improved after she was killed?

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