Please No! No Vampires!

There isn’t any reason to have a vampire storyline on General Hospital! It might be thought to bring the vampire lovers on board but I really doubt that would happen and they would leave when the vampires leave.

Having grew up with General Hospital I was happy to see the show getting back to basics and some of the older stars being brought back. Lucy Coe is fun to watch and can get into lot of trouble just being Lucy. but I don’t see why she is to be involved with vampires. Yes, I know it’s because of the Port Charles show that was on for awhile. I didn’t watch it. And I do not want to watch it now.

If General Hospital is trying to reinvent itself it is sure to fail. The ones whom watch General Hospital are true diehard fans but if the show gets any more ridiculous, it will lose a lot of viewers. In the past I could hardly bear the thought of no more General Hospital. Now, not so much. Friends have said they are going to start watching it again having not watched for years. I’m embarrassed to encourage them. I love the soap but I feel it is committing suicide by the unbelievable story lines.

I don’t want to watch science fiction. I don’t want to watch fantasy fiction. I just want a good believable love story with all the anguish and pitfalls. Shocking plots might keep viewers tuning in but lately I’ve been feeling like tuning out.

This doesn’t mean all the old stars should come back. Unless there is a really good reason for it. And for now, it looks to be the nurses ball.  I’ve real General Hospital is on the mend again but I don’t think it’s because of vampires.

I hesitate to disparage the soap as I truly do love it but sometimes it’s like a naughty youngster who needs shaking up. It seems the stories for the most part are either fantasy or a comedy. It is a waste of talent, old and new.

Maybe the time of the grand old soap is over. Maybe the days of the lovelorn and desperate are not interesting anymore. But people of all ages believe in love. We like it to mirror our own life only be better! I am one of many who has never seen a vampire. Good old flesh and blood is just fine!


  1. Ann says:

    what are they thinking. I like the show, but just once in a while they need to find something good to deal with, the writers suck, and vampires are for the birds, a lot of us will quite and never come back and you need us a lot more then we need you

    • chelsea says:

      I dont know whats up with gh and this stupid vampire storyline. And they wonder why they were thinking about canealling it last year??? the same thing happend to passions. their storylines were filled with witches and weird things happening. it did no last long.

      • Michele says:

        GH is VERY popular in the ratings right now and won NUMEROUS awards at the last soap awards… they arent going anywhere… It’s just a storyline… and may be someone’s imagination, we dont even know what.

    • Janette says:

      Well said, Thank you.

    • natasha says:

      I agree… vampires on GH is stupid!!!! Port Charles wasn’t around too long due to poor ratings….now that they brought Lucy and the vampire story…..they have two choices…..either vampires are real or Lucy imagined an entire series…LOL, this is ridicules either way!

    • Helen says:

      GH!!! Are you LISTENING!!!???? This vampire thing is so ridiculous I want to turn off the tv. But I do have PVR and guess what, I fast foward this TRIPE! You’re going to lose your fan base if you keep this stupid plot up.

    • janice gundersen says:


      • ABC Fan says:

        Janice … wow … I use abbreviations on thinks like U etc … but man … ur spelling is atrocious!!
        How could anyone take a suggestion or opinion from someone so ignorant to make sure their spelling is not so horrific.
        The show would’ve been crap after Jason left …. Alexis’ bi-racial storyline has been done over and over again all the way back to the day they tested the waters out with Jesse and Jenny on AMC … then had Tom Cudahy and Livia get married. It shouldn’t be a storyline like their making it since it’s no longer the 60s!
        So, calm down … and go peruse (webster disctionay online).

      • Michele says:

        Bi racial story line? I didnt even see it that way… just thought she was dating the new hot guy, Sean…maybe it was an issue in the 60′s, but now you shouldnt even look twice at interracial couples…
        Speak you mind to agree or disagree with the storyline, but going after someone bc of bad spelling, you dont know even know? Bad spelling doesnt equal ignorance, however, racism and bullying does.

      • pm says:

        Now wait a min.. i love gh and have been watching since the 70s and would love torevisit Luke and Laura…if it was up to you you would write everyone out… I can live without Lsvery.. but not L+ L

      • SHELLEY says:


      • Paula Deemer says:

        Learn how to spell please you people need writers not the show this is entertainment not reality enjoy it or change the channel people ride it out and see where it goes half the stuff on GH would never happen in the real world anyway and no one bitches about that

    • Sue says:

      I hate the return of Caleb (which we saw yesterday). GH is going too far “out there” and after nearly 50 years of watching GH, I may just have to find something else to do with my time. There is enough evil in the real world these days and it’s nice to be able to escape for an hour. Now that evil is in my soap too. Please GH, get a clue and get rid of the vampires and bring back the doctors.

    • kathleen says:

      your rieght no vampires!!!!!!

    • Diane says:

      Caleb Morley is a vampire…do you not watch the show….really??? I hate this story line, having watched it 10 years ago, but,any one who watches GH knows about the vampires.

    • Connie Baylock says:

      I know you posted this before Friday’s show but they had the vampire lick the blood off of the weapon he killed the cop with. REALLY! ? Bringing on the people from One life to was their first dumb move now vampires? SMH Will be losing me soon. This show is too silly now.

    • Liz says:

      I wish it weren’t true Sal…but it is. They’re incorporating the story line from another ABC soap from years back where the actors who play Sam and John played Caleb Morley and Livvie and Lucy Coe was on it as a vampire slayer. I watched it back then but it was a totally different soap than GH. I hate this storyline and what it’s doing to GH!

    • Betty says:

      I would rather have the Casadines back. At one time it was all about the hospital and the doctors. I hate the vampire story line. Wow Gh has really taken this to a new direction. You need to stop the Brit story line too. We are trying to stop bullying in the world, not promote it.

    • Rose says:

      I think they are hoping that all the Twilght and all the Vampire fans will like they’re storyline. I myself don’t care to see that on GH. Port Charles is no longer on for a reason,keep it dead. I don’t remember any fans writing in and causing a big comotion about keeping the show gowing. It did not rank up their with GH,OLTL or AMC. I like all the old characters coming back but I think it may also be for their 50th anniversary.

      • Kait says:

        I will admit, I am a die hard Twilight Saga fan and Vampire Academy fan, and I’ve been watching GH since I was a kid (mom would send me away whenever there was anything deemed inappropriate but otherwise I watched entirely) but I hate to say I am not happy with the vamps on GH. I know about Port Charles spin-off series but I have to say it just doesn’t entertain me. I want to see Sam and Jason (which by the way I am absolutely infuriated with Steve Burton), Sonny, Carly, Jax, Alexis, Patrick and Robin, etc. And I honestly don’t mind that the writers want to bring back the old stars but c’mon writers! Give us something good to watch! I’ve actually started watching Days of Our Lives (which I have never considered… GH was MY soap.. Nothing topped it) and less GH. Please, writers, give us story lines true fans adore! P.S. I really hate Brit. Lol

    • Angela says:

      If you saw John McBain (or Caleb) lick the blood off the murder weapon, then you would believe that they are portraying vampires. I agree completely with this article. There is no need to go the story route. I want real life stories. I know they go a little off on left field sometimes but that is ok since it is soap operas but vampires? Please! Let’s get real!

      • Nina says:

        You guys are so right about real stories. GH should stick to real life stories like Casey the Alien… or black uncut diamonds on a stick that can freeze whole cities. or like nobody really is ever dead, even if they died in someones arms… died over 20 years ago …. or died in a fiery crash off a cliff…. who is that stalking Starr at the crash site? or real stories about men who wear other men’s faces, have their teeth, lips, eyes, & voice too but can instantly switch from man to man with just the mask… Or perhaps should I continue?

      • Nina says:

        What cry babies… maybe you all should have went into the writing for television business… Maybe GH should stick to real life stories… like Casey the Alien… or black uncut diamonds on a stick that can freeze whole cities. or like nobody really is ever dead, even if they died in someones arms… died over 20 years ago …. or died in a fiery crash off a cliff…. who is that stalking Starr at the crash site? or real stories about men who wear other men’s faces, have their teeth, lips, eyes, & voice too but can instantly switch from man to man with just the mask… Or perhaps should I continue?

    • Tiffany says:

      It isn’t just the vampire storyline that is rediculous but also the Britt storyline it is totally ridiculous that she got ahold of the test results and changed it to make Sabrina look like she killed that cop. In real life that would never happen.

    • Kelly Crews says:

      Thank you for saying what I was thinking!

    • Debbie says:

      You, better pay closer attention to GH. Caleb just showed his yesterday!!

    • Linda C says:

      Why r we putting make believe things with reality? I think GH is on the way out.

    • Nina says:

      sorry… Caleb bit Sam and flashed his fangs yesterday.

    • pat misiaszek says:

      So negative! Vampire shows and movies are so in! And GH has the perfect window of opportunity to introduce the story line! There really isn’t much going on with mob shows and movies these days! I say bring it on! Change with the times!

  2. JayCee says:

    Well, if you do stop watching General Hospital, you might look into auditing a grammar class, because yours is horrible.

  3. cote vaillancourt says:

    Ruining the show. Is that what you are trying to do? Too many characters, really-a vampire storyline? Ho Hum! Bring back the character of Jason and stop shooting yourself in the head!

  4. joy meyers says:

    TO the writer of GH get your head out of your ass quit this supit retarded vampire story line you are going to kill GH your self please don’t do this i have been a fan of this soap for years i have seen some real grate story line i have seen some redickqliss ones to i love GH i don’t want it to be can seal pay atentshion to what the fans want we have been there a long time lissen to us

    • roseanne says:

      I agree, what are the writers thinking, ever since we lost jason morgan, its been getting crazy, we dont need to bring up the vampire story line. I think that they should try to bring back the story between Sam and McBain, they look good together, also, Get tod out of the nut house and have him and Carly get together. Also, if you are bringing old people back to the landscape then bring back robin.

      • Shannon says:

        THAT’S WHAT I’VE BEEN SAYING THIS HOLE TIME! They got me interested in the Robin storyline then just stopped…for vampires?

  5. CAROL says:

    WAKE Lucy up from her least then we all could go ahead with the show and not watch it decline and disappear from bad ratings. THIS show will if not listening to the PUBLIC who WATCHES it.. PLEASE get rid of the vampires!!!

    • heidi says:

      I miss the old school soap operas GH is getting too crazy for me b ut i’ve been a fan since i was 9 so i have faith they will listens to the fans.Bring back Jason!!!!

  6. Debbie says:

    I have watch General Hospital for 40 yrs it’s is the only one I watch. I don’t know what they are thinking the vampire storyline has got to go!!!!!!!!!!! If I what to watch vampires I will watch a move not a soap. Haveing Lucy seeing vampires ok but keep it in her mind not with other people just stop it. I don’t want to STOP watching.

    • roseanne says:


      I agree i’ve also been watching since the very begining, i dont know what they are thinking, you can’t tell me that they are running out of story lines. I think after Jill
      the writer left the show has been going down, and starting to beleive this is the plan all along.

    • Judy says:

      I agree with Debbie. The vampires have to go. I love GH and have been watching it for years. Get rid of most of the Lanview people. I do like Starr, Tod, they need to find a new Jason for Sam. Want to see Luke and Tracy together again. Maybe even Sonny and Carly. Bring back the old GH!!!!

    • SHELLEY says:

      that story line killed the other show and it’s gonna do it to GH. No wonder why Stve left the show he left a sinking ship. miss him but good for him.

  7. susan says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOO please im to old for a twilight teen storyline

    • Shannon says:

      Lmao! Me to!

      • Shirley says:

        Me , also … I have been watching GH for many years and I love Sonny and Jason ! Please , get rid of the vampires and bring back the old , but amazing characters that belong in this soap opera ! ( Soap Opera , being the operative word )

  8. gin9rrsnap says:

    Spoilers for the next couple of weeks don’t mention vampires at all – how about just enjoying the show that finally got good after decades of mob garbage?

    • sue says:

      well said! they are only doing these things in honor of the 50 years. i love seeing all the original stars . its only temporary even though id love to see them stay. that was when gh was at its best. plz bring Tiffany & Shawn back to…. please people be patient before you make them take this soap to!

  9. beau says:

    come on people get with the new times….. let the vampires rule…. hell if gh is leaving the air, lets go out with a bang….. something fun, why not vampires….. love it.

  10. Teri says:

    I WILL NOT WATCH VAMPIRES or DEMON POSSESSED!!! When this storyline is over, I may come back, if it’s still on after this storyline. YES, GH is committing suicide!!!!

  11. maxine says:

    i agree .. no vampires !! i have been watching gh since i was a young teen … i love the story lines … like luke and laura bring some love back into the soap ..and u need to bring robin back already.. . and connie and kate are getting boring .. but i do like todd on there with carly.. and i like that ur bringing back the nurses ball i think thats awesome … just plzz.. keep the vampires away .. !! and also no one can ever replace jason !!!

  12. Theresa Moore says:

    Gh has needed a shot in the arm for quite a while if it vampires, so be it…..I loved port Charles it was a hoot…..if anything get rid of Kate and her crazy crap, that’s what’s gonna make me change channels….

    • ABC Fan says:

      Wow … where did u come from? Someone with sense. This multiple personality a la Viki B OLTL and on and on is what we should be bored of not just a mere mention of vampires. Not all vampire stuff is kiddy bop stuff. Dark Shadows and Port Charles was great … ask Ann Rice … she’s rich cause of it!! I agree with you … people should just enjoy. Hopefully, they’ll stop whining and complaining. :)

      • wendy says:

        I hate to say this but I love the vampire story line. I don’t expect it to last forever, but, did any of you ever think that as a 50 yr celebration, GH is using this to tie up all the loose ends when PC was cancelled. when PC left the air back in 2003, alot of fans were devistated. You all buy-in to Alan haunting Tracy, Emily ghost, helping Nicholas, AJ, back from the dead. GH ALWAYS LANDS ON HER FEET! Kelly and Micheal have fang-tastic chemistry, I love True Blood and so do some major kick-ass stars, Christopher Meloni, (Elliott from SVU, GH’s own Carol Hennessy (Diane) fanged up for TB last season. NTM, stars like Robert Patrick (terminator 2 and X-files), What cracks me up is all the gross-storylines regarding gay and lesbian, I grew up old school and this stuff just isn’t right. I don’t go around beating them up but I find that lifestyle very wrong. I would much rather watch vampires then 2men or woman kissing and getting it on on TV…I also would rather have my children watch vampires than getting screwed up by what our society has become. Back to vampires, even Bram Stoker’s Dracula was a “love story”, he traveled through centuries to find his long lost true love. If you all don’t like the vampires then go watch something else. GH will survive with out all of you, FYI, I am 49 yrs old and have watched GH since I was 4 yrs old..

  13. Marianne says:

    NO VAMPIRES !!!!!!!

  14. Karen says:

    I totally agree that the Vampire saga is ruining General Hospital. I grew up watching this soap, but find I have to fast forward through more than half the show. My daughter started watching it and now she is not watching due to this story line. I won’t give up on General Hospital, because I have always watched it, but PLEASE get rid of this story line for the sake of the show!

    • joni lamping says:

      i think it sounds unaminous, out with the vampire crap!!! if my mom was alive today she’d be horrified athis vampire junk! she started watching gh when it first came on and us kids watched it right along with her! gh is still the best soap ever!! don’t ruin it!!!

  15. Dee says:

    Vampires No!!! Get rid of that ridiculous idea! I quit if they continue the vampire thing.

    • I agree, get the Vampire off. That made me sick Friday watching that crazy McBain or what ever he is called on the soap, ” licking that blood ” on the thing he killed that guard with. I hate this kind of stuff coming to GH.

  16. Judith Roberto says:

    It isn’t what you think, it is merely a nod to an old show called Port Charles where ALL of these new characters were. They felt it odd to bring so many back and not at least explain the vampire thing. There are no actual vampires and it will all be explained.

    • Fubarahh says:

      You know what? I’ve heard that before, and I still have this vampire crap on my screen, instead of my beloved GH. A nod is a few shows. This VAMPIRE GARBAGE has been going on for months now. Lucy Coe is still OVER ACTING, and so did the one who just died. Who cares about them and this new kid? It’s NOT a “nod” or a “wink” – it’s vampire bull being shoved down our throat. FF’ing through almost the entire episode doesn’t work for me – soon I’ll tune out completely!!!

    • ABC Fan says:

      As long as it’s not turned into a teeny bopper thing … I’m great with it being a “Dark Shadow” to Port Charles!

    • elle says:

      They don’t belong on GH. GH is not that kind of soap opera, there should be no explanation. Those of us who grew up watching it know that this is not GH. I also think it’s ABC’s way of canceling.The show since th

  17. Suzanne says:

    I hate the fact they are going with the vampire storyline it didnt work before and i doubt it will now

  18. Deb Jolly says:

    Really don’t bring that stuff back. I have been a fan since i was 8 yrs old. I watch the soap that started with that and turn it off it was dumb. Leave it the way it is the stories lines are great what mess with it. If your going to bring anything back bring Jason and Robin back. Hope you listen to the people that love GH.

  19. Lorraine says:

    I agree! Give me a break with the vampire crap already! The show was doing just fine til it started all that vampire stuff! Stick with the original storyline- that’s what fans like. That’s what makes the fans tune in everyday. It’s bad enough that Jason is gone…don’t give me one more reason to not want to watch!

  20. dixiemartin says:

    It sure looks like the writers are heading into this story-line. First of all nobody has really thought this out. If you make this the story line then does that mean our same is the real girlfriend of the past vampire? If so what happens to our story line with her child will he too become a vampire? Save that story line for One life to live they liked it but it just doesn’t fit into our story-line for Gh. Come on writers give us respect when it comes to our History.. I love Sam with McB and something could work out but “NOT A VAMPIER>>>>>>

  21. Lori says:

    I don’t think anyone believes the show needs vampires……stick to reality please!!!! I have been watching since the early 80′s and will continue to do so, but I’m so afraid this vampire storyline will be the final nail in GH’s coffin…… pun intended!!!!! They need to find another good replacement for Jason and bring Robin back and do away with all the unrealistic rubbish!!!!! Am I the only one that wants to see Aj do well? I really do hope he’s grown up and changed. They could do a lot with his character. Please GH, lose the vampire story line and concentrate on reality!!!!!

    • Michele says:

      Soaps have NOTHING to do with reality… How many people do you know that get married 10 times in their lives? Comes back to life after a team of docs calls him dead? You can get pregnant the SAME DAY you have a miscarriage…Maxie… I can go on and on but i think the point is made

      • wendy says:

        TY Michele, Soaps are a mellow drama, like reading a romance novel, relationships that are real are way different than soap opera couples. GET IT, It is make believe, so are vampers, but fun to watch.

  22. tiffany says:

    ok i’m not going to dis vamps cause buffy is my favorite show ever & the twilight saga is my favorite movies. but lucy coe is sooo not buffy summers!!!! soaps are not a place for vampires. if it were port chuck would still be on the air…

    • ABC Fan says:

      Funny you say that … Dark Shadows was a very very successful Vampire Soap!

    • wendy says:

      the storyline was NOT what took PC off the air, PC was in a lousy time slot. The yr PC cancelled they were nominated for several awards. if only 1 award was taken PC would have stayed on the air at least for another 3 or 5 yrs or more. (what ever the contract time for these shows are) this is a fact that maybe you should research before you Run your mouth w/o knowing what your talking about..

  23. GODDESSii says:

    i loved the vampire storyline on port charles n i watched this over GH….. however…. on GH…… its bad enough jason is gone……i never liked lucy on GH …… if vampires must be on GH then lets them exist only in lucy cos head …….. one must admit ….. its boring w/out steve b

  24. Dawn says:


  25. k.pasquale says:

    I agree, by their own stupidity, they are going to kill the show.Drop the vampire story…’s not what true fans want!!!

  26. SHIRLEY says:


    • Michele says:

      STEVE BURTON LEFT ON HIS OWN>>> He hasnt told anyone why other than he wanted to relocate his family… He didnt want to live in CA. He doesnt want to come back…he has a new Job on a different program. Kimberly M who plays Robin is working on a humanitarian project and will return when she’s done. So sorry these actors have lives that interfere with your show!

  27. Rhonda says:

    The only people who would be interested in this stupid vampire storyline would be the same type of person who has become obsessed with all of these other vampire movies and such. Mostly those are on the young end of their teenage years. This age group is NOT going to watch a soap opera. Most of them would be in school at the time its on anyway. Stop this stupid story line before you ruin the show and lose a lot of your loyal viewers. It sucks!

    • ABC Fan says:

      I like the storyline … loved Dark Shadows … can’t stand Twilight or any of the other twink shows like Vampire Diaries … True Blood that people fawn over now.
      Can’t stand them never watched a show of them. Hear people old and young cooing about them all the time.
      Still want no parts of those. Port Charles and Dark Shadows were the only ones I liked.

      • Michele says:

        How do you know if you like them or not if you never watched them? Ive checked out LOTS of vampire shows, TRUE BLOOD is the only one made specifically for adults and it really is an awesome show.
        GH is not turning into a Vampire show…storyline will be over soon and you all will find something else to be disgusted by…

    • thesecretary says:

      Been a loyal viewer for 30 years and I have to totally disagree. I am enjoying GH. They just need to make it a 2 hout program

    • wendy says:

      Rhonda, if you are such a ??LOYAL FAN/VIEWER, you would not be threatening to leave.

  28. sam says:


  29. Penny Lewis says:

    I love General Hospital and have watched since I was a teenager, almost 40 years. Please don’t bring in the vampires. I hate that. I like the regular story line.

  30. camille king says:

    I don’t want vampires in GH!!!!!! If your going to bring something back to the story line, bring back Jason!!!!!!! If you put vampires in the story line I will not watch the show, ever again!!!!!!!!!!

  31. paula says:

    Please give us all a break! When I was a kid in high school, we all watched Dark Shadows and the old vampire soap of Port Charles! NO VAMPIRES on GH PLEASE, you are going to ruin the show and people will stop watching! Think this over carefully and have Lucy wake up from her delusion! As a side note, what on earth is going on with the Kate/Connie character?

  32. Jeannette says:

    Please don’t bring that soortline back we need Robin back and if you have to recast Jason bring him back we need these stories to come with a happy endding

  33. adrienne says:

    I agree gh is commiting suicide. I cant believe they dont reliZE

  34. Rhonda Aulds says:

    FIRST NO JASON, NOW silly teen vampires!! I’m Done!!!!

  35. MeschelleLeone says:

    I will never watch the show again! I have been watching this show since I was a kid, I am now 46. General Hospital needs to fire the writers and get something good happening really soon, I will not miss GH as long as the story line keeps sucking the way it is, what the hell ever happened with the Robin and Robert story line? NO VAMPIRES PLEASE, that is just plain stupid!!

    • jacqueline crawford says:

      i do agree, bring back Robin, Robert, and replace Jason with someone else.. the vampire is a bunch of CROCK

  36. Vivian says:

    Seriously, I am hoping there will not be a twilight storyline…However, I find the lucy ramblings and the robin off with Jerry the never gonna die guy a bit tiresome…bring her back…and then you have Maxie…seriously? I never knew you could get pregnant the same day you have a miscarriage much less want to have sex with anyone! Spinelli looks spineless and well…I cannot stand the brit and patrick story line, Todd is annoying and connie needs to go…michael and Aj…wow, why do I watch this show? Because I have hope…I hope it gets itself together, I hope I learn to like AJ I hope Robin comes back to her family so we can have a happy reunion…That Robert wakes up and luke and tracy maybe get together…well I suppose I have rambled enough…I would hate to lose GH and yet I am not happy with the story lines they presently have going.


  38. Beckie Barbour says:

    I truly believe this is why Steve Burton did not renew his contract. He did not want this to happen. I am a vampire fan, I love almost anything that has to do with vampires but General Hospital is not the show for it.

    • Michele says:

      Steve wanted to move his family to NASHVILLE TN , period. i love it when people think they know what others are thinking and you dont even know him!

      • wendy says:

        Michele, I was lucky enough to meet Steve Buton (got pics and autograph) at Sears in the Wilton Mall, saratoga springs NY, back in Sept 1996, I so thought he would be taller, he is very short and petite, looks so much taller on the TV…he was there about an hour and he anwered questions about all kinds of things, personal and soap related. I was so nervous when he shook my hand, when I stepped back I accidentally elbowed my daughter in the head..OMG, I was so embarrassed…lol

  39. Wendy says:

    Ok, I get that you need to bring up the ratings. You changed the time slot in most of the country and I don’t know how that’s working out. Fine you brought in some people from OLTL, for the most part that’s pretty good. I love having old cast return, like Robert, Anna, Felicia etc. If you are going to get rid of John McBain then just kill him off, but this crazy “Port Charles” storyline Sucks. What is the point of bringing back former characters and using “stolen” storylines? It’s great the nurses ball is coming back, I’m very excited about that. I just hope these crazy “Port Charles” characters don’t ruin a good thing.
    With all these new faces and stories does that mean you are going to start bringing long “dead” characters back? Like Stone Cates for the nures ball? If so don’t bother that will definatly kill the show for sure.
    I have been watching this show since the early 70′s and miss so many old characters but enough with reserecting the dead!!

    • thesecretary says:

      have to disagree I am enjoying the vampires and they could actually bring back Stone as a angle. I love the fact that I can’t tell you what is going to happen next. I didn’t start watching till the late 70′s but I have to say GH has seen slower days.

      • Michele says:

        The sensible soap watcher! The cliff hangers keep everyone coming back…
        I have YET to be bored watching GH…Most of the other “MIRACLES” that happen on the show arent realistic either, so why not Vampires?

  40. Carol Ryan says:

    Come on writers, lets get back to love, romance and normal people lives into daytime soap. I never watched Port Charles or Dark Shadows. I do not like science fiction and certainly do not want to see it on General Hospital. I find myself not being as attentive to the show as I use to be. It is so boring when the three nut jobs are scheming. As I have mentioned several times before lets rap up the storylines that have been hanging for sooo long like Connie/Kate, etc.

  41. mary surdynski says:

    I just love General Hospital right now.bring it on .the show wont be ruined because of vampires-it will be beacause of abc/d and now pp
    just my opinion if we are gonna lose another soap at some point let it go out with a bang just sayin

  42. Tonia says:

    GET RID OF THE VAMPIRE STORYLINE!!!! It’s a horrible idea. Writers, you have to remember that most viewers are not TEENAGED girls stuck on TWILIGHT! Let the vampires only be a dream or a figment of Lucy’s imagination….. please stop the madness!

  43. Mary says:

    Please keep it’s regular storyline.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE NO VAMPIRES.You will ruin the show and loose a lot of fans.Please I’m BEGGING you NO MORE VAMPIRES.

  44. jennifer says:

    for all you bitching about the story line are not TRUE FANS of GH and are probably the reason we lost and possibly losing our soaps!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. tamisue says:

    I love it! I loved Port Charles and would have loved it if they had blended it a long time ago! And just to tell you your blog about General Hospital SUCK! You are a GH hater! You I am a diehard General Hospital fan, I have scheduled my life around it for my life! You have no business blogging as a FAN, when obviously you ARE NOT!

    • Lindy says:

      Thanks for your opinion! I have watched General Hospital for almost 50 years! I consider myself a fan although I could never schedule my life around the tv.
      I don’t think I’ve spent many hours of my life watching something I hate.
      Happy viewing!

  46. Bettie says:

    I have been enjoying GH for as long as it has been televised. I’ve enjoyed all the different scenarios, from the basic hospital stories, to the spy stories, to the mob stories, to the “hotter than hot” romantic couplings, to the stories of manipulation by “good” and “bad” characters for personal gain, etc. I enjoyed the spinoff show called “Port Charles” that revolved around a vampire theme, and I continue to enjoy the emergence of some characters from PC at the present time. I am also a big fan of the addition of several OLTL characters to GH, and have faith in the head writer to “do right” by GH. Let’s just sit back and watch the future storylines unfold…I’m betting that they’re going to keep us satisfied…just as GH has always been able to deliver the best characters and storylines for over forty years. Go GH!

  47. Traci says:

    The vampire storyline is what killed Port Charles. This is the only ABC soap left, lets keep it! Get rid of this rediculous storyline!

  48. Grace Wilson says:

    I did watch the GH spinoff of Port Charles and loved the vampire story line. I am glad the GH is bringing back people from the past. They brought back Frisco, Lucy, Alison (even tho she was on too short) Kevin Collins and now they are bringing back Laura and I can’t wait to see who else they bring back.

  49. So sad where GH is headed. My hubby and I watch it together and he will NOT watch if Vampires are involved in the storyline. I would rather they fix it and Jason come back. This is crazy.

  50. Riddic43 says:

    I agree with the fans about these silly vampires. If fans want to watch them then watch the ones on TV not on a soap. Writers are getting desperate bringing all
    these people back on GH. To me it just ruins what GH is all about. Fans should boycott GH until the writers get their heads back on straight. Anyone else agree!

  51. Renee Mohan says:

    NO VAMPIRES!!!!!!!!!! I used to watch The Port Charles spin off until the vampires came along. If needed, a vampire fix can be found elsewhere. . .NOT ON GH!!!!! Bring back a (new) Jason!!!!!!

  52. Debbie Altiparmakis says:

    I love General Hospital no matter what and a vampire story line bothers me in the least, what does bother me is the possibility of loosing the show, I am a long time loyal fan and will remain so, for as long as GH is on air, so listening to some of the above comments is what scares me most,

    • Michele says:

      DONT worry about them… there are ALWAYS people on theses sites complaining about the storylines…blah blah blah…If left to them, everything would run smooth and boring and THAT would REALLY kill the show!

  53. Kathi says:

    The vampire thing is already gone way too long! Dump it, and while you are at it get rid of AJ. What a waste he is.

  54. Becky Terrell says:

    I love GH, but I agree – get rid of the vampire storyline. I watched PC some when it was on; it was ok. But I see ABSOLUTELY NO NEED to give a “NOD” to PC. It has nothing to do with today’s GH, and it makes the storylines too fragmented. Please, GH writers, listen to us, THE FANS!!!

  55. mary clabo says:

    GET FREAKIN REAL GH THIS HAS BEEN DONE TO DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. susan says:

    please no vampires older loyal viewers deserve better from you!!!!!!

  57. Hootie says:

    You may not be speaking for the masses, but you sure spoke for me. Everything you said was everything I have been wanting to express. I am happy and sad at the same time. Being able to see the “older” actors and actresses again gives me a very nostalgic feeling, but seeing how the show is deteriorating makes me sad. Please do not pursue the vampire storyline … it is ridiculous.

  58. Brenda says:

    What the hell are you doing, putting in a revolving door of past characters? Was it all a dream all these years and General Hospital in really in Salem???

  59. Nancy Puglia says:

    I too am so sick of the vampire storyline that I do not care to watch. Already sick of Lucy and now Caleb in the picture. We do not want to see it on GH.

  60. Dawn says:

    As a FOREVER watcher of GH, lietreally from day one of the black & white episodes with Head Nurse, Jessie Brewer, I cannot believe that the writers have all of a sudden stopped giving us fans credit for believing in REAL storylines!!! This vampire storyline is BOGUS & has no merit/zero foundation!!! It just popped up out of nowhere with Lucy taking what seemed like an out-of-the-blue LSD acid trip, looking at John McBain as if he were a vampire!!! WHAT THE HELL?!?! Us long-time watchers deserve more credit than that!!! Though I’ve always LOVED Genie Francis/Laura Spencer-Baldwin-Webber, I’m almost afraid of WHY they are bringing her back… Or, more to the point – I’m afraid of what the writer’s have in mind for her character?!?!? I’m thrilled that Luke is free at the moment, therefore available for Laura & he to reunite PERMANENTLY PLEASE… I just don’t want to see Genie Francis’ time wasted by getting caught up in this STOOPID VAMPIRE CRAP STORYLINE!!!!!! PLEASE GH WRITERS – DO NOT DO IT TO HER ~ OR TO US!!!

  61. YVONNE says:


  62. Vicki says:

    Im not sure how I feel about the vampire scenario, but when Caleb (Michael Eastman) was on Port Charles, I thought he was so hot, I think hes hot as John McBain as well, but after seeing him play the dual role as Caleb/John McBain, he looks hotter as the longer haired Caleb. I think Michael Eastman is doing a fantastic job in both roles.

    • Michele says:

      LOVE YOUR COMMENT… I totally agree… not sure where they are going with the Caleb thing, but Im trusting they know what they are doing!

  63. Nicole says:

    I have to agree, Lucy and the whole vampire thing has to GO…and I am a huge vampire fan…but this…it’s mega cheesy!!! Please stick to GH and stop adding in all these other lame soap ideas. There is a reason why General Hospital was always a step above the rest!!!

  64. Lauren says:

    Even all the over done “Soprano-ish” mob crap is better than the vampire bs.

  65. Lauren says:

    Even all the overdone “Sprano-ish” mob crap is better than the vampire bs.

  66. Lauren says:


  67. Jules says:

    I am a loyal GH fan. Been watching since 63′ It was 15 minutes, next 30 min.,then 45 min, finally a hour. This is not 63 and things have changed, like life GH has it up and downs, also the incarnations of Port Charles and Night Shift. I am for my soap! Not a talk fest!

  68. christine says:

    This storyline is absurd i hate it myself. I believe if they continue with vampires and stuff like they will be canceled and ive been watching since grade school and im 53yrs young,are they trying to get canceled thats the question. I think bringing back old faces is great but here lately they never finish a storyline like Robin,Robert etc. my patcince are running thin i dont even care if i miss an episode anymore. The story with Patrick hello didnt he learn his leason with Lisa how can he be so trusting like that again and please dont drag this same plot on forever think of something else for him to do,like take care of his daughter.or something. I think Sabrina is the missing Quartermain !

  69. Jean Gray says:

    Thank GOD / GH writers for putting the “Port (up-chuck) Charles” vampire story-line in Lucy Coe’s twisted mind… Bringing her back / hubby “Doc” are a welcome transfusion in the overall storyline. Ditto One Life to Live characters coming over in their original roles and stories. Bring on new, plus classic characters from GH and other soaps. Bring on more health issues, as well as mental illness, incest, rape and AIDS, obesity… How about ‘disbled’ actors playing disabled roles?disabled adults / children? With all the mob activity and top notch doctors, how come nobody makes it to GH and lives? Did Bobby Spencer have a stroke? Why not bring her back, including that in her storyline? Are there no STDs in Port Charles?

  70. Missy says:

    I have to agree please stop with the vampires if I wanted vampires I’d watch vampire diaries or twilight and guess what I don’t watch those.

  71. Vivian says:

    I admit, I watched Port Charles back in he day, and was somewhat amused with the vampire story. It worked then, but it is not working now. It doesn’t make sense. Lucy knew Duke Lavery back in the day, so why all of a sudden does she now see Joshua Temple, even after initially recognizing him as Duke?

    The writers need to undo this mess they created, and do so quickly. Lucy was brought back to the canvas to reserect the Nurses Ball. That was quality entertainment.

  72. Penny Stone says:

    I have watched GH since the days it was in black and white. Sometimes I wonder why when certain things happen. BUT I will never ever stop watching it. I will follow it till the end !!!!!!

  73. thesecretary says:

    I am loving the new/old story line. Enjoying not always knowing what is going to happen next. I liked watching Port Charles and am enjoying all the new story lines. Like the fact that Connie has found a friend in Tracy. As far as Jason goes from what I here he wanted a change and doesn’t want to play Jason anymore the same way Luke needed a break years ago. Maybe in a few years he will return. Quit complaining and let the writers write. Can’t wait for the next episode! I have watched long enough that I remember the alien that came to GH. I don’t mind it when they get out there and as far as Jacks goes, I have to say he bores me and I am glad he isn’t on GH anymore. Loving GH for 30 years and plan to keep watching as long as it airs!

    • Michele says:

      THANK GOD someone else on this page is NOT WHINNING AND COMPLAINING about the show! Everytime they change things, add new characters, or stories, every has to complain… you want to watch a boring show? There’s PLENTY of those on TV. I personally LOVE all the change and bringing back of old characters… When the OLTL people were 1st added, 90% of comments were negative…now that we may lose them, people have changed their minds…
      No one knows where the writers are going with this vampire story line and I reallly doubt all the threats are going to change anything… since this is the SAME approach a lot of you use for everything… “Im not watching the show if the let Jason go” “im not watching the show until this or that story line is over”… Either you like it or you dont… the good thing about the changing all the time is that story lines last about 3 mos and then onto something else…
      I have been spending time on youtube catching up on some old Port Charles scenes…now that Ive seen Kelly M and Michael E. making out all over the place, am really looking forward to McBam… Im more concerned about what is happening to these actors than about some story line I dont care for… The Duke being Faison was kind of dumb…but whatever…moving on now…
      If all you complainers are REALLY GH’s fans, then maybe they are in trouble. Im betting there are plenty of other fans that love the show the way it is, like “The Secretary”!

  74. Penny Stone says:

    It is time to bring back Robin, Laura, Nicholas, and Jax. Please and thank you !!!

  75. Shaun says:


  76. Shannon says:


    • Michele says:

      that and a nickel still leaves you 5 cents. They already know how they are going to finish this story line, and if they are good, they are the only ones who will know1

  77. Regina says:

    While I have tuned in and out over the years. I have always been able to take comfort in seeing Jason when I returned to watching GH. His departure was shocking and heartbreaking. They really need to woo him back to GH, no matter the sacrifices on the show’s part. If I wanted to watch vampires, I would watch reruns of Buffy or one of the other shows of that caliber. I would also like to see the character of Britt go away. Don’t we see enough real life news reports of “bullying” and overall demeaning of others? Do you need such trash in the story? For all of Carly’s misadventures and controlling in past stories, she can’t hold a candle to the uber bitch that Britt is. Hopefully Robin will return soon and put her in her place. And I think that the show needs to think of another great love storyline to base around. Enough of the cheap romps, put some thoughts and imagination into the stories. Connie/Kate is a bit overdone now as well, but that is in part to the actress playing her. I like the other actress much better, the original one.

  78. kim goodman says:

    Please no Vampire thid is crazy!!!

  79. Doby says:

    This is the most ridiculous thing since Dark Shadows. The have frozen Port Charles in the pass, and done a lot of stupid things. Maybe more will do performers will do like Jason and just LEAVE. Carly and Todd is crazy enough. I have watched since the BEGINNING, this SUCKS!!! Hear me SUCKS

  80. Kayla says:

    If I wanted to watch vampires,I would watch vampire diaries.i hope the writers on general hospital realize this and get rid of he vampires.

  81. Alison Keen says:

    I am a die hard General Hospital fan. But this story line with the vampires must go,why bring back all our original characters for this and probably why Steven Burton left aka Jason Morgan.Please enough already!

  82. Berna says:

    I HATE the vampire storyline! Especially when Caleb was licking the blood off the knife he killed the cop with! Eeewww! Like the return of past cast members like Frisco and Felicia, etc…Used to look forward to watching GH, was the main reason I bought my first VCR! Now I watch the last 20 minutes or so to see if there was any reason to watch the rest of the show…Usually there isn’t:(

  83. I know why they are doing the vampire story line. John has to leave the show for awhile since OLTL will be kicking off soon, so that is their way of having John leave without him actually leaving. I for one don’t mind the storyline of vampires-i love having all of the characters back.

  84. ruby says:

    i must say that the story line they are going with now is really doing nothining but killing the reatings thinking you need to just drop it and go back to the regular good ol’ gh.. thank you a not so happy long time gh fan….

  85. Cindy Francis says:

    I agree….no pun intended, the VAMPIRE STORY SUCKS !! Please dump it, or we stand to lose GH, and hopefully no of us wants that.

  86. I have watched GH for years and loved it,but now it’s just stupid Vampires really?? Bring back the action corruption lovers etc Jason Robin Johnny I’m afraid if you don’t make some changes soon you will lose viewers, rating will drop and bye bye just like Another World,One Life to Live If your writers cant do better than this GET NEW ONES

    • SHERI says:

      I wish people would get their facts straight. ONE LIFE TO LIVE was ABC/D highest rated soap beating GH in ratings when it was canceled. It was canceled by Brian Frons who had a new vision of going cheap and putting on reality shows like the revolution. See how well that went!! Point is OLTL was not canceled due to ratings dropping it was due to stupidness of ABC/D brass.

  87. Trish says:

    If I remember correctly, the last time we had Caleb and Livey and the vampire story line, it started on GH. They created Port Charles as a spin off to get rid of the vampire story line. Then PC crashed, it didn’t make it back then and it won’t now, so why are they bringing it back?

  88. I hope you get the picture no vampire stuff. It sucks. I hated Friday show.

  89. Ada says:

    I think that maybe the reason they are bringing Caleb to GH is because the character, John McBain, now belongs to Prospect Park which means that as for right now, GH can no longer use that character. So as a way of keeping the actor who plays John on the show, they have written in Caleb. As far as going with a vampire story line, I, too, am praying they are going to wake up Lucy from this terrifying nightmare. Soon the writers also have to write Todd and Starr Manning out of Port Charles for the same reason as the character John McBain.

  90. Laurie says:

    It was cute when Luke called McBain “Vlad” and Sam felt a connection to him. Nice undertones without making it over the top. The vampire story line is stupid, and will cost them viewers.

  91. amy long says:

    Good lord, this site is as dramatic as General Hospital. Settle down. Soaps ebb and flow. We’ve all bitched about shitty storylines, and dud months and blah blah blah….it’s a crock of shit that die hard fans will stop watching . It’s like crack. We watch till we die. It will blow over like all lame storylines….

    • Nichols says:

      Well said, you are right…. Whiners should stop whining and just enjoy the fact the show is still on the air.

      Bitching about it may ruin it for all of us

  92. Michele says:

    Hey, great, another true fan! Well said LYNN… QUIT WHINNING EVERYONE!!!
    My god, I cant believe all of it… When you all become the writers for GH,then you can decide what’s on the show…GH is the #1 Soap…who knows where they are going w the vampire thing…could be anything… It’s not going to become another Vampire show just bc it’s part of a story line… Port Charles had a lot more problems than the Vampire storyline…
    It is a simple choice… dont watch it if you dont want to. Your loss. A few upset people arent going to get the show taken off the air.

  93. Nikki says:

    WOW!! Some of you people need a hobby!! I watch G.H. everyday and have for 30 years. I am loving the walk down memory lane and the integration of OLTL characters and the story line from Port Charles. It is their 50 years, so they are just taking a look back over all the great characters and story lines….calm down all you boring people…i’m sure they will bring everything back to normal soon! Until then, keep your negativity to yourself and let us true fans enjoy our show!!!!

  94. Leslie says:

    Sorry, in my last post, I mis-spelled the word “Grammar”

  95. Denise says:

    I have been watching GH since the Dark Shadows days…ok then. Now!!!! No Jason no General Hospital…enough said..

  96. I’ve followed GH since I was 5 years old, back in 81. I watched before I even knew what was going on but I did also see some NON-REALISTIC storylines on the show which made me a fan because it was “non soap opera” like to me as a boy. Frisco fighting with Ninjas, The CASSADINES freezing the world!!! many of you who claim to have watched since the beginning are contradicting yourselves with not wanting Science fiction on your show, yet the most unbelievable storyline EVER is what saved GH in the 80′s. The Alien storyline won an award! yet people are complaining about the “possibility” of a vampire. We havn’t seen Caleb “bite” anyone nor have we seen Vampire type traits (except him licking blood)…We have seen Caleb look out a window into DAYLIGHT, we have seen him on a surveillance camera, which true vampires wouldn’t show up.

    Sounds like people are responding to the Possibility rather then just seeing where the storyline takes them. The fact that Allison returned and referred to Lucy as “This woman” means she didn’t know LUCY like LUCY claims to know her. I think there is a real storyline mixed up with Lucy’s alternate reality. THAT is where this storyline is heading and actually quite clever of the writers to acknowledge what happend on PORT CHARLES which did interact with GH before the supernatural storylines started.

    PORT CHARLES wasn’t canceled because of vampires, the show actually was nominated for an emmy in its last year and was probaly the best soap on the ABC lineup at the time. Vampires aren’t always “teeny booper”…people open your minds and enjoy the damn show. YOU are what’s going to get the show canceled!!

  97. wendy says:

    WTG Lynn, I love GH and PC, I think it is fang-tastic to have both. if you all remember on PC, Some GH characters would pay PC a visit, (including Alan) who actually knew about the “vampire blood” but didn’t want to know.. Wow, these people knocking GH story-lines, calling themselves “true fans” and “loyal” ????????? sound like a bunch of hypicrites to me…Michele, Lynn, thanks for defending GH with me…GH always ends on her feet!, the only thing I am not crazy about is the 2pm time slot…but I am adjusting, now that CALEB is back in town…

  98. frieda says:

    the vampire line is so stupied so sick of it kinda like the freezing of port Charles years ago come on get real here

  99. Donna-Marie Sloma says:

    I love Lucy Cole and the crazy ideas in her head; also I love the old General Hospital! Get rid of the Vampires and Dark Shadows, sorry line! Not happy with all the new stuff and new people! I did like Johnny and Carly together and Jason and Sam. If you keep up with this, I am sure the show will be canceled. All of my friends who watch the program are ready to stop watching, GH. The show used to be fun and now it is so boring. If I wanted Vampires, I would watch the night of the living dead and I don’t care to watch that eighter. Oh by the way get rid of Duke, he stinks!

  100. Nichols says:

    WHO CARES? Don’t speak for me!

    BE happy that GH is still on the air and not ended like OLTL and AMC! Why be whiners? You want to ruin it for everyone and get the show cancelled all together?

  101. janet says:

    I couldn’t agree more. they have ruined the show with the vampire line. absolutly ridiculous!!!! If it continues, I will tune out……

  102. max kerner says:


  103. Sue says:

    I like vampire shows but not on GH. I like General Hospital the way it is. Please do not bring in the vampire storyline, it just does not belong here. Take it away please.

  104. Miriam Johnston says:

    I think the Vampire storyline is ridiculous, John males a much better cop and friend for Sam and Port Charles. I don’t know why they wrote Johnny out and kept yuk Todd . I loved Johnny and Carly together. I could just imagine all the mischief they could get into. Bring back Johnny and kick Todd to the curb he’s not even realistic.
    We need the mob for this show to flourish .

  105. I hope Lucy Coe wakes up in the shower like on Dallas years ago and its only a dream, because its gonna ruin the show, GH is all ABC has left, and somebody better do something about it soon before it gets canceled……

  106. Kim Buca says:

    G.H. please leave the vampires to the twilight saga! this is pure nonsense! I think most of the g.h. viewers are similar to me, we watch this soap because out of all the other ones that do ridiculous story lines over and over i.e people coming back from the dead over and over…possessed by the devil…etc g.h. did not use any of these gimmicks when they ran out of story lines come on… vampires do not exist and it really is insulting the fans and viewers intelligence! just kill the story line heather is another story line thats ridiculous too with so much evil in the world today why do we need her and all the new sadistic things she comes up with?lets get back to some great story lines with all the characters we love and stop with the nonsense!

  107. Nina says:

    I enjoyed the vampire story line in the original Port Charles even though it is unrealistic… so are underground cities, weather machines that can freeze the world, everyone eventually finding they have a twin, Aliens, and women even having sex the night they miscarried much less getting pregnant again that same night … these are just a few of the very impossible scenarios Soap fans have been force fed over the years and we survived … I really really hate many other story lines they are pursuing right now, but the vampire bit… its at least entertaining.

  108. michael says:

    i dont love the vampire stuff but i understand few reasons its being done right now reason one the whole gh/ one life contract problems they could kill off john mcbain and have his be calieb and other one life cross overs could become vamps with new names but u keep the actors!
    reason 2 could be the huge hole gh has with steve burton leaving lets face it steve burtons jason was in almost every big story the last decade and this is a away to start over and not make sunny a huge focus for awhile! and 3 finally is gh 50th year so what story line over they next few months could u use to bring people back from the dead easily a vampire one! to fans bashing it i say let it play out and enjoy gh always comes though in the end and i never miss a day!

  109. Magda Cruz says:

    Please no more vampires, it didn’t work for Port Charles years ago and it’s not going to work now. And no more Heather either, it seems that the writers have given her superpowers because she knows everything, sees everything, and can’t even die when she falls off buildings. This is our last soap, so please keep it at least a little smart. We don’t need vampires; we already have True Blood.

  110. Carol Ryan says:

    I haven’t watched the show in two weeks. I am fed up with the storylines that are in play. I will turn it back on in March sometime to see if anything has change for the better.

  111. HelenAnne says:

    So, here’s my take on all this–Todd, John & Starr have to go–because of their contract to OLTL—the vampire BS, is just that–BS–nobody believes that junk–it is just filler for dead space—-all the oldies–well I guess they just want to relive the past for a few minutes or days–but, most of us don’t know OR LIKE the oldies–Duke gives me the creeps, the new guy (Maxie’s dad) is sickening—can’t stand Maxie’s Mom–They can’t replace Jason, so let Sam & Daniel move to California—end the mess with Maxie & the baby—Robin wanted to leave–So why did they tease us with all that crap around Thanksgiving—You know what, after reading my own rant–I realize, they aren’t the fools–WE ARE–surely we can find something better to do with this precious hour in our days than watching this junk ! so SEE YA !!

  112. caliokieboi says:

    @NIKKIE totally agree with you! After all this IS all leading up to the 50th anniversary; of course they are going to bring back as many of the characters as possible. One being “Port Charles” which when it first was a spin-off of “GH,” was about Medical interns, cross-over storylines, etc. I for one am enjoying all the returns, and that includes the ones from “Port Charles!” The Caleb s/l is only temporary, as an homage to that SOAP… Be patient all My fellow “GH” Fan, Frank Valentini and Ron Carlivati know what they are doing, and doing it well at that! They are going to be using flashbacks during the 50th Anniversary, as well as re-visiting storylines that were left dangling, during the Jill Phelps/Bob Guza/Brian Frons regime. I have been watching “GH” all My 49 years, literally. I am also looking forward to the next 25+ years. With Cast, Crew, and Production ALL being excited about the new direction of the show, which has been verified by the spike in the ratings, and I (and so many other Fans exited about the show again, I just can not wait to see what is in store leading up to the 50th Anniversary and the Nurse’s Ball to return!!!

  113. Geraldine says:

    Good bye GH

  114. Suzanne Melton says:

    I agree. Lets get rid of the vampires.

  115. auryanna says:

    i don’t see what the big deal is the show is amazing either way…how is what they are doing any different then any other tv show that is already on tv and is about vampires i think it is a wonderful way for gh to experiment and see what new ideas they can come up with….and the die hard fans will watch no matter what they put on the show that’s what makes then die hard fans……just my opinion

  116. Angela says:

    General Hospital has always been my favorite, but the recent story line was enough to make me stop watching, crazy stupid story lines, I say fire the writers.

  117. SDH1018 says:

    I feel that GH needs to wrap this storyline of the vampires up. For GH to take full advantage of the chemistry with Sam and John/Caleb and Livvie, they need to tie it together somehow. It’s a soap so they can wrap it up nicely as a “dream” of Lucy’s but they need to do it before they carry it out to far.

  118. Brad says:

    It isn’t a vampire storyline. It is a psychotic musician who had a psychotic break and is killing people because he thinks he is a vampire. The storyline will end really soon.

  119. Kelly Crews says:

    Love GH Love all the new story lines I think the writers are doing a fab job at bringing back old characters that I havent seen in years. I am tired of people putting down GH and I for one plan to keep tuning in.

  120. mary rotolo says:

    we do not need a vampires on gh .i am glad to see all the old cast on it is good to see them bring on the old gh again.i would like to se robin back with her gh for 35 years!!!!!your fan mary

  121. diane says:

    happy to see that Patrick has seen Britt for what she truly is–hopefully h wonts fall into that trap again

  122. rJ says:

    The day “Caleb” licked that weapon with the blood on it was the last day I watched GH. Not the kind of show I want to watch. Someone will tell me if it changes and I will watch it again. I think we have enough blood shed in this world without insinuating itinto a soap opera that is suppose to entertain you.

  123. Cheryl says:

    I quit watching Port Charles because of this story line. Please don’t make me quit watching GH. Get rid of the Vampires & get back to reality.

  124. jocelyn franchi says:

    I think they need to get rid of the whole vampire crap it is bringing down the show. I really hope that they are able to bring the nurses ball back. I just want general hospital to go back to the way it use to be. It would be nice if they brought back Lucky.

  125. Libby says:

    I agree with most comments and especially the story itself there are to many vampire shows on tv as it is and they are very good but what GH is doing is killing the whole show Ive turned my back alittle on the show and now are watching bold and beautiful where I was a loyal gh fan but most of the time it sickens me to watch it.And how long are they going to let heather get away with things this stabbing of Steven if hes going off the show Aim completlely done ,Ive been waiting for something good to happen but whats happening is John Starr is going off the show now you get used to a main character and poof their gone sad very sad.

  126. Pat Reiger says:

    I have watched GH since the 70′s and have to say this whole vampire thing is disgusting! I personally think you don’t stand a chance of an Emmy for this crap. You have the best actors and give them garbage for a storyline. I know you are celebrating 50 years, but with garbage like this, you won’t be celebrating 60!!!

  127. Joyce says:

    I agree. This vampire stuff is STUPID. Get rid of it.

  128. Paula Deemer says:

    People get a life and a grammar teacher instead of watching GH so you can spell this is entertainment enjoy it or watch something else most of the story lines are way out there and not believable but they are fun to watch I have been watching GH since Laura was a teenager and I love the show and will continue to watch it soaps are on there way out regardless of the storyline

  129. Laura Schultz says:

    Please, please, stop the vampires. Get better story lines. Realizing that “this is not real”, come on people are a little smarter than that. Leave the vampires to the movies. It is unrealistic and I am about to stop watching the show.

  130. Sheri McManus says:

    I thought it was funny when Lucy returned and thought John was Caleb. But the whole vampire thing has to go. It is very disappointing that the writers went that route. Don’t get me wrong, I love vampires, weres and other supernatural beings, just not on a daytime soap and definately not on GH. Some story lines on soaps are a far-fetched to begin with, but this is over the top in a bad way. Another unrealistic story line is Maxie sleeping with Spinelli right after having a miscarriage. I don’t know any women that would want to have sex after going through that. They need to stay close to real life scenarios and not this vampire crap.

  131. mom says:

    Please get rid of the vampires on GH. I can’t watch anymore.

  132. susie says:

    Jason needs to come back its not the same anymore, I like John but not with Sam. Bring Johns girl friend and baby to GH. Bring Robin back before her husband takes up with the new nurse,and let Steve get out of trouble so he can get married. The vimpire is not dead ,but please keep him off GH that was so unreal I hated it.

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