Pippi Longstocking – With Great Power…

When uttering these words, with great power…, nobody will ever think about Pippi Longstocking, the very special girl from the Swedish TV series. Even more, I can say that your mind will automatically complete the sentence with, … comes great responsibility.

But it wasn’t so in 1969, when the series was aired. It was more in the lines of, with great powers comes great fun: she was a child after all, even if she was a child that could easily lift a horse with one hand.

I didn’t choose this title for nothing – by all accounts, I believe that Pippi is one of the first superheroine to ever come on the small screens. Did she have superpowers? Yes. Did Pippi do what Pippi wanted? Yes. Did she have a tragic history? Yes, she was separated from her father, and her mother was dead. Was she a generous person? Yes she was, especially when it came to children. Was she a mood-swinger? Yes, she was. And the list can continue.

However, she is still just a child that doesn’t really know in what world she lives in. She is innocent and unknowing of what she can do, and this is probably why she sometimes clashes with other characters. Yes, she has superpowers, but she doesn’t know yet how to be a responsible girl. She just wanted to have fun.

And, in my opinion, this is what made the short-lived series so popular. Even if it lasted only 13 episodes, it spawned two spin-offs: Pippi in the South Seas and Pippi on the Run. It is needless to say that these two gathered quite a few fans and followers also.

As a side story, besides the traits I mentioned above, the character Pippi was cited in the recent years as also being a racist. But people sometimes forget a thing: in fact she was against all those that didn’t treat her well, no matter what the skin color was. She did, after all, mock the white children that were going to school.

In the end, I’d say one more thing, about the other superpower of Pippi: she was a cute pigtailed redhead.

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