Phyllis Newman: Why She Must Pay

One of the Young and the Restless’ most complicated characters that you will sometimes love to hate, Phyllis Newman is truly a woman who has the nerves to destroy lives for her own personal gain. You will never know what she has planned next, or what her next move will be. She is good at manipulation and makes people believe that she has changed only to do the opposite. She is ruthless and cold, and will alter things around her so that circumstances will favor her. Another thing that she is good at is concealing her own dark secrets for so many years.

From making guys believe that they have fathered a child, to altering DNA results, to blackmails, to trying to kill people and having affairs, this woman is a master deceiver. To me, she must pay for all of her crimes. Well, she has indeed paid for some of these when Nick fell in love with Sharon all over again, and when she lost her baby, got imprisoned and framed for attempted murder and arson. For every wrong doing she has done, she has, even if only in part, already paid for them.

As proof that some crimes do pay, Phyllis’ attempted hit and run resurfaces after 18 years, which led to the ruin of her marriage and her losing her job. Her life then spirals out of control and it gets even worse when her own daughter catches her with another lover. So in the end, she loses everything: her husband, her job, her relationship with her daughter. But there is one more thing that she must lose, in my opinion, and that is her freedom. She must answer for her crime committed against Paul and Christine by going to jail.

With everything that she has done, being sentenced and sent to imprisonment is one way of paying for her crime. This only proves that crimes and dark secrets cannot be kept behind dark shadows forever and will resurface no matter what. For Phyllis Newman, although we can say that what she has done in the past was a crime of passion and obfuscation; it does not change the fact that she still committed a crime and must pay for it, one way or another. If not imprisonment, then karma will catch up with her sooner or later. It does not matter if it happens an hour later or it will take 18 years, the fact remains that debts have to be paid.

What do you guys think? Am I the only one getting quite fed up with her?



  1. I love her charter on the show she makes life interesting but wish thing could go her way for once .

    • Sandee says:

      I agree with you Evelyn you have to have a tart apple in the apple sauce other wise it is sickening sweet.. You have to have someone to hate other was the show would be boring… Can you image watching a show where all the people were like Lily.. Oh my God.. You sure need someone like Michelle Stafford to stir the pot.. And she is excellent at it..

  2. Emilie says:

    I disagree. I don’t see the need for Phyllis to spend time in prison. What she is suffering now is somehow worse than prison in my opinion. She has actually become a pariah in Genoa City so she might as well be in prison. The only person who actually cares about her is Jack. I believe the awful things she has done have come back to bite her…loss of husband, loss of daughter, loss of her best friend, Avery is in love with Nick, even Daniel isn’t around right now…everyone knows now what she did…it doesn’t matter how many times she denies it, people know it’s true. She is suffering deeply.

    • wanda jeffords says:

      how odd it is to defend an attempted murderer just because “she’s suffering” In real life and if the person who’s life was threatened was a friend or relative i’m sure you wouldn’t be so forgiving….murder and attempted murder has no statute of limitations!

  3. Trina says:

    I hate Phylis. I think she needs to pay for everything she has done to all the good citizens of GC. And, maybe in prison she will gain a little weight. She looks sick she is so thin I can hardly stand to look at her

  4. i love phyllis she is what makes the stories very good if anything sharon should pay and take her boring but off.

  5. Gina says:

    I like Phyllis, she is her own worst enemy…but jail time? Nah, I’m glad the judge threw the case out. People keep forgetting about Victor Newman, I have watched Y&R since day one and believe me, if someone needs to pay for their crimes it’s this man, he got started way before Phyllis was even born.

  6. Tasha says:

    I think that Phyllis is a fighter. What boggles my brain is the fact that nobody pays any attention to what is being done to her, all they do is get mad at the way that she fights back. I think that she is a survivor. Lately I’ve been wanting her to win in some kind of way but it seems like everytime she gets to a stable place something happens.

    • Carly says:

      Fighter, no. A mother taking care of her kids alone and balancing her life, that is a fighter. A woman stirring up trouble and thinking that in hurting people the ends justify the means that is a very dangerous woman. A woman that would take money from her own daughter’s future to save her own hide, in my humble opinion is no less than dirt. Something happens yes because she can’t stop gloating at the misfortune of others, can’t stop judging others, an’t stop controlling her ADULT son to the point of suffocation. And them venomously attacking people who don’t bother her until she sticks her nose in their business. I don’t feel anything for her. But as for Michelle Stafford, she is a wonderful actress. Kudos to her. And as was said before I wouldn’t want to watch a SOAP just for nice, flavorless characters or the hypocritical, goody-two-shoes families (like the Winters) who want to bestow their blessings on a few and have their own Naughty and Nice list. Ugh! Disgustng!

  7. Kay Loftin says:

    Humm- let’s see. She was trying to kill Christine after she saw Christine kissing HER (Phyllis’) husband! Oh, yes. But that’s all right since it’s Queen Christine, innocent of all she does. I think she would have done Paul a huge favor. Oh, but let’s see. Paul just cheated on Nina with Christine and that’s after Queen Christine has slept with Danny when he blew into town. Oh, yes. Update your hair, Christine. You and Sharon – go to a salon.

  8. Sandee says:

    I will never grow sick of Phyllis.. She put’s spice into what otherwise would be a tasteless dish…

  9. Butternut says:

    I always thought she was pure EVIL!!
    Yes, she needs to pay for it all!!!

  10. Pamela says:

    When Phyllis started on the show, I didn’t like her. It took so time, but now I like her. Yes, she has done wrong, who hasn’t. Just because she is not as wimpy & needy as Sharon doesn’t mean she is all bad. Jill wasn’t that nice neither. If you make her to mad, she’s just as bad as Phyllis. Christine is no angel neither. Paul should not have been hurt, he just happened to be with Christine at the wrong time. With Nick as a husband, I feel she has paid. He should not be married to anyone, he is not faithful. Then she has a sister, Avery, who says she loves Phyllis but has a funny way of showing it. I’d whether be an only child. Let’s not talk about her daughter, who needs to be slapped a couple of times in the mouth. To me, Phyllis has paid for her mistakes. I think she should give Ronan a break. She should be with him. Jack is old news. She should help him recover but as for a relationship, go to Ronan. Without her & Victor, the should would be boring.

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