Oh Daniel, I Think it’s Time for You to See a Doctor…

tumblr_m47k91BuyB1r6k7xuo1_500Hey, Dan, for being a pretty good looking doc, you sure have some brain matter that needs medical attention—and fast!  I mean, your ex-wife comes back to Salem with Parker, claims (again) it’s yours, and you just fall for it hook, line and sinker, without running DNA tests or anything?

Come on, already, you should know Chloe’s track record for lying, do you HONESTLY believe that she would spew the truth NOW after so much time has passed?

I was rooting for you and Jennifer to make it in Salem, but having (finally) caught up on episodes and watched how your character has once again succumbed to Chloe’s schemes just makes me sick.  It amazes me how Chloe has the power to turn your smart doctor brain to mush, while you never fully trust (or believe perhaps) a word that comes out of Jennifer’s mouth, who is SUPPOSED to be your girlfriend.

I know that in the past, I wrote about how I was rooting for “Dannifer” to make it.  Now, however, I am ready to tell Jen “Forget the doctor, move on” because now with Parker involved, Daniel is always going to lose his focus off of Jen, and onto his child, which yes, should be the right thing, but with Chloe worming her way back into Daniel’s heart (and bed), Jennifer is going to come out the loser, and Chloe and her “friend” Ann will be doing the happy dance.

While Jennifer may not be much of a saint, at least her track record far surpasses Chloe’s any day of the week.  It still amazes me to this day that it took Chloe at least a year (if not more) to decide to come back to Salem to announce Parker’s true parentage, and suddenly Daniel is just ready to open his arms and his apartment to Chloe, Parker and now mama Nancy.

Between those two women, and a little scheming from Ann, there isn’t a prayer left for Father Eric to say on Jennifer’s behalf for her to “win” this battle.

Daniel, I hate to tell you, but if you pick Chloe over Jennifer, I won’t feel any sympathy for you when you FINALLY open your eyes and realize what a witch Chloe really is. You may preach all you want that you know what Chloe is up to, but face it, man, you don’t have one CLUE as to how devious “saint” Chloe can really be.


  1. Msmomof2 says:

    Keep Chloe, get rid of Jen, let Rafe&nicole get together

  2. Donna S. says:

    There is hardly anybody on the show any more that has a brain!!! Jennifer is a Horton, therefore she has ethics but, how stupid of her to just assume that Chloe was in bed with Daniel!!! When he called she should have been able to tell that he had been drinking!!! She should have noticed that Chloe was still fully clothed!!! They are so stupid latley it’s getting pathetic to watch!!!

  3. Sheri says:

    Amen, sister who wrote this blog. You said it all for me and every woman rooting for Jennifer and Daniel to make it work this time.

  4. sandy says:

    blad he’s not my dr.— physician heal thyself!

  5. mary stevens says:

    Please,see a doctor quick,before Jenniferitis causes permanent damage!Get out now before you catch snarkyitis,lameacitis,or saintlioma,causing possible impotence or even spreading chronic sleepyitis to your fans!I hear its like the bite of a tsetse fly,incurable,and causing all who come into direct contact to sleep until dying of boredom.At least Chloe is interesting.

  6. is the one who beat up nick going for revenge or is it the other way around

  7. Katrina Wiser says:

    Daniel might be good looking and a Dr., but as far as I’m concerned, he is the stupidest, most naive man! The storyline got to the point that is was sickening! C’mon Days!! Give this man somethin to work with!!!

  8. maryirene lewis says:

    but still in all daniel and jennifer are related who can form incest on soaps geez wake up world gosh we dont need this garbage on soaps geez

  9. Jeannine says:

    I want Chloe back maybe she can be love interest of Rafe. Jennifer well she just needs to go visit a relative in Egypt for a long long long long time. Actually maybe days need to kill her off the show then she can be happy with Jack for ever and ever.

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