Oh Chloe, Your Song Has Sung Its Last Chord….

So word (okay, Soap Opera Digest) has it that Chloe Lane is coming back to Salem, and by the time this article goes live, she’s most likely graced our screens already.

This writer, frankly, is yawning about it.  I liked Chloe at first, I did…..well, let me backtrack…..I liked her at first with Philip, but with Victor constantly breathing down her neck, yeah, I wanted her to find someone else.  Pairing her with Lucas bored me, but then, by some miracle, she and Daniel met and fell in love, and heck, I was even on the bandwagon when they hooked up.  I almost thought I would have to buy a fire extinguisher with how much they were burning up my TV screen at some points.

However, if rumors be true, Chloe will be coming back to Salem with a little baby news.  No, silly, she’s not pregnant (I mean, that would be one year long pregnancy)! However, it just may appear that *shocker* (Note the sarcasm please!) Parker is really Daniel’s child!  Gee, what a great idea to throw a wrench into the freshly new relationship between Jennifer and Daniel.  I mean, isn’t it enough that we had to endure Jack meddling in when Jen was trying to move forward with Daniel the first time around? And now that Jack is gone, the doors are WIDE open for Jen and Daniel to come together…..and now Chloe comes in to interfere with the Daniel/Jennifer relationship.

And Chloe, sorry to say this (okay, not really), but what right do you have to tell Daniel what (or who) to do or see now? You had no problem up and leaving Daniel, so why should he have waited around for you to come back?  He had EVERY right to move on as well.  Lose the drama mode, Chloe, we were all a lot happier without having to witness it day in and out.  And by the way, having Parker be Daniel’s sudden miracle child isn’t a joyous occasion for this writer…it’s more of a travesty.  Now, if this paternity is true, Daniel is going to feel like a total idiot for missing out on a year of his son’s accomplishments (do you think maybe the kid sings opera now?)

My final thought….Hey DOOL writers? Why in God’s name did you wait FOUR years after Chloe left for her to come back and suddenly have Parker be Daniel’s son?  Couldn’t you have left Daniel and Jennifer alone for ONE year at least?  Why do you always have to ruin the couples I like by bringing in the drama so quickly into their relationships?


  1. Lori says:

    Has it really been 4 years? Surely it couldn’t have been 4 years!

  2. mary clagett says:

    I agree. They can’t leave anybody happy. D and C NO WAY!

  3. Sheila Coolidge says:

    I’m glad to see Chole back but don’t want her to break up Daniel & Jennifer.Please put Chloe with some one else and leave Daniel & Jenn alone.Let Daniel & Chloe share custody of Parker.

  4. lifelongDAYSwatcher says:

    I am SO glad Chloe is BACK! Daniel and Chloe were HOT! Daniel and Jennifer are B-O-R-I-N-G! Jennifer belongs with Jack. Period. Always has, always will.

    • debbie gunter says:

      I really do nt like Jennifer and Daniel together. They are totally boring.

    • Linda says:

      Agreed. Let Chloe & Daniel get back together and raise their son. Jennifer is a total BORE and thinks her crap don’t stink because she is a Horton. I have watched this show for over , well many years+. If you feel Jen needs a mate bring back Frankie

  5. Susie says:

    The writer of this article needs to check their facts before writing their articles, Chloe was only gone for a year. I agree, Dan needs to be with someone a little more exciting than Jennifer, she is so boring and so self righteous. Dan and Chloe made a great match, but so did Dan and Nicole and that little lady deserves to be happy for real.

  6. They all are kind of driving me crazy right now…Daniel and Jen, ugh!! Nicole the Nun,(wannabe)..Lucas is lost. Nick felon ready to go over the edge..Rafe and Sami..what happened there? Kristen and Brady..sick (poor Brady) and John leaves the love of his life, Marlena..because???? why? and by the way, has Hope noticed that Beau is gone?
    However…. it is Days and we love it, for better or worse!!
    P.S. I forgot to mention Will….It’s your kid, Dude!!! do the right thing!

    • Ann says:

      I think Chloe is so boring. She is beautiful……… but that is about all. No real emotion. Let Daniel and Jennifer get together.

  7. Bo needs to come back with Patch; Jennifer is too old looking for Daniel, certainly they could find someone else for her- why they killed off Jack is beyond me. Chloe and Daniel were hot, now they have made her mean. Kate and Rafe please stop this. Rafe and Nicole or Nicole and Brady after Kristan breaks his heart. John and Marlena get back together; Kate with Roman is ok as long as she helps bring down Stephano first to pay for her past shenanigans….The writers are not at their best.

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