No Real Love For Sami???

SamiI can’t be the only person who has noticed the fact that every character on Days… including NICOLE of all people… has been given really close, good friends that they can really count on to be there for them… Everyone other than Samantha Gene Brady that is… I have to ask myself why that is.

When the powers that be had even her parents treat her like she was unlovable unless she changed, thus becoming someone she wasn’t; I got really mad.  Then, they gave her a relationship with her one “friend”… and I use the term looselyLucas never really accepted her for who she was… he was forever trying to change her… to turn her into someone more like Carrie.   It’s no wonder Sami has such issues with her big sister… Both Lucus andRafe both told her that they loved her… married her… and then went and fell in love with her sister.

When Sami finally got away from Lucas, I celebrated. I thought maybe she would finally get SOMEONE in her life that would honestly care about her… as she was.  I thought they had finally decided to do just that with EJ when they first brought him to town… but they never really let the two of them have even a friendship without interruption; let alone more.   Next thing we knew, Rafe was being brought on scene… and once again, Sami was paired with someone who wanted to change her.  The biggest difference, was that unlike with Lucas… Sami let him…. She turned into Stepford-wife Sami, that no one recognized, all in the name of being “loved”.

That was when her parents finally started to tell her that they were proud of her… but it wasn’t because they really lovedher or even accepted her for who she was… it was because she was pretending.

Sami FINALLY started to show her true colors again, and the next thing we know, she has lost everything…. Rafe never really loved the real her either… He only cared when she was willing to act like Carrie.  She moved back on with Lucas, and Rafe was fine with it… It wasn’t until she started to move on with EJ again, that Rafe suddenly decided he couldn’t live without her.

When will Sami get a REAL love? I know I’m not the only one who thinks it’s time for EJAMI to get that chance together.

“Your problem is that you insist on surrounding yourself with people who want to change you.  But you’re you, and I think you’re perfect just the way you are.”  EJ to Sami


By Faith Loveright


  1. TAMMY Black says:

    Sami and Ej have the best Chemistry on Days right now, even when they are at odds with each other there is still the hot,sexy,fire that just beams off both of them.If Days has any sense at all they will give EJAMI a chance once and for all!!!

  2. Jo says:

    TOTALLY AGREE!!! I LOVED Sami & Raf… until, they ruined everything with CARRIE, who is just a horrible person that everyone thinks is such a saint. Once Raf pulled that crap w/ Carrie I can never look at him the same. All for a 2 month storyline that was boring anyway… It should have been Sami & Raf all the way but WHATEVER!

  3. DAYSmom says:

    I hear ya, but what about Brandon? He was CCCRAZY abouy her!

  4. Rose Garden says:

    It is EJAMI’s time. I just can’t understand why in the soap world Safe ever happened in the first place Safe is the most boring soap couple of all time. It is time to give the fans the love story that the character of Sami deserves. The only man who truly loves her the way she is ? EJ!!! EJ and Sami are perfect for each other. Let Sami find the real love she has been waiting for all these years with EJ.

  5. Alma C says:

    EJAMI all the way. He is the only one that really accepts her and loves her. I’m sorry but Rafe was only a rebound. Nicole was only in the picture because Sami could not accept that she loved EJ. I just want my EJAMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Amber says:

    EJ and Sami could be the next super couple if the writers would give it a chance. You literally see sparks between them when they are in a scene together. Let us see more of it!

    • wanda says:

      Leave Sami & EJ alone I love them together EJ really loves her I hate to see him go bad again because he is really trying.

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