Nicole Walker: My, How Times Have Changed…

Nicole Walker is one of those characters that you want to hate because of what she does (and believe me, there could be a mile-long list), but love her at the same time.  She has suffered as much heartache and devastation as the next woman in Salem, and yet, still manages to find a way to hold her head up high and continue on.

Having four marriages under her belt, not to mention an unstable childhood, it’s no wonder Nicole has her emotions flying high depending on the day.  However, having lost her son, suddenly, Nicole’s façade is shed, and now we see the inner workings of what lies in Nicole’s heart—the desire to be loved, and to give that love back.

I admit, I’ve started to enjoy Nicole’s character more now than I have in the past.  I really feel that having her lose baby Daniel (while by no means should be cheered on), really brought out a new character in Nicole’s persona.  Now, it’s not about scheming her way into a man’s bed, or lying to a man to get his attentions.  Suddenly, Nicole’s priorities have switched from being a man’s companion to realizing that there’s more to life than just sex.

With EJ and Nicole, there was fire between them, but with so many lies and deceptions, how could Nicole keep up with EJ, and vice versa?  The marriage to Lucas was a complete joke in my eyes, as I really did not see any chemistry between the two characters.  Brady and Nicole had chemistry, but now with Brady so caught up in Kristen, it’s better that Brady/Nicole are friends and not lovers.  I was very glad the writers did not pursue a relationship between Rafe and Nicole, as I think they are much better off as just friends, which Nicole lacks a lot of.  When Nicole and Daniel got close, I admit that I was a bit skeptical (I mean, I am on the Daniel/Jen bandwagon here), but I think Daniel’s understanding of Nicole and her situation shed a new light on Nicole, and allowed her to open up to Daniel in a way she couldn’t before.

Did she love Daniel? Yes, I believe she did.  However, while I also believe Daniel loved her in return, I don’t think this relationship would have worked to either of their advantages.  I also think that having Nicole work at (of all places) the rectory is bringing her in touch with her true feelings of what life is about, as well as giving her some purpose in life.  Having her work closely with Eric again has made Nicole come full circle, as I truly believe that Eric was the one true love of Nicole’s life, and now that he has committed himself to God, Nicole finds herself viewing Eric not as a lover, but as the only person she can count on.


  1. Nicole is one of my favorites. She is a real good actress. Even the looks on her face shows how good she is. Give her a chance at happiness.

  2. renee says:

    Like Nicole’s good side.

  3. dlbr says:

    I enjoy the Nicole storylines as well. I really was hoping for it to work between her and Daniel. Wouldn’t it be interesting, if in a moment of unchecked passion, she has a night with Eric and gets pregnant…AND gets to have and keep the baby? That would be awesome. She deserves to have a child of her own. Hopefully that happens, somehow. EJ and Nicole were good together too, but (much to my dislike), they have him with Sami. Sami belongs with Rafe.

  4. Donna S. says:

    Bring a new man into the show who will totally commit to her and she to him. I suppose she could still love Eric from afar or even better he could love her and not have her. Let her have some happiness without competing for a man’s affections.

  5. Jeanette says:

    Love Nicole and her character. I like this new side to her, but I also liked the bad girl in her. So hope they can keep that part of her as well. Even if just scheming to help even when she should keep her nose out of it maybe. I love her with Brady as well, but I’ve always thought Eric was her true love as well. I also hope they put them together and her get to HAVE a baby. Its so sad she keeps losing her babies and so heart breaking. I’m an EJami but it tore my heart out for her when she lost her son.

  6. Sharon Marion says:

    I like Nicole’s good side…let her be happy for a change

  7. Brenda says:

    I wish for once they would let Nicole be happy and fall in love without any competition. I love her character & she plays it so well .

  8. Anna van Heerden says:

    I don’t like Nicole- take her off.

  9. Kathy struewing says:

    I’ve enjoyed her performances for a long time especially the ones where she is being emotionally honest, she is very good in those scenes.

  10. lifelongDAYSwatcher says:

    The fact that you are on the Daniel/Jen bandwagon pretty much negates anything you have to say in my mind. Anyone who would be for that completely wrong/dysfunctional/uninspiring relationship does not have credibility to speak about relationships. It has turned Jennifer Horton Deveraux, who used to be one of my favorite characters, into a sniveling, petty, self-righteous bi!@# and now even dragged Abigail down into that self-righteous dysfunctional chaos. I think both of those characters look small and petty right now. And Daniel was better with Chloe that any of the other many, many, many women he has been paired with – deep down they are the same and they are very well-matched. As for Nicole, she has had the cruelest life imaginable – and I almost stopped watching when the writers had her lose baby Daniel – the 2nd child she lost in a very short time span. It is unimaginably cruel and I cannot fathom how she was even able to go on from there – and I found Jennifer unimaginably heartless, petty, and self-righteous in that whole affair as well. personally, I think Jenn needs to be single for awhile, grieve for Jack and find a way to honor his memory – maybe by going to work for the Salem Spectator again. Then, after awhile, maybe she can meet a nice NEW man and try to move on again. That is the only way she can begin to redeem her character again, in my opinion, unless the writers see the light and bring Jack back – which is what they should really do. Nicole, on the other hand, deserves to finally be bale to move past her harsh, cruel past and find peace and love in life – and finally have her own child. It would be nice if that could happen with Eric – but I don’t look for that to happen with these cruel, misogynistic, self-righteous writers.

    • Claire says:

      I completely agree with most of what you said. I detest Jennifer now and she used to be one of my favorite characters. She’s awful now and, even her acting is sadly lacking. The ONLY person for Jennifer has always been jack!!!

  11. Cindi says:

    I love Nicole! She does deserve a baby & happiness! Whoever can make her the happiest w/o having her doubt or struggle w/the relationship would be best!

  12. Jean says:

    Ñicole is a great character and great actress.Let her be happy. How about Eric leading her to God and let the character evolve from there.

  13. Lucy Flynn says:

    I absolutely LOVE Nicole!!!! She is amazing as is Rafe they need to put them two together they would make a great couple!!!

    • Arleen says:

      Rafe belongs with Sami, and I really believe they will find their way back to each other. May take a while, you know how soaps are! EJ is still a heartless b____ no matter how much he proclaims to love Sami.

  14. musicmary says:

    Don’t like Nicole character. As long as it has pants on, she’s happy. Attest: Vargas.

  15. Diana Whitt says:

    Maybe they need to let her be with Daniel since Jennifer CAN’T make up her mind from day to day !!!!! I would like her with Daniel .

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