Nicholas And Sharon Newman: Genoa City’s Destiny Couple

The Young and the Restless Nicholas and Sharon Newman are Genoa City’s destiny couple. High school sweethearts and soul mates, bound for eternity. Yet, circumstances have pushed these two star-crossed lovers to be little less than formable enemies. As much as Nikki and Victor belong together, so do Nicolas and Sharon. So, what brought them to their disastrous present?

Both had illicit affairs: Nick came home one night in a drunken stupor and made love to Sharon’s best friend, Grace Turner, who he mistook for his wife. Grace plotted and planned until a second night of passion came between he and Sharon, but the couple’s bond of love drew them back together. Later, another affair with the sexy and sultry Phyllis Summers ended their marriage, but not their bond. Sharon’s attraction to Genoa City’s ‘bad boys’ including, Diego Guittierez, Brad Carlton, Billy Abbot and last, but certainly not least, Adam Newman added much spice to the couple’s lives and kept this fan’s attention. Still after each encounter, Sharon returned to her first love, Nicholas. Will she return to him yet again? I hope so!

I believe what broke up this powerhouse couple wasn’t the green-eyed monster of jealousy, but the Newman bloodline’s inability to cope when faced with hardships. Nicholas followed in his patriarch father, Victor Newman’s footsteps, to run away when life throws him a curveball. His inability to handle such circumstances drove him to run away and hide, usually bringing disastrous consequences in its wake . Thus, after Cassie died in that car crash, Nick withdrew inside himself and used the excuse of pursuing Daniel Romalotti to keep from coping with his wife’s grief. Instead of embracing the grieving process, he ignored Sharon’s needs and pushed her away, creating an emotional gap that left both an emotional basket case and highly vulnerable.  Enter Phyllis,  Nick’s denial to accept his adopted daughter’s fate, and his craving for acceptance of who he was drove him into Phyllis’s arms.

From there,  their lives escaladed out of control. Nick’s obsession with Phyllis took front and center. The pair later married and began down a sordid path that sent Y & R’s fans into a tailspin. Sharon became the helpless waif that started her on a path of self destruction, a path that drove her to become the woman she is today.

Only the writers know the future for Genoa City’s destiny couple!  Should they survive to live and love another day? I think so. Their volatile relationship has a magnetic attraction, and a draw that will keep the fans on  the edge of their seats, and eventually will pull Nick and Sharon back together.  After multiple triumphs and an array of lovers and marriages, will the couple finally find true happiness? Should  their long history, and obvious chemistry bring them back onscreen as lovers?  You decide!


  1. Cary says:

    I do NOT want Nick and Sharon together again, and I sure as heck don’t want Sharon with Adam either. Sharon needs to get well then find herself a meaningful job/charity to keep her busy.

    • jennifer whitehurst says:


    • jennifer whitehurst says:

      no ones perfect! dont judge

    • Janet Lampe says:

      NO !!!!!!!!! Sharon and Nick, or Sharon and Adam.
      She needs to be alone

    • Stormie Nicole says:

      I think both Sharon and Nick need time for themselves. Sharon needs to find who she is besides being known for always having some man rescue her. She needs to get help so she can become stronger, healthier and a better person for herself and her children. Nick needs time to find himself as well. He always run and ultimately into the arms of some woman. He doesn’t know who he is outside of the name Newman. He’s not sure of what he wants. Neither one ever took some real time to evaluate themselves and their lives to see what is really going on. If they are meant to be, they will be, but with the rate they are going they got too much baggage to even cope with each other.

    • Evelyn P Luzader says:

      I agree!! I do not want Nick with crazy Sharon or evil Phyllis!! I want Nick to marry and be really happy with Avery!!

  2. SHEILA RAY says:

    they are each others 1st love and parent to 3 kids together….they will always love each other…….his affair with the EVIL PHYLIS ruined their marriage…and broke her heart…..and he knows it..she never got over that……they need each other like they need air to breath…….PUT THEM BACK WHERE THEY BELONG……IN EACH OTHERS ARMS.

  3. Beverly Orzel says:

    I do not want Nick with Sharon-she has been with all the Newman even Victor. I think she is the tramp of Genoa City. Sge gets away with everything she does. She needs to be found guilty of arson of the Newman house and be sent to jail for quite a while. I still want Nick with Phyllis and Adam with Chelsea.

    • jennifer whitehurst says:


    • Janet Lampe says:

      I agree its time people on soaps pay for what they do wrong

    • Pamela says:

      I agree with Beverly Orzel. Nick & Sharon do not belong together. She has been married to ALL of the Newman men. The other men of Genoa city she has slept with them all. Besides, I do not believe she became bipolar until after she had done her crimes besides the ranch house fire. If I was a prosecutor, I would punish her & tell her psychiatric that she was normal until she realized all of her crimes. Let’s see tearing up the marriage agreement between her & Victor, sleeping with Tucker & doing everything that he said, destroying Newman Enterprises not caring if the stock dropped or not, how she treated the family when everyone thought that Victor was dead, giving Abby’s horses away, yes after she did all that & more she developed her bipolar condition. She should be committed to a psychiatric inst. & only allowed to see Faith with supervision. As for Nick, he should not be married to anyone. He is not faithful to anyone. He’s going to ask Victor to not press charges against Sharon. I would tell Nick that since he would not fight to get Newman Enterprises back, go jump in a lake with Sharon.

      • I agree they dont belong together , give Nick more credit than that! I think we should see where He an Avery go we dont know much about her an I like them being together something fresh! Sharon has been thru all the Newmans how could u do that to Nick an put him with her?????Really been watching for many many many years an them to spliting up was one of the best things ever, Nick has more to bring than what he can with her an this gives him a new window to do so an whos to say Avery is all innocent!

  4. mona says:

    I will love to see Nick an Sharon back together again.

  5. Beth Barrett says:

    no i dont want them back together dont like Sharon never have shes to helpless, & dependant but presents to be the goody good girl, when she is the towns community punchboard. Im not that fond of Nick lately either, thinks of him self. Do love Chelsey and Adam.

    • tata says:

      I use to like Chelsea and Adam but ultimately I think the title of “Destiny’s Couple” belongs to Lilly and Kane. Chelsea and Adam, it was good at first but now it is like who is going to be her next hookup. The love is gone and I want to see her with someone else. Lilly and Kane are the goody two shoe couple, (unless you make Lilly a bad girl).

  6. Cristin says:

    Nick & Sharon BELONG TOGETHER!!! Forever!

  7. Paula Ford says:

    Sharon and Nick together are BORING!!! I hate what they have done to Sharon’s character. Where is the love, passion, and lust that soaps are supposed to be??? Love Sharon and Adam.

  8. Becky Brown says:

    The similarities between Victor/Nikki and Nick/Sharon are extensive; however, Nick is finally becoming his own man, not the one his father is desperately trying to mold him to be. I understand that Victor, who grew up with nothing, wants to give to his family… but when all is said and done, Newman Enterprises is just a building. I say, give it up Victor… go and appreciate the many second chances at life you have been given and focus on your wife for a change. As for Nick and Sharon, their ship has indeed passed. Nick needs out of the drama and into some sore of normalcy (at least for a while?!). Thanks.

    • Patricia says:

      Oh, yes, Nick belongs with Sharon. Until they can forgive each other, they will always be drawn back to each other. Too much was left undone between them, and they need to work things out once and for all. Please find a way to bring them back to each others arms.
      Adam is not good for Sharon, he makes her need him. That’s not what she needs, she needs to feel true love, and that is what she had with Nick and Nick had with her. Nick is now lost and he needs to find himself, and through Sharon, I think he can do that.

  9. tata says:

    Sharon and Nick do not belong together. Sharon has ran through the Newman, Abbots and half of Genoa City. The only left untouched is Neal and Kane. I like Nick with Phylis, they have so much chemistry together. Nick and Avery are a boring couple. Avery needs a bad boy (new cop) and Nick needs a bad girl (phylis).

  10. Renee D says:

    Who wants to go back to a woman who was sexually involved with their dad and brother? That just disrespectful and nasty. DO NOT put Nick and Sharon back together. I want Nick with Phyllis.

  11. I would love to see Nick and Sharon back together. It was so horrible when Nick
    slept with Phyllis. Yes put them back they were so wonderful together I think they really need each other. Phyllis is the ultimate evil person. She should have been in jail long long ago for all her lies and manipulation. But of course it is a soap opera.
    I hope the writer leave Nikky and Victor to be the matriarks of the program and let them live happily ever after until they retire from the show. I have been watching this show since it started.

  12. liked Chesley an Adam together til he messed that up running to poor Sharon ~ shes just a pitty now an I dont know if she can come back from that! Red should be with Roan or someone new, she just lies lies lies, Nick dont need that ~ I would like to see Nick with Avery an a twist of sexy to Avery cuz Look at Billy an Viki they keep me watching the show ~they have true love struggles other than what Victor creates. Lily an Cane have a love story so fake an gagging! Try putting Devon an Abby togther give him some hot screne time they would be a great story!

  13. Pamela says:

    About 20 of us want to see nick & sharon together

  14. Nick and Avery
    Adam and Chelsea
    Sharon and Sharon alone she makes me sick she needs to go away for awhile so no one will be messed with by her.Go on and find you a new man Sharon.

  15. Mimi Da Great says:

    I think Sharon needs therapy & although I love when Nick & sharon are together, I hate the fact that the show has Sharon turn into a slutbucket!!! Every man in Genoa city has had her. Its not fair to Nick to have a hoe as a housewife! I dont want him with Phylis either but Id prefer Sharon & nick over them being with anyone else. Sad. Sad. Sad. lol

  16. Pam says:


  17. Fran says:

    Enough already of Nick and Sharon!!!! No more Phyllis and Nick either.

  18. Althea Jones says:

    I truly do not the direction Y &R is going Sharon is the worst example of a mom a woman. from bitch to pity me where is her Mom Sharon is the death of Nick’s spirit. I see Victoria and Billy as IT COUPLE Victoria needs a makeover more sassy/ power haircut. So tired of the my brother’s wife or my sister’s husband hook ups. Phyllis and nick make a better couple. Adam and Chelsey need to start their own company. Y & R needs to bring something new to the table too predictable since I was 9 years I watched

  19. Janet Lampe says:

    I DO NOT want Sharon and Nick together. Phyllis should be with Nick. Cane and Lilly are the best couple keep them together. Bill and Vicki are good together. Sharon should just be alone she trouble She been messed up since she was a kid.

  20. sharon says:

    No more Nick and Sharon let Nick go with Avery and let Adam go back with Chelsey

  21. Lana Frank says:

    What do you want him to be ..another Victor.. Marry Sharon 4 times? Come on .. move on Sick of seeing the same story lines over and over again. Pair him up with someone new!! Avery works!

  22. I used to think Sharron & Nick were destined to be together, but things have changed for the worse… Ok, good Sharron & Nick speak, but she’s no longer the sweet & innocent girl, Nick fell in love with years ago!

  23. They both need to slow down, but not for each other!

  24. i’ve been watching y&r since i was a teenager & when they brought nick & sharon together i became hooked & a huge fan,to me nick & sharon belong together they have history & they both have come a long way since they’ve been divorced,to me they really do deserve a happy ending,& let adam & chelsea,& avery & dylan be together,to me that’s the way it should be in my books

  25. Sure! Get them together…quickly…send them on a honeymoon thru the Bermuda Triangle and Lets NEVER EVER SEE EITHER OF THEM AGAIN! Sharon Case is a channel changer and needs to be buried. Nick is not much better. The only time he was EVER good is when he was getting together w/ Phyllis!

  26. Foxxy says:

    No, that would be redundant and just old and boring.

  27. Elizabeth says:

    No no too Nick and Sharon please don’t put them back together . No one can take Phillis place.

  28. Shay Smith says:

    No please no Sharon she is bipolar!! and she is crazy..please just take her off of Y&R!!!!!!!!

  29. When is Sharon going to be found out what she did to Phyllis about the adoption papers. They need to know how evil she is.

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