Nathan Fillion: Captain and Prankster

When not portraying one of the greatest spaceship captains of all time, Nathan Fillion is just an average, geeky guy. Sure, he might be a movie and television star who gets to spend time with celebrities like Neil Patrick Harris, Joss Whedon, and the entire cast of Firefly. But you know what, he does some things that normal people do believe it or not.

He has an electric skateboard, he enjoys video games(or at least voice acting for them), but he has one other very interesting hobby: the sophisticated art of photobombing.

In many photos he can be seen making what I imagine the face of a constipated man who just stubbed his toe, bit his tongue, and got kicked in the nuts simultaneously would look like. Fillion also likes to pull pranks like that in scenes here’s already in. During the filming of “The Message” he can be seen attempting to fool around with the supposedly dead body of Private Tracey.

However, Fillion’s tomfoolery doesn’t end there; his shenanigans extend into science fictions conventions as well. There are multiple instances of Fillion calling past cast members of Firefly during panels, and occasionally, unexpectedly showing up. These incidents of hilarious proportions occurred at Dragon Con 2010 and Serenity Con 2007 respectively. And even stranger, although not entirely out of Fillion’s character, at Dragon Con 2008 Fillion just randomly reached out to Morena Baccarin, and kissed her without warning. I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I’ll be in my bunk…masterfully pulled off by Fillion was on Alan Tudyk.

Another prank masterfully pulled off by Fillion was on Alan Tudyk. When Tudyk finished house sitting for Fillion, he noticed that Tudyk left a calendar in his house, that feature a young Tudyk. Fillion, not wanting to miss out on what would be an amazing prank, seized his chance. He copied some of the pictures, some of which were especially embarrassing for the younger version of Wash, and made much larger versions of them. Now, what did Nathan do next with these larger, much more humiliating photos? Why put almost twenty photos on the set of Serenity for the other members of the cast and crew to see. It was also the day of Alan Tudyk’s birthday. That Fillion, who knows what he’s gonna do next?


  1. Tom says:

    Fillion also called into Dragon*Con 2012 during the panel called Big Damn Heroes. It was hysterical as he started off by asking how Jewel Staite looked, first calling Adam Baldwin, the Sean Maher, before finally calling Jewel to ask her to escort him to the premier of Much Ado About Nothing.

    After she consented, he called Adam Baldwin back and ask him to be his back up date.

  2. Grammar Nazi says:

    I would seriously love to proofread articles before they are published on this site.

  3. robin says:

    did you proofread this before posting? You might want to do that – it’s embarrassing to read

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