Moving On After a Loss

With so many storylines taking over the Days of Our Lives airwaves, some viewers may tend to forget the big stories of the past months.  However, one story I can’t forget is the demise of Lexie Carver, and how her men, Abe and Theo are coping with the loss.

Having Lexie die in Abe’s arms was almost a cathartic moment for me.  It was amazing to watch how Abe, the former police commissioner, was able to open his emotions and pour his heart out, while on the other hand, Theo managed to stay controlled and calm in the situation.

Having watched the show more faithfully now over the last few months, I truly wish that Abe and Theo could be brought to the front lines more, as I think it’s important for viewers to see how, instead of a woman handling a loss, a man can move forward and be a good father to his son, who has his own challenges ahead of him.

From the few interactions we have been able to see, Abe is certainly being a doting parent on Theo, but if you look at him closely, you can obviously see the hurt, anger and sadness that lingers in his eyes over losing Lexie, and learning how to be a single parent.  While I’m not suggesting that Abe move on right away to another woman, I think it’s only a necessary step that Days allow Abe/Theo to be shown more on TV so that viewers can be drawn back into the story of loss and recouping from that loss and finding ways to move forward.  I mean, with the amount of air time shown for Jennifer while she was moving forward from Jack being gone, it’s only fair that Abe be allowed the same treatment.

While Theo seems to have been handling his mother’s passing as well as any child could, I want to see more of him acting out in rebellion against Abe, just to see how Abe would handle it.  At the same time, Abe needs to continue on with his life (I mean, how can he be able to hold down a house, and raise a family without a job?!) and perhaps even start to open his heart again to a new love.  I am not necessarily suggesting that he and Kayla Brady-Johnson hook up, but I think a maternal figure of sorts would be a comfort for both Abe and Theo in order to help them accept the reality of their life situation and begin to heal and move forward onto new adventures.


  1. sandy says:

    doesn’t Theo have an illness that makes Lexie’s death harder for him AND Abe go understand?

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