Mom’s The Word

I am ever so grateful to still have my mother in my life!  At a very young age, my Mom along with her sister and brother lost their mother, my grandmother.  My Grandmother was only 39 years of age at the time of her death from Leukemia.  My cousins and I never knew her.

So each day and especially Mother’s Day, I say an extra prayer thanking God that I still have my Mom and that my children have such a wonderful relationship with her!

Mothers are such an important part of the lives of not just young children, but adult children as well, which is why The Golden Girls writers wrote several shows on this very topic!  Not to mention the fact that the entire show centered around the relationship between Sophia and her daughter Dorothy!  In Season Three, in the episode entitled “Mother’s Day”, the four girls sit around the kitchen table and remember back to Mother’s Days past as they each wait for calls from their own children.  Although Blanche had often talked about her mother, Elizabeth Ann Bennett Roquet Hollingsworth, this is the only episode in which we actually see her mother, played by Helen Kleeb!  I remember Helen Kleeb mostly from re-runs of the TV show, The Waltons.

On The Golden Girls, each of our “Fab 4” were mothers themselves.  Starting with Sophia, having three children, Dorothy, Gloria and Philip Petrillo.  Dorothy herself was a mother of two children, Michael and Kate.  Rose and her late husband had five children together, Kirsten, Bridget, Charlie Jr., Adam and Gunilla (pronounced Jenella).  The person with the largest family was Blanche.  She and her late husband, George shared six children in all; Rebecca, Janet, Skippy, Biff, Doug and Matthew!  Throughout the series we meet several of these “golden” off-spring, including Blanche’s two daughter, but never her sons.  However, in episode 17 of the Golden Girl’s spin off show “Golden Palace”, comedian Bill Engvall guest stars at Blanche’s son Matthew!

In reality, Estelle, Bea, Betty and Rue were mothers.  Though Betty White never had children of her own, she became a step mother of three when she married her third husband the late Allen Ludden.  Estelle Getty had two sons of her own, Barry and Carl Gentleman.  Bea Arthur adopted her two sons, Matthew and Daniel Saks when she was married to her second husband, Gene Saks.  Rue McClanahan had only one child, Mark Bish to her first husband.  Although biologically, none of them had any daughters as they all did on the show, Betty White does have two step-daughters and one step-son!

Either on the show or in real life, these four awesome women were no doubt wonderful mothers!  If you lived in a fantasy world, who would you pick to be your mother (which was actually discussed on the show…Blanche wanted the Queen of England to be her mother and Dorothy wanted Amelia Earhart to be hers so she could have “Daddy” all to herself!) who would you choose?  Sophia or Estelle?  Bea or Dorothy, Betty or Rose?  Or would you opt for the “sexy, fun loving, affectionate Blanche” or the multi-talented Rue?

Whoever you pick to be your fantasy mother, don’t forget the woman who really is your mother today, on Mother’s Day or any other day of the year!  Hug her and love her with all of your heart!  Tomorrow is never promised!

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