Meet Larry McMurtry of Lonesome Dove

When most people think of Lonesome Dove, they think of the Miniseries or even the Movie. Lonesome Dove was a novel by Larry McMurtry before anything else. Who are this mysterious Larry McMurtry and what does have to do with Lonesome Dove? Come on this journey and discover some amazing gems behind the Lonesome Dove. Perhaps you may find yourself a new author to add to your Kindle collection. Do not forget to check out the novel, movie or even the TV series. Lonesome Dove (1985) followed Walter Benjamin at the Dairy Queen (released in 1984) and Texasville followed after in 1987.p

Larry McMurtry the author of Lonesome Dove

Who is this powerful Larry McMurtry? Larry Jeff McMurtry happens to be an American novelist and screenwriter. Larry was born on June 3, 1936. He is well known for Terms of Endearment (1975 novel), Lonesome Dove 1985 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel and for co-writing Brokeback Mountain. McMurtry was born in Archer City, Texas, a mere ride from Wichita Falls, Texas and earned degrees from University of North Texas (B.A 1958) and 1 from Rice University (M.A 1960). His latest novel “The Last Kind Words Saloon” is now available on Amazon. You can download it from the site directly.

Lonesome Dove the Novel

Before the miniseries and before the movie, Lonesome Dove was released in 1985 as a novel. The novel is part of a series, but is the third in chronological order of the series. The story was developed for film called “The Streets of Laredo,” which was later used for the following book. The movie would have featured James Stewart, John Wayne and Henry Fonda. John Wayne turned it down. Larry McMurtry shelved it for ten years and then released it as a novel in 85. He took home the Pulitzer Prize for fiction for the novel. After the novel won, John Milius and John Huston tried to adapt the novel into a featured film. Suzanne De Passe and McMurtry decided a miniseries would work better.


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