McBain The New Jason?

So now there’s talk of John McBain becoming the new Jason. The three stars of OLTL will be back as new characters. Please let them be new characters and do not try to make McBain into Jason!

The writers of General Hospital ask us to believe much and for the most part we happily do so. Characters back from the dead, a, unknown twin appearing, vampires. No matter, we watch even if we don’t believe what we are seeing.

Jason hasn’t been gone very long and he is still loved and missed. McBain hasn’t been gone very long and he is also loved and missed. But it’s just wrong to have him play Jason. Let Jason remain

dead, or whatever he is for now- do not try to replace him with McBain. McBain deserves his own new character. Maybe the wanna-be vampire could come back rehabilitated. Some of us didn’t care for the vampire storyline but McBain did make a good vampire. We just can’t see him as Jason.

We’re happy to see Alderson and Howarth return also as they fit in well with the General Hospital family. They should develop their own characters too, not takeover anyone else ‘s. If Robin decided she wasn’t coming back, why not Starr play her? Or Howarth play Alan Quartermain? The whole idea is so absurd. Lulu is being replaced and we hate to see this happen but people move on. Could Starr be Lulu? I think not!

These three stars are going to have a hard time making us believe they are different people but I’m sure they and the writers are up to it. It will be interesting watching the new characters from OLTL interact with the people of Port Charles who will surely remember them. McBain coming back as Jason – I would only think “Huh?”

Maxie being replaced while she was sick made many Maxie fans unhappy. However many of us accepted her replacement without a lot of fuss as she took the character of Maxie on while imparting some of herself into the character. So does this mean we think McBain could not do the same thing with Jason? Maybe in time but we weren’t asked to believe Maxie dead as in the matter of Jason sinking in the harbor. Easton doesn’t have a choice upon his return, but it is doing him a huge disservice to put him into the role of Jason. In the soap opera world it is possible for Jason to return. It has happened many times before with not only the character of Jason. What becomes of McBain if Jason miraculously returns from the dead?

Another scenario: McBain as Monica’s son? As AJ’s brother? I can’t see this. I don’t want to see this!


  1. Teresa Hicks says:

    No! NO! Steve is Jason and Michael is John there is no changing there places, they just can’t be replaced, they do that i’m really just giving up on Gh!

    • Deb says:

      Jason is soo much more handsome than John, please. Sorry John but you are kind of ugly.

      • Shelley says:

        Deb, that was horrible! Michael Easton is NOT ugly! Whether we like it or not, the soaps are going to do what they want to do. Let’s just be supportive and keep watching!

      • Bonita Garner says:

        who are you kidding. that is the worst idea ever. It was bad enough that te OLTL people came over. I say NO NO NO. I already stopped watching GH because of the extras you put in the programming. Now I certainly will NOT watch.

      • Debbie says:

        John is not Ugly, and that is an unkind statement to say to anyone.. even if you do not like him in the part or him personally..

      • Lorraine Deremer says:


      • Janet says:

        Michael Easton is ruggedly handsome. I agree is no Jason. However, Jason is not coming back and the show must go on. The are building or trying to build chemistry between Sam and John. Problem is. These three characters will always be John, Todd and Star. Out of the three John as John would have been the most believeable. The show is sinking with Todd as Franco. Only Franco is Franco.

    • susan says:

      john belongs on OLTL with natalie and his kid

      • Deb C. says:

        I think john McBain coming to GH as a whole new character like maybe long lost brother to Sam, then having him work with Sonny woould have worked

    • Cristi38 says:

      I so agree. Maxie (Kirsten Storme) left because she was sick and having issues with endometriosis. Maxie (Kirsten Storme) plays her role well and she played her role as Belle Black well on Days of our lives. If she came back as a different character on the same show it would just be to weird. Jason (Steve) being on Y&R is just weird for me and yes I do watch Y&R as well and he just doesn’t fit on there. He is the only Jason I know and like. Some peeps are just not replaceable. I know they changed AJ along time ago, but once again they brought the old one to be the same character he always was. It is comfortable. The old Carly coming back as Johnny’s sister was weird, but at least there was years in between before they did that and so it wasn’t as weird. John, Star and Todd haven’t been gone long enough to come back as different characters. I liked Star and Michael together, but Todd and Carly no way. Not sure how I feel about John and Sam since Jason/Sam belong together like Luke/Laura.

    • Omg no!!

    • paulette threlkeld wells says:

      please don’t bring starr, todd, john as someone else, especially john as Jason no way, I cant see that, and poor Michael his first love gone whats going to happen with that, and starr whats going to happen these characters?

    • alice says:

      As for the stars coming back, I can’t beleive Todd is coming back as Franco. He is nothing like him.

    • mj says:

      robin who? that story died a year ago. it has literally been too long. the rest I just give up. i’ll watch as one watches a natural disaster. however I do like the new franco. anf I love luke and tracey.

  2. Jaclyn says:

    Let Jason be dead- there is no recasting good enough to play him!

    • Peggy Ward says:

      Balony, everybody can be replaced. Would love John as Jason. And for him and Sam together

      • Nancy M says:

        I must be nuts but I like him as Jason. He is a really great actor and can be anyone. People come and go all the time. Steve Burton wanted to leave and now he is happy with JFP the queen of doom.

      • Rose says:


      • Marysher says:

        I think that in the land of soap operas we can believe anything! Remember Sarah Brown Playing Carly and then she came back years later to play Johnny’s crazy sister? And let’s not forget that we have had 3 or more acresses playing Carly and good or bad we all lived with it. If they want to make John Jason then so be it! I just hope they spend a little more on wardrobe.. the black t-shirt and jeans after so many years! uug!

        • pj says:

          thanks you I completely agree. And lets not forget that these people are “actors”. They are trained to play other parts. So lets bring it to them and see what they can do.

      • Mindy says:

        John playing Jason – my dream come true… He is perfect for the part…

    • Shannon Harris says:

      agreed Jaclyn…I think if they wait long enough he will come back because he will realize how much he misses GH. Steve has been Jason since the beginning and nothing or no one can replace him!!!

  3. Margaret says:

    Actually, I think that Michael and Kelly are so good together that it really doesn’t matter who he plays and if Steve isn’t coming back instead of having Sam forget Jason and McBain for someone new, you might as well let Michael play Jason.

  4. Amanda Rubin says:

    i agree john mcbain should not be the new jason it doe ‘twork he dont have that mob inforcer persona

  5. Bill Askin says:

    I really don’t want any of those 3 to come back!They belong on OLTL and should have never darken Port Charles’ doorstep in the first place.There are so many old characters and characters that could be grown and come on the seen.I would love to see Lucas come back and be with Felix.A Tommy Hardy as a new Dr. that gets together with Sam.The possibilities are limitless.Could you not see Jagger Cates with Carly?Hot!I left for a decade,not watching all the mob stuff.Congrats on your 50th and bringing much beloved characters back.Sincerly Bill

  6. Kay says:

    Hell no don’t put McNain as Jason. Hate him

  7. Zari says:

    Michael Easton IS John McBain; Roger Howarth IS Todd Manning; Kristen Alderson IS Starr Manning. End of discussion. GH producers need to come up with the money to release the characters from OLTL. Just Do It!

    • pj says:

      Michael Easton IS an Actor, Kristen Alderson IS an actress, Roger Howarth IS an actor as well. Easier said than done getting the characters released. Lots of red tape. Give the actors a break. They are under contract, under a lot of scrutiny and deserve a little faith from their true fans

  8. I do not want Michael Easton to come back as Jason. Let Jason stay dead. I would like to see Michael as a new love interest with Sam. They have great chemistry. He could be John McBain’s long lost brother or twin. Starr playing Lulu, no way.
    Maybe Todd could be a nicer character. Do not want Michael playing Jason.

    • Janette says:

      I agree Judy…Michael and Sam have great chemistry…but he would not be good as a new Jason. Let Jason stay dead. With these three back on, we don’t need him, as much as we did love him. He does not want to be back on GH. Michael Easton is awesome no matter what…it will be hard to see him as another person, but I think the writers have to come up with something plausable…or he and the other two will be rejected. Not as Jason…someone else.

  9. lois says:

    Have you your minds? No to McNally n being has won to much of s stretch ….add new person. Reprise there’s rolls…

  10. Speak for yourself! I would like to see McBain become Jason…….. so there.

    • tammy jordan says:

      I would love to see Micheal come back as Jason He would be a good Jason. They need to get rid of A.j. Quartermain I never liked him at all.

  11. Monalisa says:

    Please bring back the old jason send mcbain back to One Life To Live so that he and Natalie can be parents to their son

  12. mary says:

    HELL NO he is NOT Jason material!!!

  13. rachel says:

    I totally agree with you! I would much rather see mcbain but heads with sonny, but not as a cop/criminal but crime boss/crime boss. id like to see a new Cicara family member show up. howthorn would be wasted as a quatermaine, I think his twistiness would best serve the Cassidine’s. that’s why we cant adjust to the new characters, we are use to seeing them a certain way with the chemistry they bring, he does dark ohhhh sooooo good. id like to see them bring alderson in as a new georgie, have her be found instead of robin or something, brain washed super spy assassin that fazon had all along faked her death incase frisco ever got wind of him, like he did robin to scorpio. or ohhh hawthorn can so do a fazonite, lol either way, as long as they play characters that they can actually make us believe in like any of the others and stay true to there own persona, we don’t care how they come back. I just don’t think I could handle a gay mcbain, sorry fella, just sayin

  14. shana says:

    Turning McBain into a new Jason would be a disservice to Easton, no way could the fans believe it. Jason was a character that was too strong to replace, let him die in peace. But put John with Sam tho, they have fantastic chemistry together. I can’t wait till he comes back, It’s the character of Starr that will be hard to accept, again, the same actress has always been Starr. We’ve watched her grow up in the role, some things just can’t be changed. But I’m rooting for all three, can’t wait ill they’re back “home”.

  15. Mary says:

    Bring Starr back as Michael’s girlfriend but as if they just met,and the same for Todd and John.Please let them be ok.I love all of them.
    Thank You

  16. what ever you do, do not i repeat do not make john mcbain the new Jason . that is so wrong.

  17. donna allen says:

    John Mcbain as jason? I think not! No matter what Jason is Jason. No one can ever take his place!

  18. Tina says:

    Not Jason!!!

  19. denise liberato says:

    i believe in anything GH does………..bring those 3 back <3……i love GH

  20. Sue says:

    No please do not do this. The memory of Jason is still too raw. Wait for while longer please. I hope that when you do bring Jason back you will take the character in a different direction.
    Give the three returning characters different names and different rolls. I do think Sam needs a distraction so when Jason does come back the triangle will be in place. So have “McBain” come back as a love interest. Thanks for reading

  21. Kandi Roth says:

    I think all 3 should come back, Just don’t bring McBain back as Jason, I loved the vampire part he played. Twins maybe? He did an awesome job doing a double. I love McBain any ways.

    • Janette says:

      I kind of loved him as the vampire…he was really hot…but everyone hated the storyline. Maybe as a twin of the vampire…we all know he didn’t really die, so there is that. We saw him get up and walk away…let’s not forget that!

  22. shannon says:

    I also believe GH should just buy out Starr, Todd and Johns contract from OLTL! They are the reasons why I started watching GH again and it would be weird seeing them as different characters cus we see them as who they are! As far as the person who played Jason is now on a different soap now working with his old boss! So don’t replace him!

    • TLS says:

      I wish GH would PLEASE PAY OLTL for all three characters so they can come back. Todd, Starr, and John are wonderful and I was so happy to see them come to GH! No one should replace Steve Burton as Jason! I will wait for Jason to come back and I believe he will…

  23. Lisa says:

    No~ Absolutely NOT! Mcbain has earned his reputation and popularity, he has to remain the same character… Jason was always the “Bad Boy” and McBain is the “Good Guy” who should stand rightfully beside Sam… as I said before, LET THE GOOD GUYS COME OUT ON TOP FOR ONCE!! Sam deserves to be with a “Good Guy” McBain as the cop~I think Jason should just stay gone and I don’t care for Starr but if she’s going to come back as another character spruce her up at least she’s too childish looking! Now, I know 50 years is a long time for a show and you’ve probably got new writers in there who can’t really appreciate the original story lines and with the new era there should be changes but make them for the better and keep asking We the GH Fans so we can assist your new writers! Thanks!

  24. Kashee says:

    There is and only will ever be ONE Jason. With the Soaps in jeopardy, PLEASE don’t do anything stupid.

  25. amy says:

    I am really excited all 3 will come back but i don’t think easton should be replaced as jason

  26. Rita Gordon says:

    No way. Just leave them gone. If they MUST come back, let it be as new characters with a new persona. No one should replace characters from prior roles. Even soap stars need to remember the fans are only going to accept so much of this nonsense.

  27. Renee Mohan says:

    Love McBain, but not as Jason. . .really don’t think Starr is a very good actress, so could do totally w/out her. OLTL characters should NOT come back to GH as newbies. . .too confusing. And WHY is Lulu replaced? How about Judson Mills (Walker, Texas Ranger ) as a new Jason down the road a piece? So many possibilites. . .

  28. Paula albrecht says:

    Why don’t they just have all three of them come back with new names because theynhadnto go into a wintness proction program ?.

    • Shannon Harris says:

      Good one Paula, that way we can still have who they were back but with different names. Unfortunately, that can’t happen because they have the rights to their personalities also, not just the names.

  29. jean says:

    NO, NO that is just wrong!!! If Jason comes back pls use a new charter or someone
    we have watch grow up and grown to love him for the amasing character he was made into.. Some character/rolls can be taken over and we accepted but not Jason!!! Also love JMcBain why does his roll have to be changed???

  30. No I don’t think John as Jason would seem real enough. Maybe he could be a twin brother of John’s. Please no more vampires. I know soaps can do things that don’t happen in real life, but not vampires please.

  31. Libby says:

    No one can replace Steve Burton as Jason, aim sorry although I love John he just isnt a Jason he doesnt have that stone cold face jason had, please give John a new role something he can make into himself and not have to always be wondering if hes better or not as Jason. I think most of GH fans want to see John Starr and Todd come back but if it has to be bring them back as different character’s. I feel that will go over much better then anything else.

  32. Beckie Barbour says:

    Please NO. I love Jason and would love to see Steve come back and play him but that does not seem to be possible. Recast him Okay, but not with McBain. Absolutely not!

  33. Rachel says:

    No No No ….. We already know him as Mcbais, not Jason , KEEP LOOKING .

  34. What about the good looking, great actor James Franco,Jason’s Twin brother.I thought he did a good job of acting his part when he was on. Whatever, I love the show but think they should have stayed their own shows. We don’t need all the confusion.

  35. Jeannine Davis says:

    There is not a actor in the world that could replace Jason so why try. Bring him back as Jason or let Jason stay dead. Anyone else could never get into the hearts of GH fans. McBain, if he comes back, should come back as McBain’s twin not as Jason. Never in another 50 years. The fan base likes McBain for what he is. Let him be what he is. Not as Jason, please. I have watched this show since Steve Hardy and it was in black and white. I have grown old with a lot of the characters and don’t which them to be changed. Can you see yourself replacing Steve Hardy when he died? So why do you think you can handle replacing Jason. Use your head about this. It’s the younger generation that doesn’t care who plays who that is causing so much trouble. Use your head, please.

  36. TLS says:

    I wish GH would PLEASE PAY OLTL for all three characters so they can come back. Todd, Starr, and John are wonderful and I was so happy to see them come to GH! No one should replace Steve Burton as Jason! I will wait for Jason to come back and I believe he will…

  37. Stephanie Flinn says:

    No He should not come back as Jason. Recast with anyone but John or Todd. I didn’t care for those two. I did like Starr she should come back as a new character. The New LuLu doesn’t really look like Laura. I hope the original LuLu comes back soon!

  38. Bobbie says:

    as for me i just can’t see Michael easton playing Jason,he is not the Jason type especially after Steve Burton has played that part all these yrs and will be hard to replace,though John McBain does have lots of chemistry with Sam,i would love to see them together if we can not get someone to play Jason,like a earlier commenter said bring Michael back as a twin or someone since these two are good together,as far as Todd goes i could see him as a competitor against Sonny and as far as Starr which i think is a shame had to be taken from Michael that she come back as another love interest for him,but all in new characters,all 3 are such good actors that they can make new parts for themselves,i hate that they can’t be who they were as we have come to know and love them whether on ONE LIFE or G.H.because i have been watching both soaps for many many years along with ALL MY CHILDREN,so i’m sure i will love their new characters just as much,/.

  39. Peggy Ward says:

    Jason left , his own free will so be it. He wanted something different so replace him . They have waited long enough.

  40. Shannon Harris says:

    Absolutely not!!! Steve has been Jason from the beginning and no one can replace him. Just like no one could replace AJ. Robin can’t be replaced! Lucy can’t be replaced! Elizabeth can’t be replaced! Monica can’t be replaced! Tracy can’t be replaced! Carly can’t be replaced! Most of all Sonny can’t be replaced…..are y’all getting the picture here???? Some characters just can’t be replaced no matter what! Jason is dead for now but maybe in a year or so Steve will decide he really misses being Jason and come back then. Easton can come back as Raph’s real father so he want have to stay in a home anymore. Then him and Sam can be around each other again. Now as for Kristin Alderson and Roger Howarth, I’m still trying to place them. One Idea was that Howarth (Todd) return as the Quatermaine air that Tracy and AJ are trying to find. Alderson can come back as Abby, who Michael was with before Starr came in the picture. He never really new if Abby was killed because they just called him from and told him she was dead. Ok I want my money now for rewriting these characters back in to GH…lol

  41. Jacque Taylor says:

    No. Absolutely not. Replace Jason, fine, but with a suitable replacement, NOT McBain. Don’t like him, never did, never will. He is NOT the Jason type. Todd Manning could have stayed gone for all I care. I don’t like him. Don’t like him being with Carly… she has much more class than that. Jax is the best match for her yet. Starr was darling with Michael… hate to see that end. And, while we’re on the subject, that was a very poor ending, getting a phone call? After they were SO close? No. Should have been better, even if the actress wasn’t there. Leave Stavros in. Leave Nikolas in. Do NOT put McBain in Jason’s place.

  42. Mary says:

    No one can take Jason place. Trying to make McBain into Jason is so wrong for the Jason, and McBain fans. Please rethink this, its a mistake.

  43. Donna says:

    Why did LuLu leave? Let Jason always be Jason, Return McBain as himself, Keep Starr gone and let Todd come back and be with Carley.

  44. Nancy M says:

    I just wish people would realize that these 3 are nothing but imaginary characters that we all love. Actors come and go and the 2 do not want to go back east. When will people stop the hate? They are actors and are going to be new characters. I do not think KA has ever been anyone but Starr. I don’t know what is going to happen, but I will support what ever all of them do. THEY DID NOT WANT TO GO BACK EAST.

  45. Sheila says:

    I don’t agree that replacing Maxie while she was ill was bad – I’d hate to see that character go bye bye but bringing back the OLTL 3 but not as the characters they were is just weird. Are the producers of OLTL so jealous they are now trying to kill GH? Sounds like it.

  46. Nicole says:

    Great to get a new Jason, but not McBain….. as Jason

  47. Jackie says:

    The character of Jason is dead. Let it lie. Give Michael Easton a new character and let him eventually interwine with Kelly Monaco. GH should do the same with the other characters of Starr and Todd. Let them create their own new characters. It is so good to see all three of them back. They are missed.

    • sue flores says:

      I love GH and have been watching it for over 30 yrs. But since Jason (sb) left the show all the story lines have gone haywire. And yes of coarse I truly miss Steve Burton as Jason and believe no one can take his place. There’s only One Steve B. I wish he would come back,because he’s gone I don’t care if I miss a show or two. I don’t like that he’s gone and don’t care for the crazy story lines and can’t stand Todd as Franco, now removing this tumor he’s gonna be a new person!!! Right. Then your having Star playing this other person .What’s going on? Can’t you do better? Please pick it up!

  48. Linda says:

    I started watching GH again when OLTL was cancelled and they started the crossover story lines. To bring those actors back into different roles would be too difficuilt a transition and frankly confusing! I think GH should buy the characters from OLTL and bring them back with their history intact. Sending Starr away when she was so in love with Michael without any justification was poor writing. She just left and told Michael if he loved her he would accept that she is never coming back to Port Charles? Really? Just silly! A better exit story is needed.

  49. Diana Spinelli says:

    John can come back as John. Why change his character? He cant be Jason that makes no sense. He was just on theshow as John. You cant use the same person as a different character. Replacing people with someone completely new is onething. But bringing the same ones back as someone else, no. GH would lose alot of viewers if they did that.

  50. Laura Haven says:

    I, for one, don’t want to see McBain become Jason or anyone else, for that matter. Make Michael Easton, Kristen Alderson and Roger Howarth new characters. Don’t try to replace the characters that we have come to love. That’s an injustice to them. How gullible do you think we are?

  51. Linda Cooper says:

    I don’t think that Michael Easton should be the new Jason. I’m sad that they “killed” Jason off and would like to see Jason to come back. But John who came between them should not be the replacement.

  52. jersh says:

    Kind of reminds me of when the original Carly actress played Claudia Z.

  53. I really like Michael Easton and know he will do a great job no matter who he plays! I don’t like the idea of him playing Jason as Steve Burton may want to come back one day… I prefer they make these 3 new characters if they cannot come back as who they were when they left. But, I will watch GH no matter who they come back as… Just saying…

  54. I don’t want to see McBain and Jason it just wouldn’t be right. Bringing him back as a new character is rough enough but not as Jason. Jason will be hard to to recast but if you do it needs to be someone that has not already been on the show as another character. It’s a shame McBain can’t come back as his self

  55. Rose says:

    I think GH should bring the characters from OLTL and we incorporate them in but with their own story line crossing over, not taking anyone of our ICONS place. Bring them in with their history intact; and have them blend in with GH cause sending Starr away when she was so in love with Michael without any justification was poor writing. I believe the writers could make her story the next Laura Twilight saga. But she just left and told Michael ” if you love me; really !!! guys if you love someone like their story started then you don’t let go just like that . Well not in real life. She should come back to Port Charles? Really? Just silly! Her exit story was all hands DOWN. STEP OUT OF YOU BOX IN THAT OFFICE, come down outside to the real world. leave Jason alone (if he’s going to stay dead so be it.) McBain can be switched because he has that cop not cop thing about him in his character he can change sides. Just to let you know l have seen them come and go being that i’ve been watching it since day one. but some things dear writers are like OLD WINE you don’t want to ruin 50 years of family connection. because thats what we have become, and by we l mean you and us watchers. May you have another 50 years.


  56. Linda Hunt says:

    I would love to see john as Jason for Sam and the baby


  58. JASON IS JASON ENOUGH SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Brenda says:

    McBaine could never be Jason. He doesn’t even resemble Jason. He would have to cut his hair and muscle up!!!!

  60. Michele says:

    Im thinking that John McBain is on an FBI assignment where somehow he is going to find out he’s adopted, or the FBI changed his name and he has to go back to old name. Lots of things like that could happen for him… Not a good Jason, he’s older and would def need to cut the hair. Too bad we lose Starr and Todd…going to be hard to think of them as not related, or Todd a good guy. Im interested to see what’s going to happen. Still think Prospect Park is being a big weanie about this…GH killed off 2 of their OLTL characters, what are they going to do about that?

  61. Michele says:

    Actually this really stinks… if they cant play their original character, they might as well go back to the other show…and PP knows this…those actors moved 3000 miles away for their GH jobs. BOOOO!

    • Rita Gordon says:

      Amen! John needs a haircut and how many changes are we expected to buy in this farce? We have had enough! If a character leaves, let them be gone. It certainly appears that GH is trending their story line to the younger cast members and that’s fine, but allow the older characters to quietly slip into a background story line every now and then. Trying to bring the older cast into a stupid storyline just to keep them on the show is a waste. In real life, People age so why is it so difficult for the older stars on GH to do the same? Will not accept different people to become other characters. As I said, how much is Enuff? I’ve reached that point. Thank you for Enuff!

  62. Carole Maher says:

    I have been watching this show for many years. I loved Jason, but felt everytime he a nice girl a love interest you wrote it out (for so reason or another). This time I have to say I like all 3 from OLTL and I think you should give a new name, job etc. But do it. Bring them back. I thought that alot of actors, actresses, were going to come from OLTL. I really thought that it was a good idea. You have the one of the best show I hope you can keep it that way. I wrap my cleaning of my TV room for 2 P.M. so I am in that room. So Please even bring Robin and LuLu. . But if you plan getting John McBain and together do it they work well together. Good luck.

  63. Michele says:

    Bring back Steve Burton. Just throw money at him, whatever it takes.

    You cannot pull off McBain as Jason. He could be Sam’s love interest while Jason is gone. But he has to come back. Too many people are too sad right now about everything.
    Sam needs him, Carly needs him and Sonny really really needs him to just walk in the door. PLEAEEESE
    The real Jason, now that you have the real AJ back. Come on. We need that Jason and Elizabeth storyline with AJ, we need the story line with Sonny and Carly. Bring him back. It is a terrible loss to the show, and
    a really bad idea to put McBain as anythng but McBain,

  64. Maryjane says:

    NO NO NO Please don’t do that,, I do want him back BUT NOT as Jason, Let him come back as a cop that Anna knows from another country or state anything But PLEASE NOT JASON. I Love Michael and want him back as well as I do Starr & Todd can’t wait for them to come back on GH,There are many others roles they can come back as PLEASE pick a GREAT 1 for all of them.

  65. Sharon says:

    I don’t like the idea at all of having John play Jason; NO, NO, that won’t work. I so wish that everything could be worked out to have the 3 OLFI charters play themselves!!! Please, Please, Please! Pay whatever is necessary to keep these people who they are specially since OLTL is restarted. I love both shows and mixing who they are now is just crazy. I liked how Starr and Michael worked together. Also the connection with Starr and Todd so what’s going to happen with that specially those of us that watched both shows and have seen Starr raised as Starr. Silly how she left and then apparently called Micheal to break up and say she’s not coming back? Really, that was bad! Made no sense related to how she played her part with Michael and how well they got along and together. What reason would she have to act that way? How is that going to play out in OLTL and what happens to Starr? I do like all 3 of them on GH as they are, but the BEST would be for everyone to stay with their original people. It makes sence for Starr to move on at her age and be in a different city than her OLTL family and they could then refer to her on OLTL accordingly. I have no idea how they will pull this off at all with OLTL back on and where is the rest of the Manning family? I also have to admit I’ve enjoyed Todd with Carly, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Todd with Blair on OLTL. He’s so great at that role! Also John on OLTL with Natalie, as the OLTL restart continues it’s off to see how she’s acting with NO John and look how they aged Liem? John and his family at the end of OLTL were finally together and very happy, so what’s going to be that story line where is he now? Also the things John stated about Nat on GH don’t make sense now with the restart, Nat is still home and not out of the country! There was no reference to the laps of time yet on OLTL and I’m wondering how that will work out. It’s sad that he won’t be with his family, but I understand since he moved to work on GH. It’s all to bad, but still he should NOT be Jason!

  66. Wolf says:

    No give Micheal his own character!! Jason is dead and gone..

  67. I would love to see Kristen, Michael and Roger come back. Even though , they do not come back as Star, John and Todd, at least they are back on GH.

  68. I think they should come back as the part they played before they left. But even though, no mater, THEY ARE BACK!!!!

  69. Melissa says:

    I really like john with Sam. John could come back as McBains long lost twin. I would like to see Starr be with Michael again and I liked Todd with Carly. Just give them different names. As far as Jason- for the past 10 yrs I’ve watched GH I’ve seen Steve Burton as Jason. I just can’t picture someone else playing Jason. I really like the 3 from OLTL and I hope they are a success again!!!

  70. joann wagner says:

    they should come back as themselves. no one could replace steve burton as jason never never

  71. Denise Fooce says:

    I think Michael Easton plays an extremely sexy bad guy (but please not a vampire). And whatever his character ends up being he has great chemistry with Kelly Monaco. No offense to Kelly but her part is currently pretty boring just taking care of the baby. And whatever character they give Michael please keep his long hair. Yum!

    Don’t know what kind of character Roger Howarth should play but maybe we can now see him without the scar on his face. He makes a good bad boy but not a “dark character” like Michael Easton. Roger is too funny to play a really dark character.

    You know, I didn’t like the character of Starr Manning on OLTL. I didn’t really like her until she came over to GH. With that said, since Kristen Alderson can’t come back as Starr I think she would have made a better casting as the new LuLu. I absolutely hate the actress they have in that role now. Kristen would not make a good Robin. (Whoever said that was way off.) That was a terrible idea.

    Whatever happens I hope they bring Michael Easton back soon. For all of you that said he was ugly…um….go get your eyes tested. Go onto Google and type in Michael Easton. A bunch of pictures come up on the right. Click on the second picture on the top (or the one right next to the big one however you want to say it). That is NOT ugly!!!

  72. Debbie says:

    No doubt about Steve Burton is Jason ……………..

  73. Linda Davies says:

    You know I really wished that with McBain there would be a different story line. No one knows who Sams father is yet. Sam and John have a connection that they could not explain. What a great opportunity to to have a great story line with Alexis and Sam to find out john was her 1/2 brother. Instead of the same old stories reemerging over and over.

  74. chici says:

    No John as jason let there be new characters please no replacement needed. Please writers listen to us and just in incorporate them one by one or as a new family coming to town. Something but not to replace any other people that have died or left.

  75. ronda says:

    Well in the first place, he CAN NOT come back as Mcbain per his contract with OLTL. In the previews for gh it shows TODD with BLOND hair,&todds scar gone. Also it shows starr with dark hair. Perhaps starr is Lauren.i could deal with mcbain being Jason. I mean if we can handle Alcazar being Tomás Delgado then we can handle mcbain being Jason

  76. barbara green says:

    please don’t make john the new Jason let Jason be Jason thet way if Jason wants to come back he can that way john mcbain stays john mcbain i love you john i don’t want you to ever go away i need you on one of these shows PLEASE DON’T TAKE HIM OFF PLEASE PUT HIM ON ONE I AM I VERY BIG FAN OF HIS I JUST WANT HIM ONE ONE OF THESE SHOWS SOME WHERE PLEASE AND BYE THE WAY HE IS NO WHERE CLOSE TO UGLY HES VERY SEXY THANK YOU VERY MUCH I WILL BE VERY UP SET IF john McCain GOES AWAY VERRYYYYYYYYYY

  77. Debbie Altiparmakis says:

    I’d be so happy no matter what character John McBain would play, I also think he’d be an awesome Jason, but I feel also it might be better he come back as a new character, maybe as a new mob boss in town, moving in on port charles, let him give sonny a run for his money, since Jason left Sonny character has taken a beating, gotten kind of blaw , it would bring new life to is mob storyline, Starr would be a great missing Quartermaine error, the one they are all searching for, Todd make an awesome Cassidine, one no one knew about, or a great old school chum of Luke’s, kinda liven his role up a bit more again, any how love GH, love the show, now matter what the writers do I am happy and an easy to please person xoxo

  78. I personally love it that John, Starr, & Todd are coming back. But the thought of them even suggesting to make John play Jason, I’m sorry that is so wrong. Only Jason can be/play Jason. There is only one Jason, just like there is only one John & no one else can play him, period. Yes Sam & John were starting to get together but the heart wants what the heart wants. And she & her heart wants Jason back really bad. Yes I want Michael with Starr, she is good with him, they are good together. To have Starr play someone else is just stupid on there part. As of for Todd, well we all know that he is madly in love with Carly, but she isn’t with him so it’s anybody’s guess there. All’s I know is if you guys-the writers have John play Jason omg I think I will stop watching GH cuz that is just wrong!

  79. franceswilliamson says:

    star could play franko s daughter and fall in love with michael, i want to see todd with carly no matter how they do it and i never liked john mcbain on oltl so please do not make him jason you will ruin the show, steve burton would be a hard act to follow but surley they can beat that if he has to be replaced, i would just as soon see jason stay dead steve may come back, lulu has a bad replacement, not even close, plese keep your older stars and do not try to make general hospital oltl, remember it did get canceled and john mcbain was front and center ob that show a lot. just saying learn from thier mistakes, glad to see the other two comming back

  80. Liz S. says:

    I watch both OLTL and GH, John McBain from one show just does not work right to replace Jason. I would rather have him remain dead. With the 3 characters from one show showing up on another first as then selves then come in as another characters is very frustrating at the least.

  81. Sandi Garnett says:

    NO NO please John is really wonderful but he can not and should not replace Jason. There was only one Jason and he should never be replaced. I really miss him and his role. Just let Jason role go.

  82. I don’t think that Michael Easton is ugly, as one of you put. He is very charming. I am not crazy about the AJ character. I don’t like Todd as Franco, maybe I will learn to like him. I wished the writers would not have made Michael and Kiki cousins. They really have the chemistry, also they are a couple off the show, cute couple.

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