Mayberry A Town of Characters

How well do you remember some of the characters that appeared in Mayberry during the Andy Griffith show?

Helen Crump was Opie’s elementary school teacher.  Opie and his friends don’t like this new teacher.  Opie complains to his father about a history assignment and Andy gives him some advise from his own time in school.  Unfortunately, Opie decides this advice means he doesn’t have to do his history assignment.

When Miss Crump finds out Andy played a part in Opie not doing as he was instructed she pays a visit to Andy and lets him have it.

Somehow Andy turns on Opie’s interest in history and Helen Crump is very impressed with this progress.  Andy and Helen become friends and date throughout the series.  They often double date with Barney and his girlfriend Thelma Lou.  At the end of the series Helen and Andy marry and with Opie move away from Mayberry.

Floyd Lawson runs Mayberry’s barber shop and is commonly referred to  “Floyd the Barber”. He was absentminded and moved and spoke at a slow pace.  It was a running joke that Floyd was unable to cut sideburns evenly.    Floyd was married and he and his wife had a son.

Otis Campbell was Mayberry’s town drunk.  Otis worked during the weekdays in a furniture factory as a glue dipper.  On the weekends he drank.  He had his own key to the jail so when he was drunk he could lock himself in a cell until he was sober.  Barney gave Otis a fit when he saw him intoxicated and then the two would get into a shouting match.  Sometimes Otis would see things, which were strange, and although they were real he would think he was having hallucinations.

The Fun Girls would come to visit in Mayberry once in a while from Mount Pilot.  Skippy liked Barney while Daphne liked Andy.   Helen (Andy’s girlfriend) and Thelma Lou (Barney’s girlfriend) were jealous and not at all happy when the girls came for a visit.

The Darlings were a family who lives in the mountains and sometimes came for a visit to Mayberry.   The father is Briscoe Darling and he plays a jug.  He is the father of four sons.  The boys, Doug, Rodney, Dean and Mitch speak very little, but they do love to play their music. Charlene Darling is Briscoe’s daughter and unlike the boys is very out-going.  She has a crush on Andy even though she is married to Dud Walsh and has a daughter.  Ernest Bass tries to woo Charlene and she has to discourage his advances.

These are just a few of the many interesting and/or humorous people to appear in Mayberry on the Andy Griffith Show.


  1. Drew says:

    I remember everything about all of the characters

  2. Rob Mason says:

    Otis was also the voice of Jimmy Cricket (Walt Disney), and the young guitar player in the show they called Jimmy was Jimmy Best Roscoe on the Dukes of Hazzard

    • M says:

      otis also did the voice of the first whit on adventures in odyssey (

    • Juanita says:

      Bea came to live with Andy to help take care of Opie. Opie doesn’t care for Aunt Be very much until Bea tries to fish and flunked, and then she tried baseball and didn’t make it playing ball either. Andy is about to take Bea back home because she feels out of place, when Opie comes out to the truck and saves her because to him they have to take care of her because she can’t do anything.

    • Juanita says:

      Not sure how to spell it, but I recall the cricket being called “Jim-i-ney” Cricket.

    • VChile says:

      Hal Smith did plenty of voice work, but Jiminy Cricket was portrayed by Cliff Edwards.

  3. scott says:

    I can honsetly say io have never seen the episode of Andy and Helen getting married and moving away with opie… i wonder why??

    • Eleisha says:

      they had a spin off called Mayberry RFD. Andy and Hellen were married in the first episode. many original charcters were in this show. they also made a movie Return to Mayberry in which Barney and Thelma lou got married.

    • Rick Hall says:

      That might be because Don Knotts had already left the series. After he left, the show was never the same.

    • Donna says:

      I think the only eposide was Andy &Helen getting married Barney was best man. It was in color. I didn’t like the color version. I thought it was remakes of the black & white but not as funny.I want to thi k Opie was there too.

    • Lee Evans says:

      I thought I knew all about it, but didn’t know that Andy and Helen getting married. I feel like I’ve seen ALL of the episodes 50 times each, but see one occasionally that I don’t remember. Wish I could see the last few shows.

  4. nancy says:

    how, HOW?!, could you not mention Ernest T. Bass?! and i’m with Scott, i tought as of the reunion show they were still not married?

    • Donna says:

      Yes I think they were. And I believe there are two reunion shows. Not sure tho.

    • Ron Layne says:

      Ernest T Bass was played by the character actor Howard Morris. He also played a TV repair man in one episode where Barney gave Andy and Hellen a day to themselves however kept interrupting them all day long.

    • VChile says:

      “Ernest Bass tries to woo Charlene and she has to discourage his advances.” Last line of penultimate paragraph.

  5. Rimshaw says:

    Dud Wash not Dud Walsh

  6. Bob says:

    “…Giraffes are so selfish…” – A quote by Barney…what episode?

  7. Dale Holder says:

    Did you know that Floyd the Barber was also the original voice of “Doc” in Gunsmoke radio series before TV series?

  8. Roy Butts says:

    I never knew Floyd was married. I remember the episode where Andy and Aunt Bea had to pretend to be his family because he had none. I also never knew Charlene Darlin had a daughter. Must have been a later episode. In the first show It is mentioned that Andy and Barney are cousins but it was never mentioned again. My favorite ones are the ones with Ernest T. Bass and The Darlins. I have heard that Otis was the voice of Barney Rubble on the Flintstones.

    • Deandre says:

      While I absolutely love Andy Griffith and watch at least 2 hours a week on Netflix, it’s one weakness was inconsistency (you watch it enough and you start to see it). In “Those Gossiping Men,” Floyd had a son who performed for the shoe salesman. And I believe in “The Beauty Pageant” he may have also had a daughter (though I’m not sure on that one). Perhaps Floyd was widowed? The girl who played Lydia (Goobers girlfriend in one episode) played the mayor’s daughter in “The Beauty Pageant.” Many of the same actors played various roles. Clara had a different name in the earlier episodes. Wally was played by various actors, even though the actor who played him in “Man In A Hurry” (and was my favorite portrayal), played various characters over time. Regardless, this show is my ALL TIME favorite! They just don’t make TV that good anymore.

      • Juanita says:

        I think the mayor’s daughter was named Juanita. I’ve always wondered if she was the same Juanita that Barney talked and sang to on the phone.

  9. Stranger in Town says:

    Floyd was always one of my favorite characters. The way he delivered lines was pure comedy! I’ll never forget the Punch in the Nose episode, in the part where Andy & Barney come in and Floyd is telling them about what’s written in the concrete out front (about a couple getting married). Floyd is so hilarious as he ignores Barney and just keeps on with his story! I laugh every time I see it!

  10. Roger says:

    Floyd the barber was my favorite character. His line about…
    “everyone complains about the weather, but know one does anything about it.”
    “Calvin Coolidge said that.” … is the best because he keeps telling Andy that Calvin Coolidge said that.

  11. Ronald says:

    Floyd also had a daughter. In the Gomer Pyle USMC episode when Gomer came back to visit Mayberry, only to find out Andy and family were on vacation, he finds Emmett’s Fix It Shop in the place of Floyd’s Barber Shop. A man explains that Floyd (written out due to real life health issues) retired and went to live with his daughter who had separated from her husband.

    • Grace says:

      Is this a lost episode? Maybe I missed one. Was it in color? I have the full black and white collection and still watch all the re-runs, but that’s an episode I haven’t seen! I MUST find it somehow!

  12. Joe Selly says:

    Andelina was the daughters name. The Darlings tried to match her up with Opie in one episode. Until Briscoe thinks there is witchery in Andys family. Briscoe” There is witchery in your family”. Andy ” Just a little on my mommas side “. Briscoe ” Don’t touch me, it might be catchy “.

  13. dee says:

    Never, as a kid realized how the themes always tend to have religion in them – in some way.
    What happened to Andy’s wife???? Did Aunt Bea come to live in their house, or did they come to live in her house???

    • Donna says:

      DoYes I think they were. And I believe there are two reunion shows. Not sure tho.

    • M says:

      dee, lots of sunday school lessons could be made from these episodes …. back when tv had a moral to the story and the characters had morals.
      andy’s wife is not really mentioned but it’s inferred that she is dead. aunt bee comes to live at andy’s house .. watch episode number 1 The New Housekeeper. It’s good!

  14. Josh Bond says:

    Ernest T Bass you’re a low down pesky buzzard…….. Dog gone yee

  15. M says:

    floyd was married, had a son … had a daughter .. only as it suited an individual episode .. there was a lot of non-continuity in the show … but it was truly a classic that will live on. our family has watched every single episode over the past years no less than 5x each … we rent or stream them each winter and watch from episode 1 thru to color which is where we stop. (yuck on the color episodes). lots of things happen in our lives and in our small town and we can quote an appropriate line from mayberry and we all know EXACTLY what the other is talking about. =)
    i’ve even seen BIBLE LESSONS drawn from many of the episodes … great stuff.

  16. David Rogers says:


  17. Karen says:

    Clara Edwards, and she was also Mrs. Johnson in the “pickle” episode. Andy and Helen did marry on the first episode of Mayberry RFD. Not sure about their being 2 reunion shows, the one I remember is “Return to Mayberry” — Andy and Helen return to Mayberry because Andy is going to take the job of sheriff since the current sheriff retired. He doesn’t know that Barney is running for the position . Opie is the newspaper editor, married and living in the family home, Andy delivers his grandchild , and at the end Thelma and Barney get married. Lots of other stuff in between, I wish they would show this more often.

  18. Marjorie says:

    Go here→
    and here→
    The Andy Griffith show is good Bible lessons. The Barney Fife page has been there for a long time. Don Knotts actually came up with the idea.

  19. Donnie says:

    A friend of mine was on Andy Griffith Show 1 time Sterling Holloway he played Bert. Merchant of Mayberry he was at my home telling me he enjoyed being on it Andy wanted him to be on more but Sterling was under contract and could not he was a wonderful actor and was the voice of Winnie The Pooh worked for Walt Disney for years Sterling was born in my home town cedar town Ga and I still live there

  20. Jean Smith says:

    I remember everyone from Mayberry, actually we still watch them on DVD’s. Loved that show!

  21. Bird Man says:

    I love Andy and Barney…but I thought Helen Crump was being a little presumptuous when she jumped all over Andy without even hearing his side of the story….she just took the word of a child (Opie) and proceeded to read ol’ Ange the riot act….she’s an idiot !

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