May I Have This Dance?

During the course of The Golden Girls’ seven year stretch, we saw the four best friends that were Dorothy, Sophia, Blanche and Rose have so many good times!  The friends, the games, the men, the parties, the dancing!  So many good times to be had by four women in their 50’s, living together.  But the dancing, oh the dancing!

Two dancing scenes from The Golden Girls spring to mind!  The first was when Blanche decided she wanted to take dirty dancing lessons.  After Dorothy backed out, stating that she did not wish to “wildly gyrate her hips while her legs were wrapped around her dance partner’s neck”, Rose agrees to go along with Blanche.  Unbelievably, Blanche has a hard time getting the hang of dancing dirty.  “Can you imagine a dance that mimics the very moves of making love and I can’t do it.”  Even more surprisingly, Rose picked it right up and was able to do the dance moves like a pro!  The funniest part of that episode for me is when Blanche is trying to prove to Rose that she CAN do it, by dirty dancing with her in the living room.  Right in the middle of a move, Sophia and Dorothy walk in to see Rose’s hand on Blanche.  After standing there for a few minutes staring at them, Sophia quips “…if I ever see Rose’s hand on your behind it’ll kill me.”

Another one of my favorite episodes is when the girls decide to enter a dance contest to win money.  Each girl enters the contest but does not tell the others.  Of course, when they get there and realize they are all there, the competition gets personal!  Whoever leaves the dance floor for whatever reason is disqualified, so the girls have to prove to each other that they are not tired!  Each one goes into a little peppy dance routine of their own trying to show up the others.  Rose goes last and when her dance partner tries to dance with her, she says she had better do it herself, he might get hurt!  She finishes her flashy dance with somersaults around the dance floor!  Of course I don’t think it was actually Betty White doing the somersaults, but it was great!!

There are so many other episodes where the girls dance.  Slow dances, fast dances, romantic dances, and silly jigs.  But nothing prepared Rue McClanahan better for her dancing scenes than her real life.  While growing up, Rue was
a student of dance and even helped to run and taught at a dance studio!  Unfortunately, I was unable to find a lot of documentation about Rue’s dance lessons and classes, other than she did indeed take dance and that she did at one point help the instructor by teaching dance.

Think of all the things that Rue had done in her lifetime, even the movie Out to Sea, featured our beloved Rue dancing!  I hope your dancing in Heaven in Rue!

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