Magnum PI The Detective For The 80′s

magnum pi

“Everyone Loved Magnum PI”

Magnum P.I. was a television detective series running on CBS from 1980 to 1988. The show centered around Thomas Magnum (Tom Selleck) who was a private investigator living on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.

Magnum did not like being called a P.I. preferring the more formal title of private investigator.

Magnum lives in the guest house of a luxury waterfront estate owned by Robin Masters and called Robin’s Nest. Magnum also has access to Robin Master’s Ferrari. You often see Magnum with his thick mustache wearing colorful Hawaiian shirts and a Detroit Tigers baseball cap.

During the series you hear the voice of Mr. Masters, but he is not seen.  Magnum  has the use of the guest house and car in return for some services he’d rendered to Mr. Masters in connection with his knowledge of security.

Robin’s Nest is overseen by Jonathan Higgins (John Hillerman) for Mr. Masters.  Higgins in an Englishman who was a Sergeant Major in the British Army. He is very precise and loves everything to be in order.

He and Magnum often have arguments over small matters and you will hear an exasperated Higgins  say “My God Magnum”  when Magnum wants to use something on the estate other than the guest house or Ferrari or when Magnum has gotten himself into some kind of trouble during his adventures.

Magnum only seems to work when he feels like it.

He enjoys the company of many lovely women in his shows. He also spends lots of time with his good friends Rick and T.C.  Rick and T.C. are Magnum’s friends from the Vietnam War where the three of them served in the Navy.    T.C. actually Theodore Calvin (Roger Moxley) pilots a helicopter for tourists.  It is his own business known as Island Hoppers.  Magnum sometimes puts T.C. and his flying skills to good use during the course of an investigation.  T.C. is strong and in shape which  comes  in handy  as help when Magnum gets himself into trouble during the course of his investigations.

Rick is another of Magnum’s good friends.  Orville Richard “Rick” Wright (Larry Manetti) is the manager of a members only club known as the King Kamehameha Club.  He is also an expert with weapons  and has  some contacts with underworld characters.  Magnum involves Rick in his investigations too and manages to get Rick into trouble just as he does himself and T.C.

The Magnum P.I. series ranked in the top twenty U.S. TV shows according to the Nielsen ratings during its first five years.


  1. Irish-7 says:

    I think that Magnum, PI was the greatest television show of all time. I also enjoyed other Bellisario shows: JAG, Hill Street Blues and Battlestar Galactica. I purchased all 8 seasons on the show on DVD. I have not watched them all yet. I find myself viewing the same episodes over and over. I guess they are my favorites: Home From The Sea, Did You See The Sunrise and Memories Are Forever.

  2. Sean says:

    One small correction I would like to make. Magnum was in the Navy not Marines. This is my favorite show of ALL time and I even owned a 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS, for a few years, just so I could say I did. The character developement was great, especailly between Higgins and Magnum.

  3. Catherine Lanham says:

    TC’s name is Roger E Mosley

  4. Ruthlee says:

    I love this show and all the other actors to. they made the show. comical, drama and very interesting to watch. thank you!

  5. sue says:

    I use to watch Magnum all the time. too bad they took it off. I would watch the re-runs anytime. Thomas is cool.

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