Madea: Tough Love

After becoming the champion of both the stage and the silver screen with his Madea productions, Tyler Perry returns with a new special for the entire family to enjoy. But this time it will be entirely different. This time, for the first time, Madea gets animated!

Madea: Tough Love (as it is called) will feature all the characters the fans came to love, including in here the same Madea (voiced by the same Tyler Perry), Uncle Joe, Aunt Bam and others. As usually, the plot is pretty straight-forward and it involves Madea getting herself into a new outrageous situation, all for the sake of saving a youth center.

After a running-in with the law, the titular character gets sentenced to work in the community’s service. This opens up as an opportunity for her to change the life in the hood. With the help of Aunt Bam and Uncle Joe, she rallies all the kids from the streets and shows everybody that there is love beyond any tough shell.

Of course, given the fact that this is an animation, the action will be even more over the top, since now the laws of physics will have nothing to say. As Anne Parducci (Lionsgate EVP of Marketing and Family Entertainment) said, everybody is thrilled to work with Tyler Perry on this new Madea production, not just because all the previous films were successful, but because everybody loves these characters.

So, while Madea won’t be coming this festive season, it is always good to hear that there is still life in a character you love. Granted, this new outing isn’t written by the same Tyler Perry, but it is still produced by him and the main character is still played by him.

And if you didn’t like the Madea movies until now because they seemed a bit over the top, you might want to check out Madea: Tough Love – a cartoon is always more interesting when spectacular sequences are happening.

The trailer for Madea: Tough Love can be found on YouTube.

The film won’t see a big screen release. It will arrive, however, on Digital HD on the 13th of January 2015 and it will be available on DVD and VOD one week later, on the 20th of January.


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