Madea From A Different Perspective

Tyler Perry became famous for Madea, a character that is loved by the hardcore fans for telling the things just like they are, but also a character that has found no mercy with any respectable critic. In a way, Tyler Perry has become defined by this cross-dressing character and this has had its toll on his career.

However, the writer/actor/director has proved again that there is something special about him besides the usual poor-rated movies he makes and stars in. On the 3rd of October, Gone Girl was released to rave reviews. Obviously, director David Fincher and star Ben Affleck got the most of them.

But, to everybody’s surprise, another actor was mentioned on numerous occasions – it was Tyler Perry. The man behind Temptation, Madea’s Witness Protection, and Why Did I Get Married Too is said to be one of the best parts of a film filled with good acting.

This comes to prove yet again that he has depth and versatility as an actor. If until now everybody looked at him as if he was a pariah, he sure showed everybody how wrong they are.

But this also means something else. As Tyler Perry himself said, Madea is just bait for the fans. This means that the extravagant lady was just a means of attracting the moviegoers in order to speak about important issues such as faith, Christian values, and so on.

In other words, his role as Tanner Bolt in Gone Girl somehow justifies his Madea films inclusively. If until now he was supposedly as empty and as shallow as his most famous character, now we can see that we were wrong at least about the actor.

Isn’t it possible to say the same thing about Madea?

If we take a closer look at how cult-characters are formed, we see that they are always bashed by the critics as being too shallow, as being pointless. However, as time passes and they gather a stronger number of followers, these opinions change.

Isn’t it possible that most of us actually don’t know how Madea works? Who knows – maybe next time Tyler Perry will impress everybody with yet another brilliant role.

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