Madea for President!

Image Madea running for President…Lort have mercy! Hell, image Madea winning the election (obviously)! One can only picture what our country would look like under her supervision. My God! Give her a gun, a chainsaw and a vehicle and she’ll bring us right back up!

Think of the ways the negotiations would go with the foreign countries. Or how about nailing down Sadam? Ahh, why having we thought of this before?!

Anyways, I’m keeping this short because we want to see YOU paint your picture for us and share it in the comments below. How do you see America with Madea in the White House?

Let’s get crazy!


  1. Lisa Tolar says:

    Madea, if you would go in the church instead of “Go by the church” I might give you my vote ! I’d love to take you & your peace to the middle east !

  2. Darlene Cooper says:

    Honestly, I don’t even know WHERE I’d begin

  3. Tina Washington says:

    I believe Madea would be the one to bring the 2 parties togather. I bet those republicans would straighten up or be presented with a seet potatoe pie or a joint to lossen up!!!!!! lmao

  4. amber says:

    Awesome concept!

  5. madea for the dang gone president

  6. anita says:

    now thats a movie that would be very funny and truly needed any movie madear does is a blast cant wait for another one.

  7. Julia says:

    The way I see it is, if Arnold Swartzinager made it as govenor then Madea absolutly could and would be a much better presadent then what we have had in soooo many years. She would straighten this country up and start by whipping some young folks butts!! That is where it needs to start because when we were told not to spank our children is when this country started going down hill!! Then Mr. Brown could be vice presadent and lead our country back to God where it was founded by and needs to be!! I love you Madea!!

    • Rev. Dr. Doc says:

      I’m with Julia on this one. Madea would clean out the House, Senate, Cabinet, and do a major attitude adjustment on all of those so called advisers and the rest of those evil clowns. I would like to see Pink as her military adviser working along side Vice President Brown. A lot of the so called staunch upstanding Christians would benefit from kind of theology. Give glory to Jesus, Haller-lu-yer!

    • Kathy says:

      Yes indeed, what Julia said! I love Madea too<3 Love her advise and loved what Tyler Perry said at Whitney Houston's funeral. My daughter, granddaughter and I watch everything Tyler Perry does and we would all vote for Madea or Tyler, which ever one runs, we are behind you, Haller-lu-yer!

    • Heidi kalal says:

      Aint that the truth …..but lets nt foget bout uncle joe….i guess he would be the secretary of defense

  8. Tiffannie says:

    Well, if they made it a movie and it became reality it better be before I run in 3years. I know the people I don’t want a female for president but I am Going to rely on God to answer my prayer to be the 1st woman president in history!

  9. Hellur!!! lol Its Madea! She is Funny just being herself and straight to the point in her oun way! she take no ones Stuff.. I would Vote for Madea lol She would put every one in there place and get it done!!! if they like it or not!!! 1Love All

  10. kathy says:

    She would put God back in every situation

  11. M ILLICENT says:

    madea keeps a piece of steel so peace would certaily be still those republicans would fall in line or get a piece of steel madea got my vote

  12. jackie carter says:

    yep, sounds good to me, she will clean house while she’s there LOl

  13. Diana says:

    As long as she kept God in Charge, This country needs to put God back in Charge, and quit letting Satin run amock,

  14. cathalineburton says:

    Go for it madea, it will be a good movie, and by the way please make a part 2 of diary of a mad black women. PLEASE!! thank!!

  15. I can imagine press conferences and debates, with Madea threatening to “slap the hell” outta everyone who asks sarcastic or clearly biased questions, demanding they speak in English because she doesn’t speak Poultrycs …lol having congress refuse a bill she tries to pass or something and have a whole “what you mean!! they said NO?!, I am the head of the state, the LAW up in here” scene. having her learn what a filibuster is…. OMG…. what they wouldn’t do to get her to shut the hell up!! having her deal with gas prices after watching her go to the pump to fill up her own car and being disgusted. Having a holiday in the white house , at the big dinner table making the secret service agents sit down for homemade food SHE COOKED . She should have a list in the oval office of things to “handle” and cross them off one by one as she gets them done. – Thats all I got.

  16. sarah says:

    I love this and I have a book that i am going 2 write and want you 2 make a movie about it thanks god bless

  17. Cindy I. Philemon says:

    Madea For President? I can’t see that now I can see Madea’s Visit To The Whitehouse that would be hilarious! Even if she didn’t make it to see The President. Her vacation would be can I say an adventure.

  18. I’d vote for Madea in a heartbeat. She’d make Congress play fair with one another. One thing’s for sure, she takes no nonsense.

  19. Betty says:

    LMAO! Lock Madea and John Bahner in the same room to work out all of the these cliff issues and the attitude of Congress. Let her visit our troops overseas, and a visit with the Queen of England. How about decorating the White House or picking out her Cabinet members? The possibilities are endless!

  20. Brend Stuard says:

    If Madea was president….well….we would not have to worry about gun control, because she will be the one in control, lol…i think she would get the job done, and done well…..

  21. Lol……….. that would be nice. Madea run for President. she would make a GOOD ONE thats for sure,I would love for Tyler or aka Madea to run for President. Things would realy change. And you got my vote for sure.

  22. Reba Trotter says:

    I would vote for her in a heart beat may be she is what this country needs

  23. Jimbo says:

    Hell ya madea for pres an put phil roberston as vp an the rest of the duck commander folks in there with her. Put Joe an Si robertson together as offical welcome guides to the white house that would be hiliarous.

  24. carol says:

    I see Madea as a great president. “She” would bring laughter, LIGHT and peace to a hurting world. “She” has already done that! “She” would allow disciplining our children, but to abuse them (then maybe fewer children would die from violence. “She” would bring back the values that our country was made- love of God, honor and respect for each other. And if the two parties did not agree with what was needed to be done, “she” would hold them as hostages at gun point or have them play GRIT BALL, until they resolved their differences. “She” would honor our flag, she would honor our troops! I vote for MADEA FOR PRESIDENT!

    • carol says:

      sorry , when I said she would allow discipline and it should have read SHE WOULD ALLOW US TO DISCIPLINE OUR CHILDREN, BUT NOT TO ABUSE THEM!


  25. sherry martin says:


  26. Nancy Browder says:

    I would vote for Madea in a heartbeat. She would get this Country back like it was. She would put God 1st then straighten up the Congress, Senate, and everyone else in high places. She would make the rich pay more taxes and lower their pay. She would make people that is on welfare that doesn’t need to be on it get a job. She would put God back in schools and government places. She would push for busting kids butts and if parents didn’t do it she would fine the parents. She would stop trading with other countries and have everything made in USA. She would send ALL illegal people back to their countries. She would bring military back to the US to straighten up our Country. Gosh there are soooooo many more things she would do to get our Country back like it was back in the days. I will tell you one thing she would not put up with Republics and Democrats fighting. She will pour hot grits on them and hit them with an iron skillet. She would be the one to pass bills not the Congress. She is the leader and she needs to be the one to say yes or no. Vice President needs to be Phil Robertson. Then put the rest of the Robertsons’ leaders over the other positions. Boy I can go on and on.

  27. weebee says:

    Hurry and make this movie, really excited to see what you put together I see a lot of great suggestions and with your imagination I know it’s going to be as great as the rest of your other films and plays. Just waiting to see what you come up with I agree with all the ideas and comments that I have seen and heard so come on Tyler get at it and make it happen. MADEA FOR PRESIDENT!! one of your excited fan.

  28. Ms. D. Grmes says:

    If Medea ran for President, I know she would put pray back in the schools, the kids pants would be pulled up on their behinds. Parents would take responsibility for their kids actions.
    If Medea had Smith & Weston in her purse there would be peace in the White House and every other house in the World.
    Medea needs to put a pole out there too see what fans would vote for her. You have my Vote.

  29. Joyce says:

    I would love to see what she would have to say about dead beat dads and moms. Give-em-hell Madea…..!!!!!!!!!

  30. Rusty Gaul says:

    It is time … on the ballot … all we have to do is ‘fill’ her name in. Now we have a female president … the is going to change.

  31. Mary J. says:

    We`D rather Watch Madea Than Any Other (Show Forever)!!!

  32. Dalvius King says:

    I would love that in real life and as a movie!! All things Madea Amen get it rolling!!

  33. Dionne Randall says:

    If Madea were President, a lot of this nonsense would end. Congress wouldn’t continue to get rich from the honest work of the American family. Healthcare would be all and definitely racism wouldn’t be prevelant on Capitol Hill. Other countries/nations wouldn’t pimp out the USA. We’d take care of our own first and then offer assistance to others. Getting back to the basics would be a priority not an option. There would be NO more sagging pants and disrespectful children. I’m all for Madea being President. Come on with it Madea- bring the pain and joys of being properly corrected.

  34. Ramona Raines says:

    OMG!!! LOL!!! I can not begin to imagine what WOULD NOT take place!!! But I can also imagine it being like what they did in the movie, Distinguished Gentleman where Eddie Murphy ran for congress with just HIS NAME!! Vote for MADEA! The name you know!!! LOL!!! I say go for it!!!

  35. Patty says:

    She is just what this country needs!! “Hallelu-yer!”

  36. Antoinette Lavre says:

    Madea is going bust a cap in all our asses. If we do not leave all this hate and racism in the past where it belongs. Madea is going to bring all the past and present Civil Rights Activist to the White House for a round table.
    Madea is going to STRAIGHTEN out all this bullshit going on in the Divided States of America. ~Madea For President~

  37. Marianne says:

    She has my vote!!! She would straighten this country out starting with the politicians. She may even straighten out some of the other countries as well!!!!!!

  38. Marianne says:

    She has my vote!!!!!! She would straighten out this country, starting with all politicians . She may even straighten out some other countries as well!!!!!

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