Madea Crosses Over

There are still rumors that Tyler Perry has decided not to play the role of Madea on this year’s project: A Madea Christmas. In all honesty, it’s something you wouldn’t expect but would understand anyway. It has been many years after all since Tyler took on the responsibility to deliver Madea as he has been known for to the audience. For someone who has been doing this for a decade now, it must be tiring. Lucky for us, Tyler has once again disregarded the rumor.

In addition to that however, there’s his partnership with Oprah’s OWN series and focus on Discovery Communications. We all know Tyler Perry doesn’t just act; he also directs, writes his stories and has a lot put into production. If you had the same amount of responsibilities, putting on a purple, floral dress and wig would be wearisome too. On the lighter note, there is talk about Madea having a cartoon series, which is actually interesting. Animated Madea would definitely look bigger, haughtier and more muscularly intimidating than Tyler himself. Tyler Perry revealed to Huff Post Live about this animated project.

As uplifting as it is for Tyler’s fans, I’m not very sure if Madea as a cartoon character (if she should retain all her personality and vocabularity) would be appropriate for young viewers. Let us admit, cartoons are generally understood to be for kids so producing a cartoon show called Madea would equally attract fans and children. If Madea were to keep her unique way of setting kids straight, some parents might throw a protest. Of course, in reality, that’s unlikely (the part about cartoon Madea keeping her vocal feistiness). I, and many other fans, trust Tyler to know how to tone down the blasphemous comedy and transform it into something wholesome. Theatre, after all, is very different from the screen where mistakes could haunt the writer, director or actor in the form of virtual copies.

Going back to Tyler Perry not playing Madea on “A Madea Christmas”, the rumors were that the role was being passed on to Orlando Jones. The CEO of Lionsgate Jon Feltheimer did mention looking forward to having Orlando Jones for the project. Hold your horses though. There was no specific mention about what role Jones is given in A Madea Christmas. He could very well be a new or surprised addition to Madea’s interesting family.

As funny and entertaining as Jones has been in MADtv and other equally comic films, there’s much doubt he could handle Madea. Her rather bulky personality and intense nature might not fit well with Jones’ lean build and personality. To put things simply, there’s no one better to portray Madea than Tyler himself who created the character and improved her strong points throughout the years. Whether it’s Jones or another comedian, no one can ever fill the shoes of Madea but Tyler himself! Conclusively, an animated version could be a more deserving crossover than a change of actor.



  1. rene green says:

    That would be the most watched of all time I know it would be the funniest out their Tyler u struck gold again GOD BLESS YOU And ur family

  2. victor wingo says:

    It won’t surprise me if he gave up madea, hollywood does that to people. What got you there will keep you there, remember that.

  3. Vickie Leake says:

    What would we do with out Madea making us laugh & we can for get our troubles for a while and enjoy something besides all the hate and fighting & wars and besides we learn a lot from Madea and the things she dose threw her shows,movies. etc i do not care how people feel about Mr.Perry with the way they say his sex life is & that is between him and God and GOD has gave him a talent to help people and all and he dose give GOD all the praise in his life and he dose help people in a lot of ways no matter the color he has a heart of humbleness so Madea keep on rolling to bring fun and happiness to the world please aka Mr.Tyler Perry

  4. carol lowney says:

    please dont stop playing madea you are great for that part

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