Mad Props for Breaking Bad

Ever think that the featured props or properties on the set of Breaking Bad are as integral to an episode’s story as Walt, Jesse, or Hank?

Like our favorite characters, cleverly used props can hook, thrill, or disgust us, tattooing their indelible image onto our mind’s eye forever.

Think of the iconic pink and white teddy bear that fell from the clouds.  Or its missing “all seeing” eyeball that Walt discovered in his swimming pool after the post apocalyptic-like airplane crash above his home. Thus, the sky was falling and so was everything else.

Many will now forever call each and every tortoise they see, Tortuga. Does this not immediately conjure up the image of the bomb-rigged desert tortoise carrying the severed head of drug lord turned informant “Tortuga?”  Sick. Funny. Poignant. I imagine the props and special effects teams must have had a total blast :)  with this spectacular stunt.

Another favorite prop would have to be the Lucite-encased  dental “grill” formerly attached to meth enthusiast Tuco.  The sparkly grill in a cube became a trophy of sorts, making the hard wrought journey from Tuco’s silenced mug to a deserted muddy river and finally being proudly displayed upon Hank’s desk.

And, come on, who wouldn’t like to get their paws on Gale’s geeky, lightning bolt ridden “Lab Notes” journal?  (You can bet Gale drew some less than flattering cartoons of Walt somewhere in there too) In the Season 5.0 finale, it was implied that this explosive journal will serve as a key prop in the season to come  – inadvertently serving up slippery Walt to an impending mop up by Hank. Alas, proof again that the pen is mightier than the sword.

If you could have just one of Breaking Bad’s unforgettable props, what would it be?

Monica Z. Sage is a freelance writer of blogs, short stories and teleplays. Her short story Rules to Die By  is currently featured in the online literary magazine Word Riot.


  1. jan says:

    Where do you go to buy the BB PROPS???????

    • MonicaSage says:

      If fans are lucky, shows often auction their props online via ebay or privately after a series ends.

  2. Chuck Flynn says:

    All’s right in the world again.
    BREAKING BAD is back!
    Glad I found your site, so far away from Plantation, keep in touch.

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