Lynda Carter Will Always Be Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter ad Wonder Woman

“Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman”

Lynda Carter is the only true Wonder Woman.  She closely resembles the comic book super hero on which the TV show was based.  What do you think?

Wonder Woman was an Amazon princess living on Paradise Island. The island was home to women of great strength and intelligence who are ageless.  She rescues Major Steve Trevor (Lyle Waggoner) and escorts him back to America.  While away from her home she has a golden belt which gives her the strength and power she needs.  Thereafter she uses her super powers for good and to assist Major Trevor in his pursuit of evil.

To transform herself to Wonder Woman she twirls around and appears in her costume.  Wonder

Woman wears bracelets which deflect bullets. She has an unbreakable magic lasso which forces people to obey and tell the truth when bound with it.

The normal disguise for Wonder Woman is as Navy enlisted person Diana Prince, secretary to Major Trevor.  She becomes his secretary after learning Major Trevor’s previous secretary , Marcia, is a double agent for the Nazis.  Wonder Woman defeats Marcia  in a fight in the War Department and stops a plot she had  put in place.

After the first season ABC did not renew the series even though it had been popular.  The series moved to CBS where it was updated to more modern times.  Lynda Carter still played Wonder Woman even though it was thirty five years later. (Remember Amazon women are ageless).  Lyle Waggoner came back as his son Major Steve Trevor, Jr.   Eventually Diana is able to act as a single agent and not just as an assistant.

In very early episodes Steve and Diana had a romantic interest in each other.  In later episodes they were just good friends.

Years before Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman a TV movie was made with Cathy Lee Crosby starring in the first Wonder Woman film.  This person had blonde hair and did not resemble the comic book character at all.  She also did not show any super powers, did not wear the costume depicted in the comic books, did not keep secret her identity as Diana Prince.  This Wonder Woman did act as an assistant to Steve Trevor the government agent as he pursued criminals.

Years after the Wonder Woman series with Lynda Carter ended a new modern Wonder Woman pilot was tried.  The new Wonder Woman was played by Andrianne Palicki.  This Wonder Woman was a modern day woman running a large corporation in LA.  In this very complicated version of the show she also fought crime and acted as her own secretary, living in a small apartment with her cat, trying to be normal.

This latest version in no way followed the comic book character.  Although the pilot was ambitious and done well it was too modern.  Even the Wonder Woman costume was too modern.  The boots were the wrong color too.

For the many fans of the Wonder Woman experience,  the first season which followed the comic strip more closely was the best.   For these fans Lynda Carter is the one and only Wonder Woman.


  1. Mara says:

    This is what I have said all along….Lynda Carter is the only Wonder Woman

  2. Grace says:

    Lynda Carter is Wonder Woman. She is a timeless beauty. I wish I looked as great as she does right now today:) Im in my 30ies. Peace

  3. Mark says:


  4. Phyllis Reed says:

    I think that it should be a reunion of wonder woman

  5. JustJohn says:

    Actually, the essential elements of the Adrianne Palicki pilot *were* from out of the WW comics: it took a number of elements from different issues of the series from the past 30 years, so the author is incorrect on that point. (The major fault with the pilot was that while it took many of the elements of the comic series, it didn’t portray them well, or with sufficient chemistry, in terms of presentation, particularly Diana’s casual killing of a guard at the base she was infiltrating — Diana *never* kills off-handedly, and when she does it is because she is left with little alternative…). Also, the Cathy Lee Crosby movie didn’t air “years” before Carter’s, but only the year before (1974). Hopefully, the anticipated CW Network take on Wonder Woman (currently titled “Amazon”) will do a satisfactory twist on the character, though I am skeptical to say the least… In anycase, Lynda Carter *is* the definitive WW, and any who follow are extremely hard-pressed to match her… :D

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