Loving Rue

Blanche or Rue or Eddi-Rue or whatever else you might know her by, breathed her last breath on June 3 2010, after suffering from a stroke.  Much like her beloved character on the mega-hit TV series, The Golden Girls, she lived her life to the fullest and full of men! She even wrote a book about it!

Just like her saucy, spirited and sex craved Blanche Deveroux, Rue spent much of her adulthood, both in the youngers years and right up to her death with men coming and going in and out of her life.

You may be surprised to learn that Ms. McClanahan had said “I do” no less than six times before her death! What’s more…just like Blanche’s many relationships, Rue’s marriages did not withstand the test of time either. In fact, her longest marriage was indeed her last; however, the couple was estranged at the time of Rue’s death.

Rue’s first marriage to then husband Tom Bish is the only marriage that resulted in a child. Her only son, Mark Bish. Sadly, the marriage only last one year.

In the same year that Rue and Tom Bish were divorced, she married Norman Hartweg. Hartweg, a fellow actor is credited in the movie, “The Farmer’s Other Daughter” and “Five Minutes to Love”, portraying himself. Again, Rue’s second marriage was destined to fail, as they divorced a short two years later.

Next up, Peter DeMaio, another actor! This marriage had a little more staying power as it lasted a total of seven years.

Rue’s next two husbands were not in the public eye as they were not actors. Gus Fisher was Rue’s husband from 1976 to 1981 and Tom Keel was married to Rue from 1985 to the next year.

Rue’s last husband was perhaps the most known of all of them. Another actor and writer, Rue wed Morrow Wilson in 1997. Still legally married at the time of Rue’s death, 12 years later, she and Wilson were separated after kicking him out of their home while recovering from the stroke that eventually took her life.

May she rest in peace and hopefully find her true love where ever she may be now!


  1. Stephanie says:

    I love watching her on the Golden Girls. And i love her playing Blanche. She is so funny as Blanche.

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