Love Comes In All Forms

For this week’s article, I’m delving into a controversial topic, but it’s one that I feel that as our society has matured and grown throughout the years, should be addressed—the pairing of same-sex couples on daytime TV.

Now, for as long as I’ve been watching soap operas, I can honestly think of only three shows that have delved into this social topic—One Life to Live, Passions, and now Days of our Lives.  For a quick background on the other two soaps, One Life to Live paired a cop with a lab technician, while Passions had its first transgendered male who tried to get with one character, while blackmailing others.  For me, I actually enjoyed watching this topic play out in the storylines.  It brought a sense of real life issues that for people who are struggling to come out, can relate to.  This same fact holds true in the storyline of Will Horton on Days.

Will has always come across to me as being very awkward and unsure of himself.  I mean, given all he watched his mother go through, I can’t say I blame the kid.  Here he was growing up watching Sami lie to her family, and the men in her life, to jumping from one bed to the next, and then obsessing over one guy and then another, plus enduring pregnancies, etc.  With no true stability in his life, how was he supposed to grow up and NOT have issues with developing into the person he wanted to be?

Will coming out as a gay character was a brilliant move on the part of the writers and producers of Days of Our Lives.  Given his history, it makes sense for him to come full circle and realize how all these feelings he’s had over the years have accumulated into making him the person he is today.    I applaud both the actor and the writers for how they portrayed the struggle Will had in first coming to terms with who he was as a person, going so far as to test the waters first by sleeping with Gabi in a moment of desperation, and then having Sonny come into his life and making Will question exactly who he wanted to be, and then finally giving himself a voice to exclaim in a way to the public (and his family) exactly who he was—a gay man living in Salem.  The best part for me in Will’s confession was in the way the show portrayed Lucas and Sami’s reactions.  You have one parent who is totally shocked and suddenly withdraws for a time from his child, while you have Sami who, though at first struggled with Will’s lifestyle choice, suddenly does an about-face and totally accepts her son for what he is.  It was this acceptance that finally made Will start to take a step forward and breathe a sigh of relief and realize that it’s totally OK to be the person he is.

Pairing Will and Sonny was a bold move, but one that had to be done, contrary to what some viewers may believe.  Here you have Sonny, who is totally comfortable being a man in love with another man, his parents accept him for what he is, and he’s proud to be who he is.  Sonny was another crucial point for me in having Will come out and be who he is.  I think in a way, Will looked to Sonny and thought “if he can do this, why can’t I?”  When Adrienne butted in and tried to get Will away from Sonny, I admit, I wanted to slap her silly.  However, given Sami’s past history, I totally understand her reasoning for wanting to butt in—she was trying to protect her son from enduring a history that Will brought to the table thanks to his own mother.  When Adrienne finally realized just how genuine Will could be, and lent her full support to the pairing, I was thrilled.

Having Will and Sonny take the next step in their relationship seemed very rushed to me, however, it was also another crucial point that had to be shown, despite what viewers thought true.  Kudos to Days for not bombarding viewers with images that they did not want to see, but rather, they allowed the viewers to truly see the connection Will and Sonny were having, and felt it both naturally and expectantly to progress their relationship to the next level, just as you would in a man/woman relationship.  This part nailed home for me how one shouldn’t be judged by whom they choose to love, but rather, they should be accepting of the fact that people today have the right to love whomever they want, and that as long as they’re happy with their chosen mate, isn’t that all that really matters?


  1. I’ve been watching this show since I was a teenager and I am 62 now. Love it. But I must say, I hate it I hate it I hate the Will/Sony story line. I’m conservative and believe in the bible. I believe sin is sin. I know its just TV, but its entertainment and I don’t like to watch what I so strongly disagree with. I find myself just “tuning out when that part comes on. I think there is a better story line out there……hope they find it someday.

    • donna thomas says:


      • Jen says:

        I agree also. I have been watching since I was young and I can’t believe they went this way. My boys used to watch it with me and now they are like I am not watching that trash!!! It’s not appropriate at all! Either is abortion. I don’t believe in the fix for unprotected sex is to kill a baby. I don’t like that they are sending that message out at all! If she would of had a abortion I would of NEVER watched this show again. I really wished they could of came up with something better. Are they running out of story lines are what? There are some days I just turn it off.

        • Linda Brown says:

          I agree,Our children have so much to deal with in today,s world.I dont like to see two men together in bed, as afact I dont think its aproprate to see all the sex sceans,that are shown,some things are ment to be private.Its almost like watching a porn flick.I very seldum watch it now

          • Carolyn Jones says:

            I would like all movies & or soaps to let a bit more imagination in… all the sex shown…. I am 74 years old ..I kinow about sex ….Don’t care to see it on TV “gay couples or otherwise ” …..I have been watching since the 1980′s or so. I go get the coffee or clean off something if needed during those parts of the soap… I have a gay cousin, they do not flaunt their affection for each other …..& most hetrosexual couples don’t eather in public. A long sucking kiss in public ( in real life ) does nothing….go get a room & make it a Private time & special…Leave the rest to imagination…

          • Sherry Huffman says:

            I couldn’t agree more I also have a gay family member who doesn’t flaunt his affection either.

          • Bill says:

            Well then its ok to see all the bed hoping for years & years, that’s ok? get real lady

          • your kids should now what life is get over it

          • it is life lady get over it deal with it

          • it is life lady get over it deal with it

        • deal with it

      • don’t like it don’t watch it it’s life get over it

    • sylvia says:

      i agree with everything that is being said about the show God would not like it

      • Judy Jones says:

        I agree with everyone God would not like it..I have watched days for years,I am 66 years old.Call me old fashion,but totally disagree that you had Will to be gay on days..It is disgusting, The good book The Holy BIBLE..say…No man is to lay with another man..then same goes for a woman..I thought about getting petition up to have Will and Sonny’s part to be removed…To think you writers would through that in such a good day time soap..The ratings will drop down to nothing…I don’t agree with gay people..beautiful see the Bible tells us that it is wrong..I will not condone it..because that puts me thinking it is okay…

        • grow up and deal with it don’t like it watch something else don’t tell the writers how to do there jobs grow up and deal with it it is going to happend like it or not so grow up and deal with it is life

        • Linda J says:

          Are you serious? You believe in the bible.. But you don’t mind women and men cheating on each other? Abusing ppl? Divorce? Murder? Can someone PLEASE explain to me why all these “Christians” claim seeing same sex couples is a sin and goes against the bible.. But seeing murder and infidelity and violence is ok? Because my bible says those are sins… Love is love..
          I stopped watching Days a long time ago as it just seemed like same old same old.. Then I came across an article of Will and his struggle and Sonny.. I have been hooked ever since!! I live the way the writers portray the caring and tenderness.. The love they feel and show is amazing!! Can’t wait to keep watching and see what happens! Kudos Days!! Great Job!

        • Jedd says:

          Oh God wouldn’t like it Judy. Wait who is he again?? Have I met him? Is he the one who wrote that book called the bible? Does God take your calls? Do you think the writers actually give two hoots about good-for-nothing, intolerant, prejudiced, backward, miserable, pathetic, whining human beings? Any answers Judy and quite a few others.

        • Niki says:

          It also says thou shalt not judge,thou shalt not commit adultery, and so on and so forth.Yet the only thing you seem set on is that there is a gay couple on tv.If your going to “tune” out when there is a gay love scene,because thats a “sin”,then you should also do the same when someone is having an affair,or commiting a murder. After all if you dont,wouldnt that make you a hypocrite

      • Bill says:

        God doesn’t give a rats ass

        • Judy Jones says:

          One day we all will see if God cares.!!

          • Steven Norton says:

            LOL Yea when I’m born again into my new wonderful life for being kind hearted and sincere with people who deserve it and you are stuck in the afterlife begging for the gods to give you one more chance, u will be sorry :)

      • sandy says:

        there is a ‘on- off switch on ur tv!

      • Steven Norton says:

        Who gives a rats ass if god doesn’t like it…It is a life style and people are proud. I’m not one to flaunt my homosexuality but i’ll be damned if i ignore almost all of you cynical judgmental ass clowns putting down gay men and women everywhere…Isn’t one of those chapters in yer fantasy novel “Treat others as you would want to be treated.”? How would you like if I went around saying “Ew, that man and woman are having sex, that is icky and wrong…They shouldn’t do that!” Or how about “Aw look at that old married couple…Wait…what are they doing…OH NO THEY’RE KISSING!!! Call the police!!!” Yea you wouldn’t like that, would you? go chew on a rusted railroad spike…

    • Mary says:

      I agree 100%!

    • David says:

      I totally agree too, I almost stopped watching my movie of many years because of this story line. I realize it is a big thing now days, but it is still a sin.

    • Alice says:

      I am also a long time viewer (been watching since the very first show). I now tape the show and start watching the tape about 15 minutes after it starts. That way I can just fast forward through the part that I don’t want to watch. I don’t want to stop watching DOOL so the tape makes it much more enjoyable to continue on with my favorite TV show.

    • Harleen says:

      I agree with you about Will and Sonny. I am also 62, and I just can’t accept that story line. They are both such handsome guys, and I can’t stand watching the bedroom scene, and the making out in the middle of the restaurant!

    • Cynthia says:

      I totally agree, it’s just not right, God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

      • Bill says:

        OMG Your so FN Original

        • halfpint says:

          bill i think maybe you are gay so it doesn’t bother you to see two men or women doing it on tv….bedroom scenes should be left in the bedroom…..that goes for men and woman as well…..but to flaunt it is what i think people can’t and won’t accept..i have nothing against gay people but please don’t flaunt it in my face…..sorry but i don’t see straight people acting that way……tv no longer has morals……i can remember when you never saw a women in her bra and now they show it which isn’t right in my opinion……you can have a good soap opera without all the sex scenes in it……leave something for the fans to image…….we do have a lot of young viewers…..i mean if mommie is watching so is the children……i know my kids did when they were younger but it wasn’t that bad back then………

          • Rebekah says:

            I’m not gay and it doesn’t bother me. I appreciate how much they love one another.

          • Smokey says:

            I am 65 years old — long time DOOL fan. I’m straight but not narrow, and I think the writers and producers are doing just fine with this story line. It is (as Salem is meant to be) reflecting the world we live in — and in doing so, separating its viewers. In the past we have seen MANY bedroom shots and public displays of affection, some which would make me blush if I were in the same room in real life. In real life I would be turning my head away from them, because I am not a believer in PDAs. Is a gay relationship any different? Not to me. If they are going to show bedroom scenes and PDA for hetero relationships, it only follows that a gay relationship would find its way into the story line, You complainers don’t seem to have any problem with hetero PDAs or bedroom scenes. Perhaps you need to get out more often. Salem is just keeping up with the rest of the world. I expect nothing less from the writers and producers…and where were you when Gabi went to the abortion clinic?

          • Angeliza says:

            Who are ALL of you trying to fool?? Soap Opera’s are ALL about SEX…If you want to LIE to yourself an say Soaps have NOTHING to do with Sexy gays & girls…& Who is Sleeping with who… You are ALL LYING!!!! But go right ahead…& to All you “Holy Bible” people, 1st I DOUBT

      • Marie says:

        he neither said Adam and Kurt, sorry Glee reference, homophobic dumbass

      • Billy says:

        Adam and Eve had children who mated to have more children. Is that right? So was that INCEST? Was that a sin? Mary was pregnant and unmarried. Was that a sin? Jesus never had a girl friend. Jesus never married. He lived with 12 men for many years, slept with them bathed with them, fished naked with them, consorted only with the most wicked men, does that make you suspicious of JESUS?

        • Linda J says:

          I can’t even keep reading these comments they are making me so angry!! I am a heterosexual married for 23 year old woman. I don’t understand all these ppl referencing the bible.. So we can’t watch same sex roles.. But they have been watching this show for years.. That’s been full of murders, divorces, infidelities.. Guess their bible is different than mine. Mine says those are sins too!!! As far as the kissing scenes? Sorry ladies.. This lady thinks they are hot!! This is 2013.. Everybody is different. Be happy.. That’s what God wants for his children I believe.

      • Jedd says:

        And the award for most unoriginal bigot goes to Cynthia. Hey honey what the hell has something that happened SUPPOSEDLY THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO got to do with anything??? Believe it or not I can actually understand that without women no-one on this planet would be alive today or for the last few thousand years. However, answer me this: if God (if he really exists) wanted the perfect world that bigoted losers like you acknowledge, then why has the world been so messed up since well like forever?? That’s focussing on war, gun violence, prejudice, bullying, poverty, disease, natural disasters etc. Why are there reports of so many gay or bisexual historical figures dating back to BC AND EVERY SINGLE GENERATION UP TILL TODAY? Hmmmm something to ponder among quite a few during your next Mensa meeting.

    • kim says:

      I been watching Day’s since I was a teenager and I am 56 now. I don’t care who is gay or who is not. I don’t judge but if I cared to watch two gay people in bed I would. I am very uncomfortable seeing that on my soap.

    • JanIce says:

      I Agree. I think this is Not acceptable to be open. They should go back in the closet. As a matter of fact the sex is getting too bold and open. It’s just lack of taste to see same sex couples openly kissing..etc. I have watched since I was a small child and DOOL beginning. The Horton Family set good examples. This is not… I know it has caused many people to stop watching. Including my 88 yo Mother and 86 yo Aunt.

      • Rebekah says:

        The Hortons set such good examples, huh? Sleeping around and ending up in prison is fine but once two people who love each other like Will and Sonny have a storyline that expresses their love and affection for one another, people flip out?

        It’s opinions of people like you that force gay and lesbian people to live their lives in fear where they have to lie to themselves and those around them just to exists every day. How would you feel if you were forced “back in the closet” for being who you are?

        I enjoy finally watching a couple on this show who seem so committed to one another. DOOL should be commended for showing Will and Sonny’s love for one another in a realistic, truthful way.

        • Sherry says:

          I’m with you on this. I am loving the way they are portraying Will and Sonny’s relationship. and no….I am NOT gay…straight as an arrow. I have watched
          Days since it began and have always loved their storylines. This is real life being portrayed in a tv program.. Like it or leave it.

    • Pam says:

      I so agree, they need to stop this immediately. If they want this on tv they should put it on at a 10:00pm time slot, not in the middle of the day.

      • debbie says:

        I have watched Days from day 1 and have always loved it for it never ending drama…I love both Will and Sonny, but I detest the gay line…I know the Bible is not in agreement with gay/lesbian life and I have a hard time getting why this show would go this route…I try very hard to just skip these scenes..they are disgusting…and a waste of the talent of both these good-lucking guys…give us a break writers…come on …

      • Billy says:

        In REAL LIFE which goes on 24/7 should things like this be restricted to after 10pm? The way some of you adults talk it sounds as if you keep your children in a bubble, yet the youth of today are killing, raping, shooting and committing suicide younger than ever in history. They are getting pregnant at 12 and 13. If you are so worried about them seeing 2 men in love on TV why aren’t you preventing all of this? Kids are the least intelligent in history as well. Are you making them study when you turn off DAYS? They are also 66% OBESE, do you make them exercise when you don’t let them watch these story lines?

    • SARAH says:


    • Ellen says:

      I totally agree. I have to change the channel when they are on, kissing or whatever it is two men do. I do not want to watch this in my home. I am not so eager to watch Days anymore.

    • Barbara says:

      I totally agree with all the above comments, it’s very uncomfortable to watch!!! Is it necessary?

      • Angeliza says:

        Yes It’s Necessary because it’s called “Real Life”!! (I tried to write a prior comment & this writing program has a mind of its own. Soaps ARE about Sexy GUYS & GALS! There is SO Much “Bed Hopping” going on who can keep track of who is sleeping with whom…AND who cares! If you say you’re a Bible reader…then YOU shouldn’t be watching soaps, because I HIGHLY Doubt if God cares who is watching what soap. If you’re a “Homophobic” then you better go see a “Shrink”… because God Loves Everyone! & You’re the one with the problem! All it takes is 1 little chromosome to be “off” & who knows how that affects how a baby is born? God controls that… So go stick your head back in a Bible because YOU are Really out of touch with life…or You, of all people would know that God is Non-Judgemental….unlike you. Soaps are a Waste of time!… so maybe you should-TRY to Get a Real Life!

    • if you don’t like it than don’t watch it

    • veronica says:

      I agree! I don’t want to see same sex couples making out. I don’t even like seeing couples doing this, but come on this is just carring it too far.

    • Mary e Gonzalez says:

      I find it a little funny that there are so many posts on this about not wanting to watch anymore because a sin is a sin. Soaps have been about lying and cheating since they were new and adultry is a sin also so please dont be a hypocrite.

      • Tiera says:

        Kudos to you Mary!

      • Angeliza says:

        Amen to You Mary! So True! I doubt if anyone watchs a soap because of the “story line”…. nothing moves Slower than that! The writers MUST keep a “score card” so they can remember Who has slept with Whom so they Don’t repeat themselves TOO much!
        Bible quoters would be reading the Bible,not watching a soap. God Loves EVERYONE because WE are ALL “God’s Children”…. but I guess you missed that part of the bible. WHO Gives a “Flying Fig” who loves who…unless you have nothing else to do with your nose? What a pity! Everyone is entitled to live their OWN life the way THEY choose…NOT you!

    • all i have to say, is ive watched days of our lives since the beginning, love the show, but what makes the difference if its guys or girls, they are both sins, but as far as the show, its entertainment. but i do like the will and sonny story. its not uncomfortable to watch, its just life.

    • Ellen says:

      I also hate this story line and hate it for the actors who, I believe, are straight and are forced to kiss and hug another man. I am not prejudiced against gays but don’t want it flaunted on my program. I change channels a lot lately.

    • Bill says:


    • Tammy says:

      I HATE this story line. It disgusts me. I fast forward over it every time it comes on. Please cancel this story line soon.

      • Judy says:

        I HATE it too. I do the same I fast forward during the commericals too. I have been watching this show since I was 12 years and I am 60 I just don’t like it. I do not like the fact that young people are watching this.

    • Steven Norton says:

      Well I personally think you are a close minded old shrew…Get with modern day or keep yer trap shut. It’s happening and you cant stop it! My mother has been watching just as long and she likes the story-line. She believes in the bible and is happy they brought diversity to the show. She has 2 gay sons and couldn’t be prouder.(which I am one of) So to all you shriveled close minded bags who think homosexuality is a sin? How come all homosexuals have not been smited by the “oh so powerful” god you put yer faith in? That is truly the problem with all of you people…you believe in a greater power who judges so you feel you have a right to judge too. I am Pagan and in my religion we love all and accept all. No it is not a scape goat to not be judged…no I do not worship satan…I simply honor nature and the way the Goddess made us all. After all, Paganism is the oldest religion around, with which christianity and catholocism and really all other religions branched from…And one more thing…Doesn’t it say somewhere in that horror story of a bible you read in church “Do unto others as you would want done onto you.”? How about I go and “Cancel” you…how about I “cancel your story-line” would you appreciate that? Didn’t think so. It’s people like you who disgust me…

    • Billy says:

      Patricia, Without debating the topic, you say you are 62 and have been watching DAYS since you were a teenager and you hate the storyline and will NOT watch it because “sin is sin”. And it is clearly a sin because it says so in the Bible. If this is your conviction, then why have you EVER WATCHED the show? The 1st episode on 11-8-1965 was JULIE stealing a fur piece, that she was never punished for doing. Then came JULIE’s boyfriend DAVID getting her best friend SUSAN pregnant with his child. In the years following were story lines of adultery, murder, unwed pregnancies, abortions, infidelity, a brief lesbian affair involving JULIE. How many of the actresses on the show have “pierced ears”? And how many of these things have you seen on the show in the last 47 years which come from the book of LEVITICUS where most people reference homosexuality as being an abomination? Wearing clothes made of two blends of material? Eating meat with any blood still in it (rare)? Having Tattos? Men trimming their beards or NOT having sideburns? Going to people who claim to consult the spirits of the dead? Cheating someone? Stealing, or lying? ALL are also abominations, and I was taught there are NO DEGREES of sin. So again my question is: Why did you EVER watch DAYS OF OUR LIVES if you refuse to watch the WILL/SONNY storyline because it depicts “sin as listed in the Bible”? EVERYTHING that has ever been written on DAYS is a sin in the Bible if you get down to it. If the story lines did not reflect man’s imperfection that JESUS DIED for us that we would be saved, a soap opera wouldn’t last a week! So don’t be a hypocrite. GO READ YOUR BIBLE. And check your closet and see how many cotton/polyester dresses you have, and if you have any relatives with tattos or piercings (EVEN PIERCED EARS) and take your Bible with you when you put them TO DEATH as commanded in LEVITICUS as they are all bringing disgrace on GOD and are to be PUT TO DEATH! Go and PRACTICE what you preach. Now all you Bible Thumpers reply back how all of this is out dated in EVERY INSTABCE except the reference to HOMOSEXUALITY. HOMOSEXUALITY is never mentioned in the New Testament and NEVER BY JESUS! I want to hear how homosexuality is still a sin BUT having pierced ears, or eating a rare steak or having tattoos is not.

      • Linda J says:

        Billy, I love your comment and sooo couldn’t agree more!!!! I’m so proud of Days for showing us some if the heartbreak and struggle for gays/ lesbians to come out and live their life. It truly makes you.. Well me anyway.. Think and understand more. The love scenes don’t bother me at all.. They are very sweetly done. Love this storyline Days.. Please continue for a longggg time!! :)

    • Pat says:

      Billy…you don’t know much about the Bible or you would know that homosexuality IS mentioned in the NT. Rom. 1:24-27…I Cor. 6:9,10…I Tim. 1:10. As for you saying that it is never mentioned by Jesus is also wrong. Who do you think wrote the Bible? It is all inspired by God.

      • Linda J says:

        Inspired by God.. But still mans interpretation. Why else are there so many different religions.. Same book. I’m a Christian by the way.. I just believe in a loving God. :)

    • JANE LILLY says:


    • Janet says:

      I have been watching DOOL since 1980 & I am now 53….. I absolutely hate that they have ruined this show with this Gay trash stuff. It is morally & Biblical wrong. I now hardly ever watch it & when I do have it on & they show Will & Sonny, I just turn it off. Shame on you DOOL writers, etc. for allowing such trash on this show, you have ruined it & I am to the point that I wouldn’t care if it got cancelled.

      • Jeff says:

        Hey here’s an idea…don’t watch damn show if you’re so repulsed. But you know what I think I think you actually like it ..because it titillates you …and you’re just to scare to admit it…. You bible thumpers are truly what is wrong with this country. You are the one bringing this country to it’s ruin. if you think two people who love each are destroying the moral fiber or our country then you need your head examined. Look in the mirror then you will see the real culprits

    • Huda says:

      A christian who hate? wow how conservative of u.. i pity u and your beleives

    • Jeff says:

      Well you may love the bible but you apparently are selective in passages you like. I was never ever in my life lead …instructed…forced….or even asked to dislike a whole swath of people because they were different from me. But apparently many of you people were and I pity you all. You use the bible to justify your ignorance, intolerance your bigotry. If you wish to base a society on the good book..then maybe you should move to the middle east…because basing a culture solely on a religious doctrine has worked out so well for them. I am sadden that there are still people out here that just hate for hate sake.

    • JDaugherty says:

      I do not like the storyline of Will and Sonny..I have 2 grandchildren that are gay so I have nothing against the gay community but I do not want the sexual scenes shoved in my face every day..I started watching Days since day 1 with my mom and continue to this day but when that part comes on I just have to walk away..

    • Diane says:

      I also agree with Jen and Donna. I have been watching DOOL since ‘…and Ive seen a lot of changes….but please dont think everyone wants to see these changes that have come upon us in the last few yrs. Altho , homosexuals and lesbians have been around since Day 1……its in the Bible that you do not sleep with the same sex///nor parent///nor brother or sister……He has said this for a reason and we dont hate you…we hate the act….It goes against any Christian that holds the Bible up to be true..and I certainly do. It has nothing to do with “ohhh everyone has the right to love whom they wish”…..but if you choose the homosexual way, be prepared for judgement will come upon you some day…..but, only then will you know what the truth was.

    • Amy says:

      Preaching the bible about a soap opera just proves your ignorance. You should be ashamed of yourself for using God , religion and the bible to mask and hide your bigotry and hatred…..

    • Ray Broad says:

      I’m a conservative Christian too, and when I see those 2 guys kiss, it makes me a little nauseated. But I wouldn’t mind it if 2 lesbians were doing the same thing. I guess it’s just that I understand why someone would want to kiss a girl, I would, but not kiss a guy, I would not. I stopped kissing my son when I felt his stubble, but started again in about 2 years because I wanted him to know I loved him.
      By the way, I have been watching DOOL since 1973!

    • lisa says:

      I agree with you on this matter, I have watched Days since I was 12 years old I am not 51. I hate the story line between Will and Sonny it makes me very ill. I always fast forward. I strongly disagree with using gay couples on Daytime Entertainment . I am not against gay’s but I do not believe in flunting it on TV or in public. I have a family member who is gay but they to do advertise it in public.

      • Carmel says:

        It is upsetting to see the guys kissing. Turns my stomach. Where are the morals of DOOL? They are turning an interesting daytime show to garbage. Really don’t care to watch it much anymore.

    • Retha says:

      I hate it..after 50 some years I am so surprised that they would do that to Will and Sonny..keeps it up I will stop watching….I fast forward now.. have amost had enough..I mean taking Bow away also come om dool..and what about what Gaby did to Melaney…Nick needs to know.

  2. Kimberly says:

    I’ve been watching Days of Our Lives since the mid 80′s,and have loved to tune in 5 days a week since then,but I think that this storyline with Will and Sony is not appropreate to show on TV.

  3. Joanne Hays says:

    It’s too bad that Days had to put the Gay thing out there, like all of the new tv shows are doing. I Love Days, And I have watched since I was a Kid. I fast forward throught the parts showing Will and Sonny kissing and all. It makes me feel bad for continuing to watch it. Maby the younger 30 something crowd thinks that is Ok to do that. but i do not. I will watch untill my conscious stops me from watching. I like all the others on Days but NOT this sorrid story..

  4. carol h says:

    okay, let everyone love who they want but keep the bedroom part to themselves. No normal person wants to see two gays kissing and making out. Do it in private!!

    • Franny says:

      I have watched Days for 40 years, I am a 58 year old woman. I have absolutely no problem with gays, however I do like having the bedroom stuff thrown in my face, I am not against it, but I do not want to see it. There is something to say about privacy in the bedroom.

    • Ellen says:

      I agree; I don’t even to watch any couples having sex; just the romance and caring works fine. It’s like peering into someone’s bedroom.

    • Carmel says:

      It’s really sickening. They’re ruining DOOL. Not ready to watch 2 males kissing.

  5. Melanie Milosevich says:

    I don’t care for the story line…I know…you’ll say closed minded….maybe…old-schooled…bible banger, yes….homophobic..absolutely all. :)

  6. Pat says:

    I don’t mind having the gay storyline about Will; what I don’t want to see is 2 men in bed with each other kissing. I’m sorry but I’m old fashioned. Let them be gay but don’t flaunt it to people who don’t believe in it. I have watched Days since its beginning and I probably will continue to watch but I really don’t feel comfortable watching this part of the show.

  7. judith says:

    Will Horton being gay is just un heard of. I have never missed a one of Days from the very first show, but I am so tempted to stop watching Days now. I fast foreward through when it shows Will & Sonny so I will not puke. A guy kissing a guy, oh my heavenly father. Please help this world now. Satan is trying so hard to take over. I PRAY FOR THIS WORLD.

    • Pat says:

      I AGREE!!!

    • Harleen says:

      I know, it is so offensive!!

      • Lori says:

        I don’t care what you say….it’s just UNNATURAL!!…it even LOOKS unnatural and out of place on the show!! That’s NOW how/what we were created for! I too have watched since the 80′s and FAST FORWARD or mute and look away when Will and Sonny are on. In my opinion, it diminishes the foundation and history of DOOL who has outlasted EVERY OTHER SOAP on the air…DON’T BLOW IT by pandering to a specific demographic that is FAR outweighed by the viewers and fans who have brought you this far! They could just as easily bring an end to the hourglass.

    • Pat says:

      I agree! Also, let me say something so everyone doesn’t think I am prejudice or biassed. I think they need to stop showing any “sex” or steamy scenes on daytime tv, regardless of whether it is a gay couple of not. Daytime is too steamy. Leave something to the imagination! I love Days and will probably watch it until it is no longer on tv but that doesn’t mean I approve of everything they show.

    • Carmel says:

      You are absolutely right, Judith.

  8. Ada Jackson says:

    I am a Christian and I do not believe that being gay is natural because Gods Word tells us that it is an abomination in Gods eyes! I love watching Days and have for years, but I have to say that the Will and Sonny storyline makes me sick and they have completely ruined Wills character! Just because part of society has decided that being gay is cool and natural doesn’t make it so! This nation is In so much trouble! I hope eventually Will and Sonny leave the show! I fast forward through their scenes!

  9. Sherry Revis says:

    I guess if you are a wordly person you can deal with this alittle better. I stopped watching for a year when Marlena was possessed, but I have tried to hang in with this new gay stuff. It is running rampid in the U.S. and I am totally against it!! I was very dissappointed so I guess I don’t fit in with you’re normal viewers.

  10. jpalmer says:

    Many years ago there was a soap parody series called Mary Hartman Mary Hartman. . In it Billy Crystals charater comes out and has a long term relstionship with Bob Segrans charater. Then All My Children had Erika Kanes daughter come out as a long running story line.
    I think our society has come far enough to recognize same sex pairing as part of daily life. Each time a program or performer includes same sex pairing the world seems to acept it better.
    Even Who Wants to Be. Millionaire is recognizing participants and their partner’s on air respectfully and matter of factly. This makes me happy and hopeful.

  11. nana13 says:

    I do not think you should have put gays couples on Days, I have watched Days since I was 13 and now am 51 and very unhappy about the gay thing. We have enough of this put into our face on the shows and in real life. Please stop it!

  12. BJ says:

    We have been watching Days 40 yrs. I wish that Will and Sonny’s relationship was not even revealed on this program . Days is recorded on our dvr daily, and we would like to continue watching .

  13. TJohnson says:

    I must say it’s only controversial if you’re a bigot or if you pretend that what bigots believe is important.

  14. DGRIFFITH says:

    I have watched Days since I have been in middle school and I am now 57. I am very much against the gay storyline between Will and Sony and I record the show everyday but I fast forward through the sick scenes of two men together. What is this world coming to. God is not happy with the world acting like they are and I am sure He will not put up with it much longer. Why not change that line and not be like other shows on tv. I pray for the shows story writers and producers.

  15. JUrban says:

    I am 39 and have watched this show since I was about 5 years old.. I DVR it every single day, and I also fast forward through ANY scenes with Will and Sonny. I do not want to see it, and just may stop watching all together. The only reason I have not stopped so far is because of how long I have watched it, and how I love the other characters and story lines, but I may need to give up all that… I am really hoping that the two of them leave the show real soon. Worst part is, I think they are both amazing young actors, but I cannot and will not support this…

  16. LINDA says:

    I think that same sex couples are fine but don’t want to see them making love, that’s for sure. I flip stations when they show these scences. They is a time and place for everything but I think it is very distasteful. May stop watching if it gets worst.

  17. Pat says:

    I totally agree that this should not be on Days! It’s not normal, no matter what other people believe. Everything on tv has gone to pot and rated “R”. I know I can turn off tv or watch something else but I’ve watched Days since I was a little girl and that’s a long time! Please change storyline for Will and Sonny. If you want them to be gay, that’s fine, but DO NOT show intimate scenes with these two. Even children like to watch Days and they do not need to see this.

    • jeanie says:

      I have been watching Days forever. Its the only one I watch. People its entertainment and if you dont like it then dont watch. and for all you bible thumping activists. Really? Who r any of you to judge anyone for who they fall in love with? If you believe in God then you know he is the only one to judge and im pretty sure he would tell u that a sin is a sin. but i dont think loving someing is a sin no matter what the sex. People get off ur high horse and accept people for who they are and not who you want them to be.

    • Elisha says:

      I have been watching Days since I was 13. I absolutely LOVE it and I love that they are taking events that happen in “real life” and putting it in the show. No matter what your belief is, love is love and god will love us all no matter who we love or what we watch! I think it’s ridiculous how upset you all are over this. Will and Sonny represent so many young gay couples out there. Its just life and if you don’t like it, don’t watch it :) Keep up the good work DAYS!!!

  18. Kacy says:

    I have been a long time viewer of Days and have watched many story lines but I now dvr days so I can fast forward thru the Sonny and Will time I don’t mind the story line but I don’t want to watch the kissing and bedroom sceens. This why the other two soaps are probably gone now. No one wants to see this on daytime TV .

  19. Mary says:

    I know that this thing happens everyday, but it is nit what I tune in for. I quit watching when they had a demonic possession, recently started watching again. Ginna have to say GOID BYE again! Do NIT want to see them making out!!!

  20. Ah leaf says:

    I think will and Donny’s story line makes it more up to date to the real world. It makes it a way better show

    • Joann says:

      Thats what I think too. It don’t bother me to see Will & Sonny together, it might make them a little uncomfortable at times but the story line is the real life now days. People can take a break to get a drink or eat or go to the restroom if they don’t want to see that part. But now days in the real world they marry i some states & they are coming out & not hiding anymore so people will have to get use to it.

  21. I have been watching this show for years since retiring. I am not anti gay but I don’t care to see it on tv or in person. They can be lovers without showing all the kissing and bedroom scenes. I think it is disgusting to see and it would be better to let us imagine what is happening rather than seeing it all the time.

  22. S.Baldwin says:

    this is against all that god believes,i have watched days since i was a kid and this is not normal .i love days and will always watch it.

  23. Marlen says:

    If the Sonny and Will controversy upsets or insults you, then don’t watch it. Their story is the story of many and the book won’t close because some feel offended. It’s something in every day life. Think of it as taxes, the government, death, disease and disasters, as well as other things in this world which are worse that we dislike but have to contend with like it or not.

  24. Jackie says:

    I love that the people who say they have watched for years are against the gay storyline because they believe in the Bible and God yet all the other activities like unplanned pregnancies, unwed mothers, adultery and all the other storylines that make fictional soap opera storylines interesting didn’t make them turn their tvs off.
    Get over yourself, religion and the Bible are not the be all and end all of everyone’s life. Connect to the real world, connect to what HUMAN beings are today. Turn off your tv if you must and go meet a real gay person and find out that they are flesh and blood like you and have done nothing wrong except be born, just like you.

  25. C says:

    I have a lot of gay friends and live in a city where being gay is accepted. However, it makes me uncomfortable to watch Will and Sonny make out. I was able to handle them being together, but the hardcore kissing is ruining the show. I don’t have a problem with gay people, obviously, but what Will and Sonny do behind closed doors, should literally be behind closed doors and just stated by them in later scenes of the hanky panky business they had previously, instead of flaunting it to the DOOL viewers who cannot stomach this any longer. I, too, fast forward through their scenes. Thank God for PVR!!!

  26. Billy says:

    I, too, have watched DAYS since the very firs episode and these comments make me wonder if the writers have really been watching the same show I have. IF THEY ARE as STRICTLY RELIGIOUS as they claim to be (as in how they will not watch they show any longer because it has a “gay” story line which is SO AGAINST the bible), the show I have watched for 47+ years has consisted mainly of everything forbidden in the BIBLE: adultery, abortion, fornication, murder, wearing clothing of 2 blends of material, trimming side burns, having tattoos and pierced ears, and about evry sin mentioned in LEVITICUS along with 2 men sleeping together! Even JULIE had another woman in love with her in the 70′s. So why have these viewers not complained and continued to watch throughout all these abominations? There are NO DEGREES OF SIN the last time I heard. People you can’t bury your head to the fact that a considerable percentage of men are gay. I’m sure someone in your immediate family is. They are just afraid to let you know because of the very things you have said above. NO ONE WOULD CHOOSE TO BE GAY, because of the hatred and disgust that you display in the comments about a “soap opera storyline”. THIS is why so many young men COMMITT SUICIDE rather tha tell their parents they are gay. It can not be changed anymore than one’s eye color they are born with can. And to the article’s writer: I think you wrote a ver good informative article, however; you stated, the relationship going to them having sex seemed a bit rushed. It was actually over a year – which in a soap where opposite sex couples have sex after 6 hours of meeting one another is VERY RARE to me. I think the story line has been very realistic with one exception. NO MALE who was born gay would ever have had sex with a woman ONCE let alone TWICE as WILL HAS. Please reconsider your harse comments and IF YOU ARE AS RELIGIOUS AS YOU CLAIM TO BE, think about how understanding and forgiven Jesus was – to die for us as imperfect humans, telling us His one commendment was to “love one another. Jesus ONLY consorted with criminals, lepers, outcasts, and those that others condemned and hated. Try to be a bit more like He was.

  27. Gary C. Hardin says:

    Okay, I read many of the comments on here and it simply baffles me to the double standards many comments display. I think Days has handle the gay issue rather well. For those that bring God into the picture here, I must remind you that God would not approve of Days or any other soap opera for that matter. I find the story line often offensive with all the characters jumping into one bed after the other, which has been a common thread in all soaps. For anyone to draw out the gay issue against this backdrop, are sincerely confused. Soaps are by there very nature worldly and not for the narrow minded. Ratings my friends have proven you all wrong.

  28. elaine says:

    C’mon folks…it’s 2013!! Time to think ahead…not behind. The world has turned (to make a funny) and Will and Sonny are alive in Salem and all over the USA and all over the world. You watch Sami in bed with “whoever” and that’s okay?? Equal opportunity, please!! I am a grandmother of 5 and choose to live and let live. The world has matured and Same Sex is nothing to turn your nose up at…it’s part of life and time to accept it. Also, tell me that Will has not been playing a wonderful part for such a young man.

  29. Jodi says:

    I have watched Days for over 40 years, and I don’t have a problem with gay people, but I do have a problem with it being shoved down my throat. It seems you can’t turn a tv show on lately without seeing gay couples. Most of them don’t get too “involved” on tv but the way Will & Sonny carry on make me want to puke.

    • Linda says:

      I agree Jodi! Stopped watching all soaps nighttime and daytime..

    • Jedd says:

      Jodi you must be really intelligent. NOT! “Shoved down my throat”, you say. I didn’t know the writers held viewers at gunpoint but maybe they make exceptions for bigots. And don’t preface your response with “well I am not but” … we all see through those kinds of arguments.

  30. TJohnson says:

    Jeepers I just can’t believe you old dinasaurs can’t get used to same sex love. Oh well. sometimes I wonder if you’ve been married to a closeted gay or have a closeted gay child, or maybe you are in the closet.

  31. Elaine says:

    I don’t care if they have to have a story line with gay couples, but I don’t want to see them in bed kissing. From what I’ve read here, seems like a lot more people are against having this thrown in their face, than are for it. Get a clue Day’s , clean up the act!

    • Denise Pascoe says:

      I totally agree with showing the feelings of all concerned in someone coming out, I have no problems with this, but they do not need to constantly show them in bed, kissing. They don’t need to show this with anyone male/female, female/female or male/male. If I see someone out in public acting this way I think get a room, “the old what goes on behind closed doors needs to be practiced alot now a days.

  32. Laura schilling says:

    I hate it!!!! I have watched Days for 40 years & I never thought I would ever stop watching but I pretty much have and it is directly bc of Will\Sonny storyline.

  33. Jamie says:

    Everyone keeps chiming in on the bible said this the bible said that! Guess what the bible said thou shall not kill, commit adultery, you should love thy mother and father as well! You didn’t have any issues watching Days when Vivian buried Carley. Or when Stephano tried to kill Bo and John. You didn’t stop watching when Bo wife swapped or even Victor played around. not to mention the affairs that Sami has had! Non of you could care less what the bible said then. So there is a story line that you are uncomfortable with. Get over it! I was 8 watching love scenes and felt uncomfortable and just changed the channel. I am 35 now and sure when the story line first came out it was shocked. I’m ok with watching them kiss (this took a little time to stop blushing it was like ohhh I’m not supost to be seeing that, sorta shyness) I’m not that fond of the love/bedroom scenes but I have the option to change the channel. I feel sorry for all of you that can not be open minded and even more sorry for your family. God forbid you have a child/ grandchild that is gay and living a false life because they don’t want to disappoint you! Because YOUR feelings and beliefs are the only ones that matter! How sad!

  34. Cindy says:

    I was so happy to see people start to call out the hypocrisy of the early statements, as that was exactly what I was going to say. I find the storyline interesting. Yes, I giggle like a school girl catching late n night Cinemax near-porn when Will and Sonny start making out, but this is New to me. But I was way more offended when Mimi had the abortion because the wrong guy got her pregnant than I am by this.

    Oh and “Adam and Steve”? Really?

  35. laurabell says:

    There seem to be a lot of people out there who think they are God. Only God can judge, so get off your high horses. they show less with Will and Sonny than the Brady and Kristen scene where they were doing it on his desk and showed them getting dressed. And for the record, I am 57, (not all elders are bigots)

  36. Linda says:

    I do not like the liberals in Hollywood craming homosexual peoples beliefes on me. I stopped watching all shows on TV because it really offends my beliefes. If all people who are offended by Hollywood would stop watching all shows that push their liberal agenda on us, then who will watch the commercials? We need to stand for what we believe. The left thinks the right has no right to believe the way we do…Think about this the next time u see them push the homosexual agenda down your throat!

    • than don’t watch it

      • chris says:

        well thats one less biggot to worry about…so yeah you for not watch’ng all our favorite shows, b/c they’ll be here long after your hateful a__ is gone…..must be so nice to be you………hate,hate,hate,preach,preach,preach, see you in the down under after the world ends, I’ll save you a seat…….

  37. Lyndsey Ogle says:

    I think the Will & Sunny is so gross. I started watching days when I was a little girl with my mom. I am a devoted watcher and have been for many years. Planning my schedule around days. People can do what they want and sleep with whoever they want to, but they shouldn’t make us watch it, that is not right to force it on us like that. People have children. My daughter is 7 years old probably the age I started watching it with my mom. I REFUSE to let my daughters watch it. She does NOT need to know about that stuff. Take it off DOOL or you are going to lose a lot of watchers. Then there will be yet another good soap lost to bad writers. Just saying I can’t stand it & haven’t watched in months because of it.

    • if you don’t like it than don’t watch it

    • chris says:

      please….if they watch gossip girl or even big brother they’ve seen this……who cares if you stop watch’ng, it just makes people want to watch it even more, and do you really think they can’t watch it……seriously…… your just teach’ng your kids ignorance & thats your fault…….hate spreads…….and your lay’ng it on thick lady…….glad your not my mom

    • Tiera says:

      Lyndsey, Any parent who would let their 7 year old child watch any soap opera at all, would be unfit…. all soap operas are full of smut. You worry about homosexuality and how sick it is, when you should really be worrying about your own parenting skills or lack thereof.

    • Jack says:

      Yikes… some parents don’t deserve to be parents at all. I feel great pity for any children you have. Perhaps the day will come when people like you will finally understand, Lyndsey. Or perhaps you will never understand even when you are dead. But whether you like it or not, in just a couple of decades, people will look at you the same way we look at those who protested miscegenation (that’s “mixing races” in marriage, since you probably have never heard of it) only a few decades ago. You can say all the hateful things you want, but it only reminds us how much happier the rest of us are, and how vastly empty your life is.

    • Jack says:

      Lyndsey Ogle is so gross, by definition.

    • Gayle – right on.!!!! I believe live & let live. I also am 62 yrs. old & watching Days 4 a VERY long time but now ppl, we r in 1013. I also believe in the Bible but r Gays bothering you. NO!!!!! How about Sami, who had 4 children from 3 different fathers but we all love her. What about the sluts, guys going after difgferent girls all the time. Give the world a break & accept this little problem. We have bigger problems in this world besides Gays. So yes, I dis agree with 1100%.

  38. sonny and will should cry in each arms and tell each other there feelings to each other sonny and will should french kiss and make up sonny and will should be back together to raise this baby together as a famley and get marryed and live happley ever after sonny and will meant to be together

  39. Nancy says:

    I am ok with Will and Sonny being a gay couple on my soap, I just don’t care for all the kissing. I don’t like all the kissing from any of the characters though. Kissing should be a very personal thing in the privacy of your home, not to be a public display. I got so tired of the Maralna and John sex stuff that i would leave the room when they started. I’m so glad the writters finally settles them down. I think each person has the right to be whoever they truely are but please stop with all the sex and kisssing. We can all imagine it for ourselves if we want.

  40. all of you are bigoits hommopoic gays have rights to and don’t you dare put the bible in this it is called equal rights gays have rights to fall in love if you can’t say anything nice don’t say it all it is real life get over it

  41. Carolyn Wagner says:

    I’ve been watching days since I was 7 years old. I am a Christian and I’m proud of that, however I do like this story line. The bible says not to judge anyone least you be judge, stop looking at the splinter in your brothers eye and pay attention to the plank in your own. I understand the bible says homosexuality is a sin, but you should continue to love the sinner, just hate the sin. This is happening today in our world, we can no longer hide it. Too many kids are killing themselves because someone is bullying them let them see that it’s okay to be different and still be loved!

  42. Sue says:

    my question is. Is will really gay in real life????

  43. chris says:

    god wouldn’t like any daytime soap b/c theirs too much sinn’ng going on, the gay storyline wouldn’t put a wrinkle in gods eye brows……get over yourselves, seriously….if you don’t like it, then stop watch’ng it, or get over it, get some literature, learn something from watch’ng it, I don’t like alot of things but I deal with it……..I had NFL football but you don’t see me say’ng god hates it b/c its so barbarack, and yet the players are yummy so of course I like that part…….you can’t speak hate & claim to be religious……sorry…..doesn’t work that way………you either hate or love…….you can’t hate & go by the bible…….doesn’t work that way, and for the record, I’m as gay as you can get & I LOVE THIS NEW STORYLINE & AM VERY HAPPY TO SEE IT FINALLY COM’NG AROUND TO DOOL………they took way too much time doing the over & over cheat’ng & scandels and black mail’ng and the baby with 2 days or 3 different dad’s & that was ok & kidnapp’ng thats ok but put too characters on the show that are MAN ENOUGH TO PLAY THE PART & RELIGION GETS INVOLVED………not sure what bible your read’ng, b/c god doesn’t like HATERS……..PERIOD………ITS 2013 DEAL WITH IT……..thanks for all that read this…….b/c I’m pretty sure, most stopped at my agree’ng with this DOOL storyline.

  44. Tony says:

    I think its sad to read these comments and see that many of you disagree with the Will and Sonny storyline. Many of you don’t mind to see Nicole and Daniel constantly going at it (while she was pregnant) or back when Daniel and Chloe were together and now Kristen and Brady go at it throughout the city of Salem.

    If anything you should take away the struggles that a person has with being gay and being able to just be themselves. Its people like you who think its gross, and think they should stay in the closet that makes it hard for a person to be HAPPY. (key word)

    I applaude DOOL for doing the storyline as its a great learning tool for people to have an understanding of what a person goes through when they are gay. That they want to be loved and find love just like any other person.

    Its funny how many of you are so upset with this story line but are ok with the baby switching, brainwashing, kidnapping and bed hopping that soaps are known for. You continued to watch and support it through all that you should be able to watch and support the show now that it has modernized things to whats happening now.

    Thank you for such a beautifully written article.

  45. Darla Dean says:

    I do not agree with the whole Will and Sonny storyline. I have been watching for 30 years and turn it off when the Will/Sonny story is on. I have been a loyal Days fan but am not happy about this.

  46. i,m 62 been watching since it came on I do not like Will/Sonny thing if they don,t get rid of this i will quit watching

  47. Zeta says:

    I have been watching Days since it first came on tv. I understand that they are trying to keep up with what goes on in real life. I am like others I don’t agree with this because I believe the Bible. Sin is sin but you are supposed to love the sinner and hate the sin. I like that they portray people struggling with real life issues. I am uncomfortable watching Will and Sonny together and just tune it out when it is on. All in all it is a great show.

  48. Lu says:

    First point – for the author – there was also running gay storyline on As the World Turns from 2005 onward when legacy character Luke Snyder came out of the closet and went on to date both Noah Mayer and Reid Oliver. It only came to an end when the show did, but Luke was featured consistently throughout that entire time period.

    But back to Days – the only thing that baffles me is so many people coming out of the woodwork to complain.

    Days is running on 2 year high ratings right now, with one or both of the gay characters regularly right smack in the middle of the drama. The majority of people are obviously NOT leaving the show because of Will and/or Sonny, or if they are, Days must be gaining more new viewers than the ones they’re losing. The threats to stop watching aren’t going to do any good to change it, even though it’s really sad to think so many longtime viewers feel as if they can’t watch anymore. In time we’ll find that these people who can’t open their minds to accept different kinds of love are going to be left behind with only their negativity as company. It’s already happening. I don’t need to judge them for their opinions, I have family members who feel the same way and find same-sex couples on TV appalling. All I can do is be sad they’re experiencing so much disappointment and negativity and sadness and disgust in their lives instead of just enjoying it and being happy like the rest of us. That’s a choice we can all make.

    As for me, I smile like a loon every time they’re on screen together. I adore these two and enjoy watching their ups, downs and inbetweens. And I’m sure I’ll continue to do so as long as the show keeps featuring them in as fair a manner as the other characters.

    • Lisa says:

      Agree with you completely!! Couldn’t have said it better myself :) The writers are giving Will & Sonny such great story lines to further their relationship along. I know it’s unlikely & unrealistic (but its a soap opera..come on)…I hope they eventually get married. The first soap gay wedding! Can you imagine?! Squeeee!

    • Steph says:

      My apologies to have forgotten ATWT, thank you for pointing that out :)

  49. Leah says:

    I love the story lines of gay couple – Will and Sonny….. so what about lesbian or Bi? I am tired of people bashing or against because of Bible?! Oh please! Gimme a break! I am very very very SUPPORTIVE of Gay, Lesbian, Bi and Trans (and what else?). We are just a HUMAN BEING!

    I get so excited that Will and Sonny were so happy but disappointed what writer decide to write. Dumb move writer! Bring them back together, and raise Will and Sonny raise the baby. Kick DWEEB Nick OFF the show. I don’t even like him.

    So if you are against to that, then don’t watch the Days, period.

    • Lisa says:

      I agree. I only watch DAYS because of the Will/Sonny storyline. Chandler Massey’s acting deserves ALL THE AWARDS. He shouldn’t JUST get a daytime Emmy! Oscar worthy! Seriously. Chandler & Freddie’s chemistry on screen is phenomenal! I look forward to their storyline every week!

    • Love this comment :D Imagine Wilson with a baby omg lol

  50. Tammi says:

    I agree with the majority of responses. I don’t care if they have a relationship, but don’t want to see the PDA or bedroom scenes. I also fast forward through the Will and Sonny stuff. I believe a person is free to choose whomever they want to be partners with, but that it shouldn’t be flaunted as it is on Days.

    • Lisa says:

      You have a right to your opinion, but some of us like it. Just as you fast forward or turn away from the will/sonny stuff…i usually fast forward or tune out during the older couples. I love that they are showing a gay storyline. It’s real & relatable. I know you’d probably be surprised to hear, but not all of the viewing audience are middle aged woman. A good portion is, I understand…but there is a whole world of people who adore the Will & Sonny storyline and watch DAYS only because of them.

  51. Lisa says:

    Reading through these comments make me so sad. Just when I think our country is on the brink of something good, I realize that there are still a bunch of people who think this way. Let me preface this by saying, I also believe in God & the bible. But I also love this storyline. It is so refreshing to see a gay storyline on daytime TV. We have seen it on primetime, but nothing to this magnitude. I love how strong Will’s character is & how loving Sonny is. It’s a great relationship, but still portrayed in a realistic light. Chandler Massey & Freddie Smith are brilliant actors & I can’t tear my eyes away from them whenever they are on TV. Please keep showing the Will/Sonny storyline! It’s so great!!

  52. Kathy De Pontee says:

    My gosh!!! I cannot believe the postings against DOOL’s roles of Will and Sonny, or gay people in particular. Citing the Bible to justify opinions is just crazy! The world changes. Gay couples should have EVERY RIGHT as heterosexual couples. The heart knows what the heart knows. It does not know gender, but it does know love. Why should we, as a humane society, take love away from anyone just because we don’t like what type of love they have? There was a time (and still continues in some areas of the country) that bi-racial couples were not accepted in society. That, again, is crazy. Prejudice in a person’s heart is pure poison. I am heterosexual, but I believe that we, as a society, should not object to the gay/lesbian/transgender lifestyle of anyone. It is NONE OF ANYONE’S BUSINESS where a person’s heart leads them! I am 62 years old and truly believe that society should find other things to be concerned about, and I vote that anyone, regardless of with whom their heart belongs, should be able to get married and have the same rights and responsibilities as heterosexual couples. Honestly, those against it should find something to take the poison out of their hearts and the absurd thinking out of their minds. Again, it is NONE OF ANYONE’S BUSINESS! I am happy that DOOL has chosen the story line with Will and Sonny and I hope it continues.

  53. Debbie Altiparmakis says:

    Although I may not approve its a fact of reality today, just like legalizing same sex marriage, its a bit uncomfortable to watch but I still watch just the same, Gay couples are a lot more open about it than back in the day and whether gay or straight we have our own believes, so I will just stay neutral on this one, I’m 100 percent straight but its not my place to judge another, I don’t believe being gay is a choice that is made, its part of you once you are born, although at that age its to early to see, same goes for being straight, I have a gay friend on line, he’s very religious and loves the Lord, he is openly gay and in a relationship, it does not make me love him any less because of his sexual orientation, I love DOOL and have for many many years, so I am not gonna let this story line bother me and I look on it as only showing the reality of what is going on today, its up to God to judge no me and not no one else, who’s to say the Lord won’t forgive someone for being Gay, when I child is born they are looked on as being innocent in the eyes of God, if gay is who they are as a child growing up, why would God love them any less, as long as they love God and try to be good Christians, any ways this is my point of view, God said himself if ye are without sin than ye can judge, but judge not if ye has lived in sin!

  54. Ami says:

    How about we stop using the phrase “I don’t believe in it.” They’re not unicorns. They’re people. The soap isn’t showing sex scenes. They’re showing kissing, which they have been doing with straight couples on soaps for years. To each their own on the religion perspective, but don’t ruin the show for others. If you don’t like that part, turn the channel and come back when it’s over. Your Bible does not control what I watch on my TV. Don’t like it, don’t watch it. Stop complaining. Whether you like it or not, this is what’s happening. It’s becoming acceptable to be gay in society now. Time to get with the times.

  55. Marie says:

    Don’t talk in the name of the bible, you’re ignorant, you are not fited to live in our century, you aren’t no a decent human being neither.
    If you follow the bible so you doen’t wear synthetic textile, you were virgin before your marriage, when you have your periode your husband must no lay near you…. and there are a lot more.
    Don’t like, don’t watch. Go to church and fake to be a christian who love everybody.

  56. Michelle says:

    Love is love and Will and Sonny=love. Kudos to the show and the actors for not putting boundaries on love. There is nothing more beautiful than watching two people who are in love express love with such realness and passion as Will and Sonny do. I hope Days of Our Lives keeps portraying Will and Sonny with this same realness and passion as their relationship moves forward.

  57. ADJ says:

    For all of the people who are using the Bible as their basis for not liking Wilson, the Bible also is against fornication, murder, lying, adultery, lust, rape, so you might as well stop watching the show. Hypocrites!

  58. George says:

    Totally amused by the morality police/soap opera fans. Anyone’s who’s spent years watching and loving the bed-hopping, premarital sex having, murdering, raping, drug dealing, hooking, occasional devil possessing, back stabbing, virginity stealing, baby switching drama of daytime television only to suddenly find their Bible and a conscience with the arrival of a loving and adorable gay couple has some SERIOUS soul searching to do. A quick 4th grade vocab word redux to learn the meaning of hypocrisy wouldn’t hurt either. Oh, and the whole “It’s fine, I just don’t want to see it/see it flaunted” BS is especially disingenous and ridiculous. But hey, if you get the chance to write the show and incorporate slavery, adulterer stoning, and ditch the mixed fabrics, because, you know, The Bible…I’ll be sure to stop watching then.

    I for one am thrilled with the work Days is doing, and they’ve got my love and support for Will and Sonny’s storyline. THAT’S a show and a storyline I can support.

  59. SarahLivess says:

    There are always two sides. There are people who think it’s not acceptable or sth for days to show a gay story on the screen, but there are people who love seeing it. It’s just….we all have our opinions and that really doesn’t change the most important thing here, which is that Days show us real world which we live in…And it’s really important to show stories like that..because that’s not an exception..That’s what is going on now in life…and it’s not’s just sth people are born with…That shouldn’t be judged. Everyone lives their lives as they want to..I guess what I’m trying to say here is that if you don’t wanna see it just ignore it..we all find sth on the show what we don’t like but we shouldn’t be rude about it cause we all like different things to watch and it’s not an exception. Ps. Wilson storyline is really nice…just stop thinking about it as a gay couple, it’s just a couple…

  60. shelia says:

    no I used to watch the show without getting anything while it was on now since the same sex is kissing and together on the show i’m really not interested please save the show and remove same sex scenes

  61. Jenn says:

    Love is love, whether it’s a man and a woman, or two guys or two girls….If you don’t like what you see with Will and Sonny, then stop watching DOOL and do something else. I for one am enjoying this storyline, and hope to see more in the future.

  62. Brendo says:

    its ok, you’re just old people who thinks we still in the 40′s 50′s 60′s. Wilson have the MOST beautiful storyline. And you haters .: FUCK YOU MOTHAFUCKERS.

    • Kay says:

      I’m old ! LOL I’m a 65 year old grandmother of 9. I love Will and Sonny and also smile when I see the “real” feelings between them. *S*

  63. maria ball says:

    Gross is Marlena and John not being able to stop making out constantly and everywhere. Thankfully he is leaving town for awhile. There are sooo many gratuitous scenes on Days – always have been. Will and Sonny simply behave in the same manner. This is daytime TV – relax and get over your religious self righteousness.

  64. joanie says:

    I absolutely love the gay storyline – actually – it’s not a gay storyline it’s just 2 people in love who happen to be the same sex. I am married, straight and 50 – I have fallen in love with Will/Sonny and would love to see them marry and raise this baby together.

  65. Amanda says:

    I find it funny to read comments about being conservative and believing in the bible, yet those same people have still watched all these years as every straight couple have jumped from bed to bed, coming adultery and god knows what else.

    You bible bashers are massive jokes. The story of Will and Sonny is an important one in today’s society, and I applaud Days for being brave enough to not only write it, but also allow the actors to portray it in such an honest way.

  66. linna says:

    I hate when people bring in religion as a reason. I believe in God and I don’t think people genuinely being who they are is any form of crime. No one would choose to make their life harder than it is. Make another human being suffer because it’s not seen as normal? just because some people don’t want to deal with the fact things don’t fit into ‘their world.’ I believe it is freedom to be who you are, freedom to be a human being and treated equally in all aspects in life.

    I am not even that fond of the couple but what is the actually issue of seeing the issues around the characters apart from “oh I don’t like gays in my soap.” It took many years for this step to even come into play for equal treatment in all regards. let it be so and respect it and not discriminate. Learn from it and understand from another perspective than your own.

  67. Kathy says:

    I think people need to relax . Both Chandler & Freddie both are great actors and telling a great story. Why is everyone focused on the fact they are gay instead of what it’s about- two people who love each other?

    Love is about feelings and commitment not gender.

  68. Okay. I don’t like any of the comments you guys are posting. They are just plain disrespectful and flat out mean. Yes, you are allowed to your opinion, I’m just saying that I don’t like them one bit. Just wanted to get that out of the way. Second thing I wanna discuss is how big of a Wilson (Will/Sonny) fan, like HUGE!! I’ve been following this story for a little over a year and I fell in love with it from the get go. It’s so amazing that Days would push the envelop and show such passion and love between two gay men. By these comments I’m seeing, I feel like you guys think Will and Sonny aren’t in love. FACT: they are in love. Corday as said it himself. Also, I’m loving that it’s no longer a gay storyline but a story between two people in love. It’s the same as if a hetero couple were starting out a new relationship. Another thing, it has been proven since the beginning of the Wilson story, rating s have been growing because it appeals to the LGBT community.
    I see a lot of people mentioning their age. I shall say mine then. I am 17 years old. You are probably all saying that I’m too young or what not, but I understand everything that goes on in this world. There are gay men and women everywhere we turn. And you know what? THAT’S OKAY! People are people, for God’s sake.
    I read one comment that said that God would not like this storyline because of the heavy male on male love (and yes, I say love because it is a love story in the end) scenes. I think God wouldn’t be happy to see you supposed God ridden conservatives hating on gay people. Even if it is on a TV show. If you disrespect gay people from a show, you disrespect gay people in real life.
    So to conclude, I’m a 17 year old open minded guy who loves Wilson :)

    • Tiera says:

      Kudos, to a well rounded young man such as yourself! Bravo!

      From, a 44 year old mom, with two grown sons of my own!

  69. Johnny says:

    Love is love. I applaud Days of our Lives for showing this on TV. The hypocrites can watch Brady shove his tongue down Kristen’s throat and not care, however they get disgusted when a same sex scene is very decently portrayed. The hypocrites make ME sick.

  70. Kathy says:

    After watching days for 25 years I finally got my husband hooked on it. Now the sexual activity between Sonny and Will has forced him to walk away. I think all the sexual activity is a little overboard, awkward and unnecessary for all the Days characters. Doesn’t matter if they are heterosexual, bisexual or gay. Days needs to be a little bit more classy than that and add more story lines that include mysteries and action and adventure.

  71. Short memory u have, Luke and,Noah of ATWT. Gay couple, ring any bells, ur supposed to watch the soaps, geez!!!

  72. Micuko says:

    Fucking old geasers. “I believe in the Bible”; “God won’t approve” blah-blah. You’re all disgusting. God doesn’t exist anyway.

  73. jamie says:

    Wow…..I am so disappointed in the intolerance and ignorance of the comments I am seeing. this is 2013!!! …not 1950! gay couples exist and I don’t understand how that can bother someone unless you are not comfortable in your own skin. gay couples are intimate just as straight couples are….what particularly is so bothersome about 2 gay guys being intimate? it’s not like they show nudity or portray it in a dirty way. it’s no different than seeing straight characters make out on tv. I’m more so seeing these comments in those saying they are older than 50. as human beings we need to be more accepting to life….cause that is what it is_- LIFE. God loves all….and its not up to us to judge others…that’s His job. I’m not gay…but definitely don’t see being as a sin. remember that although the Bible is said to be the word of God that he did not write the Bible and some things may have been left for us to figure out on our own as the human race progresses.

  74. Pietran says:

    I can’t believe at this point people still call homosexual people discussing would if they called us heterosexual people that or told us to hide from society? Will send coming out story was very painful to him and thankfully he had Sonnys support.Days is showing a beautiful love story between two best friends who have fallen in love with each other.It’s romantic silly passionate and loving like any other couple! PEOPLE need to become more tolerant of others.There is never anything wrong with love and acceptance!!!!!!!

  75. Cindy Taft says:

    I used to love this show but I am at the point where I am ready to quit watching it. My belief is the same as in the Bible, a couple is a man and women, not 2 men or 2 women, if things don’t change soon, I will be finding something decent to watch.

  76. Sutton says:

    All the pearl clutching….and using the Bible to defend it.

    Where was this when Chloe was a prostitute? Brady sleeping with his ex-stepmother? Or to go further back for those who have been watching it since the dinosaurs roomed the earth, Marlena getting possessed, Marlena killing half the town, stuffing them in pinata’s, having lions maul them to death? Every character having sex before marriage? Every character getting a divorce left and right? Lying? Stealing? Killing? You know all things the Bible is against…

    But in truth you don’t care about what the “Bible says” cause if you did you wouldn’t be watching a soap opera for goodness sakes, filled with half-naked men and women, doing nothing of righteousness, and you wouldn’t be supporting these things. But of course it is easy for those in this particular article, to denounce something they have no framework in themselves to understand or experience, and therefore pick out something far removed from them, and cast judgement.

    It seems as though in many of these comments, one’s hypocrisy is showing and it’s blinding you to the problem at hand, not two harmless teenage boys in love, but yourselves. To me, there is nothing more deplorable than using the Bible as a shield, when it suits one’s predicament.

  77. Nagron says:

    The couple are in a consenting and loving relationship and that is the only thing that counts. People who disagree with this storyline because they believe that it is a sin are wrong. True christians know that the bible is about being compassionate to fellow human beings and loving eachother. If you agree with every single bible quote and think it should be applied to modern life then you also agree with incest because how do you think the world was populated when only Adam and Eve existed? Also you cannot say you do not believe in homosexuality, lol it is not mythical it is a real thing. One last point statistically at least one of you homophobes will have a homosexual child. I hope for their sake you will realise your stupidity and cruelty.

  78. Bren says:

    Love does come in all forms cause love is love and people should be allowed to be with whomever they choose as long as their both consenting adults, i love will and sonny, their the reason i started watching DOOL and i’m glad days isn’t shying away and are treating them like any other couple falling in love on the show as it should be and as long as they remain a couple on this show, i will support them, screw the haters, speaking of the haters, bigots, and homophobes, i hope days use them as motivation to continue on with the wilson storyline as sort of a f**k you to ignorant close-minded bastards

  79. Roxane, a straight woman offended says:

    OH MY GOD.

    I’ve been reading the comments and… I seriously didn’t believe people like this existed anymore! How wrong I was. ARE YOU ALL FUCKING SERIOUS. “I have nothing against gays but they shouldn’t flaunt it, but them back in the closet!” ?! And I won’t start quoting all of you guys because I’ll be here for days.

    Well get this. I am 23, and while my generation may not be perfect, I am at least very glad that such bigotry is (nearly) of the past. We’ve opened our eyes. You’ve all been raised that way, so I can understand where you’re coming from. But LOVE is LOVE. Will and Sonny are two consenting adults who happen to love each other. You don’t wanna see that? Well stop watching a soap that features romantic story lines.

    And about all the bible stuff…. really, people? Really? Might I remind you that the bible also says:

    - If it is discovered that a bride is not a virgin, the Bible demands that she be executed by stoning immediately. (Deuteronomy 22:13-21)

    -The Bible forbids a married couple from having sexual intercourse during a woman’s period. If they disobey, both shall be executed. (Leviticus 18:19)

    -If a man dies childless, his widow is ordered by biblical law to have intercourse with each of his brothers in turn until she bears her deceased husband a male heir. (Mark 12:18-27)

    I mean COME ON. Are you people serious? Very Christian of you, to choose to follow only the teachings that please you and are convenient for you, and to ignore the rest.

    I, for one, really enjoy the Will/Sonny storyline. Hell, that’s why I originally started watching the show. Can’t you guys just be happy with the trillion of straight story lines already on air? Do you really have to hate on the only gay story line? You don’t like it, fine. Too bad for you. I don’t like all the story lines going on and you don’t hear me raising a fuss about it.

  80. Tiera says:

    I guess promiscuity between heterosexuals is ok and not a sin in the eyes of so many people posting here. Well guess what? That makes you a hypocrite, which is also a SIN.

    The storyline between Will and Sonny is one of the most beautiful and touching relationships, that Days has portrayed in a very long time. Their so-called sex scenes are the most tasteful of any sex scenes, ever portrayed on Days.

    If you people want to use sinful matters as a reason to oppose watching the show, then you just need to stop watching it entirely, because the whole show is chocked full of it. You cannot condone the exact same subject matter between heterosexuals, but condemn it between homosexuals, because that would mean you are a liar about how you really feel about sin, which is also YOU committing a SIN.

    God said that many things are a sin and if you truly pay attention to the Bible, homosexuality is the least of his worries…. actually it isn’t his worry at all, but keep telling yourself that it is, while eating your shellfish and swine, after getting your hair.

    I love Sonny and Will, their relationship and the love that their characters portray… it is a refreshing change from all the heterosexual whoring around that has been taking place on the show, for years.

    Those of you who think that gays should return to the closet, need to have your heads examined, to find out while you are so cruel, uncaring and unloving toward your fellowman.

    • kristen says:

      True statement, Way to go!!! Love Will and Sonny and the Powerful Love story between them, Sure hope the writers don’t listen to some of the one that are cruel and won’t watch exct,exct, The writers are doing a fabulous Job on this story line and hope it will continue, So we as WilSon fan will be delighted with the outcome in all of this!!!

    • Rebekah says:

      Amen, sister! I agree with you 100%. Their story is one of the best the show has had in ages and condemning one sin while relishing others just shows how ignorant and hypocritical people can be.

      Love is love, no matter who you are.

  81. kristen says:

    I absolutely have enjoyed the WilSon Story line It is not cause it is a Gay Story line, I love how the Story has developed, How they became friends, then lover, This is a true Love story regardless if they were Gay or not, Will and Sonny are amazing Actors, Know if there was this True Love Story with straight Characters I would feel the same way, The way the writers are writing this is just amazing, again, it is a true developing love story and The writers are writing for a Gay Couple. I feel Sorry that there are People that tune out When Will and Sonny are one, Cause u are missing the big picture which is a true love story with two AMAZING FABULOUS ACTORS!!
    Another things that is very interesting is that This is Soap Operas, There are suppose to have Bed Scenes, HOT, sexy, That what makes it great for most people and for the Will and Sonny they are treating them just like any other Couple on the show which should be!! also I don’t understand, when People are so Upset with WilSon, Sex when we see other characters, that they don’t even know each other, and the next thing we know is that they are in bed together, Come one, know that it pretty fast in my book and it took Will and Sonny a year Like Sonny told Will in one of the episode, U know our Relationship is not all about Sex, and that is a true statement, Will and Sonny became friends and we saw that Friendship build between them before they had Sex
    Yes, I do feel So sorry for those people that fast forward on WilSon, Cause like I said before There is a great Love Story between them, Which people are not seeing and also Will and Sonny are incredible Actors, I for one sure hope the writers don’t screw it up for WIlSon and They need their best friend, and they belong together, Hope Sonny will come around and help will with raising a child if that is what this story line will go, HOPE SO

  82. Ashley says:

    Homophobic assholes get over yourself nobody gives a rats ass what you dont wanna see, they are GAY, GAY people exist get over it if you dont want to see the fucking thing im pretty sure your television came with an off button so dont come on here with your bitchy preaching bout what and what love is love and if you dont get that , then maybe you should consider coming out the closet.

  83. Tray says:

    I think this is great. I mean really anyone that has a problem with dool doing anything related to same sex couples, needs to realize that there is nothing wrong with these people. They still are people, and deserve to be treated like everyone else. I have friends that are gay and it really tickes me off when others judge them. I mean how would you all like to be judged all the time because you read the bible, drive a red truck, where boots, have a dog or a cat. You would not and I am sure do not appreciate being judged for any reason. Then this should go for things that you may not agree with either within our society and or on our soap opera’s. We live in such a diverse society that we need to start understanding that we need to try and understand the people that live around us. Even if we do not agree with there sexual preference, religion, and sad to say there race. We still need to understand they have rights as well. This is what makes our country great and other countries not so great..

    Again I feel there is nothing wrong with dool doing anthing related to same sex couples, and to correct the article there is another soap opera that has a same sex couple on it and it is called The Bold and the Beautiful. The character bill who is married to katie his sister is gay, and she is on the show with here lover. No one seems to care about this so who cares that there are characters on dool who are playing a same sex couple.. I mean again it is time to see it as it should be seen. Sames sex couples have rights and we have no right to judge them just like we would not like others judging us…

  84. Sharon Smith says:

    I tell ya….I tape it everyday……and when it gets to Will and Sonny…..I fast forward it…it maks me sick….disgusting ….. I don’t want to see it….and I think alot of people that watch it fill the same way….think they should “leave it to the imagination” I don’t mind if they give each other a “hug” and pat on the back…but, the kissing scenes…that is “not cool” I do not think the daytime audience is ready for that please use a little compassion for your loyal viewers when it comes to Will and Sonny….I like them both…..and I have been watching Days since 1969…..I am 64 yrs. I do think young…. but, please keep that behind closed doors so we don’t have to see it….. thanks

  85. TPM says:

    The older people leaving comments on this website should be ashamed of themselves. You are all disgusting-minded people who need a serious reality check. It’s not the writing, it’s not the storyline, it’s not the acting that you’re complaining about– you’re complaining about the sexual orientation of two fictional characters on a fictional daytime soap opera. Do you have any idea how ridiculous you sound?

    • Delilah says:

      I have friends that are gay & lesbians but they don’t display there kissing & hugging to everyone. I feel the same if a man & woman were doing the same. Get a room. There is a time & place for everything. Then people wondering why the younger children turn out the way they do.

  86. Shortredhead says:

    I HATE it. It does not belong on DOOL. How do we get it off. :(

  87. Sue says:

    I love the storyline. I am a straight, middle-aged woman with 2 kids…and I don’t see the problem with it. I love Will & Sonny together. For the ones who do have a problem with it…there are other soaps on daytime…go watch them and their boring, everyday storylines. Get used to it people…it’s gonna happen..

  88. Delilah Gillis says:

    I think the days of leaving things to the imagination are over. I don’t care to see Will & Sonny in bed. I think DOOL have gone to far with this story line. I believe they are to many bed scene with everyone, Kristen-Brady, Sami & whoever, Gabi -Nick, enough is enough. I’m not picking on Will -Sonny. I have several gay & lesbian friends I don’t care to know about there love making. It still should be left behind closed doors the same as with my straight friends. Don’t tell. TMI. We know this goes on outside of tv programs but leave some things alone.

  89. dool watcher says:

    Really? You people are pathetic. Chanting your god this and god that. Funny, I don’t think god really cared to see Marlena possessed as the devil or Vivian buring someone alive two times!!!! Really? You say gay is a sin??? Wow – Thou shall not steal, lie, commit adultery, murder, etc….THAT IS WHAT THIS SOAP OPERAN IS ALL ABOUT!!!! Don’t sit here and preach your god complex gay crap when it’s no different then all the other storylines I just mentioned above. Guess it was okay for John to be a Pawn and locked in a dungeon – God allows that. Oh and For you Pope lovers, I guess Switching babies, paternity tests, and well, throwing acid in someone’s face is the life of a Christian. GIMME A BREAK PEOPLE. Wake up you conservative bible thumping stick up your ass replublican tea baggers. ITS A SOAP OPERA. GUESS WHAT – REALITY IS, GAY PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO LIVE TOO.

  90. john says:

    get over it .times are changeing,if your saved your saved god loves us all

  91. Rita Duff says:

    get the gay story line off there its not normal relationships are for a man and a woman.

  92. dlbr says:

    I have no problem with the story line UNTIL they come to the scenes that suggest sexual activity. Showing affection isn’t the problem, but I think the bedroom scenes could be left out.

  93. don’t listen to these homopics peaple will and sonny belong together

  94. Nancy says:

    I totally do not think that all the scenes with the gays are a necessary part of the story. Come on now, can’t you think of something else or leave most of it to our imagination??? We don’t really need to see it to know what they are doing. That’s just about the time I ff so I don’t have to see it. Sure glad all of my Day’s are on the dvr. :)

  95. Barbara Booher says:

    I do not care about the storyline I just do not want to see all this kissing and in bed with the same sex. What people do with their lives is their business just do not throw it in my face. I have been watching days every since it came on I just do not watch those scenes. You can get the idea over without all these bedroom scenes . You know there are alot of moms watching with the kids in the room this is not good for them. I know my kids were always around when i watch they even knew the names of the people so see soaps can become part of your life only for an hour a day. Thank you for all the great moments you have played out on the screen. Just do not play the same sex scenes so much.

  96. Sandra says:

    I too find DOOL shoving gay relationships down my throat repulsive and more than annoying. ONe thing to have gay characters but I most definitely don’t care to see them in bed, kissing or expressing their “love” in any way. I have been watching this show since it started and now for the first time I find myself not watching and turning the channel when this crap comes on. And I find that I will not patronize the businesses that advertise on these episodes. I know that soaps have always been at the forefront of illicit behavior but this is just too much. Yuck!

  97. Michele says:

    Homosexuality is an abomination to God. All 3 major religions (Jews, Christians, Muslims) believe this. This storyline is the reason the show is now at the bottom of the soap ratings. I’ve written to Ken Corday about it. I suggest others who feel the same way to do the same.

  98. Ares Vasallio says:

    I hate to read all these ugly and bigoted comments. If you want to quote Leviticus or the bible, then make sure you follow all the rules listed.

    1. Don’t wear clothes made of more than one fabric (Leviticus 19:19)
    2. Don’t cut your hair nor shave. (Leviticus 19:27)
    3. Any person who curseth his mother or father, must be killed. (Leviticus 20:9) Have you ever done that?

    Just a few examples….or are you going to just pick and choose the ones that you like. Hmmmmmmm

    I like the Wilson story-line and think it’s one of the best on Days at the moment. Go Wilson!

  99. don’t listen to these homophics you should pair them i say yes all the way

  100. Kathy says:

    i am so sick of people saying that gay is against God’s way. Love is love. Love don’t know gender anymore then it know race or religion. I think people hide behind the bible to hide their ignorance. I applaud Days of our lives and NBC for realizing what a beautiful thing has developed between Will and Sonny. I have mad respect for Chandler and freddie for putting such a strong present characters and not passing on the chance to do a story of love and friendship and not worry about those bible thumping judgemental closed minded fools who don’t look past the gender of this couple and see how amazing this story is.

  101. peaple get a life it is real life get over it yes all the way

  102. Dana Parsons says:

    I think its time for people to get over it. We are living in the 21st century……just because years ago it was believed that only a woman and a man could be confortable and open in a relationship……does not necessarily mean its the only relationship approved…….when you fall in love with a person… fall in love with their persoanlity….it means they are your best friend…..if the chemistry is there and you are attracted to them who cares what gender they are…….and like I said its the 21st century…….gay relationships are apart of the world we are living in…..and sure it should be in soap operas….I am tired of people thinking that there is something wrong with it…you fall in love with who you fall in love with…..straight or gay we are all human….live normal lives…..have normal jobs…..sexual perferance is exactly what it means…….and its time its put out there just like anything else!!

  103. Bren says:

    you know whats really disgusting, is the judgemental, hypocritical, close-minded, homophobic, bigots who use GOD as a means to justify their hate, thats the real disgust, the same people preaching GOD this, GOD that are the same ones harboring all this hatred in their hearts toward someone, do you truly believe GOD would be okay with the fact that you hate someone so much that you want them to burn in hell for the simple fact they love some one of the same sex, which doesn’t hurt or harm anyone, i think not, and spare me the oh they choose to live that lifestyle bulls**t cause yeah someone would really choose to live a life where their hated, harassed, ridiculed, and treated so horribly by some people, oh yeah, that’s the life, please its who they are, their born that way and shouldn’t be hated for it and i truly believe GOD hates no one, man does and i’d rather people live their lives truthfully as who they really are than live a lie, i’m straight but i believe love is love and people should be allowed to be with whomever they want as long as their both consenting adults, everyone deserves the right to be happy and treated equally regardless of sexuality, i love a good love story on my favorite shows and movies and idc if its a relationship between man and woman, man and man, or woman and woman and i’m absolutely loving the storyline of will and sonny on days, i think its being told tastefully and realistically, will and sonny are being portrayed as not just a “gay couple” but just a beautiful couple falling in love and all that comes with that in the soap world and i say kudos to nbc/days and everyone involved with telling this story cause they haven’t shyed away or chickened out cause of the homophobes and bigots and i hope they continue this way, as sort of a shut the hell to all the homophobes and bigots always b**ching about it, people need to be more openminded and tolerant, no one has the right to judge anyone else cause your not GOD and no one is perfect, some people are gay and there’s nothing wrong with that so just get the hell over it

  104. Brendo says:

    Gay is sin, what about homophobic? You haters should grow the fuck up, this is LOVE LOVE LOVE. I don’t think God will mad about LOVE.

  105. Brendo says:

    You dont Wilson storyline, let me give you a sugestion: Change the fckin channel, go watch Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Nick, theres no gays couples on it. Mostly of the TV Shows in America has a gays realanships, so stfu.

  106. sade says:

    No dont care how great the storyline is god did not make adam and steve period!

    • chris fleming says:

      but apparently he made it ok for you to judge huh…… are no better than anyone else, that screams bible, but I’m sure you are a saint huh, never have a dirty thought, love watch’ng the soaps for all their goodness & purity…….not the cuss’ng,fight’ng,ly’ng,sex scenes, etc shall I go on………..yeah you have every right to bring the adam & steve thing up…….b/c you are just as pure as the day you were born………WHATEVER….

  107. loa says:

    Yes u are right God Did not make Adam and Steve or Whatever!!!!
    I’m not gay and it doesn’t bother me. I appreciate how much they love one another and care for each other, IF u really understand the story line, it is about Two people falling in Love and how their Friendship grows into Love!!! there are two people that want to be loved, So I don’t care if this story line was with two straight, lesbian, or Gay, IT is very powerful Story line, the way I see it!!! Yes it might be wrong for some people, But in life, and just hope someone will love and understand us they way we want to be understood!!!! also a person Gay or lesbian They are not pushing anything on anyone, So why can’t people just accept, give compassion, and love people around. Days is really just putting a story out that is about Friendship and love and opening eyes up a little more!!!! I am SO SAD that there are people that will fast forward the scene with Will/ Sonny in it, Regardless of them being Gay, They are amazing, fabulous, incredible actors, I am not talking about the love scenes either,
    It is Funny to hear so many comments about Sin, Sin, The gay Story line, COME ON PEOPLE!!! What are Soap Opera!!! it is SIN, Back stabbing, Wow, Cheating, Lying, one night stands!!!! Just love this one, when someone gets drunk and sleep around, Just like Kate and Rafe!! or even how Kristen and Brady hooked up at first, Come one, also u really tell me that some of these Site Comedy are not FULL OF SIN!!!
    So yes it might be a sin for Will and Sonny But come on look at the other characters, and If u really want to know why Days is doing a Gay Story line, Look back and watch how the love and friendship grew between them. That is how it is done not just hope into bed and have sex!!!!

    • chris fleming says:

      110% you should receive an AWESOME REWARD b/c you are the only one I’ve read besides my own that makes any sense what so ever……..your a good person.

  108. Laurie says:

    I love Will & Sonny together. It doesn’t bother me one bit and I am proud of NBC for stepping out and doing this storyline. Please keep them together, the are so cute when they are both happy together.

  109. chris fleming says:

    well I’m a conservative gay man…….blah…….seriously……..either you like it or don’t, who cares if you are a christian or republican or whatever…….I don’t care……I think its about time days of our lives got around to this subject, they don’t go over board with show’ng things they shouldn’t show they pretty much leave it to everyones imagination, and thats great, but I’m tired of read’ng how people on here are so about the bible & yet you have no problem watch’ng the multiple sex partner scenes they show every day, sami has been with lucas,EJ,Rafe,austin,that one guy that she married & then lucas shot, prob miss’ng someone, but still theirs daniel & chloe & jennifer & jack & all the cheat’ng etc, but nobody has a prob lett’ng their kids watch that, that its ok to have sex with whomever whenever you want, but you put a gay couple on the screen & here comes the judgements……its 2013 get over it, gays are here & we are not going anywhere & FYI, I’ve been watch’ng this show since b4 I can remember, so its about 38 yrs…….and I’m not offended b/c of some show’s storyline, huh, theirs all kinds of other shows on at 1 p.m. choose to watch them……..

  110. Wow, the conservatives have an issue with this? I’ll hold my shock. Nothing like retarded bigots coming out of the woodwork to attack things that don’t concern them. I hope you all star in a snuff film.

  111. FAYE G says:


  112. MaryLou says:

    I have been watching Days since 1976 ever love it……. its more exciting for me because close captioned is on of course I can lip reading them. No problem.
    I was stunned surprised about Sonny and Will. I thought at first what are they doing in this show. Just couldnt beleived it disagreed to see it. The more I think about it There is nothing wrong with Gays. Its just human parts yah i know its sins. They are not harm to anyone its not crimmal show about Sonny and Will. Be Nake or in bed I wouldnt like to see it alot of it.
    Its so sad to see this all come out now.
    More brave men.. Not see gay women on soap. We all just have to be patience till the show is last season this year or next. Boo Hooo

  113. Amy says:


  114. Alexandra Cornett says:

    Since most of you have mentioned your age. I am going to tell you mine. I am a 19 year old straight girl. And also I want to add I am also a christian who doesn’t really care if people are gay or straight. They are still human beings and having said that before I discovered Will and Sonny I hated DOOL. But now I love it because of the Will and Sonny storyline. When I first came across this couple it was on the internet and I didn’t really watch it until a month or two ago. And I absolutely do not regret giving this show a chance and if you want to say that being gay is a sin so is being homophobic so look in the mirror. you haters.

    • Alexandra Cornett says:

      and the way I see it. I don’t see anything wrong with the bedroom scenes because the writers are treating them like any other couple but what I do have a problem with is Nick because he is so irritating that he makes me want to strangle him I cannot wait til the current storyline is over with. And on to a new one.

  115. Barb says:

    Faye, it is true that God loves us all. That’s why he sent His son to be our only Savior & to give us eternal life. That also means that He will be our judge. So, He gets to set the standards and tell us what sin is to Him. I’ve only seen Old Testament scriptures used on these comments, but the New Testament also says that all those who practice homosexuality–and heterosexual sin outside of marriage–wil NOT go to heaven. I used to like to see the good, solid marriage that Dr. Horton & Alice had, and how she would pray for her children’s problems. And the committment of Hope & Bo (except for a few times) to each other etc. And it was one-sided to have Nick tell Gabi that God says the gay lifestyle is a sin–and then he proceeded to commit fornication with her. When you consider that there is a higher percentage of gay couples on TV shows than there are in real life, it seems to be an agenda that producers are pushing. Gays can watch the Ellen D. show and other shows that show that lifestyle in a positive light. More than likely there are more housewives at home for the afternoon soaps than gay people; therefore, I think that the ratings will go down and DOOL will lose many viewers.

  116. tessaJohnson says:

    I’ve been watching Days for 45 years and my single son has been watching all that time since he was 5 years old. (He’s a single white Christian man ladies and a catch!) We are appalled showing two men kissing on TV, especially my son cannot believe it. We live in a cave in Tennessee.

  117. Bettina says:

    The producer of DOOL must be. Democratic. Because ever since the Democratic’s took over trying to run this nation people, places and things have just gone to hell and TV. So to answer your question no I don’t like the Will & Sonny story line I think it is just sick. I been watching Days since I was 13 I am now 48 and I’m just not impressed at all. Same sex will not make your rating, and isn’t that what it’s all about?

  118. mags says:

    I love watching DOOL But I also do not want to see Will and Sonny showing their affection. I hwve friends that are gay/lesbians and they never flaunt it and I love them dearly…honestly I am more interested in the show getting the right people together…I know the Brady/Kristen relationship will end soon as she is going back to Young and the Restless, so I am anxious to see what she pulls, or maybe Brady is using her? hmmm a good thought, but please put Daniel with someone who is alive and kicking and isn’t afraid to make a mistake, Jen needs to go, go, go…..

  119. John Beene says:

    Leaving the comments open on something like these articles does nothing but provide a soapbox for bigots (as this example makes clear). It perpetuates a “controversy” that only exists in the mind of the bigot.

    And to the author, while I appreciate that you seem to approve of the Will-comes-out and WilSon story lines, I’m here to tell you that being gay is most certainly not a “lifestyle choice”.

  120. Steve Freeman says:

    I have been watching this story line from the begining with my wife as she is a long time viewer and we both agree that it is a good story line. To be honest what they do show intimacy wise is far less then what they show between Rafe and Kate or Kristen and Brady. They are showing love. Love knows no race, gender, age, religion. Years ago I bet these fan pages were on fire with the same kind of haters when a black man and a white woman got together on a soap, or how about a soap portraying the first woman to work out of the home and beat a man at his own game. Those story lines were added so the show could stay with how the world was changing. I’m proud that they chose this storyline, if it even helps one person its worth doing it. I believe each generation has a different view on same sex relationships. Older generations were raised to hate same as their parents were raised to hate blacks and other races. Where our generation thanks to education, tv and society issues have learned to be accepting of others and their life choices. I believe this show will only get better as it continues.

  121. No I don,t believe in same sex scenes I have watched dool for 45 years and I will not watch Sonny and Will you know children watch this and the bible speaks against same sex relationships.

  122. ginny says:

    I like that they have gone into this “hot topic” but I don’t care to see the sexual scenes. I don’t like some the hot sex scenes between man and woman, so not necessary to show these two. My grandchildren are in the room, and they say look at this nana!! I also have watched this show since it started, and it could tone down some the sexual scenes.

  123. Jay says:

    It’s amazing how my step grandmother of 90 years old, raised in a Catholic Church is more excepting of all things that have changed in the past few years. Days of Our Lives has gone down a road to show it’s veiwers a part of the world that most typically don’t see. And if you don’t want to see it, close your eyes. As far as my Grandmother, she welcomes the Sonny and Will storyline and talks about it daily with us grandkids. She says if two people can love each other like that then it is alright. She is more concerned with bashing the haters even at 90 years old. But do yourself a favor, take a breath it is not the end of the world.

  124. Bonnie says:

    i love this show and have nothing against gay people I just don’t want it shoved in my face….so no I do not like the story line.

  125. Mary Kulinski says:

    I was surprised at how much they show with Will and Sonny, but it does happen in real life. As for soup operas they have to add new stuff to keep the viewers, and as much as some people hate their relationship you still watch it. If you dont like that story line there are plenty other ones going on in DOOL. Get over it, and if God loves you likethe bible says, he will except you as you are. Gay or straight!

  126. Carmel says:

    For those who think that being gay is good, why don’t you read in your bible, Genesis Chapter 19, about the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Men wanting to have sex with men. Jesus destroyed them. Read and see for yourself.

  127. I literally HATE the story line. They have outdone themselves in disgusting, I just turn off the TV when the two of they are kissing and making out….I find it disgusting not only on the same sex couples but the “bed hopping” in general. For the love of Pete, we need writers who have a little imagination and not these guys. Is it deliberate so they can have a excuse to cancel the show~~

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