Love and the Bumpy Road

EJamiGiven all the men that Sami Brady has had over the years, I must admit that I’m slightly envious of her.  I mean, who wouldn’t want a man (with all good intentions) practically pawning for you everyday, wanting to spend the rest of his life with you?  I wouldn’t give that up, that’s for sure!

However, while some of Sami’s relationships have been filled with love and romance, once a certain man by the name of EJ Dimera walked in, it became “so long romance, hello passion!” for our fair Samantha Brady.  Now, I admit, I’m not a complete EJami fan, but I’m working on that.  However, on some rare occasions, Mr. EJ Dimera (and his personality) is starting to grow on me.  No, not the devious, scheming side to him, but more the gentle, caring and yes, I admit, romantic side to him.

Now, I know in the past I was angrily writing about how I couldn’t stand what EJ did to Sami, and yes, I still hold true to those proclamations.  I mean, how can you fall for a man who kidnapped your own CHILD just to get into your good graces?  However, having watched EJ over the last few weeks….well, Rafe, I’m sorry to say that your loss becomes EJ’s gain.

Given the history that Sami and EJ have, not to mention the children they share, I think it’s about time they both grow up, and finally give their children something they both lacked in their own childhoods—a foundation built with love and family.  These two need to stop playing the cat-and-mouse chasing after each other games (because, really, how far can they go with it?), and start to realize that they need to either work on a relationship, or give up the notion of being together entirely. Sure, it provides great dramatic entertainment for viewers, but who can stand to watch Sami go from one guy to another day in and day out?  EJ and Sami both need to wise up, accept and deal with the feelings they have for each other, and portray themselves as responsible, mature adults who can work their differences out, and yet establish a loving environment for their children, as well as for themselves.

While I admit, the passion between Sami and EJ is enough to light up my TV (and keep me completely glued), I still stand by the notion that Sami and EJ both need to realize that their actions affect not only everyone around them, but especially their own children.  If these two are meant to be, then let’s all hope they can finally be mature grownups and do the right thing for everyone involved.


  1. Sally says:

    EJ and Sami BOO.

  2. Jeanette says:

    EJami are so meant to be. I’ve loved this pair through it all. They are both so much alike with past bad deeds and wearing their hearts on the sleeves at times. They both act out when they feel wronged or put into a corner.

    One of the reason why I’ve stuck with them is because EJ saw Sami (even helped her and tried to get her to come clean) while she was scheming/hiding something from Austin and Carrie. Even after he found out what it was he loved her. Through it all he has loved her.

    Even with all the wrong they have done to each other. They find their way back to each other. In pain they go to each other for comfort/understanding. Besides who best to forgive your wrongs then someone who in the past has done the same thing or close to the same thing as you just did.

    I love the bad and good in both of these characters and hope they keep it all. Just working together through the bad and good. The chemistry is off the charts for them. They have more passion then I have seen in a long time and only ONE other couple on TV have this IMO (Delena from vampire diaries) Their are other pairings on TV I like even love, but none with both chemistry and passion that make me want to go take a cold shower anyway LOL.

    Just hate sometimes people forget or are so easy to forgive Sami, but not EJ. When I’m not sure if there isn’t anything on EJ’s bad deed list. That’s not on Sami’s list. I’m sure there is, but either way they both act out and normally hurt the ones they are suppose to care about. they both have a devious, scheming side to them and go after what they want no matter who gets in the way. Those scheme’s have normally blown up in their faces in the end. Leaving them both feeling bad about what they have done.

    Over all I adore them together and I hope we see them being GOOD to each other and not letting anyone or anything hurt their family. It should make for some amazing story telling and fun to watch to be able to see it all the good and bad while working as a team and finally as a family unit.

  3. Juana says:

    I think EJ and Sami need to say their goodbyes, they only hook up with each other when things go wrong in their lives. Sami belongs with Rafe and someone NEW needs to come in the picture for EJ, because Sami and EJ together is like mixing oil and water, a BAD combination! Rafe and Sami were SO good together and good for each other. They should have been left alone and been able to be happy together! The writers of the show should have made Chloe, for instants, the new bad girl and left Sami alone. Instead the writers are making Sami look like a loosey goosey who sleeps with both men and can’t decide who she wants when it is VERY clear she wants and belongs with Rafe!

  4. It is more Sami and E J why dont we get Rafe back into the picture i know he was good for Sami.I would like to see Sami and Rafe together Since gabi is going to have Will baby and Rafe is going to be an uncle and Sami is going to be the grandma.They should be together.

  5. Kathy Rudi says:

    I think that Sami and Rafe belong together. Bring someone else in to go after EJ.
    Rafe would make a wonderful father for all of Sami’s children. Johnny already loves Rafe. Let EJ see his kids when he wants, but Sami gets to keep them always.

  6. hnewsomew says:

    I love EJami, they have had a long sorted history. I would love to see them turn into the Bo and Hope romance line and have some longevity together.

  7. Paula Stenberg says:

    How can people want Sami and Rafe together they were so boring, Sami fell for him in the safe house but he’s no good for her, she can’t be herself and he turns on her all the time. What about Carrie? who wants a man who wanted your sister and he would have went for Carrie but she got pregnant and went back to Austin. EJ and Sami have HEAT, LOVE watching them together and they can’t stay away from each other for to long. Super couple in the making !

  8. sharon says:

    i love that ami and E.J. are together this has been long over due and it makes the show so much better they make a great couple and cant wait to see what is going to happen w ith those two next keeep rave with kate they deserve each other.

  9. sherry says:

    I love sami and EJ together !!!

  10. mary stevens says:

    These two belong together.They are two peas in a pod,and are so freaking hot!!!

  11. Marilyn says:

    EJami all the way.

  12. Nancy says:

    Sami is a terrible mother,her children are with her grandmother all the time.Sami needs to grow up, and after all Ej has done to her why does she want to be with a person like that? She is really stupid!!!

  13. As a Days of our Lives and EJami fan based reviewer, I’ll put aside my bias tendencies and say this. I am, as already established, a huge EJami fan. Was I always? Absolutely not. I used to be an EJole (EJ and Nicole) fan. I have never liked Safe and I will tell you why. As so many have said, they are dreadfully boring but also, Rafe treats Sami like a child needed to be scolded, hence making her act differently than she would rather. Their “I love you so much” is completely forced and unbelievable, their chemistry or lack their of leaves little to be desired. EJ has said to Samantha time and time again, he has no intentions of loving her any less despite her destructive and selfish tendencies. I believe loving someone is accepting them for who they are and what they do, despite it sometimes being morally or legally unethical. EJami is the best pairing on daytime, in my opinion. But hey, that’s just me. :]

  14. nikki says:

    EJ and Sami Ithink make the best couple on days. Please for once let her have someone long term they are so good together

  15. Sami and EJ need to settle down in Slaem and make a solid famiy for those kids now. Sami and EJ are meant for each other. Rafe i jus out of luck. I o not like Rafe’s new romance either. Brin Mimi a Shawn back. Some oter characters can be eliminated also.

  16. Sorry bout my typing with one arm. Had shoulder surgery and ne arm is ut of comision.

  17. Dorothy Galanis says:

    I am completely a total Ejami fan. From day 1 I saw the sparks fly between the two of them, and each time they were in the same room together…they were all I could see. They have this dynamic, natural chemistry that is so rare in a couple, but it shines in Ejami. I hope they move on to marriage and become a family and have the happiness they should have had years ago.

  18. Brittany Strickland says:

    Ummm…like another fan on here said. What has ej done that sami has not. He just put his own spin on it. Ej and sami are right where they need to be and needed to be. I don’t care what anyone else says. When sami was with rafe she was not sami. She was weak and the last thing that samantha gean brady is is weak. The sami I grew up with woild have never let half the things that has happened to her go so far. She would nave made a plan and got what she wanted. Ej has brought back the real sami and I for one am truly greatful.

  19. Linda Hanna says:

    want Sammi back with Rafe I think EJ is using her and she and the kids will get hurt really bad by EJ And

    still want Sammi and Rafe back together EJ will hurt her so badly that no one will be able to bring her back except with
    rafe. Rafe does not need to be messing around with Kate unless he finds out the secret that had Stefano used to get her to marry him. it almost came out but waiting for that to hit the fan


  20. duana says:

    I love Sami with EJ and Rafe, but Rafe is 2 bossy for her. He tells her how to act and she is always hiding things from Rafe, with EJ she doesn’t have to hide things. She can be who she wants to be, but I don’t think she will stay with EJ anyway something will happen where they will break up, and Sami will end up with someone else even if it isn’t Rafe, after all it is a soap. I do think though the writers should make Sami and EJ more like Bo and Hope.

  21. Frances says:

    Meant to be.

  22. Stacey says:

    I absolutely LOVE Ejami! They deserve to be together. They make the best couple on the whole show. Yes, he schemes a lot, but heck so does she! We all remember those days when Sami was up to no good. Just because she may be a little better now does not make her Holy! I love them both and they NEED to be together. They are the sole reason I still watch the show. I have been faithfully watching Days since I was 10 years old! I remember when Sami first appeared, her first date with Lucas, and all her turmoil since. PLEASE keep them finally together and let them actually be HAPPY! Give them another child so they can grow their family!! I think that would be great!!!

  23. Dianne Jackson says:

    I love EJami and really don’t want to see Rafe interfere. Same and Rafe are boring!! EJ brings the spice that Sami needs and loves.

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