Lorie or Clara?

In film, TV and movies; there have been many instances where guys have compared women against each other. It has resulted, among men, many philosophical arguments such as “Who would you date, Ginger or Mary Ann’’; ‘’Should Archie be with Betty or Veronica’’ ; ‘’Who’s more powerful, Jeanie or Samantha’’ and ‘’ which of Charlie’s  Angels was the hottest’’?

Now, there is this one: between Lorie and Clara, who would you choose? Both women are strong in their own way. Both did what they had to do in order to survive. Think about it, Clara married Bob Allen even though she loved Gus. She knew he would be someone she could depend on to be there and to grow with the times. Lorie became a whore, doing what she needed to do in order to survive. Which one was better or worse?

Each of them had an inner strength that sustained them through trying times. Not many women would have survived what Lorie endured. History records the very few women captives returned from the Comanche or Apache were ever quite right after being rescued. Clara endured the loss of her sons and the fatal injury to her husband and managed to persevere.

Both Clara and Lorie were beautiful in their own way. Lorie the beauty of a young woman and Clara had the handsome qualities of a woman almost into middle age.  I think that Clara’s beauty actually came from her strength. Lorie’s was a more natural beauty that was in a way frailer than Clara’s.

Each had a distinctly different personality. Lorie tended to be shy and withdrawn when dealing with men, whereas, Clara tended to be rather sharp with men. She never failed to put a man in his place with either word or deed while Lorie would use silence to discomfit a man.

They both loved Gus but in very different ways. Gus was Clara’s first love, but that love wasn’t strong enough to sustain a relationship with a man like him. She craved stability and as we all know, Gus was anything but stable. Lorie loved Gus as a rescued woman would love a knight in shining armor. He was one of the few men that showed her affection and respect which was something she craved. The one thing they both had in common was that they were able to overlook all of his faults and love him for who he was as a person.

I’m not sure which I would be drawn to. Both have their strengths and frailties but I do think either one of them with the right man would have made for him a perfect partner.



  1. Randy Brackett says:

    Lori is my choice hands down and I’d still marry Diane Lane today. I’d be getting the better end of the deal though. She’s definitely a keeper.

  2. Sandy says:

    For Gus, I would have to choose Clara.

  3. T.M. Hall says:

    Without a doubt it’s “Lorie, Darlin’”!

  4. Essex P. Hoooveta says:

    Better pokes with Lorie, better life with Clara

  5. Rockbob says:

    I would have to agree with the Hooooveta…Gus loved to cut cards with Ms Lorie…but he loved Clara almost as much as he loved Woodrow.

  6. laurie h says:

    Got to just love them both….and I know that Gus did, he loved them both very much so even if it was a different affection for each of them. Clara was a very good woman, respectable and all good things. Lorie was also a good woman and just has to earn a living different, but I am almost positive that Lorie would have settled down with Gus he were still alive. To me it is a very hard decision to make, except that I do lean more towards Clara, cause I was really hoping that Dish and Lorie would have gotten married.All of the Lonesome Dove movies and all of the books written by Larry McMurtry have always been my favorite westerns of all

  7. Laura Britt says:

    Lori Darlin all the way!

  8. Laura Britt says:

    Lori Darling hands down!

  9. Tim Trefts says:

    Clara in a heart beat

  10. mike haulsee says:

    lori darling no question

  11. Ron C says:

    Clara was Gus’ real deep devoted love, but Lorie was the love that kept him young at heart! so I would have to say Lorie.

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