Lonesome Dove Trivia

Captain Augustus McCrae (Gus) and Captain Woodrow F. Call (Call) are retired Texas Rangers and co-owners of the Hat Creek Cattle Company and Livery Emporium located in Lonesome Dove

The set for Lonesome Dove was built outside Del Rio Texas

Robert Duvall played Augustus McCrae.  He had originally been cast as Woodrow Call

Tommy Lee Jones portrayed Captain Woodrow Call

Woodrow Call hates rude behavior in a man and won’t tolerate it

Jake Spoon was a former friend and Texas Ranger who worked with Gus and Call.  He shows up after an absence of years, admits he is on the run.  He also convinces his friends to go on a cattle drive to settle in new territory in Montana.  Most of the men in Lonesome Dove fall in with the plan and then Jake backs out in order to accompany a prostitute to San Francisco.  The other men go forward with the plan.

Woodrow Call refuses to acknowledge his illegitimate son  Newt Dobbs.  Call and Gus raised the orphan boy who knew his mother was a deceased prostitute named Maggie Tilton, but he has no idea Call is actually his father.

Call has a reputation for being able to break unbreakable horses.  His life revolves around his work and he has little use for anyone he considers lazy.  As a Texas Ranger he won an award from the Texas Governor for “courage under fire”.

Gus’ main interests in life are alcohol, cards and women.  He is outgoing and friendly, and extremely accurate with a gun

The Walker Colt is the gun carried by Gus.  This model was the most powerful black powder revolver ever made and was issued to the Texas Rangers.

Clara Allen lives 20 miles from  Ogallala, Nebraska on the Platte.  Although he proposed many times years ago Clara refused to marry Gus because he craved adventure and she felt he could not settle down.  She still remains fond of him.  She has no use for Call.

Gus is badly wounded by Indians while chasing some buffalo.  One leg is amputated but he refuses to have the other infected leg removed.  When he dies Call drags his body 3000 miles back home for burial insisting he is not doing it for friendship but rather for duty.

Roscoe befriends Janey when she runs away from her abuser Big Sam.  She escapes by breaking his legs while he sleeps

Janey likes to catch and eat frogs.  She is later killed by Blue Duck

Roscoe is also eventually killed by Blue Duck

Blue Duck is a rapist, slaver and murderer who heads up a group of renegade Indians and buffalo hunters.  He is finally apprehended in Santa Rosa in New Mexico.  Before he can be hanged he commits suicide and murder by throwing himself out a window and taking a deputy with him.

Larry McMurtry who wrote the Lonesome Dove prize winning western novel said that Newt Dobbs is the lonesome dove.

Lonesome Dove enjoyed a huge viewing audience, won numerous awards,  and revived  interest in both  westerns and mini-series.


  1. Lori says:

    Best movie ever made. I have watched it a thousand times

    • One of my favorite movies, I love all the cast members, Call and Gus are the best. I cry every time I see it. Its a movie that releases all my anger and frustrations, I cry it all out. The saddest part is when Gus dies and Call goes on the long and and lonely trail to take Gus to the place where he had a picnic with Clare. Call had so may things that he endured on the trail to keep a promise he made to his best friend. Great Movie.

    • April McKenzie says:

      I have seen this show so many times I could play every character by myself. Best western ever put on tv!

      • Bud Bowersock says:

        Best western ever on TV and on any movie screen. We watch it about 3 or 4 times every year since it started. If there was ever a perfect movie, this is it.

  2. Robert Haney says:

    One can learn so much from Call and Gus. A cross between the two might would uncover a super hero of sorts. Watching Lonesome Dove so many times over the years has taught me much about life as it should be lived. Absolutely the best movie ever made.

  3. Lu Young says:

    Excellent Casting……………..
    Costumes were outstanding props were from the period.
    Story was SUBURB…. Can’t do any better than McMurtry.
    Best well done western ever don’t think anything can compare to it. And probably never will.

  4. Lu Young says:

    Oh forgot to add… We watch it every year and never get tired of seeing it.

  5. cathy says:

    I have watched this series so many times with my late husband & friends that I know most of the lines. My husband bought the complete “Gus” outfit when we were out west and wore it he whenever he could. He was even able to find the “Gus” hat at one place we stopped in South Dakota. He was Gus and his best friend was Woodrow and their personalities and dispositions pretty well matched. Still my favortite western made for TV.

  6. Lu Young says:

    I think one of my favorite lines is and I hope I get it straight: Gus says:
    Nothing better than riding a good horse through new country……….
    Ricky Schroader did wonderful job…as NEWT casting on this movie was awesome.
    I have a ‘Gus” straw hat for the summer… makes you feel like you’re part of the drive…lol lol

  7. Robert Haney says:

    “You know it works Jake. You ride with an outlaw, you die with an outlaw. I’m sorry you crossed the line…”
    - Augustus McRae

  8. Lorie Scroggs says:

    I’ve watched it thousands of times…favorite character of all time is Gus…named by Dachshund “Captain Augustus McRae, Texas Ranger” (AKC) and call him Gus for short!

  9. Darlene Seibel says:

    Years and years ago, when I required many surgeries, my husband would bring me long movies to watch from the couch. while he was at work. I loved this movie from the first time I saw it. Who doesn’t like Robert Duvall or Tommy Lee Jones? What I love best about this movie, is their friendship and their need for each other, because their “gifts” in life are different. I never fail to cry when Gus dies, part of Call dies that day also. A true friendship. First movie I recommend to people if they are going to be laid up for a length of time followed by Giant, The Godfather and John Wayne’s best movie ever, The Searchers. All movies bound by the love of family.

  10. As the many have written before is on Target! I read the book 3 times b4 it ever was made into a movie.Thank Goodness McMurtry Didnt let the screenplay dialogue change narey a word from the book. I would advise people to try to model themselves after the “Dove” character’s! Call didnt tolerate rudeness, Gus had a sense of humor in the face of adversity. Yeah its just a book, A Rare glimpse of what people have instilled in them by God Almighty! Not just a western!

  11. Eric Russell says:

    I thought Maggie’s name was Dobbs…hence Newt Dobbs. In Return, Call told Newt, “Dobbs…that was your mama’s name.”

  12. Gil says:

    I have loved this movie since I first saw it I can remember watching it every night and loving it I have read the book twice thru still love it!! I know most of the lines by heart

  13. john says:

    Love the line; i hate bad behavour. in a man,wont tolerate it.

  14. Morgan Pritzen says:

    The best thing you can do with death is ride on from it. That line has stuck with me since I saw this movie the first time. I still watch it once a year. THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!!

  15. Meredith says:

    Way cool! Some extremely valid points! I appreciate you penning this write-up plus the rest of the site is very good.

  16. Craig LeTulle says:

    “I can whack that bell if I want to”Gen Robert E Lee freed the slaves”

  17. Gerald says:

    One more comment and I’ve told Alot of people exactly were its at in the movie but you hear everyone say call hates rude behavior in a man but Gus also made the comment he Dont tolerate Dogglie service in a man.Its when they go into town looking for a new cook and they go in the saloon and the bartender smarts off.Now find it.I promise its there.

  18. Donna says:

    I never get tired of the movies or the books. I have all of them.

  19. best mini series and books ever!

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