Lock Stock and Barrel

As an EJAMI fan who has waited for six long years for my favorite couple to get together, I am highly disappointed in what the writers are calling “lock, stock and barrel”.

Am I excited that they are FINALLY engaged? YES! Of course I am! … Am I relieved that at long last, there are no outside forces getting in their way (Rafe, Lucas or Nicole)?  It goes without saying.

That being said, I am still at a loss for the lack of real story for this super couple. They are being used as a support couple for WILSON (Will and Sonny) …. And what’s the deal with leaving Rafe smack dab in the middle of our couple’s lives? WHY torture us with all of these awkward moments with him and Sami, if we are indeed getting EJAMI lock, stock and barrel?  And again, WHY do we have to suffer through Lucas acting all sanctimonious with Sami, and yelling in her face about how stupid she is? I thought when they broke LUMI (Lucas and Sami) up, we were DONE with that childish behavior.

Okay, so we are seeing first hand (IMO) that no one else who ever claimed to love Sami really did…. I’ll give the writers that, but where’s the real story for EJAMI? There are so many opportunities that could be used …. The fact that they are from rivaling families … a modern day Romeo and Juliet for one… Stephano could have been shown as being more true to his character, upon learning that his son was going to marry a Brady woman… AGAIN.

Roman could have confronted Sami about being engaged to a Dimera again, instead of running off and whining about it to someone else…  But the writers have decided to give us the watered down Disney version of Stephano, where it’s all hearts and flowers and acceptance… wasting a perfect chance to give two great actors some real meat to sink their teeth into, storyline wise.

I LOVE EJAMI… and I can’t WAIT to see them actually exchange vows that will be lasting… I’m MORE than ready for EJAMI’s happily ever after, but there is no need to back burner this super couple, just because they are finally, at long last, in love and engaged.

Stop shoving Rafe and Kate (RATE) down our throats… most of us aren’t buying them as a couple…. Enough with Gabby and Nick already… (they are boring and what Nick is doing, controlling her life and sneaking around behind her back, blackmailing the father of her child and attacking the baby’s grandmother… THAT IS NOT LOVE!)

You claim to have “listened” to our pleas when you gave us the couple we have been clammering for, for so long… but you fail to use them as anything more than filler or to pimp other couples…. Clearly my idea of lock, stock and barrel is different than the people in charge over at days… In my book, we should get a happy, in love couple, who will get married, yes… but we should be seeing a lot more of them… give them a story of their own, and not just use them to prop other (WEAKER) actors up (cough cough… RAFE… cough)

But that’s just the way I see it.

By Faith Loveright


  1. Vesta Justice says:

    I think that since they seem to have more children than any one else on the show.
    They should be made a couple that is more like Tom and Alice Horton. Because they seem to be really made for each other.

  2. Sandhorn says:

    I am very happy that Sami and EF are back together. I still think that when they were together when they both thought Johnnie was dead that a child should have been created then removed when she had that mysterious surgery. That would explain where old Stephano has been.Waiting the birth through a surrogate mother and now having the baby to torment them with…..

  3. carol booher says:

    The thing I am most bugged about on this show is Jennifer and Daniel…..They have absolutely no chemistry and seem to be walking through the scenes, whereas Daniel and Chloe were smoking hot together. They had chemistry and when this show broke them up i almost stopped watching….its time to get rid of boring Jennifer and bring back Hot Chloe. If not then I may just find something else to watch.. Bring back Clodan

  4. Sheri prnzz says:

    Totally agree! Make a true strong couple! I see EJ is making plans to take over Dimera assets so get ball roll ing on a strong rooted relationship! The kids are great specially Johnny! Great makings for new Dimera/Horton enterprise!!!!!

  5. Barb Kusniss says:

    Sorry but I still like her w/ Rafe and on soaps there is never happy ever after unless they are cancelled and tie everything up. Lucas has always been her friend and I am glad that has continued –they always argued. There are other people in Salem –there always should be more than one story at a time IT IS NOT THE EJ AND SAMI SHOW

  6. Rosie says:

    I don’t know why the took days of tv sad really there are a lot of people that watched the show, are they going to put it on Austar?

  7. stephanie says:

    I want sami and rafe together not ej sami rafe is bitter for instead of ej

  8. Susan Wendt says:

    I love the fact that EJ and Sammi are finally together. But you need to spice things up a bit. The story between them is a bit dull.

  9. Stacey L says:

    I don’t mind Kafe (Kate & Rafe – pronounced Cafe`) together – think it’s kind of nice. The only other alternative (IMHO) for Rafe would be Hope and I think you’d hear MAJOR clamoring from Bope fans.

    I think the Ejami storyline is fine for now. Lets wrap up this stupid Nick and Gabbi storyline and move along.

    I think Hope needs to beat some Ciara butt right about now. Had I spoken to my mother that way or hidden a piece of police paperwork … I’d still be picking up my teeth in the corner. She’s a brat and I can only imagine a few years from now once RAS (Rapid aging syndrome) kicks in, she’ll be dancing on a pole and bringing proceeds home to her pimp daddy, Stefano.

    If you want to give someone a story … Hope could use one. Her sitting behind the desk and playing single mom is getting old.

    JJ – OMG .. maybe he and Ciara (once they RAS her) can hook up because they both are A-holes.

    And not for nothing -but I’m looking forward to Marlena giving Brady the evidence and it better not be interrupted for some congressional hearing on that dang IRS.

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  10. Krystal says:

    Can’t wait to see them get married!! They r such an awesome couple!!!!! Let them have another baby also!! Go ejami!!!!

  11. Sharona says:

    She is definitely better with Ej. He’s the only person on the show who loves Sami for who she truly is. Not what everybody wants her or expects her to be.

    • Judy says:

      I agree. Love EJ and Sami together.

      • Judy says:

        I have been rooting for Sami and EJ all along. Never did like Lucas. Rafe needs to move on with someone other than Sami. Maybe some new blood in town. Nicole and Brady for sure. Get John and Marlena back together.

  12. Lee says:

    Disagree. I think Ejami is a good couple, but they are hardly backburner. I love Rafe and Kate together. He’s too good for Sami anyways, and I think she’ll always love EJ more

  13. I do no like the Ejami couple. They are far from super couple IMO. She was better suited with Rafe. Rafe and Sami were are fun together. I still see a chance for them to be together. I am really disgusted they (writers) are hooking Sami’s ex evil mother in-law with Rafe…gag me with spoon!!!!

  14. Paula says:

    I like EJ and Sammi together. I like Daniel and Khloe together. I think Brady and Nichole should be together. Stick John with Kristen, marlena and Roman and Hope should be with Vargus.

    • carla says:

      i agree with paula put daniel and chloe together,brady and nicole together and john and kristen together and roman and marlena together and hope and vargus together and leave everyone alone and hope it will happen that way with the couples please!!

  15. Susie says:

    Sami and EJ were made for each other…they are the super couple made in soap opera heaven. Both are beautiful, power motivated, and not above just about doing any-thing unlawful. EJ is setting up to take over his father’s reign, as the kindly sounderal and who better to be by his side than Sami. Just give them a juicy plot and let them run with it. Please get rid of Will or Sonny and their crap.

    • Fran says:

      I don’t thing the writers listen to us at all. I think their going to hot and heavy with Will and Sonny. Let’s keep Sammi and EJ together and quite putting Rafe in the middle.

  16. Deborah Finch says:

    I like Rafe and Kate and DOL is a soap. I agree that I would like to see Stefano and Roman show their true talent as actors. I don’t much care for mushy Stefano. I just don’t buy the goody two shoes EJ either. I like a little cage rattling and keeping everyone guessing. I have watched Days of our Life from the very first episode. I have waxed cold at times with the bad writing but I have always come back. I think Days of our Lives is the best that it has been to date. I look forward to the show and love the humor and steam. Show some more pecs for this faithful granny and keep up the good work. Keep it edgy and I’ll keep watching and Thank you to the DOL gang for my daily dose of entertainment.

  17. Pretty says:

    I don’t see a rapist being a supercouple. An abusive relationship is not an idea of a good couple. I hate this couple and fastforward every time.

  18. Cassie B says:

    LUMI all the way. EJ and Sami relationship is toxic and my granny stopped watching She said the writers should be ashamed putting out it’s ok to abuse a woman over and over then marry her.

    • the lady who’s at hospital anne she needs to go don’t need her, and get rid of j j, he and that kid have more air time than they need, and there new to the cast give more air time to the regulars, and get peter reckell back as bo, give him lot more air time, if peter comes back we all as dool’s fans would b great full ty, ron

  19. JoNan Shirk says:

    EJ and Sami are super together – they play off each other so easily – I just love them. This is a soap to all those who don’t think of them as a super couple. Sami is so much better matched with EJ – her storyline with Rafe was boring, and Lucas (even though I love him) was a bit old. It is about time EJ and Sami stay together and see what other trouble they can get into. Please keep them together….

  20. Melissa says:

    I agree 100% with your post about EJAMI. :) I hope they keep them together for a long time and they need to give them a good story line…they deserve it. The fans deserve it.

  21. rideordiechick says:

    No words! This couple is smack dead in almost all storylines… The problem is the couple. Ej and Sami are not super couple material period. The Sami character is not rootable nor is the character of EJ, one of the two has to be in the soap world! I want them both to jump off the cliff! Mind you they try with all the so call hot sex scences #eyerolls…but that gets old quick, especially if it not that hot #Ejami

  22. Mel says:

    Oh Please! Samantha is involved in nearly every story right now and she has her own big story with shooting the cop and getting arrested…then Elvis has his own story with taking down his Fatha with Justin’s help.

    How much more screen time can these two get?! But that’s just the way I see it.

  23. Lisa Garrison says:

    I call bullspit on this whole crappy article and when did Sami and Ej become a Super Couple?

  24. Donnie says:

    Lucas will always be in Sami’s life whether anyone likes it or not! They have kids together since some people seems to forget that little tidbit. I don’t like the way you trashed Lucas like he is not important.

  25. Rhoda says:

    I love Days, but not another Sami in jail. Cant find the knife, another dirty Cop in Salem Police force. Brady needs to forgive John.

  26. Joanne says:

    I dont like EJ and Sami together,dont no who or what wrote this post,but hey we LUMI fans love them, I get it,EJ and Sami are together now,so good for them as long as it last.
    Lucas has been around off and on for over 20 years,he is a awesome charecter,and he is still around.
    lock-stock and barrel,is not working,as for as a SL,EJ and Sami are on amost everyday, :( Lucas fan alway :}

  27. Ruxy says:

    Days needs to get out of the studio. Do some live shots to help brighten things up. Also Jen and Daniel-yikes so boring. Tired of poor suffering Daniel. Give the guy a break and spice up Jen. She is so lame except when she gets pissed off. What happened with Vargas and Nic, that could have been hot but he’s disappeared.
    Roman is useless, they give the poor guy nothing to do as well as Abe. RAFKA(Rafe & Kate) at least had some sparks, how about some more? Enough with pushing WILSON on us with the kissing scenes. And Abby with anyone….
    You need something for the kids(Abby,Chad,JJetc) and something for the mid life fans(Daniel,Jen,Nic etc) and don’t forget the old timers(Vic,Maggie etc). But for sure spice it up like in the 80′s. Lady in Red with Steve and Kayla-that was hot,sexy and dangerous, just don’t get too ridiculous.

  28. Alice Pedrotti says:

    Sorry can’t agree these two are not the next Tom and Alice.
    These two abusive people need to get therapy and get off my screen

  29. LUMILY says:

    where is Lucas,he should be on our TV every day in the baby story and now for Sami and Allie,,,, more Lucas please….

  30. Nancy says:

    I am tired of both of them! I think Sammy needs to take an extended vacation,like 6mos.I think some of the other actors need more story lines<and i think you need to make the good people smarter,no one is that stupid, Let the good guys shine once in a while!!!

    • linda says:

      since when did sami become the queen of salem?? she has killed and/or shot about six people and no one is to say a word about her. I also think they need to get Nicole and brady together. get off the pot with jen and Daniel. enough is enough now with their story line, either get them together or split them up for good. as far I am concerned bo need never come back. he really thought he could do no wrong. just like sami. she needs to spend some time in prison.

  31. sandy says:

    Sami’s letter to EJ from jail actually brought tears to my eyes! What a sweet ” heartfelt” letter!
    Now let’s jet ahead and get her out of jail!

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