Living Single Facts

One of the best African-American centered series (and not only), Living Single has become a cult series since last time it was aired. Here are a few things that you might have missed since then.

The show was originally named My Girls, since it focused on the lives of four single females. However, the studio decided to change this name into Living Single, because it was afraid that the male audiences wouldn’t be attracted.

As a little side note to this, in the season one DVD release, at the end of the first episode the girls gather some bathroom appliances and start singing together The Temptation’s My Girl.

Another bit of trivia that is quite funny is that the show, while it had many fans even when it was first aired, didn’t win any major awards. However, it was nominated at two Primetime Emmy Awards. But it was just for Outstanding Lighting Direction.

It also appears that the studio didn’t quite trust the show to be a successful one (despite *cough* its two awards nominations). So it didn’t want to spend too much money on making it. Thus, the pilot of Living Single was filmed entirely on the set of Family Matters.

This isn’t the only thing with which the studio saved some money. Fox cut back even when pictures were considered. That is why many of the photos presented by Queen Latifah’s Khadijah James are actual pictures of the actress, took when she was a teenager.

However, Living Single proved everybody how wrong they were, since it became the most popular show among the African-American citizens, overthrowing shows like New York Undercover and even Martin. And this wasn’t a small feet, since the ‘90’s were ruled by Martin Lawrence.

But the most interesting fact about Living Single (and most likely the reason why it became so successful) was that it presented the life of young African-American women (and men, for that matter) from a different point of view – they weren’t at the top, but they were struggling to get there.

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