Little Known Facts About Charles Bukowski

Charles Bukowski was a poet, novelist, and short story writer and published author. Although he was born in Germany in 1920, he came to America to live and write. He started out writing poetry. He then went on to novels and short stories. He died in San Pedro, California in 1994. He had many fans that loved his work and know a lot about him. However, here are a few little known facts that his fans might not be aware of yet.

Who Conducted Mr. Bukowski’s funeral?

Since his wife requested it, a trio of Buddhist monks actually conducted the funeral. Charles didn’t care and didn’t request it before he died but it was a request from his wife. No one knows why though.

What job did Bukowski quit for good in 1969?

He was working at the post office for a while. However, his writing took off for good so he quit the post office for good and his writing supported him from then on.

A Coincidence? What was the name of his first novel?

His very first novel was called ‘Post Office.’ He actually wrote it within three weeks and wrote it right after he quit working at the Post Office.

What is written on his headstone?

“Don’t Try.” He was always telling people this about writing when they came to him for advice and help with their writing.

Mr. Bukowski does have one child, a daughter. Who is her mother and how many wives did he have during his lifetime?

The mother of Marina, his only child and daughter, is Frances Smith. His first wife was Frye, his second wife was Beighle or otherwise known as Barbara, and he had a girlfriend by the name of Jane Cooney. Although he claimed Jane as just his girlfriend; they were actually married at one point. He was also married to a woman named Linda who he married in 1985 and they were still married when he died in 1994.



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