Little House on the Prairie: The Movie

For quite a while now, since 2012, there have been talks about reviving Little House on the Prairie for the silver screen. However, we haven’t heard anything about this project for quite some time.

But news has just dropped in regarding a new director for the movie adaptation: now Sean Durkin is in talks to direct the film, after David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express) dropped out.

Of course, when it comes to remaking cult series, the desire of all the fans is to shoot down (or at least bash) the news as soon as it emerges. After all, there were too few times when adapting a beloved series worked (just look at what happened with Dark Shadows, who benefited from both a great director – Tim Burton – and a stellar cast). However, in the case of Little House on the Prairie, things look a bit more different.

And that is because of the name of the director. Granted, Sean Durkin has only one movie under his belt (Martha Marcy May Marlene). But this movie is somehow in tune with the spirit of the beloved Little House on the Prairie series: a family living in the wilderness.

But then again Martha Marcy May Marlene is also a terrific psychological thriller in which reality is warped very well with moments of nightmarish sequences. Much like we have seen in some of our favorite Little House on the Prairie episodes.

So maybe this new director will be the one to perfectly blend the idyllic images found in the series with the kind of psychological analysis we also find in some of the best episodes. So, in the case of this adaptation, things might work out pretty well – of course, if the script is good enough.

And since there are tons of good storylines to adapt, we don’t see what could go wrong. We might be in for a pleasant and off-putting feature film, which could act as an old-fashioned journey into a nightmarish landscape.

This could actually work – of course, if we don’t get instead the other side of the coin: a light comedy about somewhat outdated situations, with characters running through the fields when the coal or something else has run out.

All in all, I am looking forward for this project!

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