Little House On The Prairie An American Classic

little house on the prairie

“The Ingalls Family”

Little House on the Prairie was a TV western series loosely based on the Little House books written by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  It was the story of a family in the 1800s living on a farm in Walnut Grove Minnesota.

The story was directed by Michael Landon who also played the role of  the father Charles Ingalls  head of the family .  His wife was named Caroline (Karen Grassle) and they were parents of four daughters.  In later episodes they added three more adopted children to the family.

Charles Ingalls  was a hardworking farmer.  By his lifestyle he showed what a husband and father should be. He could be compassionate and understanding but he was not afraid to stand up for his principals.  Life was difficult for everyone.  There was  real affection in the Ingalls family.   They relied on their devotion to one another to see them thru their daily trials and tribulations.

In their small isolated town the community  had to deal with drought, plagues and harsh weather.  Everyone learned to respect and depend on their friends and neighbors.  It was necessary for survival to cooperate and help each other. Others in the town included the founder of the town who was the  owner of the mill, the proprietor of the general store with his gossiping wife and their spoiled children,  a minister,  a teacher and a doctor.

As  evidenced by their strength and courage, the people of Walnut Grove were a proud generation .  The Little House on the Prairie series, taught morals and good, sound human kindness.

The series might explore topics like adoption, racism or alcoholism, prejudice or drug addiction   Yet the shows could be enjoyed by the entire family, including the children. The programs were not all drama there was some humor to enjoy too.   Love, faith, friendship and family values filled each program.  It would  be nice if we had more programs reflecting some of these values today.

The original Little House on the Prairie series ran for a number of years from 1974 until 1982 .  It was one of the most successful family shows on TV  and is still popular in syndication.  There was an additional season of Little House from 1982 to 1983 with a new title Little House: A New Beginning.


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