Little House On the Prairie – 3 Episodes

Little House- whisper country 1978

“Scene From Whisper Country- 1978″

Watching an episode of “Little House on the Prairie” really held your interest throughout the entire show.  You knew before the show started that it would be based on some family values and would be something for the entire family to enjoy.  Here are 3 of the episodes I consider favorites:

“Whisper Country”, 1978

Rev. Aiden recommends Mary for her first teaching job to the people of Willow Prairie.  Willow Prairie is a community in the middle of nowhere full of backward hateful people.

The leader of the community is an old woman named Miss Peel who hates the idea of education.  She also sees no need to clean with soap and water.  She has the other townspeople cowered and uses the Bible over their heads to put forth her beliefs.  Miss Peel has caused all the other teachers to leave town.

Mary has her share of problems with the people not accepting her.  In fact, a rumor is spread about Mary and a pupil causing Mary to be labeled a “Jezebel”.  She runs for home, but is convinced by Charles to return.

Mary learns that Miss Peel’s hatred of education is caused by the fact that she is unable to read.  After her secret is exposed Miss Peel learns to accept education.

“Mortal Mission“, 1979

The people of Walnut Grove are sold mutton infected with anthrax by two men who are in need of money.  The men know the meat is infected, but they don’t care – they only want to get the cash they need.

Many of the townspeople become seriously and some of them die.  Among those sick with the disease are Laura, Adam and Albert.  The Blind School is turned into a hospital to tend the sick.  Medicine is needed to help those suffering.

Jonathan and Charles have not fallen ill and they go on a frantic trip to obtain the medicine.  Along the way they run into trouble from the two men who sold the tainted meat and a farmer who thinks he can get rich from the medicine.  Jonathan and Charles are held captive by this farmer who is not quite sane.  His wife makes him let the two men go and they are finally able to get the medicine back to those suffering in town.

“The Return of Mr. Edwards”, 1979

Mr. Edwards now owns a logging company and has become quite rich.  One day his legs are crushed when he saves Alicia from a falling tree.  He resigns himself to life as a cripple, but is very depressed.

Grace asks Charles and Laura to try and help lift Mr. Edwards out of his depression, but their attempts don’t seem to be working.  Then Charles pretends to be hurt in an accident and this succeeds in pulling Edwards from his depression. He reverts back to his old attitude toward life.

You can always be sure of a well done show when tuning into an episode of “Little House on the Prairie”.


  1. mzzthickness says:

    The first two I give you, love those episodes, but the last one I would pick the one where Laura and Almonzo finally get together, when he got sick working in the ice house trying to pay her rent.

  2. I loved the one with laura on the mountain.. with god….because she wanted him to take her instead of her brother……she was jealous of……Loved that one….

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